App Review – 2021 Easy Guide on New Features

We are taking a short break today from our options trading tutorial series to bring you this  App Review.

There are many tools traders use to track the movements of the markets.

How do we go about choosing such tools ?

One of the challenge sometimes comes from the fact that many of these tools only cater one specific area of market.

If you are looking around and wondering: Is App good ?

Or Is mobile App better than Website ?

I will answer these questions for you in this website vs. App Review.

INVESTING.COM APP REVIEW: It is Worth the time ?

It is an App downloadable on your device so that you can track the many markets of your interest. App provides the flexibility to have all your markets right at the tip of your finger.

More importantly it is on your smart device.

So that the information is easily accessible to you almost anywhere you go with the recent launch of new mobile technologies such as 5G.

How much Data Does App Use ? App Review - Mobile App Data Usage on Smart Phone Device Mobile App Data Usage on Smart Phone Device

As I was writing this review, this question came to my mind all of the sudden.

I have never actually before wondered about this.

So I went to the settings of my phone, then scrolled through the numerous Apps.

Some of which I was not even aware I had.

That is another another story for another day.

Nevertheless, I was able to find this below.

  • On initial Installation, it takes less than 66Mbytes of memory space
  • My storage is high because I am a heavy user but still manageable
  • Mobile Data Usage is  a very LOW Percentage of my overall Data usage

How can I possibly finish this app review by omitting to mention that is is completely free for traders to use.

Albeit, you will have to ignore the ever growing ads.

 Below is a short video detailing some of the many features of this powerful App.


Which One Is More Popular in Searches

We know that most mobile Apps are created as an extension to their websites equivalent.

Meaning that, typically, a website will exist before the App except in some rare instances.

That said, with the increased popularity of smart phones devices, you would think Investing .com App will enjoy more popularity than its website version.

Au contraire.

According to this research from Google trends, the searches for vs App are by far in favor of the website version.

The above view is true for both Desktop and mobile users. Go figure 🙂

The data even shows that interest in has increased since the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020.

It makes sense that more people cross the globe are looking for investing education which this website clearly provide.

Review of Features

From basic investing education to the most recent investment tools, the website has all you need for investing research.

Here is a quick view of the layout of the website. App Review - Features of featuring the Tools Section
Features of featuring the Tools section

I have to say though the advertisements make it very difficult for me to focus whenever I am visiting it.

The website offers many tools to you.

May you be an Individual investor, Institutional investor, Financial advisor or even an Active Day Trader.

Here are some of those features.

  • Economic Calendar | Earnings Calendar | Dividend Calendar |
  • Financial News | Stock Screener | Interactive Charts
  • Technical Analysis | Chart Analysis | Candlesticks Analysis and Education
  • Market Education through On-Demand Webinars
  • Market Analysis | Forex | Stocks | Commodities | Bonds| Crypto

Recently, launched a premium service.

They call it Insights Premium. Insights Review

If you are looking for advanced research as part of your investment strategy, then Insights may be for you.

The premium service provides actionable ideas.

It is collection of thousand of financial experts to assist you in your investing decision making.

The tool gives each stock a “Smart Score” ranging from 1 to 10 based on 6 different factors.

Wall street Analysts’ ratings are provided as well as news sentiments.

If you are researching investment ideas, this tool is tailored to address such a need. App Review - Insights Premium Service Features Insights Premium Service Features

How Much Does Insights Premium Cost ?

After the initial 14-day free trial, the monthly membership is $14.99/monthly.

Alternatively, it will cost you $9.99/month if you choose the yearly billing plan.

Overall, if not for the distracting ads, com is attractive based on its accuracy.


In my Pre-market routine, I mentioned that one of this first thing I go through in the morning.

It is the overall market status.

Well, I do that through this very App.

How To Track European Markets on App

The reason for that is the markets are inter-connected in today’s world.

I have come to notice that one international index, DAX has been trending almost like SPY lately for the most part.

Since it is based in Germany, its hours are well ahead of US markets.

Therefore this usually provide a good early read about US markets.

Check out our Full video review of the Mobile App.

I usually take a look at the commodity especially oil to see the overnight direction.

Building Watchlist for Day Trading

In case I want to do Day Trading of Options with oil related stocks such as XOP, XOM, OXY or HAL.

There are other features of App that may be more suitable to long term investors.

I am providing a scrutiny of all the benefits you can get from this mobile App in this Review Article.


It is my opinion that App is one of the most complete mobile App for the market today.

I have been using it for many years and continue to use it in my Day trading routine.

I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in keeping track with the markets while away from the trading office.

Should you decide to go for a different approach for your investments research, here is a recent review of Simply Wall Street platform.

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Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • International Markets
  • Historical Data
  • Commodities
  • Free Webinars


  • Lack of Social Engagement
  • Limited Community Collaboration

22 thoughts on “ App Review – 2021 Easy Guide on New Features”

  1. Well, one will not expect anything less from a platform with a name that powerful though because of the fact that when we look deeply into it, we will see that the name of the platform looks official. Seeing that with this App, I will be able to look into the market and tell the exact status is really great. The all has so many features as well. Seems to me that you make use of an Android phone here, is the app also available on iOS?

