2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts – Easy Free Tutorial

If you are looking for Day Trading Alerts to help you increase your trading profit in 2022 and beyond, then this step-buy-step tutorial will be very beneficial to you.

Traders have told me how difficult it is to find a reliable Day Trading Stock Alerts service online.

My intent is to introduce you to a highly consistent Day Trading Alerts System that will not only give you trades but also teach you how to find the best day trades for the rest of your life.

Day Trading Alerts | What Makes a Good Day Trading Stock System?

The majority of beginners Day traders spend their time hopping from one trading room to another without any idea where their next winning trade will come from.

How do I know this?

Answer 1: I used to be like that when I first start a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away 🙂

Answer 2: They tell me when they finally find my Day Trading alerts system.

By then, they have blown up a few accounts and thus looking for a way to recover some of the (big) losses.

Why is the reason for this you may wonder?

Lack of Consistency.

Consistent Day Trading Alerts

Anybody (especially beginners) can be lucky with a big winner day trading that one stock for the day.

However, if you cannot duplicate that trade over and over then you will find yourself losing a great deal of money.

I had this trader once from New York who read a day trade on AMZN I depicted on this blog.

Then, he decided to test the argument I was raising in that tutorial by going against my recommendation.

As a result, he ended up making over $USD 15000 on just one Swing trade.

Two months later, he sent me an email explaining how that early success in his Day trading journey was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Why ?

Because he got blindsided by the early profit and forgot to learn the basics of Day Trading.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Successful Tradings consistent ALerts over 24 weeks
24 weeks Consistent Day Trading Stock Alerts from successfultradings.com

Consequently, he went on a very long losing streak due to lack of a consistent methodology.

Whatever Day Trading Alerts service you decide to follow, make sure that it provides consistent results in ALL types of market conditions.

Such is the case of the Day Trading Stock Alerts from successfultradings.com as shown in the above picture.

From its inception in late May 2020 to the end of that year, the results over 24 weeks are very consistent.

Experts say that habits are typically developed over 21 days or 3 weeks.

Hence, you would agree with me that 24 weeks of great consistency in our Day Trading Stock Alerts is quite impressive.

Are your Trade Alerts Reliable ?

Another very important aspect of a good Day Trading Stock Alerts system is its reliability.

By this I mean are you able to take that trade each time without delay.

Many online Day Trading Alerts are delivered via mobile phones.

If you are familiar with mobile devices network, they are prone to have outages.

Therefore, you may be at the mercy of telecom services providers for your Trade Alerts.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Inside Successful Trading Discord Room
Successful Tradings Discord Server delivers Live Day Trading Alerts

In my case, I use a Discord channel to deliver the Live Day Trading Stocks picks.

Of course, you can argue that internet connectivity can be perturbed as well.

To which I will refer you to the next section when I reveal exactly how Successfultrading.com Trade alerts works.

What Is the Performance my Day Trading Alerts?

Lastly, you want a high performing Day Trade Alerts service.

After all, the reason you are paying for it is to be able to make money Day Trading.

Now, some traders out there do not believe in paying for such service.

I fully understand.

However, ask yourself this.

If a Day Trading Alerts Service is free, what is the obligation the owner of such system has towards you?

Absolutely none.

Hence you will be getting whatever you are paying for which most of them time does not amount to very much.

Instead, you will need to find one with these types of results.

Day Trading Alerts MetricsAchievement
Average Move Per Day Trading Stock Picks8%
Average Number of 10-Bagger (Options Trading) 2.1
Average Win Rate over 24-week period85%
Number of 10-Bagger (greater than 1000%) Winners50
Number of 50-Bagger (greater than 5000%) Winners4
Weekly Average number of Day Trading Alerts15
Successfultradings.com Day Trading Alerts Performance over 24-week

Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel

Successfultradings.com Day Trading Alerts are delivered through my Discord Channel <Successful Tradings>.

