How To short a stock on Webull

If you want to short a stock on Webull, this step-by-step guide will take you through everything you need to know.

From leveraging margin, to the risks associated with shorting stocks, you will be better prepared to this shorting strategy.

What Is Stock Shorting?

The strategy of shorting stocks used to be reserved to just a few elite specialists.

Nowadays, even beginner traders are becoming well versed with this method of trading stocks.

Let’s explore what shorting stocks consist of ?

Basics of Shorting

In contrast to buying a stock to open a position, shorting a stock is all about selling the stock to open the position.

However, the obvious question is why would someone want to sell a stock to they own to open a position?

The answer is: short sellers do not own the stocks they are shorting.

The adjective “short” needs to be translated into “do not have it”.

Like in the sentence “I am short 5 dollars” which means I am $5 dollars short of what is needed, or I am lacking $5.

How Does Shorting a Stock on Webull Work?

So, the scenario for shorting a stock on Webull is the following.

You want to sell 100 shares of stock “XYZ” on the open market but you do not own those shares.

Luckily for you, Webull owns plenty of shares of company “XYZ”.

Webull is willing to lend you borrow those 100 shares of XYZ.

Why is Webull (or any other broker doing this ?) ?

Because, in return they will charge you interest until you return the 100 shares you borrowed.

Therefore, Webull and other brokers actions on shorting stocks are strictly business motivated.

From this description, you can see that initiating a short sell of a stock is simply a loan origination from your broker.

Sometimes, if may be transparent to you but your broker itself can be borrowing these shares from other brokers !

Should this be the case, the characterization “Hard to borrow” is added to such shares.

How do you Make Money Short-Selling Stocks

After you get the shares from a loan from your broker, you immediately sell them in the open market at the current market price.

Let’s say Company XYZ in our example is trading at $90.

Your account will immediately be credited for 100 multiplied by the current price of company XYZ stock ($90) so you get $9000.

Great for you.

How to short a stock on Webull - short selling PDD from $90to$80 in 4 days
Successful short selling of PDD Stock from $90 to $80 in 4 days

You will start making money as soon as the stock price of company XYZ stays below you shorting price of $90.

This is the illustration on the chart above with the stock going all the way to $80 in just 4 days.

How To Close your Short position on Webull

To close a short position, you need to buy the shares of company XYZ and return them to you broker who loaned them to you initially when you opened the position.

In our example, at the current price of $80, you will use $8000 from the $9000 you receive to buy 100 shares of XYZ in the open market.

Hence, you broker will get the 100 shares you borrowed.

You will also pay your broker interest for this short-term loan (it took 4 days on our graph for the stock to go from $90 to $80).

We will reveal in the next paragraph how much is the interest rate on that loan but you will stand to cash over $950 from this transaction.

How Much Money Can You Make shorting a stock?

Short selling is a bearish strategy as you can derive meaning that you make money when the price of the stock goes down.

The maximum amount you can make on a short sell of a stock is when /if that stock goes to $0.

Therefore, if we take our previous example, the maximum potential gain is $90 per share. This equates to the initial money in your account $9000 non withstanding the fees.

It is great when a trader short a stock and it all work out beautifully as depicted above.

However, the outcome is not always that rosy.

Can You lose money shorting stocks?

Yes, you can lose a great deal of money when you short a stock.

Why and how

If the stock starts going up instead of down, every dollar XYZ stock goes upby equates $100 of loss for you assuming you shorted the 100 shares.

You can decide to limit your losses by buying back at your predefined stop loss.

But often, short sellers tend to play mind games since time is often in their favor.

The rational is just to wait it out until the stock comes back down.

Should you decide to go with this method, you need to be aware of two things:

  • Every day that passes by you are paying interest on the borrowed shares
  • A short Squeeze may kick in anytime

What Is a Short Squeeze?

A short squeeze is when too many short sellers of a stock try to close their short positions at once.

This creates a buying frenzy of that stock and thus a rapid spike in its price that can last several days or weeks.

Such was the case in 2021 with stocks such as GME, AMC and the meme stocks frenzy that ensued.

My best recommendation is to respect your stoploss in order to avoid losing more money than you have in your account.

Yes, trading horror stories often come from short selling when a stock goes out of control.

GME stock (see chart below) went from $40 to $483 in just 7 days between January 20 20221 and January 28, 2021.

How to Short a stock on Webull - GME Short squeeze from $43 to $483 in 7days in 2021
GME Short Squeeze from $43 to $483 in 7 days

GME managed to come back down after 3 weeks to 40’s again.

I do not know about you but what an emotional Rollo coaster for those involved in this trade during those 3 weeks.

When Should You short a Stock on Webull

Technical analysis is the most reliable source from trading.

May that be shorting stocks on buying them.

You can use reliable scanners and screeners to indicate when a stock is in a bearish pattern.

E*TRADE scanners and screeners can help you with your short strategy..

Otherwise, you can leverage this step-by-step tutorial on Webull Screeners to achieve great results.

Can You Short on Webull with a Cash Account

In order to short a stock on Webull, you will need a margin account that has a net value higher than $2,000.

Webull will then give you up to 4 times level on your current balance hence your buying power will become $10,000.

How to Short a stock on Webull - Short positions on Webull paper account
Short Positions on Webull are indicated by a minus sign “-” in front of the shares

What can you short with $10,000 ?

You cand short of to 100 shares of stocks that are worth up to $100.

100 shares of a stock XYZ worth $90 with qualify because that represent $9,000 which is much lower than your buying power= Net account +Margin.

Webull Short Selling Fees

You will pay for margin on a daily basis on Webull.

For long positions, Webull is kind enough to give us the daily interest rate = Borrowed Cash x Margin rate/360.

The margin rate varies as a function of how much money you borrow (leverage).

Here is the most recent table as a guide showing Margin rate between 3.99% and 6.99%.

Margin Loan in $USDAnnual Margin Rate
$0 to $25k6.99%
$25k to $100k6.49%
$100k to $250k5.99%
$250k to $500k5.49%
$500k to $1 Million4.99%
$1Millin to $3 Million4.49%
Over $3 Million3.99%

What Stocks Can You Short on Webull

On the Webull App, there is an indicator to let you know which stocks you can short sell.

How to Short a stock on Webull - Shortable stocks indicator on Webul App
QQQ is a Shortable stock on Webull with 50% leverage

In the image above, I circled the green arrow icon that lets you know if you can short a stock.

QQQ is a shortable stock with 50% leverage.

In case you are wondering, you cannot short GME or AMC stocks on Webull.

That is one issue I have with Webull. In their attempt to curb the risk for traders, any stock that displays the slightest increased volatility is removed from trading.

How to short the Market with an ETF

Several ETFs have inverse ETFs associated with them.

This means that when the main ETFs such as QQQ or SPY go up, their inverse SQQQ goes down and vice versa.

Consequently, a clever way to short the market with these ETFs in to buy their inverses.

My Top 10 Stocks to Short in 2022

I will show you how :

  1. Find Shortable stocks on Finviz
  2. Use Finviz Powerful Screener to find Stocks to trade on the short side

Alternatives to Shorting Stocks on Webull

I show you how it is possible to lose more money than you have with the short sell strategy.

How about using options to mirror a bearish strategy?

If I am bearish on a stock, I would rather buy puts because the maximum I can lose should the position goes against me is my initial investment.

In the video below, I teach you how I take a very small, limited risk on Options on QQQ and make big profit consistently.

I could even argue that I can structure my bearish position with some hedge (calls) so that I am always in a great position to make money even if the bearish thesis is negated.

Check out how I trade Puts vs Calls in 2022 and beyond.

FINAL THOUGHTS On How to Short Stocks on Webull

We answered the question on how to short stocks on Webull by leveraging the margin.

You can use this technique as a day trading strategy and a swing trade depending on your Risk profile.


How To Use E*TRADE Stock Screeners and Scanners

Many ETRADE traders may not be familiar with its stock scanners and screeners.

I know this because of a recent comments I received on a video I posted on my YouTube channel.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to use E*TRADE stocks and options scanners for your trading.

Furthermore, I will introduce the New Live Action Scanners from Power E*TRADE.


E*Trade is one of the big five US Stock trading platforms.

Its recent merger with Morgan-Stanley will only help solidify this position.

I have been trading with ETRADE since 2016 following the buyout of OptionsHouse which was my original trading platform.


Even though other trading platforms have been able to eat into E*Trade marketshare in the last 2 years with the $0 Commissions, E*Trade still maintains a certain appeal.

The starting fee is $0.65 per contract you buy or sell.

This means that if you are trading 10 contracts per day, these fees amount to $6.50 daily about $130 per month assuming a 20-day trading month.

However, after your first quarter, you will have more than 50 trades and thus the on-going fees come down to 50 cents.

How To Use E*TRADE Stock Screeners and Scanners - E*Trade fees are35cents for me
I Pay 35 cents per contract on E*TRADE

I pay 35 cents per contract as shown my order above because I was able to negotiate this after a couple of years on consistent trading.

You can do so as well later by just calling customer service and requesting a lower fee.

Let’s be honest: if you are a good trader who is making money consistently, paying a small fee on each trade should not take too much of your profit.

Is E*TRADE Good for Beginners?

If you are a newbie to trading, E*TRADE is a good platform to start with because yo uwill be able to have immediate access to an options paper trading account.

The features such as the options chart and options watchlist are very intuitive to get you started rapidly.

New E*TRADE Live Action Scanners

E*Trade provide six categories of scanners and screeners in their Power E*Trade Graphical user interface.

Hence you get to check which ones fit you trading style.

Then you can click on the star next to them so as to save them in your Facvorites.

Scanners Categories

Here is a summary table of all six scanners categories and the numbers of individual screeners for each category.

Scanner Categories#Screeners per Category

Classical Scanners

Short-Term Scanners

Engulfing lines


Hanging Man

Indicator Scanners


Oscillator Scanners

Relative Strength Index(RSI) helps traders determine whether a stock is overbought or oversold.

Typically, a stock is considered overbought when the RSI is above 70.

The range of the RSI is from 01 to100.

A value below 30 is interpreted by traders as oversold and thus it is expected to start going up at some point.

But beware: a stock can stay oversold for a long time.


These Gap scanners are part of the unusual activity category

Why yare the gap scanners important?

Because they indicate to traders that stocks are already moving in pre-market.

There is a high probability that a stock that is attracting traders (bears or bulls) in pre-market is bound to move during the regular session.

This is where day traders make their money.

How To Use E*TRADE Stock Scanners and Screeners - Gap Up and Gap down Scanners
Gap Up and Down Scanners From E*TRADE

Gap Up on High Volume Scanner

The criteria for this scanner is for stock that are priced at least $5that have gaped up at least 1% on double the normal volume.

After you run this scanner in pre-market, you can sort the resulting list from highest price to lowest price in order to focus on the most expensive stocks and avoid the penny stocks.

Unless I am familiar with the stock, I like to set this criteria to at least 2% gap.

I have a special strategy called Gang$ta strategy that I use to trade these gappers.

My bias on stocks that are gaping up by a great deal is usually on the puts side.

Gap Down on High Volume

The Algos in this US market are very keen on buying the dip.

Hence, you should always be patient before shorting a stock that is already gaping down.

How to use E*TRADE Scanners and Screeners - Chart of a stock with many gap down
PDD stock chart showing multiple Gap Down


Scanners for options trading will help you focus and trade options that are attracting other traders mostly through volume.

Here is a list of 6 that you should know about.

UNUSUAL Option VolumeHighest Call to Put RatioHighest Put to Call Ratio

Unusual Open Interest

This option scanner on Power E*TRADE will show you stocks when open interest is at least 300% higher than the regular average.

