What is Webull Customer Service Phone Number

Looking for Webull Customer service phone number to speak to someone regarding a problem on Webull trading platform.

Learn how to get a hold of Webull Customer service today without wasting anytime.

What Is Webull Customer Service Phone Number?

Webull trading platform has grown so much between 2019 and 2022 according to Google Trends.

However, with more trader traders on board, more and more people need to reach Webull Customer service to get help on specific issue.

Unfortunately, Webull Customer Service phone number 888.275.1485 is hard to reach and speak to a human being.

Instead, if you have an issue on Webull and you need help, go to your Webull trading App.

Then go to the menu, select the “Help Center” and click on “Contact US” at the bottom.

What happens after you Contact Webull Customer Service?

After you select “Contact Us” on the Webull Help center, you will have the opportunity to write a message to Webull Customer service.

Again, there is no phone number to speak with a Webull Customer service representative.

The company corporate office is located in Hong Kong.

Here is their address just in case you would ever need it.

Address:Suites 2509-12, 25/F, Tower 6, The Gateway, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Webull Customer service Phone number - Webull offices are located in Hong Kong
Webull Corporate Offices are located in Hong Kong

Because of Webull international corporate office, there is no Webull customer phone number US traders can call to for issues resolution.

You have to use Webull online Help center to either send a message or use the self Help center as described below.

I used the Webull Help Center many times before and they will typically reply back within 48 hours except if your inquiry is originated over the weekend.

In which case, you can expect a response back by the end of the second business day.

The Webull Help Center page looks like the image below.

Webull Customer Service Phone Number - Webull App Help Center Hot FAQs
Ho to reach Webull Customer Service

Webull Customer Service on the Webull Help Center

The Webull Customer service through their Help Center offered two items for personalized help.

One of them is through your free stocks and the other is for your Risk Management (RM).

By selecting any one of those two links on Top, Webull customer service will show exactly where your trading account stand in regard to free stocks and Risk management respectively.

Hot FAQs on Webull Customer Service Help Center

Your other choices are available through what Webull has summarized as FAQs.

Here are the nine major FAQs Webull has categorized with ready answers.

Why can’t I Withdraw My Cash Immediately?How Can I change to a cash Account or Margin Account?What is Day Trading ?
Things to Know about Crypto TradingWhy was my Account charged for ADR Fees?Can I trade during Extended Hours on Webull?
When Will My Tax documents be available?How can I download my Tax documents?Why do I have 0 “Day-Trades left”?
Webull Customer service most frequent Question

Should you need help with Webull Margin vs Cash account, here is my YouTube video on how to select margin vs Cash account on Webull.

Does Webull Customer Service offer Live Chat

Webull Customer service does not offer any Live Chat at this time.

The best way to get a hold of Webull Customer service is by sending a message to Webull from the Help Center on your mobile app.

Unlike other trading platforms in the US such as ETRADE, Webull is still lacking on this great feature.

Alternative to Webull Customer Service Phone Number

If you are someone who absolutely wants to speak to a human being on Webull Customer service on the phone, there is a company out there that is not affiliated to Webull.

In fact, this company does this for multiple other companies.

You get to call “GetHuman” and they will try to reach Customer Service for any company on your behalf.

You may be surprised at first because you may think the phone number they provide for Webull Customer service is directly to Webull representative.

What is Webull Customer Service number - 8888280618 from GetHuman does not reach Webull Customer Service
8888280618 Will not help you reach Webull Customer Service via phone

No, that number as seen below is to reach the company representatives who will act on your behalf to try to reach Webull Customer service over the phone.

This strategy work great for a customer service with a real phone number but unfortunately, that will not be of any help with Webull Customer Service.

Company Offering you to Send an Email to Webull

Another company with a subdomain name that start with Webull provides the above number as Webull Customer service phone number.

It even offers you to send an Email through its website.

I will doing a full review of this company shortly after I gather further information.

People Also Ask FAQs

Does Webull have a Customer Service 24/7

At this time, Webull does not have a Customer Service 24/7 which would mean that you could call them every day anytime a get a hold of them.

The number that is floating on the internet for Webull 24/7 Customer service will not get you someone on the other end on Saturdays, Sundays or whenever the market is closed.

I just called it several times as I am writing this information on a Sunday 5:45PM Pacific time.

How to contact Webull in App?

Simply go to the Menu on the bottom right-hand side of the App.

Then select Help Center and at the bottom of the Help center page, you will see a link for Contact Us.

You will select it and type your message for Webull Customer support.

What is Webull Customer service Response Time?

If you send Webull Customer service a message from your Webull app through their “Contact Us” Link, you can expect a response in 48 hours or less depending if you try reach time on a weekend.

I have tried it many times for inquiries regarding my Webull account and thus I am providing this answer according to my experience.

FINAL THOUGHTS On Webull Customer Service Phone Number

Beware of misinformation on the internet about Webull Customer Service phone number.

For the time being, the only reliable method to contact Webull Customer service is through Webull app Help Center by sending a direct message to or using one of the Hot FAQs available to you.

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