Why Is Investing Important

Technically, using your assets or money to create more money is defined as investing.  Not only money but anything that can generate a remarkable return is called investment. If need be, we will provide major reasons today why investing is important in 2021 and beyond. Why is Investing Important in a Time Such As This We can say, your savings account that is generating 2% interest is a kind of small investment. In general, when people usually talk about investing, …

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Is ESG Investing Definition Living Up To Its Promise

Is ESG Investing Definition Living up to its Objective - Example of Sustainability Statement

When asked about ESG Investing definition, most people will certainly respond correctly to the meaning and spirit of this concept.

However, the way the ESG Investing Definition is implemented and carried out by publicly traded companies may not fully meet its desired objectives.

Before you choose your ESG investment, it may be worth while taking a closer scrutiny at what goes on behind the fancy reports.

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How To Trade Options on eTrade: Little Secret to 10-baggers

Is your trading platform holding your options trading back ? We will give you our secret on trading options on etrade. Our innovative and unique approach on how to trade Options on etrade is sure to increase your account balance in 2020 and beyond. WHY CHOOSE ETRADE FOR OPTIONS TRADING ? I have been talking with Traders in my Discord room since late May 2020. At the time of this article, there have been two major outages recorded for the …

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Option Trading Discord: 1000 Reasons To Pick Successful Tradings

Online Trading can quickly become a Lonely activity. Most option traders need to be part of a group like an Option Trading Discord Channel to learn through ideas’ collaboration and grow their skills. Finding a perfect such community of like-minded traders can be a challenge. In this article, we will provide you our main reasons why our Option Trading Discord channel at Successful Tradings is the ideal choice for you in such a time as this. Option Trading Discord: Avoid …

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Confessions of a Day Trading Gangster

If you want to be Successful at Day Trading, you need a proven and consistent Day Trading Strategy. Day Trading Strategies Can be as simple or as complex as the mastermind who creates them. We are introducing the very simple Gangsta Day Trading Strategy in this article to help you Take Your Trading to The Next Level. Gangsta Option Day Trading Strategy: What is it ? Genesis of the Gang$ta Day Trading Strategy I do not quite recall the genesis …

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Our Trade Alerts Performance Reviews

He said to me: “Your Trade Alerts Performance is very good but you do not have a great following so..”. Those were the words of one of our Successful Tradings Youtube Channel Subscribes on Sunday. Then he proceeded to ask me if I was giving a free week Trial. I replied not anymore. And here is why we stopped giving our weekly Trade Alerts away for free.. Our Trade Alerts Performance Review: Welcome to the 10-Bagger Club SuccessfulTradings.com launched its …

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Day Trading Subscription Service: Choosing One in 2021

You have gotten past the existential question : “Can you Live off Day Trading ? “. Maybe you have even jumped around from One Day trading Subscription Service to another. Each time your hopes have been dashed down the road for one reason or another. Hence, you are still searching for that elusive Day Trading Alert Service that will make you settle once for all on your path t financial freedom. the content that follows is for you to make …

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Daily Stock Market Analysis

Five Days a week, SuccessfulTradings.com brings you Live free Daily Stock Market Report featuring stock market technical Analysis Daily around the globe. These sessions are recorded on our YouTube Channel and available for Playback just like our other content. Daily Stock Market Analysis and Report In our pre-market sessions from 8:45AM EST to 9:25AM EST, we go through pre-market data volume and price gaps to highlight opportunities for day trading. We often receive feedback of viewers using this information to …

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Join Our Next 10 Bagger Stock Options Club

What Is a 10 Bagger Options Win ? A 10 bagger is when a position (stock or Options) increases 10 times its initial purchase price. From a percentage gain point of view, a 10 bagger is when you reach 900% Profit. Origin of the term 10 baggers: Famous investor Peter Lynch was the first one to use this phrase in his book “One Up On Wall Street”. By the same token, you can extend this definition to answer the following …

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Introducing Our Trade Alerts

Trading is the Profession of Making $$ from the Price movement of a Security. Price moves from One Thing and Only One Thing Only: Supply and Demand. We do NOT Care about the Fundamentals of the Companies we Trade. At Successful Tradings, We Strongly Believe that : KNOWLEDGE TRIGGERS AWARENESS, AWARENESS SPOTLIGHTS OPPORTUNITY. OPPORTUNITY ENGAGED WITH PREPARATION CREATE DESIRED RESULTS. That is Why We Are Inviting You to EMBRACE THIS PARADIGM SHIFT.  Instead of Visualizing you Tradings Results from the Following …

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7 Most Common Options Trading Mistakes

Anyone looking to succeed as an Option Trader must learn to avoid the most common Options trading mistakes. We bring you a non exhaustive list of the pitfalls that ultimately lead to blowing up Trading accounts at best or preventing from ever making it as a Successful Stock and Option Trader. Most Common Options Trading Mistakes: Trading Capital In your quest to become the next Buzzy Schwartz, you are inevitably will have to face this fundamental question. How to Fund …

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This Week In The Stock Market

We bring your the major headlines and trends in This Week In The Market series of discussions. A record rally month of April was no stranger to new developments in our current restricted movement era. This Week In The Stock Market: Earnings Season A slew of market impacting Earnings came in this week. Mainly , the technology companies that weight the most in the the major ETF SPY and QQQ. AAPL, GOOG, MSFT and AMZN were met with diverse reactions. …

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Best (April) Month in Stock Market

1 mMonth Performance vs 1 year Performance in Best April Month in Stock Market Discussion

April 2020 just closed as The Best Month in Stock Market in 82 years. Both the Dow Jones and S&P recorded historical gains after the craziest month of March. Which sectors are leading the rally ? Which ones provide opportunities for short term and long term traders ? These are the questions we set to answer in the below discussion. The Best Month is Stock Market: What Month is Historically the worst Month For Stocks ? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) altered …

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Trading Options On Earnings: The Safe Way

Trading Options on Earnings requires Discipline and Patience. In this series, we are going to show you the wrong way to trade options on earnings. Then we will teach you through a series of examples the right way to go about trading options around earnings. Trading Options On Earnings: What are Earnings ? Earnings Reports take place quarterly for most US companies. It is when each business informs the public and analysts of their results during the previous quarter. These …

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