Trading Office Design

One of the most important aspect of trading is to be in an environment without disturbance.

What better that an isolated area to eliminate any potential distraction.

For that, a new trader will need to setup some type of trading office design with the items described below.


Let me start with this truth: You can trade from anywhere and be successful.

I have traded in the middle of nowhere around the world with just a cell phone signal.

I had an experience recently 30,000 feet in an airplane across the Atlantic.

I was making money on some Swing trades I had setup before my trip.

The WiFi connection in the flight enabled me to secured some big profits.

Now, we can admit that those are the exceptions and not the rule.

I could have well just automated my trades so that they execution would have taken place whether or not I was in front of the trading platform.

All of this to assure that these are merely suggestions in a conventional sense.

There are many traders who are comfortable with multiple screens tracking the market actions from different views.

However for most beginners, the below bare minimum will be sufficient.


It may seems obvious but how many of us have adopted bad postures in our day jobs because of an inadequate desk.

Investing in a good quality desk is something you would come to appreciate as time pass by in your trader carrier.


Desk for Trading Office
         Comfortable Desk with Enough Space for Laptop + Monitor


Computer for Trading Office
Robust Laptop with Dual Port HDMI Ex : Inspirion 7000


 An even more comfortable Chair

No worries, there is no need to sit there for 6 hours a day !

We learned in this chapter that most trading platforms provide the ability to automate trades.

Consequently, the management of trade positions can be done easily even for the busiest people always on the Go.

Still, for the time a trader is doing a attending to the Live action of the market, it is very important to maintain a proper ergonomic stand.


Black Office chair
                                    Comfortable Chair


A Monitor to be Able to do Split Screen from the Computer

I strongly recommend a curved monitor.

There is this on-going debate among traders whether or not the number of monitors plays a role in trading performance.

I am yet to develop a full research on this matter.

I know this much: having one monitor is not enough especially for a trader monitoring multiple securities.

Hence, I can definitely see the need to two monitors.

Past that number, it is a a total guess for I have been using two for the longest of time.

Also, the new curved monitors are more forgiving for our eyes hence these models are my recommendation.


Curved Samsung Monitor showing a high rise building
                              Curved Monitor

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  1. Hey, would you recommend TradingView software to someone who is a total newbie? TradingView looks pretty neat but also intimidating and you know with so much features. Does it only trade stock options or can it trade other types of stock as well? Do you need picture ID to use the TradingView software or can you just use it “right out of the box”?

    • Hello there,

      TradingView comes in a free version, no need for an ID at all.

      Of course, if you are new to technical analysis (reading of candlesticks), things may appear

      strange at first but no matter the charting tool one uses, the initial learning will be needed.

      Stocks options (ie. Options) are derived from stocks so it is the movement of stocks that give value to options.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Hello and that you for this insight of what one needs to be a.successful online trader. I’ve been thinking about it lately as I’m out about to go for my semester break and won’t be having much to do, getting fired lessons will probably be a good idea. Where would you suggest I get my lessons from and is it possible to get started with only my laptop or my phone?

    • Hello Donny,

      This website has over 10 articles already on topic of Options trading. 

      If you are serious about this profession, may we suggest you start with the 1st article 

      here and follow throughout. 

      Also, follow us below by leaving your email, we can provide one coaching when you feel you are ready.



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