3 Things Wincher.com Will Help You With

Wincher is Rank Tracker, SEO OPTIMIZER and Keywords Research  ALL IN ONE.

Before I discovered Wincher.com, I had to go to three different places for keyword research, SEO Optimization and Ranking Status.

Now with Wincher, I can do all of these task in one place and also achieve the goal of beating the competition at their own game.

How is this possible, keep reading to find out.

Wincher.com Introduction: What Is Wincher ?

Wincher is a Stockholm (yeah as in Sweden !) based company that helps you monitor your ranking status in Google Search Engine.

It provides this data for all your domains as well as your competitors as defined by you.

You can then track your websites rankings and easily measure the impact of marketing campaigns or changes over time.

Why Is Wincher Different ?

The current leading tool out there that measures rankings is Google Search Console.

My problem with it is that it lags several hours behind.


Yeah, by now you may have noticed that there is at least 6-8 hours between the traffic that Google is showing and what is taking place live.

Other tools I have seen do not provide graphical representations and views to easily measure rankings over time.

Wincher addresses this problem by working around the clock to provide you with the latest information on easy to read Dashboards.

Who is Wincher Made For ?

If you are a blogger trying to make your way on the internet or an online market or maybe just an online business, this tool will make your job so much easier.

How Does Wincher.com Works

After signing up, you will input your website URL at first.

Upon validation that you are the rightful owner of that domain, you will be able to access the Dashboard.

Depending on how long your site has been active, your dashboard will come pre-populated with some keywords.

Those are already fetched by Wincher from Google Search Engine.

You can import additional keywords from a template or add them manually from the Dashboard in a very quick and intuitive fashion.

Below is a view of the Dashboard for my personal website 🙂

Wincher Dashboard View for a live website

Wincher.com Main Features

Wincher Dashboard

The above Dashboard is where you are bound to find most of the information on your entered keywords.

The default number of keywords is 100 and it cost an additional 3 Euros (yeah, remember Wincher is Swedish) to add additional keywords.

For a decent blogger, it may take you 4-5 months before you reached 100 targeted keywords.

From Left to right, Position Changes gives the Delta between the position gained and positions lost over the ranking period.

This is to be selected and can be set to one week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, one year, three years, 5 years or since the Start.

Average Position

The tool averages all the position of your keywords to provide this metric.

It is pretty good way to measure your progress and the effectiveness of your SEO work.

Traffic is a monthly estimate of how many users on Google (alone) you can expect from the submitted keywords.

The emphasis here is on Estimate hence expect this number to be +/- 10% or more from what you get from Google Search Console.

Wincher owners have told me that they plan on bringing Google Search console data in Wincher in the near future.


When I pressed them for an ETA, they were not that eager to provide a date.

So as soon as I get this information, I will make sure to share that with you here.

First Positions tracks how many of your keywords are ranked # 1 on Google.

A great satisfaction when this number starts going up for Online entrepreneurs as it signals the beginning of monetization.

Keywords can also be assigned to groups and viewed as such instead of individually.

This option can be very useful if you are running multiple campaigns or you have an online business with various departments.

Keyword Research

Wincher has the ability to suggest keywords pertinent to your niche.

You can filter them by competition score, search volume, number of words.

By now you must be all familiar with the power of the long tail keyword, though this is not based on numbers of words .

Or even the level at which Wincher thinks that suggested keyword will rank for you as shown below.Inside Wincher.com Keyword Search module

I got to be honest with you, I do not spend a great deal of time in this module because I am pretty familiar with my niche so I just target keywords that makes sense.

To add a suggested keyword to your list (tracked on the previously discussed Dashboard) , you just click on the “Add” button. As easy as that.

Anytime you are inside Wincher and wondering how is a metric calculated, just hover over the question mark and a small window with an explanation will display.

I like that a great deal.


If you are competitive like myself, then the information provided on this section should get your juices going.

Step 3 1 consists of finding your competition.

How ?

Search which websites google ranks on its First Page for your keywords. Easy enough, right ?

Then enter them were it says “Add Competitor Website“.

Sorry that I cannot use show you the view of my sites here because I want to keep my competition in the dark 🙂

My suggestion is to select 5 competitors at most.

Do not pick on the big names first but rather on the blogs that if you are starting in online entrepreneurship.

