Market Club Reviews

Whether you are a day or swing trader or a long-term investor, having a tool that has clear exit and entry signals are crucial.

With MarketClub’s “trade triangle”, it promises to take out the guessing game on when to enter and exit, which we will evaluate in this Market Club Reviews.

But with the overflow of trading tools nowadays, promising this and that, and with features that are way too complicated.

How can you make sure that you are not just wasting your time and most of all, your money with MarketClub?

Find out more if this tool is for you by reading our Market Club Reviews!

Market Club Reviews: What Is MarketClub

MarketClub is an online tool designed to help you grow your portfolio, protect your profits, and as depicted on their logo, it is“Where Members Profit”.

Their proprietary software aims to give you the information you need to make educated decisions in both trading and investing.

The firm was established in 2002 and is headquartered in New York City.

It is popular for its “trade triangle” where it shows the entry and exit signals on the charts for stocks, options, forex, gold, and other markets that it services.

What makes it so is that it is easy-to-understand and flexible, as you can switch from daily, weekly, or monthly signals without frying too much brain cells.

Aside from its signature trade triangle, MarketClub’s built-in scanning tools will help you locate markets that have momentum.

Based on charts, technical setups, recent entry and exit signals and more.

We all know that predicting the markets movement is akin to predicting tomorrow’s weather.

But having the right tool such as MarketClubs trade triangle gives you an easy to read numerical score where you have an advantage against the market’s ups and downs.

Market Club Reviews: Who Are The People Behind MarketClub

MarketClub was brought to life by two men, Adam Hewison, the founder of and David Maher, Co-owner and computer engineer.

Hewison is a retired floor trader and past member of International Monetary Market (IMM), Index and Options Market (IOM) Chicago, New York Futures Exchange (NYFE) and The London Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE).

He has also written several books relating to finance like Right on the Money, The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Foreign Rates and featured on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Before establishing in 1994, Hewison was selected to manage a private family’s hedge fund in Geneva, Switzerland because of his expertise.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Adam Hewison and David Maher
MarketClub Adam Hewison and David Maher

David Maher is the Technology Director of and is responsible for site development and strategic planning for the online platform.

He is a graduate of Bucknell University and ha been creating web applications since 1993 and in fact created CRAYON site, the first customized news service on the internet.

Maher designed AccessWatch, a web traffic analysis software package, and consulted for Firefly Network, Global One, Sprint, The WELL, and many more.

MarketClub Features

These are the lists of MarketClub features:

Trade Triangles

This is the major tool of MarketClub where it shows you the exact moment to enter or exit by its proprietary green and red triangles.

The concept behind it is that it shows an insider move early on that will greatly impact the particular stock or market.

The green triangle signals you it is the perfect time to go in while the red signals you to go out. It is that simple.

It uses the signals to confirm trends and take long or short positions.

There are many strategies for reading the Trade Triangles based on your trading style and what you are trading.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Trade Triangles
MarketClub Trade Triangles

There is also a list of Recent Trade Triangles to help you find new Trade Triangles to give new fresh trading ideas.

You can filter what market you are interested in and the volume and new Trade Triangles.

You can use this feature to determine if you should long or short a ticker depending on the factors that affect the Trade Triangles.

One drawback is that the Triangles are delayed for 30 minutes, and this could mean a lot of things chief is losing on a trade.

Smart Scan

This feature is similar to the Recent Trade Triangle as it will help quickly filter ticker symbols to help you find markets that have potential.

It allows you to choose from 24 different scans and details what that scan means.

This is feature is great if you want to look at predetermined scans and/or are not yet adept at technical analysis.

Market Club Reviews -  MarketClub SmartScan
MarketClub SmartScan


Within MarketClubs Charting, you can have access to charts per minute, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly or even specific dates.

As mentioned earlier, the tool has something to offer to all kinds of traders and investors.

It also has On-Chart and Below- Chart studies for technical traders who prefer to do their own technical analysis to verify the trade triangle.

