Put Options Examples: Videos Illustrations

The Purpose of this these videos tutorials is to show you how you can trade put option successfully.

In this Put Options Examples series, The videos tutorials will take through what we do, the reasons why we take these trades and How we manage our position for  very substantial gains.

Put Options Examples:# 1 QCOM on January 10, 2020

If you own shares of a stock, let’s take Apple as an example, you can hedge or protect your position by buying put options on Apple.

The reason is so that if the price of Apple stock is to come down, you will not lose a lot of money from your original shares.

On the other hand, there are traders who do own shares of the stock.

They simply want to take advantage of the movement of the stock. This movement is also as volatility.

Such was the case for us in this video where our intend was to benefit from the movement of Qualcomm stock on expiration day Friday, January 10, 2020.

The video below explains What we did, Why we did it and How we executed this trade successfully.

Put Options Examples: # 2 AMZN Put on January 31 2020

Following Amazon (Ticker: AMZN) Q4  2019 blowout Earnings, the stock jumped to All Time High in After Hours to $2133.

However, that new level could not be sustained despite AMZN calling for $2200 on Stocktwits community 🙂

Similarly, AMZN Stock could not hold above $2085 in late pre-market on Friday morning.

So, we decided to take Puts as shown in the video below.

Put Options Examples: # 3

Coming Soon.

Buying Put Option # 4

Coming Soon.


We hope you are finding value in these Stocks and Options Trading videos Tutorials.

Our goal and hope is that you are able to adjust your trading plan to benefit from these ongoing Option Trading Tips.

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