Options Trading Tutorial: Nov 15 2019

In this week’s review of the best options trading strategies, our options Trading tutorial will focus on Nvidia stock.

Through an unusual entrance criteria, once again this case study confirms how a solid methodology leads to consistent profits.

Options Trading Tutorial: Setup of NVDA

Nvidia(ticker: NVDA) reported its third quarter 2019 Earnings Release on Thursday November 14 after the close of the market.

The after hours reaction was a thing of beauty in terms of market misdirection.

Hence, we are using the full action shown below for this Options trading tutorial.

5-minute chart of Nvidia from 4pm est on November 14 2019 to 10am est on November 15 2019 capturing reaction to third quarter Earnings release

This is how to read the 5-minute chart from left to right.

Each candle represents of course 5 minutes. The close Price on November 14 2019 before the Earnings Release Numbers was at 209.88.

Here are the key GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) numbers of the Earnings Release as report on the Investors Relation Website.

  • Revenue at $3.01 billion – Up 17% quarter to quarter – Down 5% Year over Year
  • Gross Margin at 63.4% – Up 380 bps quarter to quarter – Up 320 bps Year over Year
  • Operating Expenses at 989 Million – Up 2% quarter to quarter – Up 15% Year over Year
  • Operating Income at 927 Million – Up 62% quarter to quarter – Down 12% Year over Year
  • Net Income at 899 Million – Up 63% quarter to quarter – Down 27% Year over Year
  • Diluted Earnings Per Share at $1.45 – Up 61% quarter to quarter – Down 26% Year over Year
  • I am providing these results just as a support for the wild moves we saw immediately following the release of those numbers.

Options Trading Tutorial: After Hours Indication

Nvidia stock (Ticker:NVDA) recorded an after hours Low of $202.83 (market by the red star) and an after hours High of $218.35.

That is over a $15 swing in so 5 minutes for a stock that closed the trading session at $209.88.

From that high at 4:25 pm est, the stock went on a downtrend to finish the After Hours at about $207.

Can you imagine being a participant in that after hour will ride?

Options Trading Tutorial: Entry Criteria

The pre-market action which I labeled in the middle area is stuck in a very tight range between $208.7 and $211.6.

So, the question for any option trader at the Open of the market was what direction was NVDA supposed to go ?

Before we break down the answer, let’s examine why this was a trade to take no matter what.

The wild action from After Hours from Thursday gave us an idea about the potential move.

Whether that move was to be up (to be played by buying calls) or down (to be played by buying puts).

I am suggesting that the strike prices were given to us in the after hours on Thursday November 14, 2019.

From a close price of 209.88, the high of the after hours was 218.35 so I am suggesting a strike of $215 for calls.

The Low of the after hours was 202.83 so I am suggesting a strike of $205 for Puts.

What condition needed to be satisfied to take calls ?

What The Pre-Market Teaches Us

Well, the study of the pre-market always tell us about key support and resistance levels.

These are the foundation for any trade since we have talked before about having unemotional decisions in our trading.

Pre-market as indicated in the center area of the chart clearly showed major resistance around 211.7.

Therefore, a great entrance criteria for 215 calls was for NVDA to close above 212 on one of the 5-minute candles.

Conversely, a great entrance criteria for 205 Puts was for NVDA to close below its Pre-market low around 208.

This is the classic entrance criteria for a Post Earnings Release Options trade.

We previously showcased a similar example a couple of weeks ago on Amazon stock.

There is a small variance to this entry for the Puts.

I personally like to take the Puts trade when there is a confirmed rejection at the resistance line (211.7 here).

The reason for this is that the contracts are cheaper are that level so that was my entrance criteria on this trade.

The Exit out of NVDA Puts

In case you are a beginner in Options trading, the chart that follows may be a bit confusing.

It is showing the variation over time of the NVDA 205 weekly Puts.

Meaning the strike is 205 and the expiration date is Friday Nov 15.

This implies that this was a day trade.

Of course an option trader could have well decided to take Nov 22 Puts or any other future date.

The trade would have worked out exactly the same except the Profit percentage would have been different.

Nvidia November 15 205 Puts five minute chart in Options Trading Tutorial

We entered the NVDA Nov15 205 Puts at 6:45 for 50 cents.

Now, if you wonder how to know the good or perfect entry to this trade or any order trade, that is okay.

It comes in due time with the experience and confidence we discussed in this article about the winning habits of a successful option trader.

I like using round level for my entries based on the budget (risk) I allocate to each trade.

When you put it an automated order, you can easily follow as the market Bids and Asks prices vary.

The trader can see the market is getting closer or away from the limit buy.

It is okay to adjust but be careful not to chase a price by bidding up higher and higher for Fear Of Missing Out (F.O.M.O).