This means that a great deal of traders are interested in trading contracts fort his stock and so should you.

How to use E*TRADE stock Screrrners and Scanners - Unusual Activity options Scanners
Popular Unusual Activity Options Scanners

Volatility Scanners



Here is the detailed video on how I use E*TRADE Scanners.

Can You Trade Crypto On E*TRADE

At the time of this writing, E*TRADE does not yet offer crypto trading.

You can trade stocks, options and futures on E*TRADE.

Check out my tutorials on how to trade crypto on webull.

As crypto gains more and more acceptance, I am sure E*TRADE will offer its traders the ability to trade crypto.

I will be bringing you those details at the specific time.


One of the most recent competitors to E*TRADE is none other than Webull.

We have several tutorials on how to trade on Webull on our blog.

Here is a video on how to use Webull Scanners.


I shared some of the most useful E*TRADE Scanners and Screeners to help you increase your winning trades in this new year 2022 and beyond.

If you are serious about options trading, check out my 10-Baggers Trading system today to take your Trading to the next level.

2022 Best Swing Trading Books – Easy Guide to Success

Swing trading refers to the means of capturing short-to-medium-term gains in a stock (or any financial instrument) over the span of a few days to several weeks.

It needs technical analysis of past and present data which is highlighted in the following 2022 Best Swing Trading Books.

Don’t rush your money into it without any prior knowledge.

Best Swing Trading Books | 2022 Insights

Swing trading is a unique style of many veteran investors in the stock market.

Many novice investors are trying to master this art because of high gain on short-term goals.

Why Is Swing Trading So Appealing?

According to swing traders, capital opportunity costs are the driving force behind their strategy.

In other words, swing traders are essentially momentum traders, attracted to stocks experiencing rapid price rises, and trying to avoid having investment in stocks that don’t have the potential to rise suddenly. 

Trading is a skill and not one that’s fit to master.

How To Get Your Edge in Swing Trading

Evolving into a profitable trader requires a serious commitment to learning the necessary skills and becoming proficient in using them.

Day-to-day trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but still, it attracts every investor locking their money in stocks.

It would be best if you had trained and calming nerves for it.

Best Swing Trading Books - Swing Trade ALerts is one of Successful Tradings Strategies
Overnight Swing Trading is one of Best Options strategies

Because where there is a risk, there is profit.

Here is a sneak peek into some best swing trading books to help master this art.

How to swing trade: A beginner guide to trading tools, money management, Rules, Routines, and strategies of swing traders

Authors: Brian Pezim and Andrew Aziz

Brian Pezim and Andrew Aziz co-author the best-selling book on every store and first pick.

It’s an ideal book for beginners.

The book covers stock trading basics and provides pro-level strategies for dealing with day-to-day trading.

The authors have also beautifully penned down short-term gains and many more principles.

If you are a veteran in trading, you won’t enjoy the first few chapters of this book because of its foundation knowledge.

Despite this, the upcoming chapters will provide you with valuable insights.

Handling risks and holdings are some of the best strategies explained in simple words.

Every chapter contains its key points and summary. It’s an excellent guide to remember all the principles of swing trading.

Swing Trading for Dummies: Author Omar Bassal

Every book teaches swing trading in a good way, but this book authored by Omar Bassal is an absolute banger.

This book covers all the essential knowledge one has to use in swing trading, from basic to advanced skills. 

The author previously headed the assessment division of one of the largest banks in the Middle East, and now he runs his business firms.

The book mainly covers the technical analysis of stocks, followed by a fundamental analysis of stock prices, and finally covers how to build a portfolio and manage it.

Throughout this book, it is thoroughly explained and demonstrated how to avoid extreme risk-taking while still gaining profits.

Mastering the Trade: proven techniques for profiting from intraday and swing trading

Author: Alan Farley

Everyone in the game of trading knows about Alan Farley.

It discusses charting, identifying support and resistance, price action patterns, Fibonacci retracements, and how to identify and profit from short-term trading opportunities.

Farley spends half of the book describing his “7-Bells” – basically, seven swing trading setups that he believes to be most reliable.

Each trade setup is illustrated.

Clearly, the relative risk/reward ratio is described, and the trades are executed and managed accurately.

The book is not only for beginner investors but are also for expert who can take valuable insights from it.

Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader: Battle-Tested Techniques for Day, Swing, and Position Traders 1st Edition

Author: Velez and Capra

Velez and Capra have written their experience of the past four years.

They have written the complete strategies that work on swing trading.

They are also the masterminds behind the best website, with over thousands of visitors per month.

The book is written in plain language so everyone new to the market must easily understand.

The authors have explained the powerful strategies and psychology behind short trading in detail.

After reading the book, any trader can access the tools to capture more winning trades and procure original profits, regardless of their experience, market knowledge, or technical skills.

Come Into My Trading Room, A Complete Guide to Trading by Alexander Elder

Author: Alexander Elder

Trading stocks, commodities, and forex are just a few of the markets in which Alexander Elder is a legend among professional traders. 

Furthermore, he has also written Trading for a living, keeping the rating of best seller book for more than 20 years.

There is a lot of discussion about the trading mindset in this book.

He has penned down how swing trading exactly works and what approach one must use to put money into these short-term investments. 

Elder also delivers eye-opening advice on the sheer importance of money management and market time dealings, along with pointing out how attention to detail can make an enormous difference in your trading profitability.

Swing Trading Strategies: 3 Simple and Profitable Strategies for Beginners by Charles Reis

Author: Charles Reis

Swing trading, for Charles Reis, offers the ideal mix of opportunity and risk – significantly higher potential profits than long-term investing and substantially lower risk than day trading.

Only 66 pages long, this book explains three simple swing trading strategies.

One relies on trading breakouts, another uses options swing trading, and the third uses candlestick signals to generate trading signals.

Don’t go on the shortness of its length. It’s the book full of wisdom.

5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading by Ivan Hoff

Author: Ivan Hoff

If you are new to the stock market and don’t understand the graphs and technical language, you must pick this excellent book on swing trading by Ivan Hoff.

You can know charts, technical values, and all the indicators. 

User-friendliness is the keyword for this book.

Not only does this provide you with simple parts of information, but it does this in a way that does not leave the reader confused.

It’s a user-friendly book for beginners.

It’s a short book, and every word plays its own role.

Every moment spent while reading can benefit you when you are investing in swing trading in the long term.

It consists of different articles explaining the short plans and short investing.

This book can bring some quick wins for you.

Is Swing Trading Profitable?

Swing trading allows and gives your profit in short-term goals.

You can take it as a part-time job

or even a full time should you decide to make a living swing trading.

Examples of Swing Trading Success

You can stop-loss orders by avoiding huge losses.

It can bring massive profit if you niche it down and focus it on.

It can be a great resource to learn about long-term trading.

You can get used to the technical language of the stock market.

How To Swing Trade Options for Big Profit?

As you may know by now, I coach traders how to Day and swing trade in my Discord room.

Here is a detailed video on how I use Swing trading to take advantage of momentum that last several days.

You can leverage the knowledge I provide in there to manage your overnight swing trades.


If performed strategically, Swing Trading can be an enriching venture.

Whatever knowledge you gather from these books will need to be translated into money.

You can invest practically and learn from real experiences.

If you are serious about swing trading, I suggest you check out my 10-Baggers Trading System today.

7 best day trading books for new traders

Stock investing is not something that is thoroughly taught in formal educational systems.

That also goes for the different types of stock investments like day trading.

That is why people seek reliable resources to teach them such as stock trading online courses and webinars, best day trading books, and even interviews with professional traders.

The fastest way to learn about day trading or stock trading, in general, is by reading books.

Best Day Trading Books in 2022

Books have been a fast and reliable source of information and have helped billions of people in learning what they want to know.

Thus, if you wish to learn the concepts of day trading, you will need to look for a great book.

However, several day trading books are circulating on the Internet and even at bookstores near you.

To help you choose the right book, here is our recommendation for the best day trading books for new traders.

How to Day Trade by Ross Cameron

How to Day Trade is a well-featured book on many stock trading sites.

That is because it is the perfect book to read if you are just entering the world of day trading.

The author, Ross Cameron, is the founder of Warrior Trading and has been in the industry for over six years.

With his extensive experience in the field, he was able to make day trading easy to understand which is very much appreciated by newbies in the stock market and forex trading.

What You will Learn in this Book

In Cameron’s book, he was able to explain the day trading terms that are found to be a great hurdle for several people when starting their trader journey.

Furthermore, readers treasure the two most important themes the book presents.

They are risk management and finding predictable volatility using stock scanners.

According to the author, being able to master these two themes is essential in generating profit despite the high volatility of day trading.

If you think this is the book for you, Cameroon’s How to Day Trade is available on Amazon.

The New Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder is a very well-known day trading author.

Since he recognizes that certain effective strategies may not be profitable in the future, he updated one of his best day trading books and called it “The New Trading for a Living”.

This book teaches a systematic approach to modern-day trading through easy-to-understand text.

7 best day trading books for new traders - TheNew Trading for a Living by Dr. Alexander Elder
The New Trading for a Living Book Cover

It also tackles different strategies in money management, record-keeping, identifying market zones, and the development of the trading discipline.

In addition, this book also features multiple-choice questions and chart patterns for content review.

Do you want a copy of Elder’s updated best-selling book? Search for “The New Trading for Living book by Alexander Elder” on Amazon.

Below is a video review of this Day Trading book.

#3 Best Day Trading Book for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online

The title of this book has said it all on why this book is perfect for new day traders.

Written by a well-regarded teacher in finance, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online provides clear instruction on how to day trade.

As a book meant for newbies, it not only tackles the confusing jargon in the trading industry but also explains how to execute trading strategies.

Turner’s book also discusses risk management, technical analyses, psychology of day trading, and trading plan creation.

Furthermore, she also incorporated her own experiences in day trading from when she was just starting.

Just like other best day trading books, this one also has quizzes and checklists that beginners can work with.

If you are interested in getting one, check out Toni Turner’s book on Google Books and Amazon.

The Simple Strategy by Markus Heitkotter

Learning day trading through books can honestly be a bit boring.

That is why some people tend to drop reading about it even though they are reading the best day trading books.

However, that is not the case if you read Markus Heitkotter’s book.

In his book, The Simple Strategy, he used an upbeat tone so you can learn with enjoyment.

Heitkotter shared his journey as he shifted to day trading leaving not only his corporate career but also his country.

He expressed this shift in a positive light despite the challenges he had to overcome to bring about inspiration to first-time day traders.

Moreover, his book provides clear instructions on when to enter a trade and when to exit.

It also gives insight into small intraday trend capitalization and trading software reviews.

This book is also a go-to information source for forex and option trading. If you want to learn more about the book, you can check out its product description on Google Books and Amazon.

How To Day Trade For A Living by Andrew Aziz

Another well-featured book across sites that provide recommendations on best day trading books is Andrew Aziz’s work.

What readers love about this book is Aziz’s personal tale when he started day trading for the first time and how he lost all he earned because of lack of knowledge.

He expressed why and how day trading is something more of a job rather than a hobby like gambling.

7 best day trading books for new traders - How To Day Trade For a Living by Andrew Aziz
How To Day Trade for a Living Book Cover

What Set this Day Trading Book Apart from others?

In his book, Aziz summarizes day trading from start to end, from opening trade to closing it.

He also shared some techniques in strategy development and what should every trader expect in day trading.

Furthermore, he gave a clear and detailed explanation for each strategy mentioned in his book.

His concise writing style enables readers to improve in day trading.

That is why even intermediate-level and advanced traders find his book very valuable.

Having almost 2,000 five-star global reviews on Amazon, it is no surprise why this is a must-have book for new traders.

