How To Read an Option Chain: Video Illustration

The goal of this video is to equip beginners with the skills on how to navigate an option chain.

This learning will help you avoid recurrent mistakes and save time in placing a trade order.

We strongly suggest you read this related article before viewing the video below.

It is meant as an illustration of that discussion.


12 thoughts on “How To Read an Option Chain: Video Illustration”

  1. Hello,

    My son was just speaking to me about option trading the other day and complained that there was much information about it on the internet as he was looking into learning more about it. Although this isn’t in my line of work, it will certainly help my son learn more and will enable him to start getting into trading slowly. Very informative article. Thank you. I will be sending him the link,.

    • Hello SJB,

      Thank you for stopping by and providing your positive feedback on the article.

      Hope your son can successfully learn the art of trading and be on his way to financial independence.

      We appreciate your time.  

  2. I must say that this is a very good article and it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i washed your video from beginning to the end and I  learn alot of stuff that took me months to get little understanding abou.i would definitely save this video.

    • Hello Feji ben,

      Thank you for providing us feedback on your interaction with the video.

      Glad to read that it has been insightful for you.

      Let us know what else you would like to see us bring to you in our next Installment.

      Until then, have a great evening. Take Care.

  3. There is so much here. The video is helpful and I had to go back and read your other post to follow all the things you mention about the option chain. It is so much information, I will need to look at it a few more times to get the full impact of what you are sharing and teaching here. I am eager to get started but there is so much to still learn.

    • Hello Lee,

      Thank you for stopping by and providing this encouraging feedback about the content of the video.

      Let us know how we can further help you int the acquisition of your knowledge in this area.

      Have a great evening and Happy New Year.

  4. Great video Telex! I learned more about the option chain from your videos. I think this method can be one of the analysis that I have to do to determine the steps I will take in trading. Because so far, my analysis has only been based on fundamentals (good news or bad news). Plus technical analysis (indicators – indicators).

    However, with this additional information, I will try to learn more about this option chain. However, based on your experience, how good is the accuracy of success using this option chain?

    • Guten Abend Kylie,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving us your feedback.

      The Option chain is the place where traders go to place options orders.

      In other words, one has to see the option chain to know how much the options cost and place a buy order from there.

      Thank you again for the question. Let us know how we can be of further assistance.

      Auf wiederSehen.

  5. My MBA professor taught a me a bit about this subject. However, this article makes me see it is totally worth it to study into it. What percentage of the population do you believe have this knowledge? Why do you think we don’t get taught abut it as a common thing?

    • Hello Linda,

      Thank you for engaging with us on this article. We really appreciate it.

      Regarding your questions, I sincerely believe the percentage is very small. I would venture to say below 10%.

      As for the reason why this is not taught, I am not sure. It is the same as to why we are not taught how to drive a car in school ?

      Have a nice Day and talk  to you again soon.

  6. I clicked on your link and read through your post before watching your video as suggested and I’ve been able to know and understand what option chain is all about. And also, some things like the Greek variables, Delta and Theta.

    You really explained in your video a lot of things clearly that gave me a clear understanding of the platform.

    Thank you for this post and your effort so far.

    • Good evening Kell,

      I am so glad to read that you have found great value in this content.

      Please do share with your friends in social media should the have interest in this topic.

      Thank you and Talk to you later.


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