FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading

Allow me to introduce you to FlowAlgo  and How it will revolutionize (your) Trading.

In the world of investing and Online Options trading, newsletters are abundant.

Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to determine what to follow.

I will show you how the Big Money Traders (we call them the Sharks) find their ways to get to the Top.

FlowAlgo is a new online service that gives retail traders access to which stocks and options the Sharks are trading.


For my many years scrutinizing the markets, I was always puzzled by some of the unexpected movements in some securities.

What Is FlowAlgo ?

We know the markets in random but we are talking about some severe price variation without any news to justify such drastic moves.

Just like many retail traders, I was in the dark, oblivious of the big flows of money on securities that I was trading.

Well, that was then.

Now, there is FlowAlgo.

As it is not uncommon to encounter FlowAlgo review or its plural FlowAlgo reviews when researching this term on the internet.

FlowAlgo.com is a relatively new service (It was launched in September 2017) that offers Live feed for big money Options and Equities.

The equities have fifteen minutes delay.

Main Features of FlowAlgo

Some features of the platform are:

  • Real Time Options Flow: the Buys at the Ask Price is what the site is tracking
  • Dark Pool Prints
  • Historical Flow: Ability to view the last 500 buys on any stock for equity and Options
  • Equity Level: Helps determine support and resistance big level based on money flow
  • Unusual Volume
  • Top Open Interest
  • AI based Alpha: Provide Live Recommendations on Options
  • Voice Alerts – I Love this feature!!

Does FlowAlgo has an App ?

FlowAlgo does not come up with a dedicated App in the true sense.

On your mobile devices, you can launch the web version of FlowAlgo with the same capabilities as on your computer.

The navigation across the many features is not quite as easy given the dimensions phones.

However, you will be able to conduct quick and easy research on your favorite ticker without too much struggle.

To give you an idea about the full abilities of this tool whose main goal is to provide real time option flow and dark pool, here is a video tutorial with a description of all of the features.


So now, no more guessing on why such and such stock is making move one could not even dream of.

Flowalgo provides the insights on what may be happening in the background that we could not guess before.

How To Use FlowAlgo

Wouldn’t you want to know if a ratings Downgrade is coming the next day or sometimes after hours on a stock you decided to take a Swing trade  on ?

Well, with the help of FlowAlgo, we are almost tipped off about an impeding news or announcement that will make our stock move.

The information on this platform is very complimentary of any methodology.

The major benefit is  for the trader to know which side of his/her trade the big money is located.

For instance, Let’s say you am holding calls options from your methodology analysis.

How To Trade The Dark Pool Prints

You need to be weary if the stock  you are trading those options with happens to be trading below the most recent Dark Pool prints.

A stock trading below the Dark prints suggest that the action is bearish which is opposite of holding calls options.

The concept of Dark Pool is fully explained and can help avoid taking positions opposite from the Dark Pool money.

All of this is what makes FlowAlgo the Best Options Trading Alert Service out there today.


I have been FlowAlgo since it was launched in September 2017 and I still use it today.

The first thing one notices inside FlowAlgo is the voice than consistently recites all the incoming flow of equities and options.

Voice Activated Option Flow

I think this feature is actually very useful because of two main reasons.

Trading can sometimes make the trader so lonely so this voice provide some type of emotional comfort while managing positions.

The second benefit I discovered is that it gives me the market pulse.

Let me explain here.

When you are sitting on a Tuesday or Wednesday during those sideways hours when nothing seems to move, a sudden flow on a specific stock is a good indication to pay attention for upcoming movement.

It that flow happens to be on SPY, QQQ or IWM (these are the three main traded ETFs in the markets), that can prove a direction for the market.

Take a look at this video depicting How FlowAlgo Order Leads To Over 2000%  Profit.

Of course, one can also directly trade Options on these ETFs.

I know very successful traders who have built their main strategies around trading SPY or SPX.

Learn How To Profit From Winning Strategies on SPY and QQQ in My 10-Baggers Trading System

SPY, QQQ, IWM Prints From FlowAlgo

Also, the equity flows on these ETFs give options traders critical level of support an resistance they can use to determine the bullishness or the bearishness of the market.

A straightforward rule of thumb is the price action of a security is above a major print price, that is bullish meaning price is too go higher and therefore calls can be bought.

Conversely, if the price of a security breaks below a major print price, one can expect that trend to continue down.

In practical sense, these equity prints provide a very accurate barometer of for each security in general and for the market in particular if such equity happen to be a market ETF such as SPY, QQQ or IWM.


Here is the perfect illustration of the above remark.

Back on October 10 2018, signature prints (these have special codes you will learn about in the documentation) came in for SPY at 287.4.