Many readers and trade experts attest that How To Day Trade For A Living by Andrew Aziz will become an essential day trading reference in the years to come.

Apart from Amazon, you can also get a copy of this best-selling day trade book on Google Books.

Technical Analysis of Financial Markets by John J. Murphy

If you want a book written by the most reliable person to teach you day trading, Technical Analysis of Financial Markets is the one you should get. This is written by John J. Murphy, an institutional investor at Wall Street with over four decades of experience.

He used to be the head of Merrill Lynch’s Technical Analysis Futures Division as well as CNBC’s technical analyst.

As a former top management member in a reputable investment bank, he is the most credible individual to teach you what you need to learn.

Top 7 Best Day Trading Books for new Traders - Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy
Technical analysis of the Financial Market book Cover

In his book, Murphy explained various day trading strategies backed by comprehensive examples and case studies.

He also tackled Intermarket relations, stock trend analysis, stock rotation, and profit opportunity exploitation.

He also talked in-depth about trade reversals, stock trading patterns, market cycles, and contrarian indicators.

His clear explanations in discussing complex trading data are the reason why not only experienced traders but also beginners can perceive it.

If you want a copy of Murphy’s work, you can find his book on Amazon.

#7 Best Day Trading Books: The 1 Hour Trade by Brian Anderson

If you don’t want to begin indulging with the complex side of day trading but want to get started, Brian Anderson’s The 1 Hour Trade is a great fit for you.

His book is well-received for its simplicity in approaching day trading strategies.

This approach provided clear and concise information to help traders get into focus and not be bombarded with complicated trading data.

Anderson also shared his mishaps when he first got into day trading and provided advice on how his readers can avoid making the same mistakes.

His simple book has almost 300 five-star ratings globally on Amazon.

Summary of Best Day Trading Books in 2022

Book CoverBookAuthor’s background#PagesTopicsWhere To Buy It
Best Day Trading Books - How to Day Trade How To Day Trade128Day Trading DictionaryAmazon
Best Day Trading Books - The New Trading For a LivingThe New Trading for a Living304Trading discipline, Risk ManagementAmazon
Best Day Trading Books - A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading OnlineA Beginneer’s Guide to Day Trading Online288Technical Analysis, Trading StrategiesAmazon
Best Day Trading Books - The Simple StrategyThe Simple Strategy86Stocks, Futures, ForexAmazon, Google Books
Best Day Trading Books - How To Day Trade for a LivingHow To Day Trade for a Living382Risk Management, Trading PsychologyGoogle Books
Technical Analysi of the Financial MArkets by John MurphyTechnical Analysis of Financial Markets576Futures MarketsAmazon
The 1 Hour Trade by Brian P. andersonThe 1 Hour Trade100Trading StrategyAmazon
Summary of 7 Best Day Trading Books in 2022


Anyone can succeed in anything as long as they know their hands and that applies to day trading.

Getting a copy of one of these best day trading books can get you started on your journey into becoming a day trader.

Also, getting started is just the beginning of what day trading can do for you.

Becoming an expert in investing and analyzing the stock market takes a lot of good books to read coupled with hands-on experience.

If you are looking for more stock trading book recommendations, subscribe to our newsletter to get timely blog updates.

Options Trading for Beginners: Psychology 101

Option trading success stories - Briggs Meyers Personality Test

Psychology plays a great part in how you view and trade the stock market. Let’s explore today one of the most important aspects of Options Trading for Beginners. I am talking about the Psychology behind the profession of Trading that is often underestimated. The idea of venturing into new areas has a unique effect on each one of us. We are either cautious in our first steps or completely oblivious to any potential risk. Options Trading for Beginners: Are you …

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How To Calculate ATR in Excel

Average True Range or ATR in a Trading Indicator most day traders are very familiar with.

It is often displayed as a sub chart in many charting tools.

In this Tutorial, I will show you how to calculate ATR in Excel spreadsheet.

Also, you will learn to leverage the ATR indicator to improve your trading in 2022 and beyond.

How To Calculate ATR in Excel | What Is ATR?

I have been using the ATR indicator since 2016.

Traders are always surprised when I introduce the average True range in our Day Trading techniques.

There is a great deal of misconception about this statistical indicator.

My hope is that you will gain a better understanding after going through this step-by-step tutorial today.

What Is ATR (Average True Range)

In stock trading, the average True range (ATR) designates the average move of a stock over a period of time.

The move is measured as the difference between the Highest price and the lowest price on the defined timeframe.

The most used timeframe is daily.

If I tell you (a trader) that QQQ average is 4.44, this means that in average, each day, QQQ moves by $4.44 in average.

How To calculate ATRin Excel - QQQ ATR14 as of January7 is at 7.11
QQQ ATR 14 as of January7 2021 is at 7.13

The unit of ATR is dollars or whatever currency the stock trade with.

Additionally, because it is an average, I will need to tell you over how many days this average is measured.

Typically, ATR is measured over 7days, 14 days, 21 days or 50 days.

Therefore, on the above chart, QQQ shows a reading a reading of 7.13 on ATR 14.

Which means that over the last 14 days, the average daily move f QQQ stock has been $7.13.

How To Use the ATR for Stocks Selection?

Stocks traders and options traders can use ATR to select stocks to trade.

Imagine that you have two stocks you would like to day trade.

One has an ATR of 2.5 and the other one has an ATR of 3.5.

It is by far better to trade the stock with the higher ATR because you have higher probabilitytomake money.

Why Is the ATR important for Day Traders?

The ATR helps day traders and swing traders set the expected move for the trade.

For instance, if a stock has an ATR of 4 and you plan on holding a trade for 5 days, the maximum expected move over thee 5 days is $4 multiplied by 5 or $20.

I am assuming over the course of those 5 days, the stock is moving in the same direction each day.

What Does the ATR Tell Traders?

The ATR never tells traders about the direction of the stock.

This is often a big misunderstanding by newbie traders.

Stocks can move up or down.

The ATR simply measures the amplitude of those moves and summarize them into one single number.

Next, let’s consider why this number does not always tell the full story.

Let’s Calculate the ATR in Excel

Before we go into the calculation of ATR in Excel, allow me to bring a very important point that traders tend to forget.

Limitations of ATR

As stated earlier that the ATR is an average of a timeline, you need to be mindful that one outlier data point can skew the statistical indicator.

How is this possible ?

Let’s suppose that a stock typical ATR is 3 and then a news come along and the stop jumps up or down.

The new calculated ATR will include this big data point and severely change the ATR measure.

This is even more pronounced when this average is taken over a short duration.

ATR 14 vs ATR 50

The most common questions traders have for ATR is which timeline to use to calculate the Average True range.

7 days can easily be skewed by a big outlier especially during earnings seasons when the implied volatility jumps a lot.

In the summary table below, I have selected different ATRS over 4 timelines and provided the Pros and cons in using each one.

ATR 7Provide the most recent informationIt can easily be skewed by one outlier
ATR 14Recent information is capturedEnough data points to smooth out outlier
ATR 21Enough days to smooth out one outlierold data does not focus on most data
ATR 50Can smooth out a lot of outlierstoo old data does not focus on recent data
ATR 7 vs ATR 14 vs ATR 21 Pros and Cons

As an illustration of the above table, below is the plot of the ATR 7 vs ATR14 for QQQ for the entire year 2020.

How To Calculate ATR in Excel - ATR 7 vs ATR 14 for QQQ in 2014
Difference between ATR 7 vs ATR 14 for QQQ

We can clearly see that the ATR 7 is more volatile than the ATR 14 which is much smoother.

I chose 2020 0to showcase the impact of high volatility between late February 2020 and March 23, 2020.

You can check it out on the stock chart for QQQ and other stocks: the ATR tends to go much higher when the stock is going down.

This is one of the reasons why options traders should prefer to trade puts vs calls if they have the choice.

Because the ATR goes higher when the stock is trending down, there is more money make trading puts.

What You Need to Calculate ATR in Excel

The first step in order to calculate the ATR in excel is to have the daily price for the stock you want to calculate the ATR for.

The two stock prices that you need are the high and the Low for each day.

Where to Get the Data for ATR Calculation in Excel

You can download the daily stock price online.

I typically use yahoo finance to get this data before I process it on Excel.

Step-by-Step How to Calculate ATR in Excel

  1. Get stock price daily price in excel
  2. Add a column to you Dataset – Call it Daily Range
  3. Daily Range = High – Low
  4. Add another column – Call it ATR14
  5. Fill out the Formula for ATR 14 starting at row 15: average of Daily Range over previous 14 days
  6. Drag your Formula from Row 16 all the way to the end of your Excel table
  7. Plot on a graph the ATR 14

Step-by-Step Video on How to Calculate ATR in excel

Download my free Excel Spreadsheet Template on how to Calculate ATR in excel.

How To Use the ATR To Improve Your Options Trading

There are several applications for the Average True Range.

Below are some of the most popular ones you can learn about to improve your Day trading.

How To Use ATR For choosing an Option Strike Price

Options traders need to select a strike price in order to trade options.

One easy and quick method to do this is to use the ATRtechnique.

Since we know that the ATR provides a potential move for each day, it is very convenient for swing trading in options.

The video below provides a full description on how you can do that.

How To Use ATR For Trailing Stop Loss

You can also use the ATR information to set your Trailing stop loss.

Let’s suppose you bought a stock that is trending higher.

You are making good profit on it already and want to protect your gains while hoping for more profit.

You can then select to use the ATR as a Trailing stop.

Which means that if your stock retreats by amount equal to ATR or a fraction of it, you will exit the trade.

How Average True Range ATR will Improve your Trading

For Long Tern Investor

Trailing Stop loss is the application of the ATR for long term investors.

This is a great technique that will help you protect your gains while hoping for future profit profits.

For a Stock Day Trader or Swing Trader

You should use ATR in your stock day trading strategy because you will be able to select stocks with higher ATRs thus increasing your potential profits.

Secondly, you will be able to determine based on the ATR statistic whether you can hold on for a little longer or close it for the day because the expected ATR has already been reached.

For an Option Day Trader or Swing Trader

If you are an option trader, you can use the Average True Range ATR indicator to select the optimum strike price.

This will help you find a nice compromise between cost of the options and the probability of making money.

ATR has multiple applications

Average True Range can be used in stocks trading, Forex Trading, Crypto trading and options trading.

Therefore, it has multiple ecosystems in which traders can leverage this very important statistical indicator.


I showcased how to calculate ATR in excel using a very easy and quick step-by-step process.

You can go this for any stock in less than 5 minutes.

Should you decide to learn more, you can download my free Excel spreadsheet template for ATR Calculation.

Best Day To Trade Stocks Options

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How To Use Trailing Stop $ and % on Etrade

Protecting your gains in stocks and Options trading is a very powerful technique.

In this tutorial on how to Use Trailing Stop on E*TRADE, you will learn how to easily do that so that you can start growing your account consistently.

How To Use Trailing Stop On Etrade | What Is a Trailing Stop ?

A trailing Stop or more precisely a Trailing stop order is an order that will execute only when your predefined condition is met.

Many traders have contacted recently on this confusion topic.

It usually goes something like this.

Hey, Telex, I cannot close my position on E*TRADE because the platform is saying that I do not have it.

9 times out of 10, the reason for 10 is because there is a trailing stop order already in place.

Many traders seem to forget that a Trailing stop is a condition order.

Background Story on Trailing Stop YouTube Video

Therefore, once you put one in place, you cannot go and try to close the same position before canceling your previous (conditional) order.

