App vs. TeleTrader App Review

I have been using the App and Teletrader App for many years as part of Options trading analysis.

I would have given one of these Trading Apps a 10 out of 10 rating but there was one problem I just could not get over.

About and Teletrader Apps

These are two FREE mobile Apps available for Android and IOs users.

They aim to provide financial markets information to the traders. App vs. TeleTrader App Review - Teletrader App Global Markets View Section
Teletrader App Global Markets View Section

Since they are mobile based, it makes them very convenient for people who are often moving around throughout the day.

Therefore, they can keep up with everything markets related across the globe while away from their trading offices.

Teletrader App Review

Just like the we reviewed recently, the Teletrader App main futures help traders with not only US stocks but all commodities and international markets.

It features an Economic Calendar, Alerts, Portfolio tracking, charting and above all, the ability to set up watch Lists per industry, sector or anything you would like. App vs. TeleTrader App Review - Inside the Watchlist Section
Inside the Watchlist Section of the Teletrader App

Some people often refer to it under these names: Teletrader, Teletrader Software, App pr Simply Teletrader App.

Major Differences

One major drawback on the Teletrader App is its inability to provide Live quotes.

There is a 15-minute delay that makes it impossible to use this track for stocks and Options trading.

Teletrader also does not come with all the webinars provides for the education of investors.

On the other hand, App does not give the users the options to create Watch Lists for study purpose.

The technical analysis is better done on its counterpart.

On there, it is possible for you to familiarize yourself with all the technical indicators we introduced

How I Use App

Since I happen to be on of those traders handling other activities throughout the day, this App has become a necessity for alerts, news and markets impacting headlines.

My daily routine starts with it especially in this 2019 year when I have been noticing this new trend.

Typically, it is a well-known fact that most markets around the world tend to react to what is going on in US markets.

In other words, US markets are often the barometer to the World markets. App vs. TeleTrader App Review - World Markets View Section of Mobile App
World Markets View Section of Mobile App

Hence, it is not like to see a correlation between a major US index like SPY and other international indexes.

The German general index DAX (Ticker: ^GDAXI) is one such international indexes.

My interest in the DAX comes from this simple observation: Germany is the strongest economy in the European Union (UE).

Coupled to the fact that Germany is 8-9 hours ahead, it makes DAX an interesting candidate for study on how is to correlate to the US leading ETF SPY.

How valuable is that ?

Well, the daily trend of Dax that closes at 11:35 AM EST can be a leading indicator for SPY.

That has been my observation throughout this whole 2019 year.

In order to fully validation my observation, I performed correlation tests between SPY and DAX.

I used their daily charts for each year from 2016 through Dec 20 2019.

The results below are amazing: App vs. TeleTrader App Review - Daily charts comparisons of SPY vs. DAX from 2016 through dec 20 2019 in article comparing App vs Teletrader App
Daily charts comparisons of SPY vs. DAX from 2016 through dec 20 2019

What I have been seeing in 2019 is confirmed by the correlation coefficient between SPY and DAX.

2019 has the highest correlation over the last 4 years.

What does this mean ?

The data tells us that the two markets traded similarly.

How similar ?

90% (square of the correlation coefficient) of the times, the direction was the same.

In comparison, in 2017, only 75% of the time were indexes trading in locked steps.

In other words, during 2019, whenever DAX was bullish or bearish, SPY was exactly the same.

So over the 230 days of trading so far in 2019, knowing the direction of DAX gave a strong indication about the direction of the US main leading index SPY.

You can recall, I used this knowledge to confidently generate 100% profit on SPY Puts a short while ago.

How I Use Teletrader App

I perform the lion share of my technical analysis with the Teletrader App.

Nightly study of charts does not require the Live quotes data.

Therefore, not having that feature is not a hindrance for this specific task.

Here is a video to show you all of the things you can accomplish with the Teletrader App.

Which One Is Better ?

From the way I use the two mobile Apps, I can conclude that they fulfill different roles for me.

The ease of charts analyses and the tracking of Watchlists make Teletrader App indispensable for technical analysis study.

For instance, if I only have 30-minute where I am idle waiting t the doctor office, I can just open the App and start studying for the next day.

While I am away moving about my day, the App allows me to follow live quotes, track futures or international markets in preparation for the US markets.

To sum up, both Apps are necessary for my trading routine since they allow me to accomplish different functions.


We compared the different functionalities between  the Teletrader App and the App.

Some are similar (Alerts, portfolio, Economic calendar) while some differ (free webinars education, historical price, watch Lists setup, technical analysis with major indicators).

At the end of the day, both are worthy to be included in your arsenal of tools to help you with your stocks and Options trading.


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  1. Hello Telex, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about both these apps and I wanted to do a research to see if they are legit. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because I like to trade and I already have some experience in trading. Thank you for sharing such useful info, I will definitely try both of them.

    • Good Evening Danijel,

      How is everything across the pond,

      I am glad to read that you found great value in the review of these two apps.

      I appreciate your time and see you next time.

  2. Hi Telex, I  was delighted to see your review of these two stellar apps as I  was wondering if I really needed both? You have answered that question perfectly with your analysis of the different features. They have complementary features and they help with the daily information and planning needed to be a great trader.

    Thanks for your help. 


