Successful Day Trading Options Strategies

Are you looking to take your options trading to the next Level in 2022 with Successful Day trading strategies?

Then look no further.

I will show you a day trading that is very cheap yet provide consistent explosive gains.

We will dissect one such trades from the setup of the trade, through the entrance criteria, all the way down on the exit criteria, we will share the Why, How and What took place to benefit from this successful day trading strategy.

Successful Day Trading Strategies: Earnings Gap

This is the bulk of the third quarter Earnings season that goes typically starts from Oct 15 through November 15.

This does not mean that other companies do not report outside of this 30-day window.

It is called the Earnings season because that is when we have the largest concentration of reports.

Day Trading Strategies for Earnings Seasons

If you are new to trading, four times a year, companies set a specific date when they will announce how their business performed during the previous three months.

As such, the third quarter Earnings window will see companies provide updates on the 3-month going from July 1 through September 30.

Successful Day trading Strategies - Earnings Calendar Example for February month
Earnings Calendar Example for February month

In case the performance time frame is different, they will make a mention of that.

This concentration of news lend itself to great volatility.

This comes from the fact that analysts who are present at these announcements through conference calls are eager to report about the status of the businesses.

A bullish outlook can make a stock jump much higher than during any other trading day.

On the other hand, a bearish outlook can lead to a severe plunge.

Allow me to illustrate this concept with the picture below.

Successful Day Trading Strategies - Western Digital stock chart with highlights of Earnings gaps

The yellow areas in the above daily chart of Western Digital (Ticker: WDC) showcases November 2018 and November 2019 Earnings gap down.

The blue circle portrays an Earnings Gap Up in January 2019.

What are gap down and gap up?

A gap Up is when the stock price jumps and opens at higher value than the previous day close.

A gap down is exactly the opposite.

The two gap downs are of $6 and $4 respectively. The gap up is of about $6 as well.

In terms of percentage on a $50 stock is average, $6 is over 10%.

In the world of options, that is serious money to be made if you can predict that correctly.

In case you are wondering if one can play both side, the answer is Sure.

But Markets Makers are in control and can make sure you lose on both trades.

Nevertheless, many rookie and seasoned traders cannot help themselves but take part of this guessing game.

Let me tell you right now, it is not a sustainable successful day Trading strategy to make money trading options.

Here is our video where we show you our Quantitative Analysis approach to trading Earnings.

Do not get me wrong, huge amounts of money are made each quarter by those with the crystal balls.

Can You Make Money Consistently Gambling on Earnings?

I do not know about you but as for me, there is no trading options a stock before its Earnings in hope that the trade may go my way.

So, I am strictly picking stocks to trade from our Watch List after they have reported the quarterly performances.

I do not typically trade Amazon(Ticker: AMZN) because of the high cost of its options.

But I have learned how the early big techs to report have behaved post Earnings Release.

So, I wanted to apply that knowledge to this high-flying stock to showcase that trading Post Earnings Release is truly among the Best Options Strategies.

Winning Day Trading Strategies from Our Discord Room

Since I originally published this tutorial, I have made it one of my patented Day Trading strategies in my Discord Room.

This strategy is so explosive, I renamed it the Gang$Ta Strategy.

Like my other 5 Day trading strategies shown below, it has its own Discord channel.

You guess it, the name of the channel is : Gan$Ta Trade of the Day.

And I did not stop there, the handle of my Twitter account is <Gang$TaTrades> as shown below.

Successful Day Trading Strategies - introducing the Gang$Ta Trades
The Gang$Ta Strategies are integral part of Successful Tradings Trade Alerts

Slideshow Examples of Winning Day Trading Options Strategies

Successful Day Trading Strategies: Setup on Amazon (AMZN)

Earnings report came Thursday after market close and the stock immediately plunged.

At one point, AMZN stock price was down almost 7% in After Hours from 1775 to 1650.

Then it settled down around -6.5%.

The value of Pre-Market Analysis

By the time end of pre-market Friday, a rally has already started.

This is a give away sign that the initial move down was unlikely to hold.

