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How to Earn Money From Home Online: This Ain’t The Garbeau Method


Recently, I stumbled on the new Showtime dark comedy TV Show On Becoming a God in Central Florida with the multi talented actress Kirsten Dunst.

I will not spoil the show for you if you are late catching it.

The premise of the Show is about a large Multi Level Marketing (MLM)company where members need to “hire” people under them (down-line) who can buy the products marketed  the MLM headed by a very peculiar Obie Garbeau II (played by the charismatic Ted Levine).

One of the main character Ernie, played the native Floridian Mel Rodriguez, find himself torn when it came time for him to take the jump and start recruiting his down-line.

He stumbles on this group of migrants at a church where he came to help the Pastor to translate the Sermon from English to Spanish.

These migrants into the land of the plentiful of America came looking for a better future.

So Ernie seized the opportunity to introduce them to the Garbo way.

How to Earn Money From Home Online: Wealthy Affiliate Is Your Solution

Just like Ernie, I found myself sharing this opportunity to help you out in your quest of a better tomorrow or a Plan B from your job.

Whatever may be the case, let me tell you that this is NOT the Garbeau System at all.

Here is Why .

  • There is no product to buy to make money with Wealthy Affiliate
  • You do not Need  To Recruit A Down line
  • Your Products are Your Own Stories, Passion and Skills
  • Wealthy Affiliate University Take You Through The Steps for Guaranteed Graduation
  • You Will Come for the Business but Stay for the Beloved Community

Do not take my words for it, rather, take the time to listen and watch the testimonies of the many who have successfully changed their lives thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.


Another Review from an Actual User (Duration: 8min32)




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