How many ? 37 of them. Here is the kicker.

Case Study of the Dark Pool Print on SPY ETF

Go back and check the OHLC (Opening Price, High Price, Low Price and Closing Price) for that day.

You will discover that SPY never trader anywhere near 287.4 on that day.

So, what’s going on here ?

Well, SPY traded up to 288.86 the previous day on October 9.

Conclusion ?

These were late prints from the previous day. 37 prints at 287.4 makes it a Super Major level.

These prints from previous day trades are Darkpool prints.

“Dark” comes from the fact that they are hidden from the markets participants.

This is done by big money funds by routing their trades through their overseas offices in Europe.

Since they must report these trades within 24 hours, we get to see them the next day !

So, on October 10, the opening price on SPY was 286.83 below the above Super Major Level.

The candle for October 10 was all red and SPY lost over 8 points on that day alone.

This action gave a clear direction for the market: for the next 13 days or so, SPY went on to lose 26 points.

This knowledge benefited all of the traders who had this knowledge through this powerful tool FlowAlgo.


Flow Algo recently made its offering much more appealing for newcomers compared to when I first subscribed.

FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading - Chart of FlowAlgo Pricing with 3 Choices to Fit You Need and Budget
FlowAlgo Pricing with 3 Choices: Yearly Plan is the Cheapest
  • One can Drive Test is for two full weeks for $37 then upgrade to a monthly payment of $149/month
  • Then Upgrade anytime for a Quarterly Plan that brings down the monthly Price to $129/month
  • Or Upgrade anytime for the Annual Plan that yield a monthly Price of $99/month

The other way you may think of the value provided by Flow Algo is to think in terms of competition.

What Are The Alternatives To FlowAlgo ?

In recent months, I have researched two Flow Algo Similar fir the purpose of this review.

The first one is Black Box Stocks which I am yet to use but know but they often advertise on Stocktwits.


Traders in my Discord Channel (Ask me in the comments how to get your Access) seem to think that a comparison FlowAlgo vs. Blackboxstocks can provide them with the edge in their trading.

Blackboxstocks may spit out more options flow because of their filtering criteria ( buy at bid or Ask price) but that does not mean that you will necessarily make more money on those trades.

Also, there is the danger of  information overdose which can lead to analysis paralysis.

Flow Algo Is The future of Trading - USer Interface of Blackboxstocks
User Interface of Black Box Stocks

The second one is a more recent newcomer and is called Cheddar flow.

So, How is FlowAlgo vs Cheddar Flow ?

I am glad you asked 🙂

Cheddar Flow

FlowAlgo was founded in 2017 while Cheddar Flow was introduced in 2019 per their website.

Where am I going with this ?

Well, The Dashboard of Cheddar Flow is a Copy cat of FlowAlgo minus the brand colors.

Yes, the layout is exactly identical.

Cheddar Flow recently introduced a multi items filter (about 20 or so) on the right hand side.

FlowAlgo has their same filter at the bottom of the Dashboard where you can select:

  • Contracts less than 30 cents
  • Order above 1 Million
  • Weekly Orders
  • Unusual Orders
  • Specific Sector or industry

Other Features of Cheddar Flow

Also, there is no fancy AI voice to alert you on the Flows even when you are away from your screen.

Most traders love to have a sense of community where they learn and socialize with fellow traders.

Cheddar Flow does not provide this capability either.

The main deal breaker for me is that there is no Equities or Dark Pool in Cheddar Flow.

Therefore that is really a big limitation for me because the Flow you see can be a hedge against a core position.

However, I understand that some trader wants to strictly focus on Options.

Flow Ago is the future of Trading - Cheddar Flow Dashboard looks a lot like Flow Algo Dashboard
Cheddar Flow Dashboard looks a lot like Flow Algo Dashboard

The price for Cheddar Flow is $85/Month after the Initial 7-day Trial.

Here is the Cheddar Flow link to Try Out this platform and see if it fits your current trading and investment needs.

At the end of the day, FlowAlgo provides a much superior service with  more complete information from the Equities and Dark Pool sides.

Depending on each trader’s situation, FlowAlgo new pricing options looks fairly attractive to me.

The information provided by FlowAlgo will easily pay for the monthly price within days with a good methodology.

Here is one of many such evidence in the recording called : How To Pay For 1 Month Membership of FlowAlgo in Just One Trade.

Before I go, I will leave you with this: Option Order Flow is a Leading indicator.

Before it is on the chart, it is first on the Tape.

By the way, you can attest of this statement if you take a closer look at all of our winning trades we feature on our YouTube Channel.


Based on my experience with the tool since 2017, I provided an in depth analysis of the Features and Benefits of FLowAlgo.