This trade had a head fake in it as price pretended to go up.

Then it was rejected at the pre-market resistance.

Finally, it carried on with a violent move down hence the huge payout of almost 800%.

Yes, from a buy of 50 cents at 6:45am, these 205 Puts on NVDA reached a high of $4.4 at 7am.

That is quite a move in just 15 minutes.

Summary of The Trade

We reviewed how for Post Earnings Release option trade, after hours and pre-market provide a good read on the range of a stock.

Which gives the option trader a solid indication for entrance criteria into a trade.

This case study confirms our recommendation not to trade options before Earnings release.

But rather wait and see how the market reacts to the announcement and take advantage of the move.

This is another illustrations of the option trading strategies we strive to share with you as part of How To Learn To Trade Options process.

We hope you enjoyed ready this article.

Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. This is great information and an eye opening system you’ve shared. Thanks for spelling out how you approach the data to come up with a good read on the range of the stock to help you evaluate the viability of the option trade. I like the idea of testing out these systems a few times with to see if I’ve got a good handle on how things work. However, I also think I can get stuck in analysis paralysis and take too long to act. What do you feel is a good amount of time to look at data for these types of case studies?

    • Hello Aly,

      All traders have different personalities as we discussed in this article.

      The key is to maximize our strengths and not dwell too much on our weaknesses.

      So there is no set time I can provide for an option trader to feel comfortable with any strategy.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for this great and informative post.

    Options trading, and trading in general, has always fascinated me and, frankly, confused me.  The concept is simple but the research and practice can be time consuming and difficult.

    I actually appreciate you using NVIDIA for your example as I’m a big user of their computer components.

    This article has clarified quite a bit for me.

    Thanks again,


    • Good Evening Scott,

      Happy that this article has brought some more clarity onto what options trading is all about.

      Nvidia came to prominence in 2016 after a great run that led to it being stock of the year.

      It made for a great case study and we will be looking to bring you and other readers more 

      of this type of trades.

      Thank You.

  4. Thank you very much for this article, I believe it will be able to help a lot of people looking to increase their knowledge of trading! I have always been intrigued by stocks/trading, I have and do want to become involved with it as well, actually. I believe I have been a bit naive in the sense of thinking it isn’t difficult to make a buck, when in reality, there is a lot to consider and you certainly need to have your bases covered. What would be one primary tip you have for people like me looking to get into trading?

    • Hello Kohl,

      Glad to see that you were encouraged by the article to pick up your learning of trading.

      For all the beginners like yourself, the first step would be what we described in the first article.

      Start reading up to develop a sense of what it takes and then go from there.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I’ve been trying to learn this complicated game for years and it is only now that light has shown in my head. Although there is still confusion in my head, at least I am now seeing how it works. Your detailed explanation and the examples you gave, the actual monitoring of stock direction and the encouragement, of course, all these have made things easier to understand now.

    Do you have any tutorial in PDF that I can download and read offline?

    • Hello Gomer,

      Great to see that this article helped you increase your understanding of trading.

      Your suggestion on making a PDF available for the readers is something we will 

      definitely consider going forward.

      Hope you subscribed to our feed so that you are the first in line for our future publications.

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  6. Hello Telex, i must admit I know very little about trading and since I have always wanted to learn more and this has given more to what I know about trading and I am happy. Data analysis in any form of business is great and that is something you have said here that it is important to confirm your data before making use of it in any business. i hope to learn more about trading from other posts . cheers.

    • Hey Benson,

      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We will continue to provide these free

      case studies to help people like you increase their knowledge of trading.

      Have a good evening.

  7. Investing in trading is a great idea, and my husband is currently making some money from it and the whole process doesn’t seem to be clear to me even when he tried to explain to me. Reading through this post has given me a clearer understanding of some of the things I have heard him say. Is there always a change in stock in the market?

    • Hello Bella,

      The reality of the market is that traders cannot always 

      accurately predict what will take place.

      So change is something that is always around the corner

      most of the time.

      Thank You.

  8. I have written this down on my notebook twice, “not to trade options before Earnings release”. And I think that piece of information all by itself is worth gold. Now, how many grams, that’s still to be determined. No, just kidding. Waiting to see how the market reacts to the announcement can save us from so much trouble. Thanks!

    • Hello Henry,

      You will be surprised how many traders though knowing well about the 

      Pre-Earnings rule still end up in trades because of Fear of Missing Out.

      Thank for stopping by.

  9. Hi! I’m just a beginner in Options trading but I have been following this series and I have learnt a lot. Thanks. From here on I’ll always pay attention to what the pre-market says. Learning about the key support and resistance levels is key and it will help us enormously. Thanks for pointing that for us.


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