I was just about to cancel my elite subscription to

But then I discovered something that changed my mind.

And now, I am using it every day.

In today’s review, I will share with you why Finviz Tool is worth every dollar and then some.

FINVIZ.COM REVIEW | IS FINVIZ  ELITE WORTH IT ? is a financial investment website for long and short term traders.

It provides both fundamental and technical analysis.

In this review, we will be presenting the Elite version with all its different features.

Cost of Finviz Elite Membership

The Elite membership is the premium service of this platform.

You can subscribe to a Monthly Membership for $39.50, refundable anytime you want to cancel.

Should you want to save 37% on the yearly cost, you can switch to the yearly Subscription for a one-time payment of $299.50.

How I Use FINVIZ Elite Features

The site is set up in distinct areas with different functionalities.

Let us explore each one of the these to give you an idea on the full potential of the tool.


The Finviz main section provides a view of the global stock markets with gauges on advancing and declining number and percentage of stocks.

Statistics of new Highs and new low are offered to give traders a straight idea on the overall direction of the market.

A per sector heat map is shown to the right for US and international markets.

The maps can be expanded by clicking on them.

Finviz Heat Map

This action will take you to the Maps section where you can toggle from S&P500; stocks view, to World view, full view or just a view of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Review - Finviz Heat  Maps Section as depicted in Finviz review
Finviz Heat Map for S&P500

A zoom on the top right-hand side enables you to scrutinize your sector of interest.

A drop down-menu offers the flexibility to switch the performance period from daily, weekly, monthly to full year granularity.

The bottom of the home section showcase stocks with recent major new with their live quotes.

Also, a selection of stocks with on-going technical signals is presented.

Added to this are upcoming Earnings Releases, recently searched stocks by the user and most recent Insider activities (buy or sell from companies executive.

Finviz News

Up to the minute new sections is broken down into two columns: Live new to the left and Blog new to the right .

The later can be filtered by time or by source.

I cannot say that I spend a great of time reading new during live trading sessions.

I may from time to time spend a few minutes on an eye-catching article especially if it is related to a company I am considering taking a trade on.

Finviz Screener

All traded stocks are available in a table on which filters can be applied.

Below is an example with the filters highlighted in yellow. Review - Finviz Elite Screener with multiple Filters
Finviz Elite Screener with Filter on Volume, Relative Volume and Price

The results can be saved into a portfolio, to create alerts to dig into for further technical analysis.

If you are patient enough, I will provide a full tutorial on this section in video later in this article.

Finviz Futures Charts

The takeaway from this section is that the quotes are 20 mins delayed thus making it quite lame for futures traders to make an effective use of. Forex

There are 10 pairs of Forex being provided with a tabular view on percentage change or PIPS change.

Traders can track these on 5 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly quarterly and yearly intervals.

Finviz Crypto

I counted 14 Crypto currencies available as of today.

As we know this number has been increasing lately so by the time you are reading this publication, that number may well be much higher.

In any case, the performance of these instruments can be tracked in this section on multiple time frames.

Backtesting for Trading Strategies

In this section, you can set up but testing of any strategy you come up with before you start trading it.

As an example, let say you think there is an edge is buying stocks after they fulfill a specific technical indicator, the tool allows you to back test your hypothesis and find out how reliable it is over any period. has over 15 years of data to run backtests to help you validate profitable strategies.

You can choose up to 15 Indicators to study or combinations of indicators to come up with your proven trading plan.

The feature is only available on the elite membership.


The Finviz Elite features just stand out from the Finviz free version.

Every serious trader cannot afford to rely on delayed quotes hence to get any benefit from this platform, the paid membership is almost mandatory.

From this comparison table we obtained from the site, that is pretty obvious. Memberships prices on Review Membership Prices

For instance, the intra-day charts are only available in the Finviz elite version.

This is a deal breaker if you are a Day or Swing trader.


Before we delve into that, I strongly recommend watching the 3 minutes 45 seconds Guided Tour video.

The one  thing that sold me into this tool  is from its main feature the Screener.

Because only on it I could generate a Top Down Analysis.

What is it and How is it performed ?

Before I do so, allow me to point out something I really love on the Finviz Screener page.

Finviz Screener Options

Once you get there, you have this to look at the stock from one of these “filters”.

  • Overview
  • Valuation
  • Financial
  • Ownership
  • Performance
  • Technical Indicators
  • Charts, Technical Analysis, News and Snapshot

My favorite is the Charts View because no matter the number of stocks you have previously selected with the top Filters (different form these), all the charts will display all at once without the slightest delay.

You can then click on any chart of your choice to zoom in, study it, create an alert, save to portfolio or publish on Social Media (right now Facebook and Twitter).

