7 Best Stock Research Websites You Must Know

Whether you are a beginner investor in the stock market or an astute veteran, you need resources to study your potential investments.

The stock research websites we scrutinize in this article will help you take your trading or investing to the Next Level.

What Is a Good Stock Research Website

The number of investors looking to make money in the stock market keeps increasing.

All the newcomers are looking for good stock research websites to guide the.

However, the choices are really not that many.

The astute investors know the importance of getting an edge in the stock market.

If you just happen to be doing what everyone is doing then you will end up settling for mediocre performance.

Stock Picking websites vs Stock trading websites

Therefore, the importance of the quality of the stock research website you choose is even greater nowadays.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - I Know First Introduction of Machine Learning Research
I Know First Research | Launch of Swing Trading Based on Machine Learning

What should you look for in a stock picking website ?

The most important thing you need you need to understand from a stock research website is how that research is conducted.

Does the timeline of investment match your investment timelines and goals ?

Otherwise, you can end up putting money on recomemndations that are not suited to you.

Are you looking for steady returns for your stock investments ?

Or rather, you can afford to speculate a little by taking chances because your investment time horizon allows you to do so ?

Best Website For Stock Tips | I Know First AI

I Know First is the very embodiment of a stock research website.

Over the last decade, this stock picking website has increased their offering by introduction Artificial Intelligence based research.

Whatever type of investment you are looking for, I know First has it.

The motto of this company is “Daily MArket Forecast”.

They generate Forecasts on short and long term for stocks, commodities, gold and currencies.

I know First service sis not just limited to US equities as you will find out with the multiple international offerings depicted later on below.

Is I Know First AI Algorithm Reliable

I know First publishes a weekly newsletter where it reports its weekly performance.

The winning percentages are tracked for the multiple packages.

Here is a recent updates pertaining to the breakout of MOXC stock.

This week’s newsletter showcases the best performances of the I Know First Predictive Algorithm this week. Just yesterday, MOXC had an incredible 30% jump in value! Luckily for our subscribers, this was foreseen by the Predictive Algorithm. MOXC was the strongest signal in the seven-day forecast for the Tech Stocks Forecast package, where MOXC, WISA, and SGMS all had returns of 92.73%, 29.59%, and 20.15%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 18.10%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of seven times! In the 14-day forecast for the same package, MOXC, SGMS, and TWIN all had returns of 135.93%, 16.24%, and 13.98%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 16.07%, outperforming the S&P 500 index which gave a -0.20% during the same time period! In the three-day forecast for the Stocks Under $5 package, ARPO, PDSB, and WRN all had returns of 76.72%, 52.73%, and 26.83%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 19.85%, outperforming the S&P 500 index which gave a -0.35% during the same time period! In the one-month forecast for the same package, SB, WRN, and GALT all had returns of 70.12%, 58.91%, and 57.41%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 26.46%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 51 times!

I Know First Commodities Research Package

In case you happen to specialize in commodities trading, I Know first have you covered.

Here is the package you will need to subscribe to.

7 Best Stock Research Websites You Must Know - I Know First commodities Subscription Package
I Know First provides investing Package for Commodities, Crypto, Forex and Interest Rates

For $199 per month, you will enjoy either the currencies picks , the commodities, Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies or even interest rates.

Given the in depth research I Know First is known for, one cannot help to wonder if it is not the most reliable crypto price prediction website.

I Know First offers six different investment time ranges for each one of their stocks predictions.

Those time ranges span from 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days and 1 year.

I Know First European Stock Market Research Package

Traders often ask me if Successful Tradings analyze non US equities.

We do not not but I Know First does.

Select European countries in Europe such as Germany, Turkey

7 Best Stock Research websites - I know First European stocks Package
German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish Stocks are available in these I Know First Package

For each country, the prices range from $169 to $269 if you are ordering the Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20 Stocks for that country.

I know First International Package

In this era, investing has become more international than ever.

companies themselves can be listed on multiple stock exchanges across s the globe.

As a result, many investors are looking to take advantage of these growing opportunities.

For traders looking to trade Asian stocks, there are at least a couple of Packages offered by AI Trading Algorithm.

7 Best Stock Research websites - Chinese stocks , Singapore Stocks South Korean Stocks are forecasted by I Know First Algorithm
China and Singapore Stocks are featured in this I Know First Package

The rest of the world is accounted for as well .

This is done with not one but two international packages with similar price ranges.

From the view below, you can see stocks featuring Hong Kong, India, Australia and Brazil.

Forecast Stock Picks for Hong Kong, India , Australia and Brazil | I know First Prediction Algorithm

In case you are looking for other international stocks, here is the second international offer.

