How To Use Webull Stock Screener – Easy Step by Step guide

Webull App and Desktop provide a stock screener to help traders find suitable stocks.

From long term investing through swing trading and stock or options day trading, Webull stock screener is well positioned to help you take your trading to the next level.

Webull Stock Screener on Mobile App

One of the biggest challenge aspiring and veteran traders share with me in my Discord room is how to pick stock to trade.

Often, I discover that a lack of a systematic approach is the main reason for this issue.

Webull platform aims to solve this problem by providing a very versatile stock scanner.

How To Find Stock To Trade On Webull

As traders, we need to find stocks that are moving to make money.

Now, I am going to tell you what I have been repeating in my coaching sessions.

Because I trade options, I do not really care about the direction the stocks are moving.

Why ?

Because I can make money with calls when the stock in going up and I can make money with Puts when the stock is going down.

Sometimes, I am able to make money both directions on the same stock on the same day.

Option # 1 : Using the Webull Calendar

Just below the Search Menu in Webull app, you can get to select one of the ways to find stock totrade on Webull.

The Calendar of events is the most obvious way to find stocks to to trade on Webull because these events will bring news that is likely to cause the concerned stocks to move.

How To Use Webull Stock Screener - How to Find Stocks to Trade on Webull
Screener , Top Gainers and Calendar Menu on Webull App

Once you select the calendar, the next view will display an Earnings, Dividends and Splits Menu.

Below is the Earnings view list of company set to release quarterly Earnings in the morning of this writing.

How TO Use Webull Stock Screener - Calendar for Earnings
Earnings Calendar on Webull App

If you want to save these stocks in a watchlist, click on the “+” icon on the top right and you will be able to select from the list which ones to include in your watchlist of choice.

Option #2: Find Stocks Using the Webull App Screener

If you are new to screener or scanner, these are very easy set of conditions you provide to a search tool to select all the stocks that meet your pre-defined conditions.

Such conditions can be based on technical analysis as well as fundamental of the companies.

How To Use Webull Stock Screener - Creating an Easy Screener Menu
Webull Filters for Easy Stock Screener

Examples of technical settings are how are the EMAs (Moving Average) in regard to the price or RSI (Relative Strength Index).

For Fundamental criterias, you can select from P/E ratio, EPS, Dividends yield, Net MArgin or Debt to Asset.

Webull Penny Stock Screener

If you are interested in creating a penny stock screener on Webull App, the main filter you need to decide on is the Price of the stocks.

Here are the steps to create your first Webull Penny Stock Screener:

  1. You can leave the market region as United states.

2. Then proceed by clicking on price to see the following view.

3a. Move the slider (blue line) to the left and right until you are satisfied with your price ranges. Notice how the estimated matches vary.

3b. You can simply type the lowest price on the left box and the highest price in the right box

4. Click on Save then Save your Screener with an Easy to remember . I like to use the the price range in the case of penny stocks screeners.

How TO Use Webull Stock Screener - Webull Penny stocksScreener
Webull Penny Stock Screener from $2 to $10

Webull Screener for Swing Trading

For Swing trading, the filter to use on your Webull screener should be mostly technical.

Webull provide up to 9 technical indicators you can combine to get your desired screener.

I have used the three highlighted on the chart below with great success.

how To Use Webull Stock Screener - 3 easy filters for swing trading screener are MACD Golden Cross, MA5 Cross Over MA10 and Bullish engulfing
3 Powerful Filters For Webull Swing Trading Screener

These 3 filters happen to be for bullish setups.

  • MACD Golden Cross | This one is when the Moving Average convergence Divergence starts trending up s price is looking to go up
  • MA 5 Cross Over MA 10 | The moving average 5 period is the recent momentum and therefore a bullish indicator when it start leading the older momentum MA10
  • Bullish Engulfing | The name says it all – here the current green candle must absorb the previous day candle

Webull Stock Screener For Day Trading

Day trading is all about current momentum so the settings we gather for this Webull have to capture the up to the moment movement.

Here is a short video on how to create your Webull stock screener for day trading.


Alternative To Webull Stock Screener

One of the best alternative to Webull Stock Screener is the Finviz Screener.


I provided numerous filters to create Webull stocks screener depending on your type of trading.

Should you want to learn more about other screeners we use to generate big profits in our 10-Baggers trading system,

schedule a free 1 vs 1 Consultation today.

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