Is OnlyFans Stock IPO near – How to Invest in OnlyFans Stock

There has been an increasing interest in OnlyFans potential IPO in near future.

Find out how you can buy OnlyFans Stocks and shares should the company decide to go public soon.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is the latest social media and content hosting service that enables creators to directly earn revenue from their followers.

Think of OnlyFans as an uncensored version of YouTube without the ads.

The majority of the creators albeit not all of them comes from the adult entertainment industry.

They charge recurring subscription fees to their fans who in return get to indulge in personalized experience with the creators.

As a provider of the platform, OnlyFans get to retain 20% of the fee from each creator who are left with 80%.

OnlyFans’ revenue sharing model is way more lucrative for creators compared to YouTube for instance where the content creators only keep 55% of the ad’s revenue.

OnlyFans Popularity is second to Only TikTok

According to google trends, OnlyFans popularity has grown exponentially since the mid 2020.

A potential correlation to people being confined in their homes cannot be ignored.

The chart below shows that tremendous rise in worldwide searches for the term OnlyFans.

Is OnlyFans Stock IPOnear near ? - How to Invest in OnlyFans stock - OnlyFans worldwide searches have increased 200% over the last 18 months

OnlyFans Worldwide Searches have increased 200% over the last 18 months

The research shows that the interest in OnlyFans is not just coming from the US.

In fact, there are countries in Latin America where OnlyFans is even more popular than in America.

That shows the type of global reach this newcomer in the entertainment space has attained.

For content creators, OnlyFans provides a way to increase their earnings because third parties such as film producers, advertisement agencies and other middle businesses are no longer part of the picture.

Also, there is a greater sense of control for creators who can decide their own schedule and cadence of publication.

OnlyFans recently launched a TV called OFTV with more and more creators outside of the adult industry opting for this new medium to share their skills and knowledge.

Here is an example of a chef Joseph who has become a Superstar on OnlyFans Television.

Who owns OnlyFans Stock?

Fenix International Limited owns OnlyFans.

According to a Blomberg report, the company is already profitable with most recent annual sales of $2 billion and a net profit of $300 million.

FUN FACTS about OnlyFans
Parent Company Fenix International Limited
Date of Creation 2016
Corporate Headquarters London, England
Shareholders Tim Stokley& Leo Radvinsky
Number of Users > 100 million
Most recent Revenue $2 billion
Quick Facts about OnlyFans

Similar recent reports from the New York Times tend to confirm the financial health of OnlyFans.

At least from the perspective of its Top creators.

Here are the Top10 Highest Earners on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Account Name# PostsMonthly Subscription Fee#FansMonthly Revenue Yearly Revenue ($million)
1 . GEM1011000$30102.8K$3.1 million29.6
2. MILAMONDELL4200$2096.7K$1.9 million18.6
3. BRIENIGHTWOOD579$1581.6K$1.2 million11.8
4. SEXYLEXXXXYP3000$876.7K$614K5.9
5. MRSFEEDMEENT2100$10.9969.1K$760K7.3
6. MRSROBINSONVIP2500$14.9953.6K$804K7.7
7. CAPRICEG922100$1046.3K$463K4.4
10. KEEPITINTHEFAMILY303$3026.8K$804K7.7
OnlyFans Top 10 Creators per revenue

All of these creators decide on their own how much they want to charge.

The average monthly subscription fee is about $16.

However, this data is assuming that all the fans for the creators are subscribers.

It is more realistic to assume that a percentage of the fans only pay on an on-going basis.

Nevertheless, the revenues generated by these creators are staggering and validate their business models.

OnlyFans keeps 20% as the service host which makes it an enticing company for investors when the company goes public.

Is OnlyFans stock in the stock market?

OnlyFans stock is not available yet in any stock Exchange because the company is still privately held by the London based owner Fenix International Limited.

In the first quarter of 2022, there has been increase rumors that the company is looking to go public.

Potentially, it would do so through a SPAC.

SPACs are Special Purpose Acquisition Companies that take the name of an existing company like OnlyFans in exchange for a blank check so that it can go public and offer shares for investors.

This method of IPO has been very popular lately in the US as it enables companies to avoid the grueling vetting by the SEC.

Recent SPACs on the New York stock Exchange are SOFI | Virgin Galactic (Ticker: SPCE) | Lucid Motors just to name a few.

Is OnlyFans Stock IPO near ? - How to invest in OnlyFans Stock in 2023?
OnlyFans stock: Will the IPO brings in a Flock of US Investors?

What is the OnlyFans Stock name or symbol?

OnlyFans does not have a stock symbol yet since it has not yet gone through its IPO.

Here are the 4 potential names or symbols OnlyFans can use when it goes public.

  • OF
  • FANS
  • ONLY

Let me know in which one you like best in the comment section.

What is OnlyFans Stock Price?

Because OnlyFans is not present on any stock market (US or abroad), OnlyFans does not have any stock price quotation available yet.

Check back later when the company goes public for an updated OnlyFans Quote.

Former Police Officer Becomes Millionaire on OnlyFans

What is the Date for OnlyFans Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

There has not been an established date for OnlyFans IPO.

Since the management of OnlyFans in now considering the SPAC route, it may have to wait a bit to find the perfect SPAC suitor.

There is still lingering concern about the core content of OnlyFans being centered around adult entertainment.

At least, if the listing is to be in the USA.

There is the possibility to list OnlyFans directly on the London stock Exchange given that its parent company is Bristish.

Can you Buy OnlyFans Stock after its IPO?

It will depend on which markets OnlyFans management decide to trade on.

If you happen to be an investor in America and the listing is in London, then it might be difficult to acquire shares of OnlyFans after its IPO.

Conversely, should they decide to offer shares in America, there are a few ways you could acquire shares of OnlyFans.

Where to Buy OnlyFans Shares Online?

OnlyFans will have the choice to list its stock on US markets either directly or through an ADR (American depository Receipt) like and other foreign companies have done.

The stock is very likely to be in high demand which means that it will be extremely tough for individual investors to buy shares before the company goes public.

however, if you happen to have a big enough account at an investing firm which receive pre-IPO shares, then your chances are increased.

Otherwise, for most investors, Webull is the best broker to buy OnlyFans shares from.

Webull has an IPO Center on the Webull app where investors are informed of pending IPOs information.


OnlyFans aim to disrupt the content creation and distribution on social media is gathering plenty of steam.

The climax of this ambitious endeavors would be for the company to become publicly traded either on US stock exchanges or in its home county England.

As investors prepare for OnlyFans IPO, one can only guess how high the initial offering price will be due to the hype surrounding their subscription-based business model.

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