How To Use Trailing Stop on E*TRADE - EMA8 yellow line on QQQ 15 minutes chart is a perfect Trail to the price action
EMA8 (Yellow Line) Is a Perfect Trailing Stop for QQQ 15-minute chart for Day Traders

If you are a beginner trader, this concept of Trailing stop may be tricky at first, but it is not.

True Story: A trader from Florida contacted me a few months ago after researching tutorial on Trailing Stop on YouTube.

He could not find anything satisfactory.

His request was for me to teach him how to use Trailing stop in general.

So, I showed him on ETRADE (that is the platform I use) how to use Trailing Stop% and Trailing Stop $.

At the end, the trader suggested that I make a video on this topic because there were not that many good ones.

I wish I would have recorded our Live session.

Nevertheless, I recorded a video on that day on YouTube title: How To Use Trailing Stop% vs Trailing Stop $ on Power E*TRADE.

A week ago, another trader Mr. Charles from Texas joined our Discord group on his appreciation of that video alone!

Yet, I told him I still needed to write a full tutorial on blog.

Here we are 🙂

How To Use a Trailing Stop Order to Close a Position

The concept of trailing stop means you are tracking the evolution of the price.

Imagine you are trading a stock you bought at $100.

Then the stock move bullishly in your favor to 110.

So now, you are making $10 profit per share.

If you want to be able to get as much profit as possible without risking some of the money to have already made, then you can use a Trailing Stop to track the price movement of that stock as it goes higher.

Below is a view that depicts the scenario of a Trailing Stop to help you protect your profit on this trade.

How To Use Trailing Stop on ETRADE - Trigger price and Trailing Stop indicator
Trailing Stop Concept: Trigger Price and Trailing Metric or Indicator

In our example of a stock purchase of $100, the trigger price would be $110 to start trailing.

You will trail with a metric or a technical indicator: Moving Averages are good trailing indicators as depicted on the first chart with the 15′-minute chart of QQQ.

How Does Trailing Stop Work on ETRADE for stocks?

ETRADE allows you to use Trailing Stop % and Trailing Stop $ for stocks.

This means that you can specify your Trailing Trigger (this cancan be a technical indicator if you are doing this manually) as a percentage or as a raw dollar amount.

In either case, the concept is fairly straightforward.

In the view below, I selected the Trailing stop% for Roku Stock.

Trailing Stop % vs. Trailing Stop $

Remember that the Trailing Trigger is dynamic which means that it is updated as the price changes.

How To Use Trailing Stop on  ETRADE - Trailing Stop Order Ticket for Roku Stock
Trailing Stop Order in ETRADE for Roku Stock using Trailing %

Here is how it is calculated.

  • The initial Trailing Stop Trigger is calculated as the [Current BID – Trailing amount (in % or $)]
  • We are always trailing in reference to this BID price
  • As the BID price goes higher or Lower, the Trailing Trigger is updated

Since the current BID is 231.50 and we are trailing 1% from it, that means that our Trigger for execution will be when the price reaches 231.50 – 1% of 231.50 = 231.5 – 2.315 = 229.185

Therefore, as long the price of the stock continues to go up from this starting point, you will be making more profit.

Should the stock price come down by 1% from the last BID price, you Trailing stop order will triger.

Your stock position will be sold at the Market price.

This is very important to know. We will address this in the subsequent paragraphs.

Some traders prefer the Trailing Stop$ because it does not require any other calculation like the Trailing% to convert into money.

How To Use Trailing Stop on ETRADE for Options Trading

In order to use the Trailing stop feature for Options trading on E*Trade, you will have to choose Trailing Stop$.

ETRADE does not offer the Trailing STOP% on Options. Not sure exactly why.

I can only suspect the fact that option prices are decimal number thus it can avoid confusion for some traders to deal with percentages.

In the above view, I am setting up a Trailing Stop for 2 Roku Puts contracts.

I want to trail 25 cents away from the BID.

At the start here, my trigger is: $1.27 – 025 = $1.02.

Therefore, if the price drops to $1.02 right after my setting the Trailing stop, it will trigger and my contracts will be sold at the market price.

Whatever that price is.

Yes, we do not know the execution price of a Trailing stop order.

It can be well above the trigger price just as much as it can be lower than the trigger price.

What I am looking for here is for the option contract to continue going higher such that the trigger price

How To Use a Trailing Stop Order to Open a Position (Buying)

Some traders use the Trailing Stop for buying positions.

This is not common but can be done in a similar manner.

An example of scenario could be you want to go long on a stock.

You are waiting for it to confirm its bullish direction.

Hence, you will trail the price until the Ask price to become greater than a certain price level.

In such a case, the trail amount can be the difference between that price Level ( VWAP or EMA8 re good examples) and the current price.

When Can You Use a Trailing Stop

Most traders employ the Trailing Stop to close (sell) positions they are already making some good profit on.

It is an easy way to manage a position once you have already taken some partial profit and looking to make more money.

Also, for traders who may not be in front of the screen to manage their positions live, Trailing Stop re a good way to track the action.

It should be noted that a Trailing stop can works just as a standard static Stop loss when the position goes against you.

What Is a Good Trailing Stop% For Options Trading

More and more traders have been asking me in my Discord Room how to implement Trailing stop% or Trailing stop amount in dollars ($).

In order to help options traders with their Trailing stop percentage, I created the table below as a reference guide based on the Reference price of the option contract.

    you are telling the system to execute this order when a condition is met. Example> You bought 1000 Contracts of QQQ DEC31 408 Calls @ 0.50 then, contract went to 1.05 so you are making 0.55 of profit
    or 110%.
    You want to protect this profit but want to ride it for more
  2. You initiate a Trailing Stop with 25 cents as trailing amount.

BID =1.04 <<<====>>> Calculate the initial Trigger = Current bid – Trail_amount

ASK =1.10


Initial_Trigger= Initial_Bid ($1.04) – 0.25 = 79 cents

At some point: BID price is going to change and the TRigger
will automatically update !!
IF BID= $1.5 ===> then Our Trigger become $1.5 – 0.25 = $1.25

    it is excuted when the price retreat by 25 cents from the dynamic trail


As a reminder, the reference price is the initial bid price of you contract at the time you are activating the Trailing stop.

Example: If the contract is worth $1 Bid and 1.04 Ask price, you reference is that Bid price of $1.

That is the price you will be trailing from.

The table below gives you the % to trail by as a function of the reference Bid price of your option contract.

Reference Bid Price Suggested Trailing Stop%Suggested Trailing Stop Amount ($)
Less than 15 cents50%7 cents
Less than 30 cents 40%12 cents
Less than $125%25 cents
Between $1 and $220%40 cents
Over $315%45 cents
Over $410%40 cents
Over $55%25 cents

Risks Of Trailing Stop Orders

Over the years, I have heard my share of horror stories with Trailing Stop Orders.

Quite often, these are due to lack of understanding about Trailing Stop orders.

Here are the few instances where you can be vulnerable to a Trailing Stop.

Stock Splits

If you happen to have a Trailing Stop on a long-term position, a stock split will definitely affect your Trailing Stop Trigger.

Here is how.

Using recent example of stock splits for AAPL and NVDA.

Both were 4:1 split meaning that the price was divided by 4 overnight.

The very next day, the new BID price – Trailing amount would have immediately triggered the execution of that order.

When a Stock is Halted

Similarly, when a stock is halted for trading, there is a great uncertainty where it will open after the halt.

Hence, you should be carefully with Trailing stop in this scenario.

After a Stock Gap Up or Down Overnight

Overnight Gaps up and Gaps down can change the BID price significantly.

If you are holding a stock that gaps down, there is a very high probability your Trailing stop will trigger.

Of course it makes sense for it totrigger.

The issue is the uncertainty of the sale price after the order is executed.

All Trailing Stop order are executed at market price which means that there is great uncertainty about the execution price every single time.

Very Volatile Stock Market

A very volatile market or stock is vulnerable to Trailing stop order.

Such is often the case for cheap stocks or penny stocks.

I try to reduce this possibility by trading stocks that are at least $15.

This should not be a deterrent for you to trade some affordable stocks out there but just be aware when setting up Trailing top order in those instances.

Lack of Liquidity

Lack of liquidity is when there is market for the stock you are trading meaning there is no bid.

Imagine then what can happen especially at the open for such stocks.

It will be very difficult to set a Trailing stop amount in this case.

Step By Step Video on How to Use Trailing Stop on E*TRADE

In this video, I showed you how to use Trailing Stop percentage and Trailing Stop dollar amount from my trading platform ETRADE.

Hopefully, you r feedback will be as positive as for the many who have enjoyed it so far.

Traders in my Discord Room have been leveraging this technique recently to make 10-Baggers profit trading options.

Good Alternatives to Trailing Stop Loss

If you do not want to setup a Trailing Stop order because of some of the limitations above, you can resort to setting up other conditional trades.

In ETRADE, you can setup a limit order that is triggered based on your predefined conditions on the price of the stock.

The advantage of this method over the Trailing Stop is that market makers do not get to see your order.

It is highly believed that market makers love hunting for Stop Loss so that they can stop traders and then move the price in their desired direction.

Best Trailing Stop Strategies

  • ATR Trailing Stop mt4
  • Binance Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Stop Loss – TBD

Trailing Stop On Webull

TBD. Coming out soon.


Now that you have mastered how to protect your profit with trailing stop, allow me to introduce you a great way to consistently reach those profit you will need to protect.

Is FUNDED TRADER Program Right for You – 2022 Easy Guide

Trading with your own money in a live account can present many challenges for new traders. Some of these include lack of capital and high risk.

However, Trading with a prop firm like FUNDED Trader will give you the chance to make money without having to risk your own capital.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how you can benefit from Funded Trader to take your Trading to the next Level in 2022 and beyond.

Is Funded Trader Program Right for you in 2022? - Logo of Funded Trader


An individual who is qualified to trade on behalf of a company may open a funded trading account.

Investing in a funded account offers individuals flexibility and makes it easier for them to enter the trading world.

They offer many advantages.

Advantages of Funder Trader Account

First, they grant access to a real trading account on behalf of the company and permit individual traders to trade according to regulatory requirements using the corporate license.

In this way, they are avoiding the hassle of dealing with paperwork, getting the required funds and licenses, and so on.

Furthermore, you can start small by using trading accounts.

The capital available to individuals who qualify for a funded trading program is significantly greater than what they would normally have at their disposal to invest.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if a trader lacks the necessary capital if they have the right skills.

Is Funded Trader For You in 2022 ?  Keys to Success in Trading with Funded Trader
Keys To Success with Funder Trader Program

Who is Funded Trader For?

In contrast, trading companies look for the best traders through a specific program and take a subscription fee and/or a share of their profits in return.

Funded trading accounts provide benefits to all parties: the company that funds the account, as well as the individual who uses it.

The size and instruments traded to determine the type of funded trading account.

Stocks, futures, foreign exchange, options, and many more are possible, depending on the firm.


Founded in the UK in 2007, Funded Trader offers funds to traders worldwide (outside the US) and claims to be known to the FCA.

They provide a service that is beneficial to everybody as a prop firm set up by traders and for traders.

Type of accounts Offered at Funded Trader

Offering FX and Stocks account with a wide array of funding options, they offer a wide range of accounts.

You can choose from 10 forex accounts ranging from $10k to $300k, and 3 stock accounts between $50k and $100k. FX accounts are offered in five levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Professional 1
  • Professional 2
  • Professional 3

Accounts are classified into two types based on their level.

Trading Levels

No matter how large or small your capital may be, everyone is catered to and able to choose an account size that is right for them!

As soon as your account passes the initial evaluation phase, you will be required to deposit the minimum capital required and will be allowed to start trading.

In addition to the MT4 and MT5 platforms, they also offer charting tools that are trusted by many because of their user-friendliness.


