What is The Best Stock Trading Forum?

Traders like to enjoy a community of traders where they can learn and grow through the expertise of others.

Unfortunately, finding such a serious Stock trading Forum can be a challenge.

Today, we are taking a look at the Top 5 best stock trading forums to help you become a better trader in 2022 and beyond.

What is a stock trading Forum?

A stock trading forum is place where traders gather to talk and discuss stocks trading.

The above sentence does not mention anything about learning or growing, does it?

That is because in reality, stock trading forum can turn into empty spaces for distraction, entertainment and anything else but not the main sought goal for someone who want to learn how to trade stocks.

Why are Stock Trading Forums Important?

Stock trading forums are important for beginners to help build their knowledge through the interaction with more experienced traders.

Thye also serve as a support system for traders who share the same investment goals.

For instance, if you find a forum where most traders are bullish on a stock, then you can cry together when the trade is going against you.

What is the Best Stock Trading Forum - AMD Example of Cult Stock
AMD Example of Cult Stock Forum

Yeah, I pick that example on purpose.

The opposite is also true.

Have you been in AMD Stock twits forum where everyone thinks the stock can only go to the moon?

How To Choose the Best Stock Trading Forum in 2022

The best stock trading forum is one where you get to learn and grow as a trader.

You are not looking for any form of entertainment, Netflix is still there for that.

So you will need to study the content.

Is it based on mere opinions or interpretations of market news to support someone point of view?

Since most stock trading forums are free, you may need to try several ones.

I often hear traders in my Discord room tell me they have been looking for me for over a year!

why is that you may ask?

Because in my stock trading forum, there is very little room for too much distraction.

Do not get me wrong, we have fun.

Typically, after a brilliant trade from one of our best trading strategies.

The main goal is for traders in a stock trading forum is to gather knowledge.

Then use this knowledge to spotlight opportunities.

Finally, turn those opportunities into winning trades.

Should you Pay to Join a Stock Trading Forum?

If you have the means, it is best to invest in your early education by signing up with a paid stock trading forum.

The best ones do have a Discord room where you can evaluate their past interactions before you decide if it is the right one for you.

Top Stock Trading Forums is 2022

#1. The Trading Fraternity – this one has over 80k followers on Instagram alone.

It also features a very popular YouTube channel where followers can further their knowledge.

#2 Max Options Trading is another stock trading forum on Instagram where you can discuss and talk stock trading.

#3. Options on Wall_ST is a stock forum that specialize in Options trading.

The art of stock trading

Summary of best stock Trading Forums in 2022

Stock Trading ForumsMedium#Followers
1The Trading FraternityInstagram | YouTube80k
2Max Options Trading Instagram28k
3Options on WALL STInstagram48k
4Options Trading with SteveInstagram30k
5Webull Option TalkWebull 12k
6TradingView CommunityTradingViewOver 5 Million
7StocktwitsStocktwits Varies by Stocks
List of Valuable Stock Trading Forums

People Also Ask FAQs

What is the best online stock trading site for a beginner?

If you are a beginner trader, the best way to go about learning how to trade is to have a dedicated coach or mentor.

The reason for this is because is a free forum, you do not control the pace of your learning.

You are not in charge of the topics being discussed.

Hence, a great deal of beginner traders waste so much time to get the knowledge they need.

My recommendation: The best stock trading site for a beginner is one you pay for.

Invest early in your education, you will save time and money down the road.

Why don’t you give successfultradings.com a chance today to give you the skills you need to become an independent successful stock trader.

What is the Best Stock Trading Forum - How To Trade Options Successfully
Successful Tradings features a dedicated Stock Trading Forum

Which trading App is best for Beginners

I have reviewed the main Trading Apps in the US and the ranked them based on their respective value for beginners.

Here are the Top2 in order of my preference.

#1. E*TRADE App – This Trading App is very easy to set up and trade from for beginners.

It comes with an easy-to-use Demo account.

You can trade stocks, options and futures from the anywhere with an internet connection.

#2. Webull Trading App – what I really like the most here is the Webull charts

You can trade Crypto, stocks well as options from the palm of your hands.

There are some advanced features such as Webull Level 2 and Webull Volume analysis I have described on

my YouTube videos below.

How do I get the best stock advice?

Based on my experience, if you are really interested in good stock advice, you may just have to pay for it.

Think about it, anything piece of valuable information that is completely free and can make you a lot of money is quite rare.

It is better to invest a reasonable amount of money to get the best stock advice.

Otherwise, you are simply relying on the luck of the moment and does not have a consistent method to grow your net worth.

Is Reddit good for stock advice?

Reddit is a forum community for all topics.

The moderators in Reddit are not responsible for vetting the quality of the content for stock advice.

As long as the content follow their community guidelines, anyone can share an opinion on any stock of their liking.

Does that make Reddit a good place for stock advice?

I think that it is very unlikely because in today’s internet, you could easily have paid posters whose sole intent is to deceive would-be investors.

What are the best Subreddits for stocks?

With the caveat that you still need to do your own due diligence before following any stock advice on the internet,

here are the Top Subreddits for stocks.

  • r/stocks | this is the main subreddit with 4.3 members which means that a lot of people are interested in this content
  • r/StocksAndTrading has 102k followers
  • r/stockstobuytoday gathers 16k members to date
  • r/Stocks_Picks counts 12k readers and growing

FINAL THOUGHTS on Best Stock Trading Forum

I shared the Top stock Trading Forums to consider in 2022 and beyond.

The emphasis for a beginner stock trader should be on quality education.

With free stock forums, it can be a challenge to shorten your learning curve.

Hence, the wise approach may well be to consider paying for your trading education.

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