One unique feature is their Talking Chart, will give you an audio summary of these charts, add monthly, weekly and daily trade triangles.

You can customize the chart into bar chart, line or candlestick , project trend lines and add Fibonacci retracements.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Charts
MarketClub Charts

MarketClub’s Chart Analysis Score measures momentum and direction based on:

  • Intraday price action
  • New highs and lows
  • Changes in moving averages

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager allows you to view and manage your entire portfolio in one place.

You can also create multiple watchlist, add unlimited tickers, view entry and exit signals and see overall portfolio health.

It is highly customizable and beneficial when you are the type who want to create multiple portfolios to keep things tidy and clutter-free.

Given the fact that you can keep track of your stocks, options or funds in one place and have links to Charts, Smart Scan and Data Central is a plus.

Market Club Reviews -  MarketClub Portfolio Manager
MarketClub Portfolio Manager


The market can change within an instant, and with the email alert of MarketClub, you will never miss any major shifts in the market.

You can customize it however you want, be it scan type, one ticker symbol in your portfolio or the entire portfolio itself.

There is also an option where you can turn on or off a specific alert based on hours or even a longer timeframe

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Alerts
MarketClub Alerts

Data Central

This feature lets you download the data gauged in MarketClub of a specific ticker, wherein you can download by minute, hourly or daily and in various formats.

After downloading, you can use it to your favorite spreadsheet and do your own research.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Data Center
MarketClub Data Center

How To Make Money With MarketClub

The main reason to get MarketClub is their Trade Triangles. Not going to lie, but it is their main strength as it shows a clear entry and exit signals..

You can use those signals to go long or short and make bank or avoid losses.

Or use those signals as a basis and make your own analysis if you want to do things in your own style.

What People Say About Market Club

I reviewed MarketClub and started using it a couple of months ago and it has really helped me and my investing and trading.


Yes, I was a subscriber to Market Club for over two years. I found that the trade triangle signals usually came too late, both for entering and exiting. The information provided by Market Club is first-rate, and the system would probably work overtime, but I found that I could do just as well using standard indicators such as Stochastics and the MACD. The trial is only $8.95, but the full price is around $500-$600 a year. Their charting system is excellent, as is their method of rating stocks, commodities, futures, indexes, ETFs, etc. They cover the market fully. My only problem was with the timing of their entry-exit signals.

jmckay March 8, 2013

When I started using MarketClub, I checked out your signals versus the signals I generate for a few weeks. I used to verify mine over yours. Now, I use yours to verify mine and the profits have been outstanding!

Milt Fall Arlington, VA

Buyer Beware of’s business practices. If you sign up for the $8.95 trial and forget to cancel – they will not send a reminder email… you get nothing as far as correspondence reminding you have signed up with them…. then suddenly BAM a $150 dollar charge is on your account! If you call them to cancel they are not nice, they are rude and will not remove the charge.

Dianna Hilgendor May 13, 2015

Yes, they pulled the same trick on me. Signed up for the trial and bam, $150.00 charge on my credit card. I called and told them it was deceptive and should be in large font when registering. Going to call credit card and have them remove the charge. Too bad I liked their service… kinda. Test trades did not make a profit, though.

Caveman June 17, 2015

I used the service for two years. Great service provided lots of education. The triangles did a good job of keeping you in or out of the market when the markets were trending higher or lower, but did not fare very well in choppy or non-trending markets.

J Follis March 8, 2013

I think the journalism on the site is excellent, and the ability to research stocks at 52-week highs and lows, etc is also very good. I haven’t had lucked myself with the trading triangles yet either. Also, there is a number for each stock from positive to negative 100, which is a part of the red and green triangle rating tool. These have not made any money for me, but all are quite interesting.