Generally, an applicant to become a funded trader must enroll in an evaluation program and pass an exam indicating their skills and abilities.

Traders who meet the company’s requirements are offered a proprietary-funded trading account.

How To Get Funder with Funded Trader?

After that, they receive a particular account size.

With the funds in the account, the trader is free to trade as they see fit.

A trader, however, needs to comply with the rules set by the company in order to continue doing business.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?
 result of simulation of Momentum Long and Short from 2017 to 2018
Simulated PnL of a Funded Trader Account

Abiding Rules For Funder Trader

These rules may, for example, stipulate a profit target at some companies.

There are also possible rules such as maximum drawdown rates, maximum losses per day, and maximum position sizes.


Several trading programs grant funded trading accounts upon completion. All of these programs, however, are not created equally.

Therefore, you should think about several things before making a decision.

To begin with, you should make sure to check their profit split.

How To Select a Good Proprietary Firm ?

Also, find out if you have to pay additional fees and if you get a special tax status.

If you have funded trading accounts with some companies, you may receive competitive rates.

Furthermore, you may be charged for licenses to access trading platforms, education courses, data fees, and so on. In the end, you will have a lot of fees to pay.

Further, try to find a company with a solid educational program.

If you have the choice, you should go through extensive screening. In this way, you can navigate the markets prepared and well-equipped.


Consistent Source of Income

You are paid every month based on your performance when you trade forex with a fully funded account.

You don’t need to worry so much about wins or losses since you’re not investing your own capital. Instead, you need to focus on doing well in the market.

Traders are free to just focus on their trades without the anxiety of trading with their own money.

When you trade on your own, withdrawals will reduce the buying power you have on the market.

You Can Trade anytime

This benefit is a nice change from most jobs that require you to work set hours regardless of whether you can work them or not.

If you are disciplined and have a rigid schedule you can work from, this benefit is a great option for you.

You set your own hours when you trade with a fully funded forex account.

Is Funded Trader Right for you in 2022 ? Stock market growth over last 10 years

The fund is always open for trades since the forex market is.

Trading after midnight is fine if you’re a night owl.

Your forex fund will work around your schedule so that it can work around your schedule.

Zero Investment Needed

The benefit of becoming a funded trader is that you won’t have to risk your own capital. As you are trading for the company, you do not have to worry about your own capital because you are operating with it.

To become a professional trader, you may need substantial starting capital.

As a funded trader, on the other hand, gets access to this capital and can trade it as they see fit.

No More Effort to Find Clients

Becoming a funded trader eliminates the stress of continually searching for clients.

When you manage a forex portfolio, you are always seeking capital to invest, as opposed to a trader.

Because you manage your account by yourself, you don’t need to worry about anyone but yourself when you work in the fund.

With no external distractions or headaches, you are completely free to fine-tune your trading style and strategy.


Funded traders generate profits from their dedicated accounts by making profitable trades. Suppose you make a profit of $1,000 from a series of winning trades.

A portion of that profit is kept for yourself.

How Much Money can you Make Trading with Funded Trader

In this case, what really matters is how much profit you end up with.

Your company may or may not give you any.

Many will take half the profits from you, which means that they are cut in half.

Trader SplitBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings ReqBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings Req
Example of a Profit Structure at a Prop Firm

The important thing is to find a proprietary trading firm that leaves you, the trader, the majority of the profits.

Profit Split Structure

For example, Earn2Trade and Helios Trading Partners allow you to keep 80% of your profits.

In the example above, that means only 20% of what you have earned (or $200) will go to the company that provides you with the account and capital that you trade with.


A wide range of people have their own experiences with a prop firm and are able to provide their own insight into the service and provide insight into how it works.

It’s always worth checking out what a lot of people have to say about a company.

Word on the Street about Funded Trader

According to Trustpilot, Funded Trader has an ‘Excellent’ rating with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?-How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day Trade with Successful Tradings Alerts
Example of Explosive Trades from

Many traders are praising the prop firm for its simple and smooth process with an opportunity for people to advance their trading careers and make good capital.

Until recently, we have been monitoring this company continuously to see if there are any trends in the reviews they receive.

The Trustpilot has not published any new reviews in the last month or so, which is somewhat concerning.


Our experience with Funded Trader has convinced us that you can achieve a funded account with 100% accuracy.

You have every reason to expect to get funding from them based on their simple process and fee-free evaluation of traders.

Free Trader Evaluation

Additionally, traders are allowed to participate in the evaluation without being constrained by any rules, which increases their chances of getting funded accounts.

FTMO, for example, often has strict rules that can restrict your ability to trade and force you to trade in a way that doesn’t suit your style.

When there are no rules to trade by, you can show your full potential.

Below is a video review that provides further insights.


A funded trader can trade a variety of assets, depending on the account type and the prop trading firm.

Many funded trading accounts can be used for trading stocks, FX, futures, and options.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ? -How To Day Trade Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE
Day Trading Options For Big Profits

It is important to realize that you may be restricted as to the types of instruments you can trade.

You may not be able to trade US-listed stocks on leading exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.

Alternatives To Funded Trader

In this EPIC Trading Review, we shared how this platform can be a great alternative to Funded Trader.

We will be bringing you others in the near future.

Alternative to Funded TraderMARKET
Maverick FXStocks, Crypto, Options
Alternate# 3Options, Crypto, FX
TBDForex, Crypto, Stocks, Futures
Alternatives to Funded Trader Proprietary Firm


According to our and several other reviews of Funded Trader, they are a great option for traders looking for a funded account.

You can sign up with Funded Traders no matter how much capital you’re comfortable trading with, as they offer an amazing range of trading accounts for those looking to trade either FX or Stocks.

Furthermore, they offer some great benefits that you don’t see very often in other brokerage firms.

Such is the case for their free evaluation program that is an amazing feature for anyone looking to trade for a living.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts – Easy Free Tutorial

If you are looking for Day Trading Alerts to help you increase your trading profit in 2022 and beyond, then this step-buy-step tutorial will be very beneficial to you.

Traders have told me how difficult it is to find a reliable Day Trading Stock Alerts service online.

My intent is to introduce you to a highly consistent Day Trading Alerts System that will not only give you trades but also teach you how to find the best day trades for the rest of your life.

Day Trading Alerts | What Makes a Good Day Trading Stock System?

The majority of beginners Day traders spend their time hopping from one trading room to another without any idea where their next winning trade will come from.

How do I know this?

Answer 1: I used to be like that when I first start a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away 🙂

Answer 2: They tell me when they finally find my Day Trading alerts system.

By then, they have blown up a few accounts and thus looking for a way to recover some of the (big) losses.

Why is the reason for this you may wonder?

Lack of Consistency.

Consistent Day Trading Alerts

Anybody (especially beginners) can be lucky with a big winner day trading that one stock for the day.

However, if you cannot duplicate that trade over and over then you will find yourself losing a great deal of money.

I had this trader once from New York who read a day trade on AMZN I depicted on this blog.

Then, he decided to test the argument I was raising in that tutorial by going against my recommendation.

As a result, he ended up making over $USD 15000 on just one Swing trade.

Two months later, he sent me an email explaining how that early success in his Day trading journey was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Why ?

Because he got blindsided by the early profit and forgot to learn the basics of Day Trading.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Successful Tradings consistent ALerts over 24 weeks
24 weeks Consistent Day Trading Stock Alerts from

Consequently, he went on a very long losing streak due to lack of a consistent methodology.

Whatever Day Trading Alerts service you decide to follow, make sure that it provides consistent results in ALL types of market conditions.

Such is the case of the Day Trading Stock Alerts from as shown in the above picture.

From its inception in late May 2020 to the end of that year, the results over 24 weeks are very consistent.

Experts say that habits are typically developed over 21 days or 3 weeks.

Hence, you would agree with me that 24 weeks of great consistency in our Day Trading Stock Alerts is quite impressive.

Are your Trade Alerts Reliable ?

Another very important aspect of a good Day Trading Stock Alerts system is its reliability.

By this I mean are you able to take that trade each time without delay.

Many online Day Trading Alerts are delivered via mobile phones.

If you are familiar with mobile devices network, they are prone to have outages.

Therefore, you may be at the mercy of telecom services providers for your Trade Alerts.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Inside Successful Trading Discord Room
Successful Tradings Discord Server delivers Live Day Trading Alerts

In my case, I use a Discord channel to deliver the Live Day Trading Stocks picks.

Of course, you can argue that internet connectivity can be perturbed as well.

To which I will refer you to the next section when I reveal exactly how Trade alerts works.

What Is the Performance my Day Trading Alerts?

Lastly, you want a high performing Day Trade Alerts service.

After all, the reason you are paying for it is to be able to make money Day Trading.

Now, some traders out there do not believe in paying for such service.

I fully understand.

However, ask yourself this.

If a Day Trading Alerts Service is free, what is the obligation the owner of such system has towards you?

Absolutely none.

Hence you will be getting whatever you are paying for which most of them time does not amount to very much.

Instead, you will need to find one with these types of results.

Day Trading Alerts MetricsAchievement
Average Move Per Day Trading Stock Picks8%
Average Number of 10-Bagger (Options Trading) 2.1
Average Win Rate over 24-week period85%
Number of 10-Bagger (greater than 1000%) Winners50
Number of 50-Bagger (greater than 5000%) Winners4
Weekly Average number of Day Trading Alerts15 Day Trading Alerts Performance over 24-week

Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel Day Trading Alerts are delivered through my Discord Channel <Successful Tradings>.

I have 5 room each dedicated to a different Day Trading Alerts Strategy.

Over the next paragraphs, I will take you through a Tour of my Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel.

How Does My Day Trading Stock Alerts Work?

First, I use the Day Trading Stock Alerts to setup weekly Options for our traders.

The Options Alerts picks are provided each Thursday through a watchlist before the close of the market.

Which means that the Traders in my discord know in advance what we will be trading over the following week.

Hence, the system is highly reliable with very few points of failure.

Should you encounter internet disruption on Thursday, you can easily create your watchlist on Friday before the market opens.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Day Trading Roku Call Options on  Dec 8 from 2190% profit to 6000% in 4 hours
Day Trading Roku Call Alerts on Dec8 2021 all the way to 6000% Profits

How Easy It to Day Trade My Alerts

If you are a beginner trader and happen to be concerned about Day trading my Trade Alerts, rest assured to because everything is designed for you to succeed.

This is part that truly set this Day Trading Alerts Service apart from many out there.

I created a set of videos to help you every single step of the way.

Let’s use the example of the Roku outstanding Day Trade from December 8.

As depicted on the image above, Roku 2545 Calls started running at 941am EST.

This means 11 minutes after the market has opened, you got the signal for the entry based on the video tutorial below.

Here is the breakdown of the Roku Day Trade on Dec 8.

9:41AM EST 2190%
12:41PM EST 3672%
1:22PM EST 4345%
1:42PM EST 6009%
Day Trading Alert on Roku Stock Option on Dec 8 2021

In just a mere 4 hours Day Trading Roku Calls, traders made $1100 profit on just one contract as it went from $6.40 to $17.4.

Now, if you are thinking that the only way to make money Day trading Roku calls on this day was to invest $600 then we need to talk.

You see, I will teach you in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session that you do not need to trade in the money (ITM) or expensive contracts to make big money.

In fact, you will learn that my day Trading Trade alerts specialize in out of the money contracts.

The reason for this is because of the reliability of the signal that trigger these Day Trading Alerts.

In average, we saw earlier that the move per stock is about 8%.

When you combine that with the fact that we trade weekly options, then you can understand the so many 10-Baggers winners.

Gang$Ta Strategy Day Trading Trade Alerts

This Day Trading Alerts Strategy is leveraging pre-market analysis gap to determine the trades.