7 Best Stock Research websites - I Know First Forecast Algorithm cater to Saudi Arabia, South Africa ,Thailand stocks
International Stocks Picks from I know First

Top 10, Top 20 and Top 40 US Equities Packages

For the US stock markets, the choice are many depending on your budget.

Daily picks use the AI decision based algorithm based on smart money movement for bullish and bearish direction.

With the six time ranges, you are more than likely to find your suitable time strategy.

The price of each package is very much a function of how many stock picks you desire.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - US Top 5, 10, 20 , 40 stocks Packages prices range from $169 to $349
I know First Top 5, 10, 20, 40 US Stock Picks Price Range from $169 to $349

The nice thing about these offers is that you can try them for free for 30 days before settling for the one that works best for you.

Based on your investment capital, you can decide that maybe low cost stocks are more suitable.

Should that be the case, here are the potential choices you have.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - I know First Low cost Packages
Low Cost High Volume Package | I Know First Daily Forecast Algorithm

Best Investing Websites

For long term investors, the next set of websites provide research data for a longer time horizon.

This means at least a few years.

Such research is often based on the fundamental financial results.

Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St is a relatively newcomer as a stock research website.

However, whatever they lack in years of experience, they make it up with a great deal of innovations.

The attraction with Simply Wall St approach is they visualization of the standard financial data.

At the end of the end, you still have to make you pick based on your set of criterias.

Below is our full detailed video describing its major features.

Simply Wall Street Video Review

Simply Wall St New Price Plans


Morningstar is one of the oldest stock research website by far.

Their dedication to provide financial information is second to none.

On there, you can research any publicly traded company based on their quarterly financial results.

A rating system with Stars is what help investors determine which stocks have the highest ratings.

We have reviewed Morningstar offering in a recent article.


With Investing.com, you will get the website along with a vey practical App.

The App is very practical because its gives traders and investors to up to the minute stock quotes, news, financial information to help with their decision making.

This is a complete stock website tool as it will enable you to gain access to commodities, currencies, interest rates across the world.

Investing.com App Review - Features of Investing.com
Features of Investing.com highlighting the Tools section

Best Stock Research Tools

The next categories of stock research websites are more like tools.

Each one can with a specific function in your investment or trading decision.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance has gone through facelift after change of ownership.

Nowadays, it is promoting its Premium service with a lot of new content.

The hiring of prominent staff members can certainly help.

The type of Research Yahoo Finance Premium currently provides may not be as in depth as others.

Therefore, one can really wonder if the Cost of Yahoo Finance Premium is worth it.


TradingView is the stock research website you want if you are into technical analysis.

Its charting tool is integrated in a great deal of of trading paltforms.

That means that this is the standard by which others are measured.

The popularity of the charting tools somehow overshadows the fundamental side of this website.

For options trading beginners, I have made videos on how to set up technical indicators.

TradingView Technical Indicators Setup Video

Webinars are available to help teach new investors.

Should you want to specialize on specific stocks.

I recommend setting up alerts for those so that you are always aware of their movement.

You can set up Alerts in both directions (bullish and bearish) using percentage moves for instance.


With Finviz Elite Features, you will get access to both fundaments research and technical analysis .

Futures and Forex traders can also take advantage of this tool.

I often get the question about the value of the ELite version membership.

My answer is that the Finviz Elite Subscription will more that pay for itself given the quality of the information you get.

How To Use Finviz for Long Term Investing

Long term Investors can easily trend stocks Financial results on Finviz.com.

Inside Trade are another example of insights available on Finviz that can help you in your investment decision making.

Below is our full video on how to use Finviz as a screener for this purpose.

How To Use Finviz.com for Short Term Investing

The scanners of Finviz are very intuitive for anyone who in new to investing.

You will be able to save your settings such that new stocks are automatically added when they meet your predefined conditions.

How To Make Money Trading Options Right - Over 1000 optionable Stocks aabove $20 to trading options from each day
Over 1100 Optionable Stocks above $20 with Good Liquidity to Trade Options From

Day Trading and Swing Trading Using Finviz Elite

My preferred method of using Finviz stock research website is for Day Trading and Swing Trading.

As part of your pre-market routine, you can define set scanners for Earnings or other events that will lead you to trading moving stocks.

Another application for Finviz is for those who specialize in the penny stocks.

Here is our full video on how to use Finviz for Penny Stocks.


We showcased 7 Best Stock Research websites to help you in your investing.

May that be for short or long term, you will find great value in each one of these helpful research tools .

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