To the Question: Is FlowAlgo Worth It ? The Clear Answer is an Emphatic Yes, Every Penny.

The potential of this tool goes beyond just Day and Swing Traders.

Long Term Investors can easily take advantage of the information provided in Flow Algo to build Stocks and Options Portfolios.

Decorative Image show a Logo of the Website FlowAlgo with their motto Track Smart Money

                                                                                                           **JUNE 1, 2020NEW OFFER NOW is Just $25 Trail for 25 Days !!**    


$99/Month Yearly Plan

Dark Pool Prints


Ease of Use







  • Equities Flow Level
  • Dark Pool Documentation
  • Options Flow
  • Heartbeat of the Market


  • Too much Information sometimes
  • Learning Curve

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  1. Hello Telex,

    This is a very informative review about FlowAlgo company. Even though $149 monthly subscription seems a bit expensive, three month trial period is a good option for new members. I think it would help beginners to have some idea about the company and the accuracy of the information they provide to them. And I think the chance to get to know about the impeding news or announcement that will make our stock move is very important in online trading.

    Could you please tell me whether there are any additional payments other than the monthly subscription?

  2. How much money particularly would you say is the best number to start with trading? I am currently using the Robinhood app to do trades but I want to have something for my computer. I’m not that knowledgable at this yet so I would love the help. I really want to get into trading after reading your article. Any suggestions? 

    • Thanks for the comment Ian.

      If you really want to get into trading options, 

      I think you have come to the right place.

      Check out the free Tutorials in the rest of the site: 


      We have actual trades we shared where

      the initial investment was less than $5 and that position 

      Yielded over 1600% gains !!!!!

      Hope this helps.

  3. Hello telex, thank you for explaining all I need to know about this platfo because it is always a great thing thing to do a tracking when being involved in online trading. I have just started into this venture so this platform is going to be a whole lot of help to me seriously. I am very happy that you could share this because I am more than certain that I can make use of it. The price to join is not so expensive. Thanks!

    • I am glad Henderson that you found FlowAlgo this review helpful.

      Try it out and maybe come back and post your own review of it here.


  4. Oh, this is very nice. Actually it is the first time that I am hearing about a platform as great as this one and I am very happy I learnt about it. Judging from what you wrote here. It seems to me like this particular platform really has so much to offer in trading and tracking. I want to know how this is related to forex

    • Hello John,

      FlowAlgo as of now only track US stocks and indexes (SPY, QQQ, IWM, etc…).

      Maybe in the future, Forex might be included.


  5. Thank you for this review. I’m into the stock market myself, but I’m very new. I don’t really understand the In’s & Out’s of trading just yet. I’v been trying to win with penny stocks, but that’s not working at all. Is this platform good for a beginner like myself? If so what kind of training do they offer, if any? I’m very interested in this though and the price is appealing. Thank you.

    • Hello Barry,

      Inside FlowAlgo, there is a full library of documentation on how the DArk pool prints operate.

      There is even an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module now called Alpha that give signals when to buy options.

      Let us know if you would like to Test run in for two weeks and come back to give us your review here.


  6. Hi! I can relate to what you are explaining in this post there are so many different newsletters that one doesn’t know which one to join. The dark pool example you presented has made me make up my mind to join FlowAlgo. Can I test drive and then go annually immediately after? I’d like to take advantage of the price.

  7. I have heard good reviews about FlowAlgo. So to me it’s a no-brainer to join. If the claims are true, I’ll recover the money invested every month in the newsletter. But at this time I’m only able to pay online with PayPal. Can I use PayPal to pay for FlowAlgo? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Paolo,

      I am not sure about paying with Paypal. 

      I know they accept all major credit cards. 

      I will inquire and keep you posted.

      Please leave us your email below to get your that answer.

      Thank You.

  8. Hi, for somebody without much money to spend, is there an easy way to say take 100 dollars and turn it into 1000 predictably, without having to understand to much of the trading game?

    To be honest, I really do not enjoy learning about stock trading. My brain is just not meant for it. However I know the people that love it have the potential to make wonderful gains. Is there some kind of site that you can recommend that I can get free advice to turn 100 into 1000?

    Great article here, thanks.

    • Hello Jake,

      I mean what you are suggesting is passive investing.

      So yeah, one can put their money in 401(k) and grow over time.

      One must learn options trading if one wants to get that type of return.

      We showed how in our Best options Strategies series.


  9. Thank you for this informative review.  I most like the fact that this platform keeps track of and warns one of possible fluctuations. 

    However I noticed that the price is pretty steep and unless you have a huge portfolio your profit could be eaten up. With this in mind, would you recommend this platform for someone just starting out or rather for someone with loads of experience. Also is the platform easy to understand for beginner traders?

