Webull vs E*Trade – E*Trade vs Webull: which one is best for you?

In the very competition sphere of online trading brokers, Webull is making great strides against more established platforms like E*TRADE.

In this Webull vs ETRADE tutorial, I will present you with unique insights and facts to help you determine which one of these two brokers fills your trading needs in 2022 and beyond.

Webull vs ETRADE or ETRADE vs Webull

Let me preface by telling you that I have been using both of these brokers from many years now,

ETRADE has been my default trading platform since 2016.

I created an account with Webull in 2019.

Since then, my YouTube videos on Webull and ETRADE have featured all the benefits and advantages of each broker.

Is ETRADE better than Webull ?

Based on my over 4 years of using Both ETRADE and Webull along with a survey of 100 traders from my Discord Chennel, the now owned Morgan-Stanley ETRADE still gets the nudge. ETRADE gets 92% score vs 87% for the newcomer Webull.

ETRADE is the clear winner because of its great educational content, investments assets such as stocks, options and futures, its ease to use through Power ETRADE, a nice Mobile App and a24/7 Customer service that will support you with all your trading needs.

Summary of Webull vs ETRADE

Education and Training18 out of 2020 out of 20
Mobile Trading Applications10 out of 109 out of 10
Investments Variety9 out of 107 out of 10
Due Diligence Research8 out of 109 out of 10
Platforms and Tools17 out of 2019 out of 20
User Interface16 out of 2020 out of 20
Commissions and Fees9 out of 108 out of 10
Summary Score87/10092/100
Individual ReviewsWebull ReviewETRADE Review
Webull vs ETRADE Overall Survey Results from 100 traders

For the categories, I had to decide which ones to give more weighting towards so that we could get a rounded 100 score.

After another survey from my traders, I settled on giving priority to the Education, the platforms and tools and the Ease of Use of the User interface.

All 3 of these get a maximum score of 20 while the other features were scored on a 10 scale.

Education and Training

Stock EducationYesYes
ETFs EducationYesYes
Mutual Funds and Bonds EducationNoYes
Crypto EducationYesNo
Futures EducationNoYes
Paper TradingYes (finally!)Yes
Retirement EducationYesYes
Internation Markets EducationYesNo
Webull vs ETRADE Comparison on Training and Education Offerings

Trading Commissions and Fees

Minimum Deposit$0$1,000 (to get Live Quotes)
Stocks Trades$0$0
ETF Trade Fees$02 cents
Mutual Fund Fee per trade$0$19.99
Options Fees per contract$0$0.5 after 1st 3 months ($0.65 default)
Futures per contractN/A$1.5
Trade over the phone FeeN/A$25
Webull vs ETRADE Fees Comparison

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If you have been trading for a couple of years with ETRADE or nay broker for that matter, you can call them up and negotiate your trading fees. I currently pay 30 cents per contract with ETRADE since negotiating with them in 2018.

Margin Rates

Dollar Amount ($)WebullETRADE
Less than 25K8.95%6.99%
between 25k and 50k8.45%6.49%
between 50 k and 99k7.95%6.49%
between 100k and 250k7.45%5.99%
between 250k and 500k6.95%5.49%
between 500k and 1 million6.45%4.99%
greater than 1,000,0005.45%4.99%
Webull vs ETRADE Margin Rates

Margin vs Cash Account: Should you Trade on Margins?