What I’ve liked best has been Adam Hewison’s Friday trading idea that has worked seven times in a row for me. This idea is quite simple. You use the 52-week high list for Friday near the end of the trading day. You are supposed to find a stock that is at, above, or near its high at the end of the day. You scan the list of 52-week highs set to your own parameters and then pick a promising stock to buy. I have bought generally at the end of the day at 3:55 pm. Now you hold the stock you’ve selected until Tuesday and sell it then. This day trading idea might not make you rich, but it will surely pay for both your subscriptions to stock gumshoe Irregulars and The Market Club.

I will start to paper trade the inverse of this idea, which is to scan the 52-week low list, and look for stock selections to short. I don’t know if this will work, but as Beatles used to say, “Tomorrow Never Knows.” “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream . . . .”

Another cool feature of The Market Club besides the tutorials, data analysis tools, journalism is the oral analysis of each of the 350,001 stocks covered by their research. Adam Hewisohn’s voice is one of the voices that analyze your favorite stock for you. Do you know who the other voice is????? As far as I know it’s Scarlett Johanson!Do I mean Scarlett Johanson from Match Point, from Scoop, from Her, from Under the Skin, from the new one that is sci-fi themed that has to do with her using, yes, I kid you not, 100% of her enormous brain’s power? If you think I’m kidding, check out the site yourself. It’s free for a month, I think if they still have the special offer I used. I can’t for the life of me think of the name of this film.

andy451 August 21, 2014

I’ve used MC off and on for 2 yrs. Their signals are too slow for options but for buy and hold stocks it’s ok. You can do the same thing with your own system of RSI Macd or Stochastics but the trade triangles give you a little more encouragement. Their signals are 30 min delayed. I haven’t tried the options side. I often find that I look at other methods but end up going back to my own system.

boomerbravo January 6, 2018

An Alternative To MarketClub

A good alternative to MarketClub is Finviz.

Finviz is also browser-based stock market research platform that you can use to look up a particular ticker.

The main difference is that Finviz has a feature called Heat Maps that allows you an overview of how a specific stock is performing.

It enables quick browsing and analysis of large volumes of market data and the stocks are color-coded according to performance.

Finviz also offers a free version that you gives you access to its basic features and tools.

We have a review of Finviz! Read up about Finviz now!

What Makes MarketClub Stand Out

Market Clubs Trade Triangles makes it easy for beginners to know when to go in or out and therefore saves newbies from a lot of detailed analysis.

It also lessens the uncertainty around creating your own analysis as it provides scanners and charts to help you develop your strategy.

The platform also has its own educational suite that you can access by clicking on Help so that you further understand how each feature works.

MarketClub Pricing

MarketClub offers 30-Day Trial for $1. After the trial period, it will cost $150 quarterly and $449 annually.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Pricing
MarketClub Pricing

MarketClub Refund Policy

MarketClub does not offer refunds.

Market Club Reviews - MarketClub Refund Policy
MarketClub Refund Policy

Pros and Cons


  • Clear entry and exit signals
  • Covers a wide range of markets
  • Easy to use features that will appeal to beginners
  • Shows historical data and charting


  • Not as powerful as other tools in the market
  • Signals are delayed
  • Advanced traders with a refined strategy might find the triangles distracting and not useful

Final Thoughts: Will You Profit By Using It?

Based on this Market Club Reviews, it is best for those traders who are not adept with technical analysis and are not yet confident in finding entry and exit positions.

Aside from its trade triangles and its historical data and charting, it does not offers much less than other tools who offer more with a lesser price tag.

This software will definitely add value in your trading by removing your hesitation and intricate technical analysis if you are a neophyte.

However, if you are a trader that has a refined strategy, you might not find it useful and/or see the triangles as distractions.

Bottom line is, MarketClub has an edge when it comes to its proprietary signal but falls short against other advanced tools.

What do you think? Comment down below!

Market Club

$150 quarterly vs $449 yearly

Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • Clear entry and exit signals
  • Covers a wide range of markets
  • Easy to use features that will appeal to beginners
  • Shows historical data and charting


  • Not as powerful as other tools in the market
  • Signals are delayed
  • Advanced traders with a refined strategy might find the triangles distracting and not useful

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