FlowAlgo vs The Stock Whisperer App Review

By now, you understand the importance of knowing how the smart money trade stocks and options.

But How Are you keeping tabs on them ?

This FlowAlgo vs The Stock Whisperer App comparison will help you determine the best method to use in your quest of swimming with the Sharks.

FlowAlgo vs The Stock Whisperer App: Overview

Data Flow is a Game Changer

Both FlowAlgo and The Stock Whisperer are two paid subscription services that aimed to help traders keep tab with Live money flow in the market.

By having this information, traders are able to make informed decision on the trades they take.

While both service have a common goal, they manner in which the information is provided to the end user is completely different.

Flowalgo started in the fall of 2017 with a web based platform that has seen continuous improvements ever since.

Trading Becomes a No-Thinking Job

As for Stock Whisperer App, it is a mobile based on both Android and iOs with very little tweaking to its format since its introduction.

They both provide one key set of data called the Dark Pool.

The Stock Whisperer uses this data to provide simple guidance on relevant stocks and ETFs.

“No Thinking” is the motto of Stephanie Kammerman who head this service since 2014.

Let’s take a look a some of the difference between the two services.

FlowAlgo vs The Stock Whisperer App: Real Time Options Flow Differences

Unlike the Stock whisperer who solely focus on equities’ money flow, FlowAlgo delivers both stocks and Options Buys and sells orders from the big institutions.

I often refer to them on this blog as “Big Money” or “Big Sharks”.

The Dashboard inside the platform is divided into two sections.

The left-hand side displays all options flow while the right-hand side is devoted to stocks.

Here is he view of the main Dashboard inside the tool.

FlowAlgo Dashboard inside FlowAlgo in FlowAlgo vs Stock Whisperer App Review
FlowAlgo Dashboard with Sections Explanation

FlowAlgo Option Features

From the opening bell to the close, a voice (mostly sometimes female, sometimes male) read out individual option orders with the name of the stock, the expiration the Strike and the nature (puts or calls) as they are simultaneously displayed on the GUI.

The order time is also displayed. Calls have a green color for the underlying stock and Puts have the red color for the corresponding stock.

If you missed out, you can run a filter at any time by the premium paid, the quantity or the name of interest.

Option Order Types

Each row has a column to indicate one of these three orders types.

  1. Sweep Order: An urgent order that sweeps multiple exchanges
  2. Split Order: A single exchange Sweep Order
  3. Option Block: A Large block negotiated off-exchange

I have noticed that the sweep are the most desired by the traders hang out on a very rudimentary messaging system on the platform.

Very often, you will read: “Who is following that such-and-such Sweep” .

When the Sweep happens to be on SPY, this gives the traders a clear signal of the bullish nature of the market.

Combined with their own charting analysis, traders get the confirmation of buying calls.

The problem comes when there are mixed signals.

Sweeps and Dark pool at the same times.

Of course Dark Pools can be buys as well as Sells so Closing Price is the only way to reconcile both.

Which means waiting. This is most likely the least owned attribute by most traders.

Option Flow Indicators

Each option order is further qualified by a colored dots.

  • Yellow Dot for Very Active Today – The Daily volume of this contract is above its Open interest
  • Green Dot for New Top Position – When the number of contracts for that one order is greater than the Open Interest
  • Purple Dot for Highly Unusual – The order expire in less than 35 days or less and is 7.5% or more Out Of The Money

All of these features aim to help traders select the best possible trades.

Why ?

Because the risk is being overwhelmed on certain days (beginning of the week mostly) is real.

Therefore, traders have to be selective otherwise over trading is a true possibility.

Decorative Image show a Logo of the Website FlowAlgo with their motto Track Smart Money

                                                                                                                                   SIGN UP FOR YOUR 2 WEEKS TRIAL TODAY !     

Dark Pool Differences

Stock Whisperer Selections

All Prints of stocks are provided inside FlowAlgo.

Dark Pool orders have a dark background and the ticker or stock symbol is outlined in purple as depicted in the above view.

The Stock Whisperer only focused on stocks and ETFs of interest to the publisher.

Meaning that not all the stocks seen inside FlowAlgo are reported by The Stock Whisperer App.

The other major difference is that The Stock Whisperer scanner gets the stocks prints 15-20 minutes before they are reported in FlowAlgo.

Beware of the Splash

I learned this very quickly as I have subscription to both services.

It is really a deal breaker knowing that they like to splash ? Not really

I n case you do not know, splashing is the head fake if you will or attempt by the market manipulators to throw off the rest of us non informed traders.

How is it done ?

After a print comes in, the stock will have a tendency to go the opposite direction from the real intended decision by the people who too k the trade.

Be Patient to Get Direction Confirmation

So just be careful and there is always a need to get confirmation at the closing or open where the stock is trading in relation to the most recent prints especially if those print are Dark pool orders.

After a while, you will actually learn to benefit from the splash as well by taking a small straddle or strangle.

Once the true direction is revealed, you can add more to contracts to the right side while selling the fake side for profit.

The information provided by The Stock Whisperer is very simplified and typically looks like the table picture below.

FlowAlgo vs The Stock Whisperer App Review - The Stock Whisperer App on the left and the weekly report to the right
The Stock Whisperer App on the left and the weekly report to the right

The left view is a view of the Stock Whisperer mobile App for Android.

Stock Whisperer App Views

Public feed is free information she provides on Twitter while the Private Feed is where paying members get the alerts.

It just so happens that the Private feed has been under development for the last couple of months so she has been using the public feed to communicate the information to her members.

This means that non-paying people get to have this information for free ! Yes for now that is true.

The equivalent of the FlowAlgo orders here gives you the symbol, the print level and a bullish and bearish target.

FlowAlgo doe not provide this analysis.

Just the print level. It is up to the trader to derive when to be bullish and when to be bearish.

On the right side of the image, she sent weekly summary of handpicked stock and ETFs with her recommended bullish and bearish levels.

How about the Rest of the Prints ?

One could wonder but how about the rest of the stocks ?

There has to be more than just 20 or prints in a given day or week, right ?

Yes, that is correct. These are just the ones She deems important by her analysis.

She has been doing this for a long time and thus has come to have a set of watch List that she sticks too.

So I guess that straight leads on unto our next topic.

How much does it cost?

What is FlowAlgo Price  

$99 vs $19.99 are the respective prices for FlowAlgo and The Stock Whisperer.

You get a much cheaper price from the Stock Whisperer mainly because you are not getting

  1. The Option orders that FlowAlgo spits out every minute Literally
  2. All the stocks prints that FlowAlgo provides albeit 15-20 minutes delayed

The advantage of FlowAlgo is that you get receive all the options flow and can quickly jump on trades.

How quickly you may ask.

Check out these two illustrations on Boeing (Ticker:BA) and Citibank (Ticker:C) that generated over 1000% in less than 24 hours.