I have 5 room each dedicated to a different Day Trading Alerts Strategy.

Over the next paragraphs, I will take you through a Tour of my Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel.

How Does My Day Trading Stock Alerts Work?

First, I use the Day Trading Stock Alerts to setup weekly Options for our traders.

The Options Alerts picks are provided each Thursday through a watchlist before the close of the market.

Which means that the Traders in my discord know in advance what we will be trading over the following week.

Hence, the system is highly reliable with very few points of failure.

Should you encounter internet disruption on Thursday, you can easily create your watchlist on Friday before the market opens.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Day Trading Roku Call Options on  Dec 8 from 2190% profit to 6000% in 4 hours
Day Trading Roku Call Alerts on Dec8 2021 all the way to 6000% Profits

How Easy It to Day Trade My Alerts

If you are a beginner trader and happen to be concerned about Day trading my Trade Alerts, rest assured to because everything is designed for you to succeed.

This is part that truly set this Day Trading Alerts Service apart from many out there.

I created a set of videos to help you every single step of the way.

Let’s use the example of the Roku outstanding Day Trade from December 8.

As depicted on the image above, Roku 2545 Calls started running at 941am EST.

This means 11 minutes after the market has opened, you got the signal for the entry based on the video tutorial below.

Here is the breakdown of the Roku Day Trade on Dec 8.

9:41AM EST 2190%
12:41PM EST 3672%
1:22PM EST 4345%
1:42PM EST 6009%
Day Trading Alert on Roku Stock Option on Dec 8 2021

In just a mere 4 hours Day Trading Roku Calls, traders made $1100 profit on just one contract as it went from $6.40 to $17.4.

Now, if you are thinking that the only way to make money Day trading Roku calls on this day was to invest $600 then we need to talk.

You see, I will teach you in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session that you do not need to trade in the money (ITM) or expensive contracts to make big money.

In fact, you will learn that my day Trading Trade alerts specialize in out of the money contracts.

The reason for this is because of the reliability of the signal that trigger these Day Trading Alerts.

In average, we saw earlier that the move per stock is about 8%.

When you combine that with the fact that we trade weekly options, then you can understand the so many 10-Baggers winners.

Gang$Ta Strategy Day Trading Trade Alerts

This Day Trading Alerts Strategy is leveraging pre-market analysis gap to determine the trades.

Here is a summary of the Guidelines to take advantage of the huge profits from this one.

3 Limit BUY Orders for CAlls and Puts Typically for Between 1 cent and 25 cents : 6 Orders Total in Pre-MArket

IF Filled with One Side, Forced Limit Entry for other Side even if it is furthwer Out of the money.

Strikes Price and Expiration Are Given in Pre-MArket in GANG$TA Trade Channel

For Independent Trades, Use ATR Technique to Derive Adequate Strike Prices

How To Pick Easily Pick a Strike Price

Video: https://youtu.be/HX9ekDifrpQ

Live Day Trading Alerts inside Telex Updates Discord Channel

Inside the Telex Updates Discord Cahnnel, I provide Live Day Trading Alerts based on momentum from our options watchlist or any other stock.

As an example, we day traded TGT 227.5 Puts on Dec16 from 19 cents to $3.20.

This momentum trade was shared during the 4-hour run as depicted on the diagram below.

2022Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - TGT Day Trade paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021
TGT DayTrade Alert Paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021

Just like many traders in our Discord room, you would have been able to just follow the trend by taking partial profits along the way or adding more contracts using a trailing stop.

Truth be told, TGT was the third 10-Baggers Day Trade Alerts to go for 1000% on this week.

It started with ADBE on December 14, then JD followed up the next day before the aforementioned TGT 227.5 Puts.

Below are the highlights of this full week of Day Trade Alerts.

Swing Trading Trade Alerts

We have shared with you on this blog how profitable Swing trading can be.