Leave the rest to Wincher who will then update a chart of your average ranking, total traffic and position summary of your keywords versus all the competitors.

This chart is set over any time period you so elect.


The fun part here for me was when I started way behind an already well-established competitor.

I could not even imagine catching them for the set of keywords I had selected.

But form my dashboard you saw above, I can tell you that I have surpassed them in less than 3 months.

How did I achieve that feast ?

Keep reading, I will share that as an extra feature of Wincher !

Reporting is great in Wincher as you can set it to be daily, weekly, or monthly through emails.

When I first started, I had it set daily, now I only need to see the report weekly.

Besides, Wincher works well on phones so really you are never that far away from the data should you have such urgent need (I did at first, no shame in my game).

The reporting period is a definable variable that you can set to your liking between one week and 5 years.


This section sends out your successes in gaining ranks or passing your competition for any of your keywords.

It also sent out alerts when you lose rankings or your competitor passes you which we all like less obviously.

The Annotations

A pretty clever way to track your changes and your SEO optimization efforts.

You get to enter the details of what actions on what date you performed such actions.

This is clearly displayed through on your Ranking Tracker thus validating the actions performed right away.

No guessing game as to why such-and-such keyword started trending up or down.

Here is an example of the Keyword Rank Tracker with my annotations.

Notice how this keyword went from sub 50 ranking to Top 10 in just one month between January and February.

Wincher.com Keywork Rank Tracker with annotations

I blanked out my competition on the bottom.

SEO Optimization

One of the most if not the absolute most important job of an online entrepreneur is the ability to perform critical SEO Optimization.

Well, after you are finished writing your post or page, you can input the URL into Wincher to perform this verification for you.

This is how that verification is done.

Wincher On Page SEO Checker procedure

The outcome is a score between zero and 100.

The higher the score the better SEO job you have done.

Just Beware that even a sub 80 score can rank on Page 1 of Google.

I have seen that with my very keywords that I had published before I discovered Wincher tool.

The output is available within a minute and can look like this.

Wincher On Page SEO Checker Result


How Much Does Wincher Cost ?

The first time I enrolled on Wincher, the monthly cost was 6 euros or just shy or 7 US dollars.

They recently increased that to 10 Euros.

Payments can be made through PayPal as well as all major credit cards.

I am not too much concerned about this increase at this time.

I do know that similar tools that accomplishes less that what Wincher is offering are almost similar in cost.

In summary, the value of the features far outweighs the current monthly cost in my opinion.


If you are running a serious online business or an online entrepreneur,Wincher is a must have tool.

It is a One Stop Shop for Keyword Research, SEO Optimization and Rankings Tracking.

Here is a full video review and how we used it to get by our competition in less than three months.

Ensuring this is done with the least pain as possible will get you a step closer to becoming successful.







Ranking Tracker


On Page SEO Checker


Keyword Research







  • Ease of Use
  • Documentation
  • Data Availability
  • Customer Service
  • Multiple Languages


  • Traffic Estimate Needs Improvement
  • Include Other Search Engines

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  1. This is really great post and thank you so much for providing such a detailed review about Wincher,com. Personally! This is great to finally see an avenue that works all the time to ensure that proper records are kept in he progress of my website and how possible we receive thr ranking needed for SEO  to be worthwhile. Thank you for sharing here

    • Greetings Angela,

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  2. Hi! I really liked that it has all this included in one site. I do a lot of keyword research and I also am checking how my posts do after I publish them and I go back to check after 3 months the have been published.

    But having all these in one place and at such an affordable price, makes me consider this option. Do you know if they accept PayPal as a Payment method?

    • Hello Thank you Ann for the feedback.

      Yes, Wincher accept Paypal as a valid method of Payment.

      Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, I am really impressed with all these features a single program is running and if they can be guaranteed to be up to the task then it should be one of the best in that line without a doubt. Having knowledge of ones ranking on goggles gives you a lot to think of and it starts from how to develop your site. When developing a site to gain better ranking in good, there comes the need for keywords, and still this same sites offers it to you. Then I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t go for it. How much do you pay to make use of their service ?

    • Hello Benson,

      Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

      The monthly fee after the trial period is 10 euros.

      Have a great evening.

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