Here is a summary of the Guidelines to take advantage of the huge profits from this one.

3 Limit BUY Orders for CAlls and Puts Typically for Between 1 cent and 25 cents : 6 Orders Total in Pre-MArket

IF Filled with One Side, Forced Limit Entry for other Side even if it is furthwer Out of the money.

Strikes Price and Expiration Are Given in Pre-MArket in GANG$TA Trade Channel

For Independent Trades, Use ATR Technique to Derive Adequate Strike Prices

How To Pick Easily Pick a Strike Price


Live Day Trading Alerts inside Telex Updates Discord Channel

Inside the Telex Updates Discord Cahnnel, I provide Live Day Trading Alerts based on momentum from our options watchlist or any other stock.

As an example, we day traded TGT 227.5 Puts on Dec16 from 19 cents to $3.20.

This momentum trade was shared during the 4-hour run as depicted on the diagram below.

2022Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - TGT Day Trade paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021
TGT DayTrade Alert Paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021

Just like many traders in our Discord room, you would have been able to just follow the trend by taking partial profits along the way or adding more contracts using a trailing stop.

Truth be told, TGT was the third 10-Baggers Day Trade Alerts to go for 1000% on this week.

It started with ADBE on December 14, then JD followed up the next day before the aforementioned TGT 227.5 Puts.

Below are the highlights of this full week of Day Trade Alerts.

Swing Trading Trade Alerts

We have shared with you on this blog how profitable Swing trading can be.

Therefore, my Day Trading Alerts have a swing strategy technique as well.

One can enter a swing trader after completing a Day Trade on our DayTrade Alerts for moemntum continuation or reversal.

The other approach to swing trading is provided below by leveraging an easy scanner we have setup on Finviz.

Friday No Wahala Alerts

Before we can get you to that setup, Let’s share a multiyear study that has led to this Alert technique.

Within its own Discord channel, I provide 3 swing trades on Thursday all with expiration the following day.

Further details on the awesome success of this easy to trade yet very lucrative strategy can be found in this tutorial.

Overnight Swing Trade from Finviz

My approach to overnight swing trading is to recognize that a stock with momentum (notice I do not care about the direction – bullish or bearish is fine) will either continue or reverse.

Hence, by setting up a strangle (call + Put), I stand a great probability to make money the following day(s).

I provide these trades to our trade on as opportunities present themselves.

Since I teach all these strategies in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session with traders, some traders have been keen to take advantage of them.

Recently, a couple of traders scored a 30-bagger on Roku overnight swing trading the stock.

Here are the details of their trade from Dec 8 on the view below.

2022 Best day Trading Alerts - Roku Options paid 3000% in overnight swing Trading
3000% Swing Options Trading Roku Calls on Dec 8, 2021

The following week, another trader scored 1000% winner on QCOM Call in another Swing trade.

I believe it is worth These contracts cost was 20 cents and became $2 the next day.

As you can attest, you can make a lot of money day trading options in my Day Trading Alerts System.

2022Best Day Trading Alerts - Trader Made 1000% Swing Trading QCOM clals on Dec 16 2021
1000% Swing Trading QCOM Calls on Dec16, 2021

Day Trade Ideas Inside Successful Tradings Discord

The trade ideas channel is actually free Day Trading Alerts for anyone within my Discord.

I do not focus on this channel as much as on the Subscribers ones above.

Best Day Trading Alerts for 2022

As I mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial, I provide coaching to all the subscribers to my Day Trading Alerts.

These 1 vs 1 coaching session took place over Zoom meeting.

They are recorded each time and a copy is given to traders so that they can go over the content of the training at their own time as much as they need.

Live Options Day Trading Service

One of the most popular Day Trading Alert strategies is SPY.

In fact, I know very successful traders who trade SPY Options for a Living.

You can do that too.

However, since May 2021, I published a research and video on how QQQ is a better Day Trade instrument that SPY.

Here is the video depicting how to day Trade QQQ for big profit.

Day Trading Indices

Day trading indices is definitely part of my Day Trading Alerts.

SPY is still a great index for Day trading.

It is very liquid in the sense that the Bid and Ask on its option chain are very close no matter the strike price you are trading.

Day Trading QQQ For Big Profit

If you want to take advantage of QQQ Day Trade Alerts, then Successful Tradings Discord is the right place for you.

Day Trading IWM on expiration Day is now a great opportunity as well.

Because in the last quarter of 2021, market makers introduced Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays expiration just like its counterpart SPY and QQQ.

F.A.Q On My Live Day Trading Stocks Picks

  1. Can I get the Successful Tradings Live Day Trading Stocks Alerts for free?

Not really.

but from time to time, I share them on my Live Day Trading Morning Show on YouTube.

2. How Much money do you need to Day Trade my Alert System?

I have shown that how we can make money Day Trading options from as little as $1.

So, I guess that clearly addresses any concern you may have about needing a big account.

3. How To Subscribe to my Day Trading Alerts System?

Here is the Link for the 2022 Offer.


I shared the many Day Trading Alerts methodologies I have in my Discord room.

The performance of these Day Trading Stock Picks has been nothing less of outstanding since its inception in May 2020.

We have been able to make money when the markets are bearish as well as bullish as it does not matter.

Are you going to join us in 2022 and Beyond to Take your Trading to the Next Level or ill you continue to go from system to system without any consistency?

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading?

It is a New Year. You are wondering if you could use Day Trading as a consistent source of income.

The natural question is How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading in order to make a living as a trader.

I will show exactly what you can expect to make as a beginner day trader using my years of experience coaching traders who are making money day Trading with my proven system.

Can You Make Money Day Trading as A Beginner?

I want to preface this article by sharing that I have been Day Trading since 2014.

during this time, I have learned the secret skills to be able to answer the question for you:

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading?

Better yet, I have been teaching other traders since 2020 on how to consistently make money day trading.

Therefore, the sum of these experiences is what gives me unique insights about this topic.

Can I be frank with you 🙂 ?

Whoever you are, wherever you are reading this content from, do not let another day pass you by without taking ACTION.

As we are about to spring into a new year, many people will be making resolutions that will last a few weeks maybe a few months at best.

I strongly encourage you NOT to be one of those.

My purpose on writing this article is not just to satisfy someone curiosity.

No, not at all.

My aim is to show How much money you can make Day Trading so that you can be on your way to making it as a successful Day trader in months or years to come.

That journey begins right now, right here, Today !

What is Day Trading ?

In Day Trading, we (traders) take advantage of daily short term price fluctuations to make money.

This means that there are always plenty of opportunities each day to take advantage of.

Which implies that the amount of money you can make day trading is proportional to those opportunities and how well you can take advantage of them.

Since I am preparing to this business of Day Trading (I was very serious in my preface), let me provide some easy lingo around day trading.

Duration of A Trade Trading Name
A Few Minutes to an hourScalping
A few Hours During the Same Day Day Trading
One Day Carrying overnightSwing Trading
More than a Few MonthsInvesting

Why Do you Want to do Day Trading?

Most traders I come across want to find another way to making money.

Instead of the old model, go to school, learn a profession and get a 9 to 5 job until you retire.

More and more people especially since 2020 are turning into the market to make money for a living.

Whatever your specific reason may be, I want you to write it down somewhere.

Then, re-affirm it each day until it is so drained into your mind you will not be weary of the sacrifices that are needed along the way to making money Day Trading.

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading - Traders Psot their money goals inside Successful Trading Discord Room
Discord Room Traders Share How Much Money They Would Like to Make Day Trading

What Percentage of Day Traders Make Good Money?

I created a Discord Room just for the purpose of goal settings for Day Trading.

Inside of this channel. traders share (if they want) what is their reason for Day Trading and more importantly how much money they would like to get out of this business.

Then, I also ask them what are the willing to do to get those results.

A famous quote by Napoleon Hill famous “Think and Grow Rich” serves as the catalyst for us.

Whatever The Mind of a Man Can Conceive and Believe It Can Achieve

Napoleon Hill

Why is it important to set clear goals in Day Trading ?

Because this is very tough business and very few traders make moneyconsistently.

Several published reports over the years suggest less than 3% of Day traders make consistent living off their craft.

My own personal experience supports these statistics.

I have been running a Discord room since 2020 .

Even with a relatively limited number of samples, the percentage of traders who are successful is in the range of 5-10%.

How Do Successful Day Traders Make Money?

You may be wondering How do Day Traders make money?

First and foremost, they treat day trading as a business.

While many consider day trading as a side hustle to get extra money from time to time,

very few take a different approach.

As such, we see a huge disparity in individual performance results.

Let’s me then ask you this:

Do you know of any serious business that stay afloat without a business plan?

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading - Successful Tradings Trading Strategies
Successful Tradings Trading Strategies to Make Money Day Trading Options

Yet, how come so many prospective Day traders continue to improvise without a proper plan on how to make money Day Trading.

Therefore, if you are serious in 2022 and beyond about making money Day trading, I strongly encourage you to first come up with a plan on how you will be making money consistently with your business.

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading: Crypto vs Stocks vs Options

The amount of money you make in Day Trading can vary based on the investment class you choose.

Over the next sections, we will scrutinize Day trading Cryptocurrencies, stocks and Options.

How Much Money Can You Make Day Trading Crypto?

Crypto are very volatile. Opportunities for those who want to DayTrade Crypto are abundant.

I recently started this experiment with coaching a beginner trader on buying Shiba inu coin on Webull.

The trader was able to make a quick 25% return in just a few days.

In fact, that run was over the course of one evening.

How Much Money Can you Make Day Trading Crypto? - Shiba inu tradder with 1 Billion coins account
Day Trading Crypto For Over $3800 Profit on 1 billion Shiba Inu Account

The challenge is that it trades 24 hours per day non-stop which means that you will have to be very organized to catch any bullish run to trade.

It is definitely feasible as more and more people realize that a regular job consists of trading their free time for a pay check.

Depending on the size of that weekly check, many are diving into Day Trading Crypto.

Profit can come quite quickly as shown by recent online stories of Shibu millionaires.

Making Money Day Trading Stocks

Can you make money day trading stocks?

It is the perenial questions for those who are starting their trading careers.

The concept is quite simple.

Identify stocks on a daily basis that are running up.

Buy these stocks and make money day trading.

I know a great deal of Day traders make money day trading penny stocks.

If you are one of them, there is my article on how to use Finviz for penny stocks.

Penny stocks are very attractive in Day Trading because Daily percentage gains on these stocks can be very rewarding.

I have seen numbers from 20% to over 100%.

Imagine you are able to grow your investment even 10-15% consistently per day.

How Much Can $1000 Grow Day Trading

Let’s assume you are making 10% Per Day trading with an initial capital investment of $1000.

The Table below capture your Day Trading Profit after 5 weeks.

How Much Money Can You AMke Day Trading with $1000 To Start with ?Weekly ProfitCumulative Day Trading Gains
Week #1$500$500
Week #2$750$1250
Week #3$1125$2375
Week #4$1687$4062

After four week or a month, you will be able to make over $4000 !

This is quite a successful way to make money Day Trading stocks.

Penny stocks are not the only stocks to provide such opportunities.

I know traders who have been able to trade TSLA stocks in a similar manner and make big money.

If not TSLA stock, how about other meme stocks like AMC or GME.

I made this video to help you identify other similar opportunities with a very easy scanner.

The barrier to entry for making good Money Day Trading certain stocks is insufficient capital.

Hence, beginner traders always ask the following question :

How much money does one need to Day trade successfuly?

How Much Money Do You Need To Day Trade

You can trade Crypto and stocks nowadays with fractional shares to help grow your account.