    • Greetings,

      Yes, I used an Android device to retrieve the usage stats I shared.

      Absolutely, the App is available for iOs as well.

      Thank You.

  2. Hello, nice overview of the Investing dot com App. Lately I have been looking into possibly investing, a little at a time, into precious metals such as silver, gold and maybe some others. One thing I want to research is which precious metals will be a bottleneck for technology in the near to long term future, such as materials needed for iPhones and other smart devices and tech. Which brings me back around again to the Investing dot com app. In your experience with the app could you tell me if it is good for investing in precious metals or is that not the purpose of the app or is it made for trading stock options only? Thanks for clearing up my ignorance on the topic.

    • Hello Heinsenberg,

      What makes this App very attractive is the diverse markets i supports.

      So yeah, if you go under on the top menu, you will find quotes for all precious metals there from your basic gold, silver, copper , to palladium and so on.

      Hope this was helpful.

  3. Wow, this looks like the perfect app for one to try to invest in. I must say that there are so many things about this platform that I didn’t know about before I came on here. Looking at the investing,com app review that you have written here, It is hard not to say it is a great application. I would want to know if the application is premium or it has a price to get the information one needs on trading.

  4. Thank you, Telex. I have not used this app before, but after reading this article, I think it is very simple and convenient to use. In terms of investment, I still have a lot to learn and include some investment skills and knowledge. I believe this app can help me understand them. Thank you once again.

    • Hello Jax,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      As you saw in the video, the App is intuitive enough 

      to setup and take full advantage of.

      Glad you found this review helpful. 

      Take Care.

  5. Hello Telex, thank you for sharing your review of  I n v e s t i n g . c o m  App. This app really looks helpful as it provides the flexibility to have all my markets right at the tip of my finger just as you have said plus it is free to use the app.

    Just a quick question please; I see that the app is available for Android and iPhone users; how about Windows Phone and PC?

    • Hello Shift,

      The company that created this App has a complete

      website with similar feature so i am certain pc version is there.

      The mobile App we reviewed is for traders who may be

      On the Go in this fast-paced world. 

      Thank you.

  6. Wow! Investing dot com is nice. I love this. Now, one can easily go through his market overview. I have one question for you my friend

    I know that the app is free, I have seen some free apps with premium features before now. Are there no premium features in the app? Thank you.

    • Hello Techie,

      All of the features we reviewed in the video come Free.

      As simple as that. No question asked.

      I have been using this App in my daily trading routine

      for so many years without paying a dime.

      Hope this clarifies everything for you now.

  7. Wow! What a great overview, I have always been on the look of a better trading platform with an app, and I tend to believe that investing app has it all, I am going to go deeper on it so as to learn even more on its operations, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, I have to try out the investing app, thanks for sharing such a wonderful article to the public.

    Thank you.

  8. I’ve always been interested in the stock market but just never made the time. i have a few friends who are constantly talking it up and offering me suggestions on where to put my money. I’ve always had a natural talent when it comes to instinct. I’m just wondering is this the sort of app that I could kick off with and actually begin to start investing in the stock market? Or would you suggest something a little more basic for a beginner.

  9. Hi Telex! Thanks for the review of this apps.

    I agree with you that the apps will be very helpful in generating maximum profits. Because the presence of apps can make us trade anywhere.

    But related to this apps, I want to find out more about:
    1. What is the initial deposit fee?
    2. How much is the fee charged when making a transaction both sell and buy?

    Thank you for this useful review!

    • Hello Kylie,

      How is your Christmas Eve going ?

      I really appreciate you stopping to leave this encouraging comment.

      I am also happy about the opportunity to elaborate further on your questions.

      All of the major online trading platforms we recommended recently do not have a required minimum deposit. 

      That is really a great news for beginner traders. No need to worry about coming up with a large initial capital.

      There is even better news since October 2019. 

      Yes, all these online brokers dropped their per trade commissions to $0. In other words, you can place buy and sell trades on stocks and options without paying $5-$8 they used to charge. It is now $0.

      The only fees left are for options traders which is the per contract fee. But that is really minimal as it ranges from $050 to $0.65. 

      I shared this technique on how to go about negotiating with your broker to even get it lower than that.

      The best online trading platform per my experience charges me almost half of that per option contract.

      There you have it Kylie. I hope this answers your two questions for today.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. Hi, Telex.
    Thanks for sharing the review on App of Investing .com. An app like this is always a handy tool to be with the nerve of market. Which time do you suggest for the Asian Community to have a close watch on Asian region? At what time exactly the figures change or refreshed?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hello Gaurav,

      Thank you for stopping by to leave us your thoughts and experiences with this topic.

      Regarding your questions, all the markets are updated Live on this app.

      I typically start looking at the Asian markets around 5;30pm pacific time when Japan opens.

      Hope this helps.

      Have a wonderful week.

  11. Data Accuracy


    Ease of Use






    Hey, was just wondering how I can contact Telex? I have some more questions on investing please and thank you.


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