Is Yahoo Finance Stocks Quotes Premium Worth Your Attention ?

In case you have not been looking, Yahoo Finance Stocks Quotes has a brand new Premium service on their App.

The good old website has been revamped and they are pushing for Early Adopter offer for this new subscription service.

So Let’s take a look inside and tell you if Yahoo Finance Premium  is worth your time or the pennies from your wallet.

What Is The New Yahoo Finance Premium ?

Yahoo Finance has been around for as long as the platform itself.

In mid-2017, Yahoo went through its restructuring.

The company’s legacy assets such as Yahoo Finance, News, Fantasy sports Yahoo Mail, Tumblr and Flickr were sold to Verizon (Ticker: VZ).

The remaining shares of what used to be known as Yahoo (old ticker: YHOO) became ALTaba (meaning alternative to Alibaba).

Yahoo new stock symbol became AABA.

So, under its new management under the Verizon umbrella, Yahoo Finance brand name has survived until now.

The website features new shiny logo with the exclamation point to boot next to the name.

Yahoo Finance Premium - Brand New revamped Website and Advertisements
Yahoo Finance Premium – Brand New revamped Website and Advertisements

The site still provides business news and articles on the main Home Page.

Other headlines section are as follows:


Watchlists are added by Yahoo Finance editorial staff.

They feature categories such as Cannabis Stocks, China internet, Stocks Fueling The Internet of Things, Buyback Leaders, Overbought Stocks, recent 52-week Highs and even one called Victims of Amazon !

Users can can follow the lists of their choice.

The number of followers is displayed to see the most popular ones.

The Victims of amazon for instance feature 8 symbols:

  1. Walmart(WMT)
  2. Target (TGT)
  3. Best Buy (BBY)
  4. Kohl’s(KSS)
  5. Nordstrom(JWN)
  6. Macy’s(M)
  7. DICK’S Sporting Goods(DKS)
  8. Office Depot (Ticker: ODP).

My Portfolio

This is where they invite you to bring all your account so that you can see them in one place.

The brand new feature is the ability to link brokers and trade !

Yes, this can be done with any US broker.


Yahoo Finance Premium - List of Screeners
Yahoo Finance Premium List of Screeners

It is not one screener they provide but five: Equities, Mutual funds, ETFs, Futures and Indexes.

I played with the Equity Screener.

It offers 3 main filters:

  • Region (choose from a list of 60 countries)
  • Sector ( the 10 or 11 you know )
  • Industries (selection through a drop down menu)

Other filters can be added manually but if you ask me, this is a poor man Screener in comparison to the likes of TradingView and even more so

In case you are wondering, Nigeria is not one of the choices in the region filter: TradingView has Nigeria, remember ? 🙂


The markets section of Yahoo Finance has it all as depicted above.

From Crypto currencies, to calendars, most active stocks, commodities, world indices, US Treasury bonds rates and even Options.

I was able to scroll (sorry, no download to Excel button but you can share on social media ) through a list of over 1040 options ranked by highest Open Interest.

I learned through this that VIX Jan 2020 22 Calls and FXI Jan 2020 35 Puts have the highest interest of all options as of today.

The Ask on the FXI puts is one cent !

This means whoever sold these is smiling all the way to the bank because they can close that position for one cent right now.

In case you do not know, about 65% of the options bought by traders expire worthless.

In other words, Options writers and Market Makers win MOST OF THE TIME 🙁

Is Yahoo Finance Premium Worth It ?

The people at Yahoo are stepping further forward by offering you and me their Premium Service.

You read it right. Premium for What ?

I am glad you asked. Here is it.

How Much Does Yahoo Finance Cost ?

Yahoo Finance Premium Review - Yahoo Finance Summary of Premium features against the free version
Yahoo Finance Summary of Premium features against the free version

The pitch is a bold one. If you want:

  • Exclusive data and insight about companies you care about
  • Advanced tools and charts to Optimize your trading strategies
  • Access to Intuitive Data Visualizations to Get an Expert Perspective

Then, that is going to cost you $34.99/month or $349.99/year after your initial 14-day trial.