Then later on as your trading balance account increases, you will be able to invest more money.

Still to date not all trading platforms offer fractional trading.

Robinhood and Webull are the two first ones to offer this feature in the US stock market.

Many others are bound to follow in the upcoming years.

Making Money Day Trading Options in 2022

If there is one instrument you can make a lot of money day trading, it is Options trading.

I have been Day trading and coaching others day trade options for many years now.

The advantages of Day Trading options over other instruments such stocks as crypto are:

  • You Do Not Need Big Money to Make Big Money – My YouTube channel is full of 1000% Winners where traders have turned $10 into$1000
  • You Can Make Money Day Trading Even When the Market is Down – Puts Options Enable to Do So
  • You Can Make Money Day Trading with both Calls and Puts – Technical Analysis comes in handy

Some traders have shared with me some of the limitations that have hindered them in making money day trading options.

Hence, I am providing in the table below my grading on which trading platforms fit best for different types of day trading investments.

Day Trading CryptoDay Trading StocksDay Trading Options
Robinhood A A C (Too Many Restrictions)
ETRADE Not Available A+ A+
Webull A+ B B (Some Restrictions)

How Much Money Do Options Traders Make

The best way for me to show you how much money you can make Day Trading is to show you what many traders are doing in my discord Channel.

Some of these are beginner traders meaning that you who is reading this could be making similar money in the near future with the proper training.

Here is the slideshow depicting how much money you can make day trading options with my proven 10-Baggers Trading strategies.

Simple Model on How Much you Can Make Day trading Options

Let’s make this as real as possible.

The reason I like options trading is that with a good focus on high probabilities strategies I tech, you can generate consistent revenue very quickly.

Furthermore, I should add that the reason I prefer options trading to crypto and stocks is that the barrier to entry is not high at all.

Let’s simulate that you Risk $1000 day trading options each day with the goal of getting 50% profit.

That target is quite conservative for my 0-Baggers Trading system.

In the table below, I will provide 2 different daily target goals: one at 50% and the other at 100%.

$1000 Daily Risk Profit per DayWeekly ProfitMonthly Profit
Target : 50% per day$ 500$ 2,500$ 10,000
Target: 100% per day$ 1000$ 5,000$ 20,000
How Much Money You Can Make as an Options Trader?

Is $100,000 a year Day Trading Reachable?

From the above table, a six-figure yearly income is definitely reachable with a consistent strategy.

In my most conservative assumption, the daily average profit is something I have seen.

This does not mean that you will not have a losing day.

The secret is to respect your stop loss and trade highly profitable setups.

There will be days where you will make way more than the expected $500 to offset the losing days.

Should you not be fully convinced by the above slideshow, I mentioned earlier how I have been recording our options trading success stories on YouTube and social media.


I am an Expert at Day trading Options for Living and I coach traders on how to Make Money consistently Day Trading.

You can make a great deal of money Day trading stocks or Options but it is important to take the proper steps into establishing this activity as a business.

Sometimes, the gains can appear unreal.

I invite to start 2022 on the right side to get you a step closer to Making Money Day Trading.

How To Trade Options on E*TRADE – Trade Options E*TRADE 2022

If you want to learn How to Trade Options on E*TRADE in 2022 and beyond, then this tutorial is right for you.

I have been trading Options on E*TRADE since 2016 and know every single feature to help you take your Trading to the NExt LEvel.

How To Trade Options on E*TRADE

The user interface for trading Options on E*TRADE is PowerE*TRADE.

It is very intuitive and easy to use thus making it a perfect platform for options trading beginners.

I created this detailed video to introduce the main features of E*TRADE for Options trading.

Learn How To Trade Options On E*TRADE

The first time you are trading options on E*TRADE, I hope it is through paper account trading.

I explain the reasons why in this recent discussion on tiled: Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull.

Valuable resources you will need as an options trading beginner are provided in the summary table below.

Paper Options Trading SkillsResources
Can You Paper Trade Options On Webull - How To pick a Strike PriceHow To Pick an Option Strike Price
Paper Trading Options On Webull -How To Buy OptionsHow To Place an Option Order on Paper Account
Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull - Day Trading on Power EtradeAdvanced Features of Power E*TRADE
Paper Trading Options On Webull - ETrade is a good laternativeHow To Setup Your Option Chart
Paper Trading Options on Webull - How to USe Etrade ScannersHow To Use E*Trade Scanners

How To Buy Options on E*TRADE

In order to make money trading Options on E*Trade, you will need to learn how to buy options

The options chain is divided into two sides: the calls and the Puts.

I prefer to switch the middle toggle in order to only see what side at a time.

How To Trade Options On ETRADE - QQQ options Chain
QQQ Option Chain inside E*TRADE

This short video below will take you through the steps to buy options on Power E*TRADE.

Day Trading Options on E*TRADE on Expiration Day

My favorite options trading strategy to make money trading options on E*TRADE is day trading on Expiration Day.

Since My 2021, I get to do so three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on this very volatile ETF QQQ.

In case you may be wondering why QQQ and not SPY, here is the full study I published recently on SPY vs QQQ to support my decision.

Some of the outstanding results of this strategies are captured in the following slideshow.

Impressive Gains Trading Options On E*TRADE

My YouTube channel has a long list of great options trades on Expiration Day using E*TRADE.

Check out some of the selected highlights below.

Successful Options Trade on E*TRADEResources
How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day TradeHow to Increase Profit on QQQ Options
How ToDay Trde Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE1000% Profit Day Trading on E*TRADE
How To Trade Options on E*TRADDE - Multiple 1000% Profit1000% Profit Trading Options on E*TRADE
Day Trading Options On E*TRADE on Expiration Day9700% Day Trading Options on Earnings
Day Trading Options on E*TRADE for 5000% Profit on FB5000% Trading FB Options on E*TRADE

As you can see from the dates on these above videos, these are not some old trades from 10 years ago.

I have been able to consistently take advantage of my 10-Baggers trading system to make money trading Options on E*TRADE.

And you can do it as well. Jsut like the many traders who are joining my Discord community this year.

Trading Options on E*TRADE After Hours

E*TRADE enables you to trade Options after hours on the ETFS that are setup for that.

Those are as follows:

ETFs Stocks You Can Trade After HoursAfter Hours Time
SPY4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
QQQ4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
IWM4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday

You do not have to do anything for you to trade after hours.

You can take options positions on SPY, QQQ an IWM with the intend to close them as late as 4:15PM EST.

However, your broker may close those options trades if they happen to be in the money and you do not have enough funds to exercise.

Here is an example of such trade depicted in this short video.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Trading Options on E*TRADE

I shared my methodology on how to trade Options on E*TRADE with consistent great results.

Should you be serious about learning how trade in 2022 and beyond, I strongly recommend you create an E*TRDE account today.

Then join my Discord channel and I will help you leverage my best stock prediction system to take your Trading account to new highs.

Nio Stock Forecast 2025 – NIO Price Prediction Reactions

NIO Stock Forecast for 2025 and years to come presents an intriguing proposition for many investors.

Given the tremendous growth in the automakers industry and the scale of China population, one cannot help to wonder if NIO stock will emulate its famous predecessor TSLA.

In this analysis for NIO price prediction for 2025 and beyond, I will break down all the projections while priding an alternate method to benefit from the short-term NIO price forecast.

2025 NIO Stock Forecast | Price History

NIO operates in the auto and truck manufacturers industries.

The company designs and sells autonomous driving electric vehicles, batteries and electric powertrains to consumers.

Its primary market is China where NIO has its corporate headquarters.

NIO stock launched its IPO in the US stock market in September 2018 with an offer of 6 $USD for one ADR share.

NIO Stock Price Forecast 2025 - NIO weekly Stock price Chart from IPO to December 2021
NIO Weekly Stock Price Chart from IPO (Sept 2018) to December 2021

In the 3 years since NIO stock Initial Public Offering, early investors have gone through quite an exhilarating ride.

I am not sure how many of them may have predicted the massive 1500%u in the middle of this short period.

NIO Stock Price Analysis

Looking at NIO stock price through the above weekly chart, I can dissect five (5) main phases for this stock.

By doing so, this will help understand NIO Stock Forecast for 2025 many investors are raving about.

Here is a summary of NIO Stock price action into the table below.

NIO Stock Price Key DatesLowest PriceHighest PriceAction type
September 2018 to March 20195.6 ($USD) 10.6 ($USD)Bullish
April 2019 to June 20202.3 ($USD)7.4 ($USD)Bearish
July 2020 to January 2021$10.5 ($USD)67 ($USD)Very Bullish
February 2021 to March 202132 ($USD)64 ($USD) Very Bearish
April 2021 to December 202130.7 ($USD)55 ($USD)Range Bound
NIO Stock Price Variations from Sept 2018 to End of2021

In the first six months of NIO stock, the action was mostly bullish buoyed by the enthusiasm of early investors.

Phase 2 saw a sharp price decline after the financials results did not live up to early high expectations.

To be frank, the competition from the leader in this industry (Tesla) did not help either.

I vividly remember this timeframe as many traders on my daily YouTube Pre-Market analysis show would ask me to review NIO stock chart.

NIO Stock Price Early Investors Glory

I have this rule of not trading in my Options trading watchlist stocks below $$20.

Therefore, at this time, NIO Stock was definitely not in any one of my scanners.

Then, from July 2020 to January 2021, NIO went on an unprecedented Bullish run.

In this 6-month phase, the stock went from $10.5 to $67 posting consistent Weekly higher highs.

So, it took NIO stock almost 2 years to start delivering satisfactory performance results to its early investors.

In today’s market, two years seems like an eternity for bag holders to stick around.

NIO Stock Price Recent Performance

As it is usually the case with the stock market, after the burst of very high prices for a stock like NIO, the momentum tends to fade.

This is exactly what took place in the space of one single month, NIO stock lost over 50%of in value from February to Early March 2021.

I was live day trading with traders from my Discord room on Friday March 5, 2021.

We all caught that bearish action on NIO stock and made substantial gains on the Puts side.

Truth be told, it was not my first trade on NIO stock.

2021 Year-To-Date-34%
1 Month-25%
6 Months-23%
1 Year-25%
3 Years+353%

Remember how I said earlier that my day trading scanners setup is for stock above $20?

Well NIO stock price crossed that price threshold during the summer of 2020.

Consequently, it became a regular stock in my watchlist and stock prediction strategy.

For those who invested in NIO stock in 2021, the story is quite different.

At best, we can describe the recent performance of NIO stock as in a range oscillating between $32 and mid 40’s.

With the above recent observation in mind, let’s scrutinize analysts’ ratings for NIO stock.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 | Analysts Ratings

Out of the 26 analysts who currently have ratings for NIO stock, 83% have a BUY rating or higher.

This is quite bullish for a stock that have been bearish at best over the last 12 months.

NIO Stock Ratings

Below is the full summary of NIO stock price forecast as analysts see it.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Over 83% of analysts Are Bullish on NIO stock
83% Of NIO Stock Analysts Have at least a Buy Rating

The fact that NIO stock price is trading at previous support may provide a hope for current stock holders.

However, from a technical point of view, NIO stock chart is bearish on multiple timeframes: daily, weekly and monthly.

The stock is looking to potential break below that strong support albeit.

Should that happen, the next big support area is $20.

Dare I even mention the next one after?

Just in case you are curious, the weekly chart I shared earlier shows that level around $12.

We are not there yet but that but that will be a 62% drop from the current price.

Amid the recent delisting headlines of China stock after the Didi news, one cannot help to be cautious about NIO Stock forecast for 2025 and years to follow.

NIO Stock Price Target

NIO stock target price range is extremely wide.