How To Create Stocks Heat Maps on Finviz

Back to the Top Down analysis, it is a method that consist of looking at stocks from their sector situation (bearish or bullish) and diving down to the best worst or best stocks within that individual sector.

This is done by selecting Group and picking Sector from the Drop-down menu. Review - Monthly vs Yearly Performance Comparison in Finviz Elite Tool
Monthly vs Yearly Performance Comparison View Map from Finviz Elite

There are 10 sectors overall in the US market ranging from Basic Material, Conglomerates, Consumer Goods, Financial, Healthcare, Industry Goods, Real Estate, Services, Technology and Utilities.

Other Use Cases For Finviz Elite

Depending on your time frame of trade, you then select a performance period (week, month, quarter, half year, year to date or full year).

This will give you an indication on which sectors are weak or strong over that period.

Should you want to trade penny stocks, we created this full tutorial on how to use Finviz for Penny stocks.

If you are looking for strength, you will then select a sector showing strength which will bring you all the stocks within that sector.

Finviz Elite Stocks Charting

From there, I like to select charts and all of the tickers charts are in front of your eyes in the order of the performance.

If your eyes are trained to read technical charts, you can easily be drawn into patterns.

As such, you can apply additional filters like the price, the volume, analysis’s recommendation or whether the stock is shortable or optionable.

Speaking of analysts, there are at the center of my favorite use case of the Screener.

I am sharing it all in this video Tutorial.

Finviz Review | PROS vs CONS

The free version is full of Advertisements which can quickly become distracting when you are trying to pick sort out a trade.

Finviz Futures

I like the fact that the Frequently Asked questions (FAQs ) are goes in depth in explaining the different types of scenarios.

Unfortunately, the Futures quotes are 20 minutes delayed thus making them unusable for futures traders or even those who want to know what is the heartbeat of the market even in after-hours.

The yearly membership is non-refundable.

This means that once you commit to it, you have to see through.

But it comes with a 37% discount so that is not really a big deal.

How to Cancel Finviz subscription

Depending on how you subscribed to Finviz Elite, the FAQ section o gives two solutions to cancel your Finviz subscription.

It is good to know that you get a refund within the first 30 days.

If you are not satisfied, you can write to to request a refund. Review - How TO Cancel Finviz Elite Subscription Instructions
How To Cancel Finviz Subscription Instructions on PayPal and Directly

Alternatively, you can also file a cancellation form from your Elite page.

Doing so will prevent you from being charged for the next month.

Finviz Search Feature

I will not be thorough if I failed to mention that within the home section of the tool, there is a search button for you to enter a stock of interest.

Upon doing do, you will be able to see the technical and fundamentals of that stock.

Nothing news there, but they have added the stocktwits posts of that stock on that page.

What does this mean ?

In other words, if you are focusing on a given stock, you will have access to almost everything (except the charts) posted by stocktwits users on that symbol.

Not sure how you will feel about this after my warning on distraction.

How To Pay for Your Finviz Elite Membership

Lastly, for security purposes with credit/debit card, now only accepts PayPal as a method of Payment.

This is still an issue for some countries across the globe for for the most part, I do not foresee this as a major hindrance.


  • How Much Does Finviz Cost ?

It is Free to register and use the free version.

The Elite Membership of Finviz is $39.99/month or $299. year.

  • Is Legit

Yes of course is legit.

The company has been around for ever.

  • Is Finviz in Real time ?

The free version has delayed quotes.

It is about 15 minutes delayedfor stocks and 20 minutes delayed for futures.

Does Finviz Have Alerts ?

Yes, in the Elite version of Finviz, you can creates custom alerts for individual stocks and portfolios.

The beauty of it is that the alerts are not just for stock prices but news, ratings and insiders.

  • How do you get Finviz for free ?

You go to and open a free account.

  • What Is Finviz Good For ?

For me, is best for Pre-Market Analysis to find stocks to day trade or options trading.

  • Is Finviz Stock Screener Free ?

Yes, the screener is free, it is super fast and can display plenty of charts fast.

How Reliable is Finviz ?

I have been using it for almost 10 years now.

The information is summarized nicely for over 7000 publicly traded companies including international markets.

That is pretty reliable of you ask me.

How Do You Screen For Penny Stocks on Finviz ?

We have the following article and video for you.


Based on the multitude features that Finviz Elite Membership provides, this App is pretty hard to pass on for any serious trader.

My take is take each trader should have a set objective to pay off the tools necessary for his/her trading with an easy Go-To Strategy.

I am sure you may want to know more about Finviz Elite.

May I suggest you try it out and experience it for yourself. Review - Finviz Elite Subscription

Here is a Link for that or you can just click below.

$39.50/ Month



Ease of Use


Back Testing





  • Charts
  • Technical Analysis
  • Signals
  • Maps


  • Delayed Futures
  • Non-Refundable Yearly Membership

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