I derived the direction of my trade from the above observation alone.

I was going to buy calls based on this pre-market volume.

The only question left was to determine a strike price since I had already decided to play this same Friday Oct25 Expiration.

What is a “Lotto Trade” in Options trading

This strategy is called playing lotto.

It means that there is a calculated Risk that the trade may not pan out and thus lose money.

The upside of playing Friday Lotto is that even the smallest move (+/-1%) in the stock equates to substantial gains in expiring Options.

Thus, making it one the most lucrative Option Trading Strategies to master when learning how to trade options.

How I entered the Trade on AMZN Stock Call Options Day Trade

I usually like to buy at least 3 contracts minimum in any trade I take.

Why ?  Because it enables me to employ a scaled exit.

This means that I set my first exit for 1 or 2 contracts if i am winning and leave at least 1 contract run it course.

Unfortunately for me, the capital allocated for this trade on AMZN was not enough to buy 1 decent OTM (Out of the Money) contract left alone 3 of them.

So, I had to just be content with one single contract if I was lucky to get a fill.

From the previous day After hours price of 1650, AMZN opened almost at 1700 and quickly spike to 1725.

Successful Day Trading Strategies - AMZN Stock Chart Post Q3 2019 Earnings 5 minutes chart on TradingView
AMZN Stock chart October 25 Post Q3 2019 Earnings 5 minutes chart on TradingView

I was late putting in my automated order which turned out great.

In the retrace phase thereafter, I figured I would go for the 1752.5 strike because 1 contract was close to my budget for this trade $200.

So, I was able to eventually get a fill for 1 contract for the cost of $1.95.

Successful Day Trading Strategies - Amzn Call Option Buy Order
Amzn Call Option Buy Order from October 25 2019

How I closed out the Day Trade on AMZN Options

As shown on the confirmation exit below, I sold my call pretty quickly because I was not at ease with just one contract.

So I decided to take the profit once my gain was above 100%.

I automated the exit to $4.55 using the chart of the Options itself.

Yes, this is possible and it can provide a day trader with and exit level when the option is overbought or oversold.

Successful Day Trading Strategies - AMZN Sell to Close CAll Option
AMZN Sell to Close Call Option Order on October 25 2019


This Successful Day Trading Strategy generated a net profit of $260 or 133% Profit.

However, because I could only buy one contract, I was forced to sell my position earlier than I would have liked.

After another retrace, AMZN rallied to 1766 and the OCT25 1752.5 Calls peaked as high as $16 per contract.

Now, I leave it to you to imagine the emotions that carried me throughout the weekend after missing an almost 10-bagger on mighty AMZN.

In case you do not know, a 10-bagger is when you make 10 times the amount you initially placed on the trade.

How would you have reacted if you were in my situation in this trade?

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  1. Hi, your post is very well written and thorough…I had no idea about this so you made it very clear your experience with Amazon. You structured your article very well and it is written in detail. My suggestion would be to add more high quality pictures or videos? (I’m a visual learner, and this helps further demonstrate your message). Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Sarah,

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  2. Very interesting regarding the trading of Amazon stock options. I already had wrote out a question for you but apparently my browser refreshed lol. What I wanted to know is if you always buy Amazon stock options when the price drops and then sell them as soon as they back up or do you keep hold of them for long-term investment of like 10 years?

    • Hello,

      Throughout our 12 articles so far on this topic of Options trading, we have stated that our time horizon is no more than a week (Swing trades and it can be as short as minutes (Scalping during day trades).

      In options trading, we can make make when the stock goes up (by buying calls)  as well as when the stock goes down by buying puts. That is the beauty of options trading. 

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    • Hello Anthony,

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  6. These are very good ideas about what it takes to be an effective options trader.  I have some experience with stocks but not with trading options so I appreciate this info which is enlightening me on this subject.

    Determining strike prices and other strategies are new to me but I find it most interesting.  Yoi have done a very good job of explaining how this is done with real life examples.

    You did well in generating a net profit on this trade.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this.  All the Best.


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