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My name is Telex.

To know my story is to know about this place below.

I am a subject Matter Expert in Wireless. My background is in wireless Telecommunications.

Four years ago, I set out to start trading as a way to gain financial independence and a better lifestyle.

Little did I know about the set of challenges I was about to take on.

Consequently, after many trials and errors , I finally came to the point where i could stand up and say I understand what it takes to be successful at trading and achieve my long term goal.


My measure of success was to replace my job income with revenue from my trading activity.

However,  Mr or Mrs market (most traders refer to the market as a she..more on this later) is a slippery courtesan, rewarding only the very few who have mastered its different moods.

Yet, how come the few on the Top (known as The Sharks) manage time after time to come ahead ?

But are they more knowledgeable than the rest of us ? Or is success in the market only reserved to an Elite ?


As you may have guessed or read through others, there is a way for retail traders to Swim with the Sharks.

By learning and mastering the many ways they  move the markets, retail can use this knowledge to our advantage.

That is what I am to share with you through this medium as we seek to find your spot in the vast ocean of Trading ruled by the many sharks that control it.

Therefore, if you are considering starting your Stock Options trading career or  have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

How I Got started in Creating This Website ?

If you would like to know more about me and where I created this website, join me and check out my Wealthy Affiliate Profile for more information.

There you can Learn How to Turn Your Passion into a Business or Help Others.

Should you want to get in touch with me directly at Wealthy Affiliate, my Username is Telex2019.

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10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Telex,  What an entertaining read about the stock market.  You never went back to why they call the market a “she”.  Be careful what you say now, as you are talking to a 5’2″ power packed she Senior!!!!

    There is so much involved with the exchange:  options, franked and unfranked, full shares, bulls and bears.  I know nothing other than what I have stated.  Please leave a summarised explanation of it all.

    How long did it take to get your head around it and finally discover the path through to profits?

    Great “About Me” and “About the stock market”.  Look forward to your reply.

    Cheers Jill

    • Greetings Jill,

      Glad to hear about your experience with the articles.

      We still have so much to unpack through all the options strategies.

      I appreciate that you are keeping me honest on that story on the market being a She.

      In due time, we shall elaborate on it.

      I started Options trading in early 2016. It was not before Summer of 2017 than I discovered my methodology.

      We will be going through that in a bit. Patience, Patience, just like with her (the market) 🙂

      Thank You

  2. Interesting journey that you are taking my friend! The market may be rigged but it also has consistent rules and winners all the time. Some people definitely seem to know how to read things and make it all work to their advantage. Success is always possible and it’s commendable that you are sharing what you have learned so that others can enjoy the sweet life as well!

    • Hello Aly,

      How are you?

      Indeed, the markets provide many opportunities for patient and disciplined traders

      who focus on the bet options strategies.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi, great content. Couple questions as I’m interested in your subscription service for trading options.
    Do you use flowalgo to decide all your trades? And what is the win % when using flowalgo directed trades?
    How many alerts do you send a week on the trades that you make?

  4. Hi Telex,
    I joined FlowAlgo yesterday after reading your article. Let me start by saying that there is lot of useful info on their app. I am kind of new into options trading and I would like to see if you can explain the FlowAlgo in layman’s terms. I checked the learning on FlowAlgo and it gives some insight into how to use the dashboard etc. but what I am looking for is in terms of how to use the dark pool trades vs unusual volumes vs radar features. I didn’t find anything related to this in the learning path. For example, as a beginner I am looking for something that tells me when to jump onto an option/equity to ride along with big sharks. Hope you can explain this in your next youtube video.

    • Hello Suresh,

      We have several videos on our YouTube channel on how to use flowAlgo.
      Did you not see the Link to YouTube channel in our article.

      We will email you a list of those YouTube videos.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Telex:

    I am considering a Flow Algo subscription to help develop a successful trading methodology to trade options. How long does it take to develop such a methodology and would your services help expedite the process. Also, what is the win % when using your trade alerts together with Flow Algo. Thank you

    • Welcome Robert,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      1. For someone who has previous experience trading options, a couple of weeks are sufficient to implement a Flow Algo based methodology.
      This is definitely something we are coaching the traders in our Discord room on.
      So that 2 weeks is the expedited version.

      2. I am getting a lot of questions about winning percentage lately 🙂
      Did you check out the 10-bagger payouts on our YouTube Channel ?
      There is private information I can share about my alerts (they have been developed since 2017) so I will hold off on releasing them here.
      When combined with Flow Algo, my friend the Alerts are super powerful.
      I will let you be the judge by checking the Alerts Performance videos we have been providing on YouTube each week.

      Hope this answers your questions.


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