Investments Offerings

Investment TypesWebullETRADE
Crypto TradingYesNot Yet
Number of Coins to TradeOver 500
Stocks TradingYesYes
Fractional Shares TradingYesNot Yet
OTCBB/ Pink SheetsNoYes
Mutual FundsNoYes
International MarketsYesNo
Options TradingYesYes
Options Trading Restrictions in Volatile ConditionsYes !No
Webull vs ETRADE Investments Offerings

Available Order Types

Types of OrdersWebullETRADE
Market OrderYesYes
Limit OrderYesYes
After Hours TradingYesYes
Stop Loss OrderYesYes
Trailing Stop OrdersNot YetYes
Open Until Close OrdersYesYes
Broker Assisted OrderNoYes ($25 Fee)
Webull vs ETRADE Order types

Stock and Options App Features

FeaturesWebull ETRADE
Watchlist Creation for stocks and OptionsYesYes
Watchlist ManagementYesYes
Watchlist Filtering for stocks and OptionsYesYes
Alerts on Options and StocksYesYes
Options Chains ListingYesYes
Watchlist Live UpdatesYesYes
Webull vs ETRADE Trading Apps

Charting Capabilities

Stocks ComparisonYesYes
Custom StudiesYesYes
Technical Analysis StudiesOver 50 and growingOver 50
Multiple TimeframesYesYes
After Hours AvailabilityYesYes
Webull vs ETRADE Charting Capabilities

Trading Chart Features

Multiple Indicators and Studiesover 125over 50
Add Notes on ChartsYesYes
Overlay Index such as SPY, QQQ, DIA, IWMYesYes
Historical TradesYesYes
Custom Day RangeYesNo
Template SavingYesYes
Trade IdeasYesNo
Custom StudiesYesNo
Company events (Dividend, Earnings, stock Splits)YesYes
Drawing ToolsOver 35Over 30
Webull vs ETRADE Charting features

Day Trading Features

Streaming times and SalesYesYes
Level 2 Quotes DataYes, with Volume profileYes, but.
Streaming TVNoYes (Bloombeg TV Feed)
Ladder TradingNoNo (only on Futures)
Hot Keys TradingYesYes
Strategies BackTestingNoNo
Hard to Borrow IndicatorYesYes
Live Option FlowNoYes !
Webull vs ETRADE DayTrading Features

Stock Fundamental Analysis Research | Due Diligence

Stock Research – PDF Reports06
Earnings AnalysisYesYes
Insiders ReportsYesYes
SEC FilingsYesYes
Balance Sheet and Cash FlowYesYes
News FeedYesYes
Corporate Sustainability Reports (ESG)NoNo
Webull vs ETRADE Stock Research

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Research

Strategy Overview and ComparisonYesYes
Inception DateYesYes
Expense RatioYesYes
Net AssetsYesYes
Top 10 and Total HoldingsYesYes
Performance AnalysisYesYes
Sector exposureYesYes
Risk AnalysisYesNo
PDF ReportsYesNo
Webull vs ETRADE ETF Research comparison

Options Trading Capabilities

Option Chains Basic viewsYes + Tree ViewYes
Streaming Options ChainsYes (Finally!)Yes
Options Greek streamingYes (Finally!)Yes
Quick AnalysisYesYes
Profit and Loss (P&L) chartsYes
Positions GreeksYesYes
Options RollingNoYes
Option Positions GroupingNoYes
Option Simulation Trade LabNoYes
Webull vs ETRADE Option Features


ETRADE is a member of the FDIC that provides full banking services.

Your ETRADE bank account comes with checking and savings accounts that you can link to your trading for ease of money transfer.

Debit and credit cards are also available from ETRADE with their recent acquisition by Morgan Stanley.

Webull on the other hand does not provides any banking feature or even mortage loans which ETRADE is currently offering.

Customer Service Support

Phone Support – Current and Prospect CustomersYes, hard to get thoughYes
Email SupportYesYes
Live Chat SupportNoYes
24/7 Customer SupportNoYes
Webull vs ETRADE Customer Service Support


I have been using ETRADE since 2016 and Webull platform since 2019.

To compare Webull vs ETRADE, I surveyed 100 traders from my Discord room who are users of both ETRADE and Webull over the years.

The rating score came out in favor of Webull albeit these number are way closer than our original 2019 review of Top trading platforms in the US.

Also, I have provided extended resources for beginning options traders on my YouTube channel and this blog to help you take your trading to the next level.

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