FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading

Allow me to introduce you to FlowAlgo or Flow Algo and How it will revolutionize (your) Trading. In the world of investing and Online Options trading, newsletters are abundant. Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to determine what to follow. I will show you how the Big Money Traders (we call them the Sharks) … Read more

Online Stock Trading Basics

Learning the lingo of stocks and options trading often represents an obstacle for beginners and those looking to jump into trading. In today’s discussion, we will take you through Online Stock Trading Basics to help overcome that barrier to entry. Online Stocks Trading Basics: Bears and Bulls..and Other People from Connecticut The basic principle of … Read more

About Me

Hello, Welcome to Becoming A Successful Trader. A LITTLE STORY ABOUT MY TRADING LIFE My name is Telex. To know my story is to know about this place below. I am a subject Matter Expert in Wireless. My background is in wireless Telecommunications. Four years ago, I set out to start trading as a way … Read more