Is TradingView or Finviz Best For Options Traders ?

I have been on the fence about the Pro Version of TradingView for many years as I could get by with the free version.

But this one feature I discover completely blew me away and now I cannot go a day without using it.

If you have been wondering like many others which is better: TradingView or Finviz ?

Your wait is over. Today, we are going to settle this debate by presenting you a full video review of TradingView vs. Finviz.

TRADINGVIEW vs FINVIZ: The Popularity Contest

For the newcomers, TradingView and Finviz are two financial websites for traders and investors.

Tradingview Inc has corporate office in NEw York, New York , USa as shown on the map below.

If we take a look at Google trends worldwide interest over the last five years, TradingView is clearly the more popular of the two.

Is TradingView or Finviz Best For Options Traders  - Finviz vs TradingView Worldwide Interest according to Google Trends
Finviz vs TradingView Worldwide Interest according to Google Trends

This has not always been the case as the shift occurred sometimes in the second part of 2017.

As it stands today, the number of Web searches for Trading View is about 208 thousands per month versus only 71 thousands for Finviz.

Three times more is a clear signal of the overall appeal of TradingView over its rival.

Surprisingly, the hegemony of TradingView is not that trivial in one particular region : The United States.

As shown below, the data suggest America is still an on-going battle ground for these two stellar platforms.

TradingView vs Finviz Interest Comparison In USA as discussed in TradingView vs Finviz Article
TradingView vs Finviz Interest Comparison In USA per Google Trends Data

Which leads us to wonder, what has enabled TradingView over the last few years not only to measure itself to Finviz but ever get passed it across the rest of the globe ?

Let’s take a look at some of their features differences’.

Technical Analysis and Indicators Differences

Both tools provide broad markets data coverage as we described on this review.

Tradingview offers and Economic and Events Calendar that is not featured on

The one clear advantage of TradingView apart from its Interactive community, the recent brokers network addition is what they have done in regard to technical Analysis.

This platform is second to none when it comes to technical indicators and analysis.

You name it, TradingView has it and you can have it on your charts with the right subscription as described in this review.

Do not get me wrong, I love the ease of use of the charts in Finviz.

But, there is an artistic part but all the drawing tools of TradingView that convey mass appeal to the dormant artists in many of us 🙂

According to their comparative chart between Basic, Pro, Pro+ and Premium, there are over 100 prebuilt popular indicators and their vast member community (over 5 Million) have generated so far over 8000 Indicators.

TRADINGVIEW vs FINVIZ: Screener Differences

When it comes to the Stock Screener, I have clearly gives the edge to Finviz.

Why ?

Have you had a chance to read see this video we made on the Top down analysis or who to use the Screen to find great options strategies ?

Tradingview Screener offers some decent filters as well but the layout and the output makes it very intuitive and easy to use on the Finviz site.

Mainly I am talking about that the Finviz Screen “takes” place in one single window and you can switch from the table format to all the outputted charts displayed simultaneously.

It is a thing of beauty.


That leads us into this category Charts and Charting in general.

On the one hand, TradingView enable you to create beautiful charts with the drawings that can be shared with the rest of the community.

On the other hand, Finviz has this seamless way of displaying multiple charts in a second where you can quickly identify patterns and select the stock or security that appeals to you the most.

To be honest, I like the TradingView charts during the Live trading session and I have them pined on my browser.

However, when it comes to doing overnight study, especially because of the Top down analysis, Finviz charts make that process so much easier.

So I leave it to your own decision on this one depending on your specific use case.

KNOCKOUT PUNCH: The Replay Button ?

If there is one thing that made me go Wow on TradingView Pro/Pro+, this is it.

So for those of you like me who do not have the Pro version, you are missing out on this.

Allow me through this video, to showcase the Power of the Replay Button in TradingView.


I have really gotten used to the Drop down analysis and the charts display of Finviz.

However, my recent discover of the Replay button in TradingView make it so compelling so I have subscribed to the Pro+ version and plan on carrying it going forward.

Since I have been using Finviz Elite for so long, I guess I will be using both in this new decade 🙂


We showcased the differences in features from both TradingView and Finviz platforms.

The analysis concluded that both do have their merits in performing specific tasks.

It is our belief that options traders can strongly benefit from each one of those tools and having both is our final recommendation.

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Similarly, here is the Link to try the Finviz tool instead.

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome review!  I really enjoyed this review and it helped me in making my decision on which of those two I like best.  I personally feel like Finviz is the better or the two, but I understand why people like Tradingview better.  Honestly, it comes down to which system a person feels more comfortable with.

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