I am sorry maybe it is the old timer in me but nowadays anybody can just package whatever and called it Premium because those paying for it have exclusive access to that information ?

I do not know about you but none of the features on that Yahoo Finance Premium list to the left is screaming “Must have” to me.

Oh, maybe one. The AD-lite experience.

A small print not captured in the image above proclaims: “You may see a limited number of ads.

For example, during videos and in articles.”

Are you kidding me ?

Is Yahoo Finance without Ads worth the Money ?

So you pay for premium and still get to see ads.

I can tell you my experience with the website of Yahoo Finance.

I go in there from time to time for the Yahoo Finance stocks quotes.

They have this feature where you can download historical prices for as far back as you want.

I use the daily or sometimes weekly times frames to perform mainly correlation analysis between Stocks and ETFs or do study seasonality of certain securities.

The ads are just overwhelming in this current free configuration.

Therefore, I am not sure I need to pay for Yahoo Finance Premium and they continue to serve me ads ?

Maybe I am just too harsh so before I make a final decision, allow me to take a look at the App version of Yahoo Finance Stock quotes.

Since the mobile App is the one I really use more than the website itself.

How To Cancel Yahoo Finance Premium

Yahoo Finance Premium is about to be re-branded Yahoo Finance Plus Essential.

A great deal of subscribers may be confused and want to cancel their previous yahoo Finance Premium Subscription.

According to Yahoo Finance FAQs, the place to cancel your subscription depends on where you initially purchased the service.

Here is a graph with a summary of where you can go to cancel your subscription either on Desktop, iOS or Android device.

Is Yahoo Finance Premium Worth It - How TO Cancel your Yahoo Finance Premium subscription based on the platform you bought it on
Where To Cancel Your Yahoo Finance Premium Subscription depends on where you bought it | Desktop, iOs or Android

Yahoo Finance Premium Other Features

Before I discovered TradingView App and Teletrader App, I built my watchlist many years ago on Yahoo Finance for Stocks quotes exclusively.

Since then, I sparingly use this App for quick check for pre-market after hours stocks quotes before my broker starts streaming live quotes at 7AM EST.

I may also skim through the Yahoo Finance Options chain when i am in a hurry and do not want to open my broker App.

Truth be told though, the option chain section is hidden in the details section.

You will have to select another option to expand the already small view.

Not to mention the many times when the App will not respond when going through this section.

Recent Changes on Yahoo Finance App

Over past year, I have been noticing quite a few changes within the App.

First, the look is definitively different.

Watch the video below to understand what I am talking about.

Yahoo Finance Premium Review of Its Competitors

If like me you cannot handle the many glitches in Yahoo Finance Premium, here is a list of a few competitors.

For stock quotes in the pre-market, I think Webull App is clearly ahead the game.

Webull App vs Yahoo Finance Premium

You will certainly appreciate the slick GUI that has been renovated recently.

Webull App may not have the many news videos as Yahoo Finance.

However, I truly believe most traders just want to have reliable quotes without having to second guess the tool.

Is Yahoo Finance Premium Worth Your Attention  - Webull App is good Alternative to Yahoo Finance
Webull App Level -2 App is a good Alternative to Yahoo Finance Premium

Level-2 on Webull App gets you a little more closer to understand how your stocks of interest may perform in the live session.

And I have not yet even mentioned the Webull Volume Analysis view that is featured in its own discussion on this very blog. App is Another Alternative to Yahoo Finance Premium

What I love the most about about as an alternative to Yahoo Finance Premium is the ability to easily track multiple markets .

From International markets, to cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, currencies, or bonds, this tool has it all.

The Calendars sections will keep you appraised with all the big news that you make the market move.

It is very practical for beginners and experienced to learn through their multiple free webinars.

To keep up with its counterpart, the App free version has some ads.

They are not as invasive as on Yahoo Finance and you can always upgrade to get rid of these small distractions.


Yahoo in general and Yahoo Finance Stocks Quotes Premium in particular have changed and they want you to know.

So badly they are going out of their way to ask you to bring your money along with their new motto: It is Your Money. Trade (it) Up (with them).

Are you convinced ?

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