    • Hello my dear Lily,

      How are you doing today ?

      I appreciate you stopping by and providing your positive feedback on this article.

      We will keep answering those questions to help more and more traders become successful at this profession.

      Have a great evening and talk to you soon.

  3. Hello telex,I must say that you are doing a great job and I know it will be continue to be of help to the public as it has always been of help to me.i have heard alot about the two apps,and because I like trading alot I decided to research about them until I stumbled on this article I must say that I can now give it a trial.

    • Good evening Feji,

      I am glad to read that you made a great discovery from this article today and you will be giving these Apps a trial.

      Please let us know what you think after using them for a week or so.

      We appreciate your time. See you next time.

  4. Hiya Successful Tradings

    Thank you for the interesting comparison between investing. Com and Teletrader app. I have just started trading on a different website so it was great to be able to see how some other trading apps work. Because I am so new to it all I didn’t understand everything but I’ll be reading it again. 

    Do you have any experience with etoro trading platform? Will you be reviewing any other trading apps? If so which ones? I have bookmarked your site as I like what you said about using DAX because of Germany’s economic strength and I’d like to explore further after watching your video tutorial. 

    Thank you for a very informative, useful article. I look forward to the answers to my questions, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Hello PurpleLioness,

      Thank you so much for the positive  feedback.

      Is etoro a canadian based trading platform?

      I think i may have traded equities briefly in 2018 on it.

      I will definitely research it and provide a review.

      We have a few other platforms to review such as eOption, etrade just to 

      name a few.

      Looking forward to you next comment. We appreciate it greatly.

  5. Though I’m still nre a bit in terms of being a full time trader. However, the investing, com app has been of immense benefits. I cannot just talk too much on it again since you have pointed a lot about it already. I love the way it presents the updates and the latest news and all for analysis. This is a great one here. Thanks

  6. Hi Telex, great introduction to the world of options trading.  It’s not often you come across a financial site that is so transparent about the methodologies used for success on the stockmarket.  I’m definitely going to investigate these two apps based on your advice.

    What have been your greatest challenges getting into the world of options trading?

    • Hello my friend Fluffy Duck,

      How have you been ?

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us this great feedback.

      Great question by the way regarding my personal biggest challenge.

      Without hesitation, I would say it has been to become consistent and keep repeating the same things I know work all the time.

      You see, the market will throw at great deal of noise to you every single day.

      It is up to you as a trader to stay disciplined and trust your proven and tested strategies.

      That is how you will build your confidence and thus consistency to be able to successful make money trading options.

      Hope this answer will be satisfactory to you.

      We really appreciate you. Take Care. Talk to you again soon.

  7. Hi, thanks a lot for your insights. I’m a newbie to this word so I’m really glad I’ve found you. “…during 2019, whenever DAX was bullish or bearish, SPY was exactly the same” that is a very good direct correlation to keep in mind. A couple of questions on this regard:

    > What would be the required response time between those 2 markets?

    If the response time is of just 2 or 3 hours it would make sense (to take advantage of market volatility); if the reaction on SPY would happen in 30 or fewer minutes it would be almost the same as predicting the original market movements.

    > How conservative are your Stop Losses lines on your trades within SPY?

    Trusting a lot in this piece of information may lead you to take certain risks in regards to the Stop Loss set-up criteria (Which has been the most profitable one for you?)

    Thanks a lot for your guidance! I’m waiting to read your answers.  

    • Hello Juan, 

      How are you my friend, Thank you for the thoughts provoking comments.

      This really tells me that you the readers are very much in tune with our content. We appreciate that.

      Let’s go over your questions one by one.

      As you know, DAX Germany biggest index that pretty much sets the tome the the euro zone since the Brexit in 2016.

      Due to the 6 hours time difference between US East Coast where Wall Street resides and Germany, DAX opens when it is only 3:30 AM in New York. 

      By the time Wall street opens, DAX has already been trading for a good 6 hours. 

      Traders in the US have the ability to observe the US pre-market hours while the markets in Europe and Germany in particular are still open. 

      This makes it such that traders can pick up on the general sectors movements based on DAX movement.

      I particularly love to use this correlation when the market are bearish.

      I recently shared my entry confirmation to SPY Puts trade based on DAX direction (Dec 2 SPY Puts Trade). 

      Typically, IF DAX is in the red before Wall Street opens, Wall Street has a tendency to get DAX out of red if US are bullish. SO when I see DAX slump further after Wall Street opens, my bias on SPY becomes bearish. 

      Oh, by the way, that happened today on December 30. Check it out.

      Of course, there are rare days when they diverge because of headlines being just specific to one country. 

      Still , with a 0.95 correlation coefficient this year, that eventuality was pretty rare.

      Regarding my stop losses on SPY, I have noticed this yer that algos tend to buy the dip on SPY in the majority of case. Meaning that SPY rarely finishes at low of the day.

      I use VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) for my stop losses. I add a small percentage to VWAP for good measure. My main rule is that the position cannot lose more than one third when i have fully entered it.

      Yes, I tend to do scaled entries just like I have explained scaled exits.

      I will be posting videos soon where i showcase the technical indicators such as VWAP, RSI and MACD.

      Wow, I hope this helps my friend. Otherwise, let me know how I can further clarify if need be.

      Talk you you soon.


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