2020 Option Trading Tips: Videos Illustrations

Throughout 2020, We will be providing Option Trading Tips to help you navigate the year.

As trends will be forming, we will illustrate them here so that you can avoid falling into the snares of the market.


2020 Option Trading Tips # 1: Avoid Entry in The First 5 Minutes

This first Tip is from January 1 2020.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 2 : Know When To Start Taking Profits

This second Tip is from January 4 2020.

The content teaches how to use Support and Resistance to Enter good trades.

Then I provided a great example on doing exactly that with Western Digital (Ticker:WDC) to generate over 160% on Puts options.

Finally, I share how exactly I perform Scaled Exit.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 3: Western Digital (WDC) Breakout Above $68

This third Tip is from January 8 2020.

Western Digital is our best day trading stock  as we shared in this discussion.

Need another Justification ?

Well, just a week into the year, you could have made over 2500% on Tuesday 7 2020.

How ?

By trading the weekly January 10 70 calls.

They were worth about 2 cents at the close on Monday January 6 2020.

Within 90 minutes of trading the next day, they were selling for  53 cents !!!

That is a 24-hour return of 25 times.

Not bad at all just a week or so into the new year.

This type of explosive trades is what make WDC one of my favorite stock to make money trading options.

In the video below, I explain the next setup after a breakout above an 18-month resistance.


2020 Option Trading Tips # 4: How To Turn $10 Into $400

This 4th Tip is from January  24 2020.

During Earnings Season, the second and third Day following Earnings Release provide great opportunities for Option players.

Such was the case this week for those who trade NetFlix (Ticker:NFLX) as depicted in the video below.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 5: How To Day Trade Analysts Ratings

This 5th Tip is from February  18 2020.

We showcase How To use Support and Resistance To benefit from Price Movement on Micron (Ticker: MU) Stock following an Analyst Upgrade on February 12, 2020.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 6: How To  Trade Gaps

This 6th Tip is from February  23 2020.

We share in this Option Trading Tutorial How to recognize Gaps in stocks and leverage the resulting Momentum to help grow your Trading account.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 7: How To  Trade Market Selloff

This 7th Tip is from February  27 2020.

The US Markets are witnessing a Market Correction so far this week.

In the video below, We share Option Trading Tips How to Successfully Trade in such markets conditions.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 8: Rinse and Repeat

This 8th Tip is from March  9 2020.

An unprecedented Historical event yesterday as US markets were halted twice.

Amid Oil Crash and Corona virus panic sell off, one simple option strategy is performing better than any other.

Check out its profit results in the video below.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 9: How To Trade A Bullish Trend Using VWAP

This 9th Option Trading Tip is from June 29 2020.

So we took a hiatus from posting Option Trading Tips mainly because we were busy creating a Discord Room.

From that we are earning so much about how to help options traders.

So we will be bringing you up to the minute material that which many of our traders are leveraging to record 10 bagger options profits on a weekly basis.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 10: How To Trade A Bearish Trend Using VWAP

This 10th Option Trading Tip is from June 30 2020.

Opposite to the above Bullish entry is the Bearish entry to help identify when to trade Puts on a stock.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 11: How To Manage you Swing trades

This 11th Option Trading Tip is from July 1 2020.

Once you have successfully entered a bullish or bearish trend, you will be faced with this perennial question.

What to do at the end of the trading session ?

Will the Momentum carry over the next day ?

The stock could potentially gap Up or Down the following trading day.

The video below showcases a simple technique to setup your overnight Swing trade so that you have a high probability of being profitable the next day.

2020 Option Trading Tips # 12: TBD

This 12th Option Trading Tip is from July 1 2020.


We hope you are finding value in these videos and able to adjust your trading plan to benefit from these ongoing Option Trading Tips.

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