Why Is Investing Important

Technically, using your assets or money to create more money is defined as investing.  Not only money but anything that can generate a remarkable return is called investment. If need be, we will provide major reasons today why investing in important in 2021 and beyond. Why is Investing Important in a Time Such As This We can say, your savings account that is generating 2% interest is a kind of small investment. In general, when people usually talk about investing, …

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Triple Bottom Stock Pattern

Following up on my previous discussion, today I’m going to share the basics of the Triple Bottom Stock Pattern.

Just like its top counterpart, the triple Bottom Stock pattern is also a rare occurrence and may 3-6 months to develop.

Nevertheless, it is one of the most reliable buying signals in the technical analysis of stocks.

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Triple Top Stock Pattern

As we continue our trading education series, today I’m going to share what I’ve learned about Triple Top Stock Pattern.

It’s basically one of the fundamental patterns used by traders in the technical analysis of stocks.

We’re going to look at how this pattern is detected, how it works and how traders use this to their advantage in their trading pursuits.

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Hammer Stock Pattern: An Easy Beginner’s Tutorial

While I was doing my usual reading about trading topics online, I came across the term Hammer Stock Pattern.

Apparently, the Hammer Stock Pattern is a pretty standard element in stock charts. In fact, it’s a classic.

But I have to say, it sounds like an unusual way to phrase a term, especially for a very technical market such as trading.

So  I was curious and I did my research on what this “pattern” is.

So today I’ll share a little bit about the basics of Hammer Stock Pattern and how to use it to your trading advantage.

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Real Money Subscription Cost | Should You Subscribe?

If you are interested in trading and have done research on the best stock news subscription service. It is without a doubt you have heard or seen of Jim Cramer, a famous former hedge fund turned television host. And if you somehow wished to gain a more profound knowledge in stock pickings fundamental like him. You definitely checked out what is the Real Money Subscription Cost and its inclusions. Read our Real Money review before you subscribe to make sure …

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How To Trade Options on eTrade: Little Secret to 10-baggers

Is your trading platform holding your options trading back ? We will give you our secret on trading options on etrade. Our innovative and unique approach on how to trade Options on etrade is sure to increase your account balance in 2020 and beyond. WHY CHOOSE ETRADE FOR OPTIONS TRADING ? I have been talking with Traders in my Discord room since late May 2020. At the time of this article, there have been two major outages recorded for the …

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Option Trading Discord: 1000 Reasons To Pick Successful Tradings

Online Trading can quickly become a Lonely activity. Most option traders need to be part of a group like an Option Trading Discord Channel to learn through ideas’ collaboration and grow their skills. Finding a perfect such community of like-minded traders can be a challenge. In this article, we will provide you our main reasons why our Option Trading Discord channel at Successful Tradings is the ideal choice for you in such a time as this. Option Trading Discord: Avoid …

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Confessions of a Day Trading Gangster

If you want to be Successful at Day Trading, you need a proven and consistent Day Trading Strategy. Day Trading Strategies Can be as simple or as complex as the mastermind who creates them. We are introducing the very simple Gangsta Day Trading Strategy in this article to help you Take Your Trading to The Next Level. Gangsta Option Day Trading Strategy: What is it ? Genesis of the Gang$ta Day Trading Strategy I do not quite recall the genesis …

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Our Trade Alerts Performance Reviews

He said to me: “Your Trade Alerts Performance is very good but you do not have a great following so..”. Those were the words of one of our Successful Tradings Youtube Channel Subscribes on Sunday. Then he proceeded to ask me if I was giving a free week Trial. I replied not anymore. And here is why we stopped giving our weekly Trade Alerts away for free.. Our Trade Alerts Performance Review: Welcome to the 10-Bagger Club SuccessfulTradings.com launched its …

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Day Trading Subscription Service: Choosing One in 2021

You have gotten past the existential question : “Can you Live off Day Trading ? “. Maybe you have even jumped around from One Day trading Subscription Service to another. Each time your hopes have been dashed down the road for one reason or another. Hence, you are still searching for that elusive Day Trading Alert Service that will make you settle once for all on your path t financial freedom. the content that follows is for you to make …

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Daily Stock Market Analysis

Five Days a week, SuccessfulTradings.com brings you Live free Daily Stock Market Report featuring stock market technical Analysis Daily around the globe. These sessions are recorded on our YouTube Channel and available for Playback just like our other content. Daily Stock Market Analysis and Report In our pre-market sessions from 8:45AM EST to 9:25AM EST, we go through pre-market data volume and price gaps to highlight opportunities for day trading. We often receive feedback of viewers using this information to …

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Join Our Next 10 Bagger Stock Options Club

What Is a 10 Bagger Options Win ? A 10 bagger is when a position (stock or Options) increases 10 times its initial purchase price. From a percentage gain point of view, a 10 bagger is when you reach 900% Profit. Origin of the term 10 baggers: Famous investor Peter Lynch was the first one to use this phrase in his book “One Up On Wall Street”. By the same token, you can extend this definition to answer the following …

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Gilead Stock Stocktwits Is Exploding

Gilead Stock Stocktwits is brewing a storm this first week of February 2020. The main reason for this sudden spike in interest in this dull stock the news that came out on Friday about Gilead been approached by the Chinese government to help with the COVID-19 Coronavirus in Wuhan. The Experimental drug Remdesivir is owned by Gilead Science (Ticker: GILD) and may be the closest thing to alleviate the the death toll worlwide. Gilead  Stocktwits: What’s Going On ? Gilead …

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NetFlix Option Chain vs Roku Option Chain

At its current price of $130, Roku stock can be perceived as the 2016 NFLX Stock. If Buy and Hold for higher price is not your thing, maybe you ought to consider trading ROKU Options. For that purpose, we are offering this comparison of Netflix (Ticker: NFLX) option chain vs Roku Option Chain. Netflix Option Chain vs Roku Option Chain: Historical Overview Netflix has become an international streaming giant with subscribers in 190 countries and growing. Before it reached its current …

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