Therefore, my Day Trading Alerts have a swing strategy technique as well.

One can enter a swing trader after completing a Day Trade on our DayTrade Alerts for moemntum continuation or reversal.

The other approach to swing trading is provided below by leveraging an easy scanner we have setup on Finviz.

Friday No Wahala Alerts

Before we can get you to that setup, Let’s share a multiyear study that has led to this Alert technique.

Within its own Discord channel, I provide 3 swing trades on Thursday all with expiration the following day.

Further details on the awesome success of this easy to trade yet very lucrative strategy can be found in this tutorial.

Overnight Swing Trade from Finviz

My approach to overnight swing trading is to recognize that a stock with momentum (notice I do not care about the direction – bullish or bearish is fine) will either continue or reverse.

Hence, by setting up a strangle (call + Put), I stand a great probability to make money the following day(s).

I provide these trades to our trade on as opportunities present themselves.

Since I teach all these strategies in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session with traders, some traders have been keen to take advantage of them.

Recently, a couple of traders scored a 30-bagger on Roku overnight swing trading the stock.

Here are the details of their trade from Dec 8 on the view below.

2022 Best day Trading Alerts - Roku Options paid 3000% in overnight swing Trading
3000% Swing Options Trading Roku Calls on Dec 8, 2021

The following week, another trader scored 1000% winner on QCOM Call in another Swing trade.

I believe it is worth These contracts cost was 20 cents and became $2 the next day.

As you can attest, you can make a lot of money day trading options in my Day Trading Alerts System.

2022Best Day Trading Alerts - Trader Made 1000% Swing Trading QCOM clals on Dec 16 2021
1000% Swing Trading QCOM Calls on Dec16, 2021

Day Trade Ideas Inside Successful Tradings Discord

The trade ideas channel is actually free Day Trading Alerts for anyone within my Discord.

I do not focus on this channel as much as on the Subscribers ones above.

Best Day Trading Alerts for 2022

As I mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial, I provide coaching to all the subscribers to my Day Trading Alerts.

These 1 vs 1 coaching session took place over Zoom meeting.

They are recorded each time and a copy is given to traders so that they can go over the content of the training at their own time as much as they need.

Live Options Day Trading Service

One of the most popular Day Trading Alert strategies is SPY.

In fact, I know very successful traders who trade SPY Options for a Living.

You can do that too.

However, since May 2021, I published a research and video on how QQQ is a better Day Trade instrument that SPY.

Here is the video depicting how to day Trade QQQ for big profit.

Day Trading Indices

Day trading indices is definitely part of my Day Trading Alerts.

SPY is still a great index for Day trading.

It is very liquid in the sense that the Bid and Ask on its option chain are very close no matter the strike price you are trading.

Day Trading QQQ For Big Profit

If you want to take advantage of QQQ Day Trade Alerts, then Successful Tradings Discord is the right place for you.

Day Trading IWM on expiration Day is now a great opportunity as well.

Because in the last quarter of 2021, market makers introduced Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays expiration just like its counterpart SPY and QQQ.

F.A.Q On My Live Day Trading Stocks Picks

  1. Can I get the Successful Tradings Live Day Trading Stocks Alerts for free?

Not really.

but from time to time, I share them on my Live Day Trading Morning Show on YouTube.

2. How Much money do you need to Day Trade my Alert System?

I have shown that how we can make money Day Trading options from as little as $1.

So, I guess that clearly addresses any concern you may have about needing a big account.

3. How To Subscribe to my Day Trading Alerts System?

Here is the Link for the 2022 Offer.


I shared the many Day Trading Alerts methodologies I have in my Discord room.

The performance of these Day Trading Stock Picks has been nothing less of outstanding since its inception in May 2020.

We have been able to make money when the markets are bearish as well as bullish as it does not matter.

Are you going to join us in 2022 and Beyond to Take your Trading to the Next Level or ill you continue to go from system to system without any consistency?