Is Lego stock a Good Investment in 2023

Lego is one of the most powerful brands in the world.

Many investors looking to grow their money on this company.

So, Is Lego stock a good buy in 2023 and beyond?

What is Lego Stock Price 2023?

Lego does not have a stock price yet.

Since its creation in 1949, the largest toy company in the world (as of 2021) is still privately held.

The Danish based Lego group created by Ole Kirk Christiansen continues to flourish across the world with its line of plastic toys.

Adults and children alike enjoy all types of items made of Lego prompting the question why this giant hasn’t gone public yet.

What company owns Lego?

The Lego group held by the Lego family owns Lego and all the manufacturing worldwide.

However, there are about 10 Lego theme parks in the word.

They are known as LEGOLAND amusement parks.

The control of these parks is 70% in the hands of big investment group Blackstone of New York (stock ticker: BX).

Therefore, The Lego family still holds about 30% of the value of Legolands.

Billund, DanmarkWindsor, EnglandGunzburg, Germany
Carlsbad, CaliforniaWinter Haven, FloridaPuteri, Malaysia
Dubai, U.A.ENagoya, JapanGoshen, New York
Legoland Worldwide Locations as of 2023

Are Legos a good Investment

Lego plastic bricks are very popular in all arrays of cultural works from books, films and classrooms as a pedagogic asset.

Consequently, it makes sense to think that Legos sets can rise in value over time.

Models built in 1949 can work just fine with 2022 designs.

Also, the flexibility and adaptability of Legos produce a unique ability to build different creations from the same basic set.

In fact, a very well-respected consulting firm ranked Lego as the world most powerful brand ahead of the iconic Ferrari.

Best Lego Investment in 2022 and 2023

#1. Star Wars Items

The best Legos to invest in in 2022 and 2023 are the ones with evergreen appeal.

What is more iconic than the Star Wars Franchise.

Any Legos associated with one of the characters of the cult film series is bound to appreciate over time.

#2. Marvel Movies Characters

Marvel is an ever-improving brand that is capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

It Legos creation are still cheap and turn to great investment in the very near future.

#3. Crypto Related Art

People are already chasing after NFT like there is no tomorrow.

Imagine what the price of Crypto related memorabilia will be in a few years when Crypto become even more mainstream.

Is Lego better than stocks

Given such strong appeal, can one consider Lego investment better than stocks.

At least on paper, stock market has outperformed almost all other types of investment in recent 20 years.

In average, stock market gains between 8% and 10% annually with the tech sector having even higher return.

However, the more time passes by, the older Lego models become rare collectibles which prices can easily skyrocket.

It is certainly not a bad idea to diversify part of your investment into this captivating brand that keep growing with time.

People Also Ask FAQs

How wealthy is the Lego family?

Lego family net worth is certainly way over the average person net worth.

Since the Lego company is not publicly traded, there is no recent estimate of how much worth the Lego family is.

Is there a Lego stock?

No, Lego does not have a stock directly yet due to the fact that the company has not gone through an IPO.

Nonetheless, Balckstone (Ticker:BX) holds the control of 70% of the Legoland amusement parks.

Did Lego buy Legoland back?

Lego has 30% ownership of Legolands.

The rest is held by New York based Blackstone.

Are unopened Lego a good Investment?

Rare Lego sets can become quite valuable especially nowadays where online stores make selling them quite easy.

A recent report indicated the Lego Star Wars protocol droid C3PO is worth $4million and continues to appreciate almost 3%annually.

Amazing Lego Creations from YouTube

Can I buy Lego Stock?

Not at this time because Lego is a privately held company.

Is Lego Stock a Good Investment in 2023 - Are Legos a good Investment
What would Lego stock Price be if it goes Public ?

How do I invest in Lego?

The best way to invest in Lego is most likely through the resale of some rare sets.

Some of the priciest items can fetch for over $1,000 online.

How much is the owner of Lego worth?

There is no public record of how much the owner of the Lego company is worth

How much do Lego engineers make?

According to, Lead mechanical engineer can make between $100k and $110k.

The salary for most engineering jobs at Lego ranges from $26k and $100k.

Is Lego owned by Disney?

No, Lego is not owned by Disney as of this writing.

Is Lego on NYSE?

Lego is not quoted on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq because Lego has not gone through an IPO yet.

What are Knockoff (Fake) Legos called?

Fake Legos are called bootleg Lego.

How can you recognize a fake Lego vs a real one?

The word Lego is printed somewhere on each piece of Lego thus making it difficult to duplicate.


Lego has its own YouTube channel with almost 15 million subscribers and growing.

Such an international reach warrants a very high price stock for Lego should the Lego family ever decide to go public.

In the meantime, one can only rely on the resale of Lego pieces online.

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