If you are serious about using SPY Stocktwits effectively to improve your trading performance, it is important to know which members to follow.

To help you with that, we are bringing this initial list of “Must Follow” Publishers to help you in your Trading Endeavors.

We Showcase a Use Case example from one member of SPY Stocktwits Chat Room that led its followers to massive gains.

SPY Stocktwits Chat Room Popularity

Though it may not big the most popular chat room on the platform, SPY Stocktwits still serves as the reference because SPY embodies the pulse of the overall market.

When SPY is trading up or lower significantly, most of the stocks will have a similar pattern.

Therefore, followers of the stock may add SPY tag ($SPY) to their ideas or comments.

SPY STOCKTWITS ALERT LEADS TO BIG GAINS - SPY Stocktwits Chat Room Depicting number of Followers as of April 12 2020
SPY Stocktwits Chat Room: Numbers of Followers at 187653 as of April 12 2020 with stock price at 278.70

The official numbers of followers in SPY Stocktwits is shy of 190000 as of this writing with internet searches of the term growing consistently.

Of these, I can estimate that only a handful are true professional dedicated to helping the community with valuable information.

The rest are passing by promoting shady services or simply ranting their frustration over a losing trade.

In such a context, you will need a Filter to help you focus on relevant information/ideas that are bound to benefit your Trading account.

Here is our List of Those People to Follow.

SPY Stocktwits: Who Are the Helpers ? 

Note that some of the so-called helpers may well have services that they are selling.

We are in no means endorsing these services nor are we affiliated with them.

SPY STOCKTWITS ALERT LEADS TO BIG GAINS - SPY Stocktwits Helpers showcasing SurinNotes and Callum-Thomas
Callum-thomas Feeds along with Surinotes are two helpful members of the Community of traders

The aim is to provide you with effective resources we find of great value that can assist your in your Trading journey.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not you subscribe to any publication that strikes your interest.

This initial list is not exhaustive and we will continue to add to it as new members step up.

Also, the ranking is purely indicative of our preference given what we have observed since we first joined the platform in 2016.

In the future, we plan on doing a research and sharing it with you about the merits of the services some of these members provide.

The aim is to increase your understanding of what to expect as you continue on this path to Learn to Trade Options consistently.

SPY Stocktwits Community Helper # 1 : SuriNotes

The longevity of this member since 2010 makes him a Must Follow.

The content provided is Technical analysis setups through patterns based algorithm trading.

It is very valuable for all beginners to learn technical trading and signals even if you decided later to adopt your own strategies.

Maybe the reason I enjoy the work of this member so much is because I have a great proclivity towards technical chart study ?

In any case, I will probably be spending time telling you more about the many advantages of this approach to Trading.

But for now, I will leave you with a recent winning analysis shared by this author on SPY Stocktwits room even though the alert was on the QQQ ETF.

QQQ ABC Bearish Pattern setup in SPY Stocktwits chat Room
Surinotes from stocktwits Chart Patterns featuring ABC Bearish on QQQ

SPY Stocktwits Community Helper # 2: TXPlunger

A.k.a. Raoul Duke has been trading since 1986. That should be enough to tell you about his level of expertise.

His true Love is trading Futures.

He Provides overall market commentary along with rare chart to illustrate his points.

I have witnessed him provide helpful information to questions being asked by other members.

SPY Stocktwits Community Helper # 3: 32Trades a.k.a TraderTim

One of the goal from this Publisher in 2020 is to create at least 5 new Millionaires !

I guarantee you I am not making this up so if you have a drive to #MakeTheWorldYours (One of his mantra), then you absolutely will need receive his alerts.

He has a paying member section that I have not reviewed.

More to come on this in the upcoming weeks.

Just like TraderTim, the use case scenario below is from a member with a paying service.

SPY Stocktwits Alert Big Option Win

The Stock Whisperer has been going through major upgrade recently.

So Stephanie Kammerman has been leveraging SPY Stocktwits room to publish the alert.

Such was the case on Friday January 10, 2020, when a big Live Dark Pool print on SPY came in 2 hours into the session.

We plan on tracking those Live prints here throughout this year and sharing with you those SPY Options trades opportunities.

Here is the video we recorded right after the session.



This concludes our initial List of SPY Stocktwits Community Must Follow Members.

Our goal and hope is that you are able to adjust your trading plan to benefit from these Publishers.

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