Trade Stock Options: Easy Guide How To

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  1. Very good introduction to getting started to trade stock options, I like it. I’ve been researching stock trading for the last few weeks and often find it overwhelming. I’ve looked at the big boys, we all know who they are, and I’ve looked at new cryptocurrencies. Heck I have also looked into stock market investing apps like Acorn and Stash. I look forward to the future installments on your getting started on trading stock options series. Do you have a suggestion of what app you like the most? Thanks.

    • Hello, 

      When you say “App” do you mean the platform for trading ?

      Most of them are web based and of course offer an App version as well.

      E*TRADE has done a great job over the last 3 years – TOS (Think Or Swim) 

      and TD Ameritrade come to mind as well.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you Telex for sharing those information on trading.There are so many scams out there that ,me I run away from this subject.But you tried your best to give detailed information to beginners like us.I will come and visit your site again to learn more about trading.Thank you so much for your article.It encourages me to learn properly before investing.

    • Hello EVA,

      Glad to hear that the article was helpful to you.

      I started just like you a few years ago and had to educate myself . So it is feasible.

  3. It is a good educational post for beginners of options trading. I  am a stock trader but have no knowledge of option trading.

    A while back I read in the news how one apple option trader lost all his money which he saved to live through his entire life. That has scared me to death. 

    It needs good knowledge to start anything and more so when you play with your money. AS I understand you are options trading with the market makers. It needs intelligent strategies to win. 

    I do not want to have a margin account and it is nice to know you can do limited options trading with the amount of money you like to invest. Please let me know if my understanding is wrong. I look forward to learning more about successful options trading from visiting your sites in the future.

    • Great Anusuya,

      You are on point with your understanding of the article. That  is impressive.

      How long have you been trading stocks ?

  4. Hi there,

    can you explain a bit more about what exactly trade options are?  I got confused when I read this post.  A few years ago I went into what I thought were trading options, but now I am not so sure.

    I like that you can use platforms now that are free to use, and especially if they have the paper feature to practice.  I had no success with this back then, but I am sure there are ways to become successful with it


  5. I agree that getting the best perspective on any type of business is fundamental. I would love to set my mind right before i start trading stock options. These insights are very helpful. Glad you have pointed out the need for some education or training from a broker. I was about to get discouraged by the $25000 minimum amount but you have explained well how it will still work. Thank you for these valuable insights.

    • Thank you Carol,

      We are here to educate retail about  ALL the aspects of this profession.

      Feel free to follow us below through the social buttons: We will have a newsletter 

      coming soon for dedicated individuals who are eager to learn more.


  6. As an MBA fresh out of college, I found this interesting. They taught it to me but I need more insight and it is a topic I really would like to invest in! Thank you oh so much for this knowledge.  I remember a friend would always talk to me about stocks and I had no idea what he meant. 

    • Hello Linda,

      How are you doing ?

      I am glad to hear that this content help improved your knowledge on stocks options trading.

      Have a great day.

  7. Thank you very much for providing the beginner’s guide of options trading. I’m still a newbie in the trading world and currently researching which type of stock I want to invest. Any basic tips about how to find the best options trading platform, especially a beginner-friendly? Or do you happen to know a good options simulator to practice trading? Thanks

    • Hello,

      Thank you for stopping by and  offering your feedback. 

      We really appreciate that. 

      Regarding your questions, we recently published the best trading 

      Platforms. Maybe that will be a good starting point for 

      Your research ?

  8. Telex,

    When it comes to Dog and Horse racing, Casino gambling, if the owners weren’t able to manipulate outcomes, they’d be out of business. I greatly appreciate your understanding and knowledge in trading stock options. Thanks for sharing.

    A knowledge base as foundation is important in any endeavor.

    Can you share one gem that you mined from the four books recommended?


    • Hello JR,

      How are you doing today ?

      Glad to hear that you found value in this discussion. Your feedback helps us focus on the right information for you the readers.

      Regarding your question on a gem I gathered from the reading of the four books I recommended here,

      that clearly will have to be from “Marty” Schwartz.

      He said: “Always Ask yourself before taking a position: Do I really want to have this position ?”

      That has been my motto ever since. 

      After that, you have to ask yourself Why ? Then How are you going to Manage  the position.

      If a trader can clearly answer these questions on every single trade, they will come ahead most of the time or at least live to survive and come to the fight the next day.

      Thank JR for stopping by and adding your insights into this discussion. I appreciate that.

  9. Telex, I am thankful that i stop by your videos and blogs. This is high quality, editing, and easy to understand. Thank you very much


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