Introducing Our Trade Alerts

Trading is the Profession of Making $$ from the Price movement of a Security.

Price moves from One Thing and Only One Thing Only: Supply and Demand.

We do NOT Care about the Fundamentals of the Companies we Trade.

At Successful Tradings, We Strongly Believe that :



That is Why We Are Inviting You to EMBRACE THIS PARADIGM SHIFT. 

Instead of Visualizing you Tradings Results from the Following Perspective:

Wrong Thinking Path in Introducing Our Trade Alerts

Rather, You ought to be Thinking from Your Desired Trading Results towards the Actions, Emotions you Have to Embrace.


Correct Path of Thinking



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The idea of learning how to trade Options may appear strange or new to some.

This is due to the apparent myth that money just flows in Wall Street and anybody can come and make a name for themselves.

Therefore, it is not evident to come to the realization that before making it big in Options trading, one must learn to master a wide range of competencies.

One such competency is the ability to define method by which you, the trader will consistently pull money away from the movements of the market.

Doing the same thing over and over develops familiarity and with it comes a sense of comfort.

It is far better for traders to be specialists rather than a Jack of all trades and Master of none.

Sometimes, we think that by taking numerous trades, we increase our probability of winning.

Let us use a Baseball analogy.

The best hitter in the game have batting average between 0.300 and 0.400 ?

Well in Options trading, if we can have 50% (0.500) winners in average, that is quite good.


Most People DO NOT care How Much You know until They See How Much You Care.

Through Our 1 vs 1 Coaching Sessions, we strive to understand each Trader Personally through their Briggs-Meyers Personality Test in order to understand their Strengths and weaknesses or better yet Tendencies.

From there, our role consists of  amplifying which that will be helpful in your Trading while minimizing the other aspects not conducive to Prosperity.

The closest way to view is Learning Reinforcement like Machine Learning Systems are set to Perform except we definitely do not want to Take the Human Nature in You.

The old saying is ” If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again” ?

The market can present us with unique challenges especially for beginners who have not yet witnessed the many variations of the markets.

In such a case, the temptation is to give up because of the initial lack of success.

But even the most successful traders struggled at their beginning.

Adversity is the price to pay to gain your full admission into the 2% ranks of winning traders.

Beginner Traders  should start with small goals following the S.M.A.R.T mantra.

S is for Specific – M for Measurable – A for Attainable – R for Realistic and T for Timebound.


Take Your Trading To The Next Level in Introducing Our Trading Alerts





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We Will Provide the Knowledge and Tools You Need to Become a Successful Stocks and Options Trader


Can You Trade Despite a Daytime Job? YES ! Are These Alerts Profitable in Bull and Bearish Markets ? YES !
Do The Alerts Work For Small and Big Trading Accounts ? YES ! Is There a Way TO Automate My Trades ? YES !
Do You Have a YouTube Channel ? YES ! Do You Have a Discord Channel with Other Traders ? YES !
Are Educational Videos Available for Learning ? YES ! Is There Live Pre-Market Analysis ? YES !

Come Trade with Us Today –  We Have Done many years of Research so That You Can Easily Leverage It and Take Your Trading To The NEXT LEVEL. We Provide Up to a Dozen Explosive Stocks Each Week with Triple Digits Profit Potential  In Each As Shown Above and the YouTube Videos Below.

Take your Trading To The Next Level Today !

(All memberships renew automatically. Cancel anytime)

We work and accept members from all parts of the globe, including: Europe, Asia, Canada, South America




Take Your Trading To The Next Level in Introducing Our Trading Alerts

4 thoughts on “Introducing Our Trade Alerts”

  1. Hello Mr. Telex,
    I have been trading options for about 5 years with little consistency. I am interested in your trading service. Just one question. Can your members get filled at the same prices as what you show in your videos on YouTube? Example, one option you said you got filled at .06. Is this really possible? Just curious and excited to hear from you. I’m just wondering because that surely would make a difference in the percentage gain if members can’t get filled at those same prices. Thanks.

    • Greetings Keith,

      Glad to you found us.

      Absolutely anybody can get filled at whatever price the overall market is trading.
      This is not controlled by our service.

      Your broker is the one that determine your entry price price on your order type.
      Nowadays, all brokers around the world use the same pricing so you will have no problem doing that.

      We have new members who have reproduced exactly what they have learned on the videos.
      Did you catch the Interview about the Med Student Jack ?
      He is an example of members who are achieving these great profits%.

      Send us an email directly and we will get you access to the Discord Room where you will meet Jack and many others.

      Talk To you soon.

  2. Hello Telex,

    I came across your YouTube channel a few days ago and have been reviewing the videos. There is so much!
    Is there any particular order to study them? I am thinking about subscribing after I learn more. I love your teaching style. Don’t see to many recent videos on YouTube. Are you still at it.



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