Is MMAT Stocktwits helping investors in 2022

MMAT stocktwits has over 38000 watchers or followers.

That did not prevent the stock from diving since from $21 to less than a dollar since June 2021.

which beg the question: Is MMAT huge Stocktwits fan base helping new investors make rational decision about this company?

MMAT Stock Company Overview

Meta Material Inc, is now the official name of the company that used to be called Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc.

It has 130 employees and is located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The company primary business is the design, development and commercialization of functional materials.

What are some of the functional materials Meta manufactures?

  • Wireless sensing
  • 5G communication devices
  • holographic optical components
  • Glucowise device to help prevent hypoglycemic occurrences

Analysts MMAT Stock Price Forecast

Given that the 52-week range for MMAT stock is 0.88 on the low end and $6 on the high end, analysts are too optimistic in their forecasts of MMAT stock.

The average price is set to $3 while the highest forecast for MMAT stock is $5.

But do not tell to the MMAT Stocktwits followers for you may throw a grain of salt into their high hoes.

Truth be told, MMA stocktwists is not the only stock forum with a large fan base about this stock.

Webull traders for MMAT stock are as high as 263K and growing as of the writing of this expose.

The stock is currently #39 on the Webull popularity List which means that a lot of traders are sharing their opinion about it.

You even will find super follower on Twitter such as the one below.

Other MMAT stock Discussions Forum like MMAT Stocktwits

If you want to perform extra investigation after your due diligence, here are some of the other places where you will find news on MMAT stock.

MMAT Stock on Yahoo FinanceMMAT Stock News on
MMAT Stock on Finviz.comMMAT on Tradingview
MMAT Stock News on social media and Forums

As I investor, I like MMAT Finviz the most because the lion share of the content is strictly about the fact.

I know Finviz felt the need to include MMAT stocktwits feed on the side but that is not too much of a distraction considering the huge fundamental dataset you have access to on this often-overlooked platform.

Here ia a nice view of MMAT stock fundamentals from finviz.

Is MMAT Stocktwits helping investors - MMAT stock fundamental from Finviz
MMAT Stok Fundamentals from Finviz | YTD Return is negative 62%

What do People Think about MMAT stock on YouTube?

Here is one very enthusiastic YouTuber on MMAT stock.

The fellow is bullish on a recent news he believes will be a great catalyst for MMAT stock to rise from its status of penny stock.


MMAT Stocktwits is one of many social media trading forums where you can find other investors to complement your due diligence before investing in MMAT stock.

Our recommendation is always to verify and double check any information someone is freely providing about a potential investment.

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