2022 TikTok Stock Price – Where to Buy TikTok Shares?

TikTok popularity over the last couple of years is second to none among social media.

As an investor, if you are still wondering if you can buy TikTok shares, this article is right for you.

TiTTok Stock Price in 2022 | What Is TikTok

I am pretty sure by now you have heard about the frenzy over TikTok.

In order to give you some perspective about TikTok popularity, here is the worldwide trends from Google trends over the last 5 years.

TikTok Worldwide Searches over Last 5 Years

From 2020 to the end of 2021, Searches on Google of the work “TikTok” have gone up almost 400%.

One cannot help to wonder what makes this yet another social media so captivating.

If we scrutinize the spike in popularity of this platform, once can see that it was a perfect storm.

People (should I say teenagers) were locked down during the pandemic and needed some entertainment.

TikTok came at the perfect time to serve that need to escape the daily reality.

Where Is TikTok Most Popular in the World? ?

Google trends provides a breakdown of the interest for Tiktok and the Top 5 regions are all in Asia.

I summarized them in the table below from highest interest at 100.

Position Based on Number of Online SearchesGeographical region
1 Score = 100Indonesia
2 Score = 55Philippines
3 Score =50Nepal
4 Score = 32Myanmar (Burma)
5 Score =29Cambodia

Who Is the Owner of TikTok?

The parent company for TikTok is Byte Dance.

ByteDance is based in Beijing, China.

ByteDance corporate headquarters are in located in Haidan district in Beijing as shown on the map below.

In fact, Tiktok is the international rendering of a Chinese based App from 2016 Called Douyin.

The largest shareholder of ByteDance in the holding empire SoftBank.

Where is TikTok Head Office in The US?

To date, the company has offices in 4 US cities: Mountain View, San Francisco, Austin and Chicago.

It US headquarters are in the Culver City near Los Angeles as depicted on the map below.

TikTok came under heavy scrutiny in 2019 in the US as it tries to launch its IPO.

That ambition was met with a mandate by US regulators.

Trending Items Searches for TikTok Query
#1Watermark TikTok
#2Downloader TikTok
#3Tiktok Videos
#4TikTok Tanpa Watermark
#5Download TikTok Tanpa Watermark

In order for Tiktok to operate freely in the US, it needed to be under the umbrella of a publicly traded US firm.

Microsoft (Ticker: MSFT) and Oracle (Ticker: ORCL) were to two US based companies to vie for that honor.

This agreement has not reached a resolution stage yet so time will tell.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - Turn $100 into $12000 in weeks

Is TikTok Legit?

Despite some negative publicity regarding inappropriate content for minors on its platform, Tiktok remains as legit as it can be.

The simple fact that its main competitor in the video arena, none other that YouTube started to position itself on the short videos segment says a great deal.

Indeed, in the alst quarter of 2020, YouTube launched a new video type called #shorts.

The length is to be less than 1 minute.

This new standard aim to compete with TikTok directly since the latter has been growing so much.

I can share a personal story here.

My YouTube channel benefited from this in November 2020 in order to reach monetization status.

Here is my first ever Short video on YouTube. Maybe it was even an initial TikTok video ?

How Does TikTok Make Money?

The concept of video sharing App is not new.

Main other companies have tackled on this without the level of success TikTok has displayed in such a short period of time.

However, it is the ecosystem TikTok has been able to create that makes it so appealing for investors.

What initially started as dancing platform has morphed into a great business tool.

Instead of just providing entertainment, many businesses jumped on-board TikTok to market their products to this growing audience.

These businesses pay TikTok money in order for their ads to display on TikTok videos.

Therefore, TikTok revenue is mainly from advertisers.

TikTok relies on video creators for content just like its main competitor YouTube.

It has stamped a watermark on all TikTok videos in order to prevent videos creators from re-using these videos elsewhere.

Here is a clever solution for that.

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What Is TikTok Price In The Stock Market

Since the US regulators did not facilitate Tiktok entry into the US stock market, there is not yet a stock price for TikTok.

The IPO is still in gestation phase.

Tiktok Stock Price Forecast

Given the amount of traffic and the growing User engagement on Tiktok, the stock price forecast for its IPO is bound to set all records.

Many investors would want to have the privilege to be the original owners of such a dynamic company.

I would dare to stay that TikTok stock price will soar at its IPO above the one of Tencent.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - Turn $100 into $12000 in weeks

Is TikTok a Buy After Its IPO?

Would that make Tiktok Stock a must buy ?

History is not on the side of the optimist.

Let me tell you why ?

In recent years, even the most promising stocks from China have struggled in the US listing.

I can provide you example of Alibaba (Ticker: BABA), NIO (Ticker: NIO) or Pinduodouo Inc (Ticker: PDD) just to name a few.

Here is the chart for PDD since its IPO in July 2018.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - PDD chart from Inception to Dec 2021
PDD Weekly Stock Chart from its IPO to Dec 2021

The recent context has taken PDD stock price fromthe highs of $200 to $50 to close 2021.

Should you invest in TikTok shares, one can only hope to avoid a similar roller-coaster.

How To Buy Tiktok Stock

Maybe the best way to buy Tiktok stock is through a listing in Hon-Kong should the company decide to pursue that safer route.

JD, Baba finally listed in Hong Kong Stock market to alleviate the scrutiny in the US.

Alternatives To Buying TikTok Shares in 2022

Going into 2022 and beyond, there are quite a few stocks from China which have shown great potential over the years.

Other than the afford mentioned ones, here is a short video (see what I did there 🙂 that provides an easy guide to buy good stock from China.

A recent competitor to TikTok is OnlyFans which is looking to go public.

How To Safely Invest Money

Since you are looking to invest and make money in TikTok stock, what if I told you there is a recession proof method to earn money.

Check it out below.

TikTok Stock price - Make Moeny during recession

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