In fact, with a distance of 335% between the lowest price and the highest target price, one cannot not help to wonder where exactly the truth lies.

Highest Forecasted Price $USD                                                                                         86.8
Average $USD                                                     58.4
Lowest Forecasted Price $USD                     20
NIO Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

For a deeper analysis of NIO Stock Forecast 2025, let’s take a look at the price stock price positions cost distribution.

NIO Stock Positions Cost Distribution

What exactly can we learn from NIO stock position cost distribution?

At first, the average price it around $39, which is 22% above the current market price for NIO stock.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Position cost Distribution for NIO stock
NIO Stock Position Cost Distribution

If that observation does not deter you from investing in NIO stock, how about this next one ?

Less than 2% of the NIO shares are profitable.

This means that 98% of the current NIO stockholders are losing money.

Earlier, I mentioned that NIO is sitting at previous strong support so maybe you can start building a small position at this level with a very tight stop loss.

5-Day Forecast for NIO Stock

Do you have money that you would like to invest in NIO stock based on the hype of its 2025 forecast?

What if I told you that I can teach you a way to safely grow your money on the short term while waiting on NIO stock growth to resume?

Better yet, I have a multi-year proven methodology that provide great short-term results on NIO stock and many others.

5-Day NIO Stock Price Predictions

With my proven short-term stock forecast methodology, I have been able to take advantage of NIO stock super high volatility.

If you are not familiar with NIO stock wild swings, here is a summary table depicting exactlythat fact.

NIO Stock Price Volatility vs. timeline  % Voaltility
1 Month 74%
3 Years                                                                                          91%
Nvidia Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

When stocks like NIO moves this much over a 5-day forecast period, you and I can make great profit.

Such was the case in the following short videos on successful trades on NIO stock.

Should you be wondering how often you can take advantage of these opportunities on NIO stock weekly forecast, the answer is at least 25 times in a year.

To prove that, check out this other NIO stock great profit trade a few days apart from the previous one.

To really drive home my point about these massive opportunities to profit for NIO stock short-term forecast, see below a summary of our best trades this past week.

NIO stock enabled a rookie trader from Brussels to make her first ever 10-Baggers trading NIO Options from as low as 23 cents entry.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Trader made 950% profit on NIO stock options on Dec 3 2021
Rookie Trader Made 950% Profit Leveraging NIO Stock 5-DayForecast in Successful Tradings Discord

Alternatives To NIO Stock Forecast

I can easily show you how to find other alternatives to NIO stock within the automakers industry.

The data below reveals that over the last year, NIO stock performance lags its direct competitors by quite a margin.

Other Automakers Stocks Forecasts

LCID | TTM | TSLA | GM |HMC|LI | XPEVE| provided higher returns than NIO stock.

RIVN stock does not yet have a yearly performance because its IPO was as recent as last month.

In this very competitive sector, it will be quite interesting to see which stocks forecasts are going to come alive by 2025/

I am not sure about what you will be doing between now and then.

But as for me, I certainly will be taking advantage of my 5-Day Stock Forecast for NIO and its competitors to take my trading to the next Leve.


I shared how the NIO stock price predictions remain very bullish despite recent bearish trend over the last year.

Should you decide to invest in NIO stock but lack the high required capital, I offer my short-term stock forecast to help you leverage weekly volatility.

Best Stock Prediction Website – 5-Day Stock Forecast

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Best Stock Prediction Website – 5-Day Stock Forecast

For over two years now, this website has been providing the best stock predictions.

Do not take my word for it, rather spend the next five minutes on our 5-day stock forecast results since 2020.

Better yet, I can provide you multi-year studies and back testing that corroborate my claim that is the best stock prediction website.

Best Stock Prediction Website | My Results

Anybody can make stock predictions or forecasts, but the challenge is to achieve consistent results.

The 5-Day stock forecast system I have enabled many traders to leverage options trading to achieve fantastic results.

I have captured and shared these results on my YouTube Cahnnel and some of the Social media.

Stock Predictions for Next WeekHow Does It Work ?

My system gives traders a watchlist ahead of time what we will be trading over the next five days.

So, it is not as many do out there where they front run a trade then sent an alert which may or may not pan out for their subscribers.

Here is the video describing exactly how my 5-day stock forecast works.

Take Advantage of My Best Stock Predictions

You can start leveraging our best stock predictions today even if you have not traded before.

I believe in providing education to beginners traders.

Therefore, I provide unlimited education to those who want to learn and take their trading to the next level.

Here is the short video on How to Join:

Daily Stock Predictions | Weekly Performance Results

I have stored the performance results for you on my YouTube channel so that you can check them out for yourself.

Today, you can take advantage of this system wherever you are in the world though our 10-baggers trading system.

Check out the Full YouTube playlist named 10-Baggers.

Best Stock Prediction Website | Supporting Articles

Here are some of the content supporting this argument that you should try out the best stock Prediction website today.

Before the links, here are the highlights of what some our traders achieved this past bearish week.

You see, our system does not just know how to make money when the market is bullish.

Best Stock Prediction Website - Week of Dec 3 2022 Performance highlights
Week of December 3 Stock Prediction Performance Highlights

This really sets it apart from many out there you may have already tried.

A recent trader Mr. Rod told me he has been looking for me for over 6 months while trying and failing with many other systems.

Article # 1: Anatomy of a Gangsta Trader | Confessions of Day Trading Gangsta Trader

Article #2 : How To Make Big Profit on QQQ | SPY vs QQQ

Article #3: Trade Alerts success Stories

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NVDA Stock Prediction – Easy NVDA Stock Projection

Over the last five 5 years, NVDA has been one of the hottest stocks in the US stock market.

In this NVDA Stock prediction discussion, we will share the projections for NVDA stock price after the recent stock split.

As a bonus, you will discover a clever way to take advantage of NVDA stock price volatility using our 5-day stock forecast system.

NVDA Stock Projections | Price History

NVIDIA is an American Corporation based in Santa Clara California.

It was founded in 1993 and manufactures products for computer gaming, professional visualization, datacenter and automotive markets.

My first ever trade on NVDA was on May 16 2016.

I took some 45 Calls expiring May20.

This was right I read a piece on Marketbeat about the growth in data centers revenue, machine learning and how AI was going to transform the way we visualize displays.

NVidia beat Earnings by a wide margin that quarter and went on to be named stock of year in December of that year.

If you ever want to see a bullish momentum in a stock, find the replay of the last trading day for that year.

NVDA stock price closed exactly at $100 on that last trading session of 2016.

NVDA Stock Prediction - NVDA Monthly chart shows growth from $5 in July 2015 to $315 in Nov 2021
NVDA Stock Price | From $5 in July 2015 to $315 in November 2021 | 6200% Gain

I do not recall what trading room I was in but everyone was in awe of the performance that day and for its entire 2016 year for that matter.

After all, it is not every day one witness a stock go from $39 to $100 in just 6 months.

NVidia (Ticker: NVDA) Stock Price Analysis

NVDA stock has gone through a 4:1 split in 2021 so you may not fully grasp the exceptional growth this stock has experienced recently.

To help you in that regard, here is a summary table with the explosive gains at different timelines.

NVDA Stock Price Growth Performance
2021 Year-To-Date141%
1 Month26%
6 Months93%
3 Years+ 687%
5 Years + 1238%
NVDA Stock Price Exceptional Growth

Some may say that some of this performance was aided by the recent outburst of Crypto.

Sure, that is correct but Nvidia competitors in the sphere of crypto mining did not all perform similarly.

Hence, a great deal of these formidable results is solely due to NVDA technology.

NVDA Shareholders

Who are the investors who have benefited from NVDA stock price appreciation?

Here is the view of NVDA stock main shareholders as it stands at the end of 2021.

NVDA Stock Main Shareholders%NVDA Stock Owned
FreeFloat (Available for Trading)74.5%
The Vanguard Group, Inc7.7%
BlackRock, Inc7.2%
Jen-Hsun Huang (CEO)3.7%

May I bring your attention to two prominent institutions we in this qualcomm stock price forecast namely The Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

NVDA Stock Forecast | Analysts Ratings

NVDA stocks has 45 analysts who have provided ratings for it recently.

The overall consensus recommendation is a buy despite one sole underperform projection.

NVidia Stock Ratings

Below is the full summary of NVDA stock price forecast as analysts see it.

NVDA Stock Price Prediction - 85% of analysts are bullish on NVDA Stock Price
38 out of 45 analysts Are Bullish on NVDA Stock Price

11 out of the 45 analysts for NVDA stock have a very bullish rating with a strong buy.

60% or 27 of them have a Buy recommendation which leaves 15% on the fence with a hold or underperform.

The fact that the monthly chart of NVDA since 2015 is strictly a parabolic trajectory does not deter NVDA followers from seeing further upside in the stock.

NVDA Stock Price Target

NVDA stock target price range is extremely wide.

In fact, with a distance of 125% between the lowest price and the highest target price, one cannot not help to wonder where exactly the truth lies.

Highest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         400.0
Average $                                                                                        351.5
Lowest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         177.5
Nvidia Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

At the current price of $315 which is very near the 52-week high of $346, I may just be prudent to before buying the mighty NVDA stock at these levels.

For further scrutiny, let’s take a look at the NVDA stock price positions cost distribution.

NVDA Stock Positions Cost Distribution

What does the NVDA postions cost distribution tell us ?

At first glance, the average price is at $331 or5% higher than the current price.

That is not bad in common circumstances but NVDA stock price has gained so much in just one year.

NVDA stock Price Prediction - Positions Cost Distribution for NVDA stock
Positions cost Distribution for NVDA Stock

How about we consider taking advantage of shorter timeframes price forecast for NVDA stock ?

Short-Term NVDA Stock Price Forecast

NVDA is a very volatile stock albeit mostly on the upside over the recent years.

I have been able to use my “patented” short-term stocks forecast on NVDA to generate substantial profits with great constency.

5-Day NVDA Stock Price Predictions

In my 5-day NVDA stock price forecast, I know the probability that NVDA stock will go up or down over the short period.

Thus, I am able to leverage that knowledge through options trading to make money regularly.

On such a recent trade, traders in our Discord room were able to enjoy these explosive options gains in just 4 hours.

NVDA Stock Price Prediction - MAssive short term gains up to 2800%
Up to 2800% Profit on NVDA Stock From 5-day stock Forecast

I use the forecasted move over ta 5-day period to come up with a strike price for NVDA stock options.

On November 4 2021, NVDA stock showcased a very bullish pattern over the course of 4 hours.

Here is the summary of this awesome trade:

  • 7:18 AM PST – The market has been open for 48 mins. NVDA 270 Calls at 964%
  • 9:06AM PST- Same NVDA Calls further moved up to 1700%
  • 11:24AM PST – 5 hours into the session, NVDA Calls have reached 2394% Gain
  • 11:52AM PST – 2842% is what the payout on this trade!

These types of Momentum trades are the very essence of my 10-baggers Trading System as depicted on the numerous videos on my YouTube channel.

Alternatives to NVDA Stock Predictions

NVDA is not the only stock I can trade from my short-term stock forecast system.

The likes of AMD, MU, WDC, or INTC stocks have done quite well over the years.

In fact, you can give me any stock of your liking to provide a weekly projection on so that you can take advantage of the short-term volatility with a sound options trading strategy.

The video below captures the performance of my stock forecast system and how you too can leverage it starting today.

Other Semiconductors Stocks Predictions

Here is a slideshow of recent successful stocks forecasts that have yielded very big gains for options traders in my Discord room.


I shared how the NVDA stock price predictions remain very bullish despite massive growth over the last few years.

Should you decide to invest in NVDA stock but lack the high required capital, I offer my short-term stock forecast to help you leverage weekly volatility.