How do I trade on weekends when the stock market is closed?

For traders who happen to need more trading opportunities than the ones offered during weekdays,

they must find alternate trading systems just for the weekends.

We are going to offer you a full review of all possible trades you can partake on weekends.

How Do you trade on Weekends when stock market is Closed?

US Stocks markets are closed on weekends and holidays. So, for die hard traders who want to make money 7 days per week, there are other opportunities to trade mainly with Crypto currencies and futures.

Crypto can be traded 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and the choices are ever increasing.

If Cryptos are not to your taste, then you can focus on Futures Trading starting at 6PM EST on Sunday’s night.

For busy traders who may have other occupations during weekdays, trading on weekends is the only option.

Or for those who feel there are not enough opportunities during the regular trading sessions of the stock market, Saturdays and Sunday’s trading is a real possibility.

What Can you trade on weekends?

The main instrument you can trade on weekends is cryptocurrencies.

Crypto trade each day for 24 hours nonstop.

You have a choice over a large number of coins you can choose from.

What do you need to trade Crypto on weekends?

The first step to start trading Crypto on weekends is to create a trading account.

My preference for a Crypto trading platform is Webull.

You can add money on your Webull account quite easily.

The same day you will have enough Buying Power to start trading right away.

You can trade over 50 different Crypto Webull

BitcoinDogecoinShiba InuCardanoEthereumApecoin
SolanaCosmosDecentralandFantomThe GraphLitecoin
Bitcoin CashEthereum ClassicDashStellarZCashBasic Attention Token
ChainlinkUniswap Protocol TokenAlgorandPolygonAvalancheSushi
TerraRENCurve DAO TokenLoopringTezosUSD Coin
AaveAmpFileCoinInternet ComputerMakerEnjin Coin Coinyearn.financeSynthetixChilizGalaBancor Network Token
List of Crypto You Can Trade on Webull

What are the best Crypto to trade on weekends

If you are a beginner or if you need signal to trade crypto on weekends, here are the Top3 Live Crypto Trading Channels on YouTube,

My recommendation for all beginner traders is to make sure that you understand the risk associated with your trade.

Do not just blindly follow a Guru because he/she is providing a Signal

It may be best to invest time/money to learn how to trade so that the signals just enhance your own due diligence.

#1. Ted Gets Bread | Shiba Inu Coin Live Signal Stream

#2. Meir Barak | Tradenet DayTrading Academy

#3. Project MoonGold

Futures are available on Sunday Evening

For those who do not want to trade Crypto on the weekends when the stock market is closed, you can trade futures.

I prefer to trade futures on ETRADE.

Indices futures are the best suited for weekend trading.

US30, US500 or US Tech 100 are the one I like the most.

The main issue with Futures on the weekends is the lack of liquidity.

Therefore, you must me mindful of your entries and exit in regard to spreads.

You Can Use Finviz to Track Futures on weekends

Finviz is a good tool to use for trading other commodities on the weekends when the stock market is closed.

How do I trade on weekends when the stock market is closed - how to track futures on Finviz
How to track Futures on Finviz on weekends

Why do you need to trade on weekends?

I have been trading stocks and options since 2014.

Once you are doing trading full time, weekends are welcome to take a break and relax.

It enables you to go back and review some trades, setup your strategies for the upcoming week.

Can Trading on weekend hurt your Trading account?

Over trading can be harmful for your trading account.

Imagine if you are chasing trades on weekends and you lack the funds during the stock market trading sessions to take advantage of your methodologies.


I shared how you can trade Crypto and Futures on weekends when the stock market is closed.

Some nice trading tools and platforms of choice were provided so that you can take full advantages of the opportunities.

In trading Crypto or futures over the weekends, the most important thing is to understand your Risk Level and avoid blindly following Gurus.

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