    • Hello Michel,

      You pointed out in the article that the monthly cost for this platform can pay for itself in just one trade.

      You showed in our best trading strategies tutorial we post every week how that is actually more than feasible.

      Please a look at that article here.

      Yes, for this reason FlowAlgo is more than worth its monthly price and then some.


  10. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to learn more about trading because I’m feeling ready to start playing around with it more. However, I feel like I always get frozen in fear and never actually get started. I haven’t heard of FlowAlgo before, so I’m really glad I found this post. It seems like it has a lot of features that can help traders gather information all in one place. Do you believe this is a great program for a beginner, or are beginners better off starting with something else? I think beginners are always wary of subscription fees because they just aren’t sure yet if they will benefit. Thanks for your help.

    • Good Morning Holly,

      I am really glad to read your feedback and question on this discussion about FlowAlgo.

      For beginners more so than seasoned traders, I really believe FlowAlgo is the perfect tool to learn about trading.

      Here is Why ?

      As you mentioned yourself, beginners often struggle looking for directions about their methodology, style of trading , tools to put in their arsenal, you name it.

      FlowAlgo takes all of that guessing game away. 

      Why ? 

      Because It informs beginners and all traders where the people who really move the markets are putting their money. These are know as Smart Money or The Big Sharks !

      You see, one eternal questions beginners often have is the Why the market is doing what it is doing 🙂

      The Full truth is that someone somewhere is actually responsible for it. 

      And FlowAlgo tells you live while it is happening: what amount of money is being assigned to what assets for how long.

      From there, you can mirror exactly what the Smart Money is Doing and benefit from It rather than pondering each time why the move DID NOT go your way.

      Lastly, regarding he Subscription fee, I can guarantee you that after gaining understanding of the tool, the fee will pay for itself. Meaning that the profits you will generate from the tool will be more than enough to take care of the monthly price.

      You can even drive test the tool two weeks nowadays for a much reduced price of $37.

      Hope this answers your questions and look forward to helping you in your trading journey.

      Talk to you soon. 

  11. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I think this product would be great for investors!  The scariest part of it is the fact that it is relatively new, but with the positive feedback so far, that should offset the fears that it is not a good product.The price is reasonable if you are a serious investor!  I know that you said there is a learning curve.  Do you think that by the end of the trial a person may have a good understanding of how to use it?

    • Welcome Jessie,

      Thank you for stopping by to leave us your feedback. We really appreciate that.

      Regarding your learning curve question, yes, two weeks of trials is more than enough for a new users to get used to what Flow Algo is about and how to use it effectively to make money trading stocks and Options.

      Hope this answers your question. Talk to you Later.

  12. Thanks for the detailed explanation and description of the FlowAlgo tracking tool for trading. I had heard of such programs but this is the first article that I have read that made it so clear how these types of tools can help you in your trading of options.

    As I read through the features, it really made sense to me to have such a tool that provides live updates and dark pool information to help the trader make better-informed decisions. It can save you a bundle and make you a bundle it seems to me. The price is also quite reasonable with the options becoming more reasonable as you buy more months of service. Thanks for this informative and useful post on FlowAlgo!. 


    • Good Morning Dave,

      I am delighted to read that you found value in this in depth insight into the World of FLowAlgo.

      I like your quote a great deal: ” FlowAlgo can save you a bundle and make you a bundle”:-)

      That should be their slogan going forward I think.

      Thank you for stopping by and engaging on this discussion.

      Have a great Day and talk to you again soon.

  13. I was looking for some information about how to start with trading and if it is possible to really earn some money with it and I’ve come across your article. This FlowAlgo seems to be a really good thing. Do you think the two weeks test drive is sufficient to learn everything one needs so that one can be sure it is reasonable to upgrade?
    And another question: are there not any other fees later on connected with the use of the platform?

    • Hello Lenka,

      How are doing today ?

      Thank you for stopping by to provide your thoughts and questions on this the merit of FlowAlgo in Options Trading.

      Let me answer your questions in the order they were received.

      Regarding the two weeks period, Yes, it is enough to fully master the tool because of the great documentation you will have access to, the ease of use of the GUI and finally, I think I failed to mention that in the article, there is a Live Chat with other traders with whom you can exchange ideas, ask questions and learn together.

      So, now that you brought it up, I will go back and update the value you will get from a large community of traders who collaborate for each other success.

      As for your questions about hidden fees, NO There are NO Hidden fees. Your monthly or yearly subscription is exactly what is advertised and you will not have to worry about any of that.

      I really appreciate answering your questions today. Let us know how we can be of assistance with your trading endeavors. bye for now.

  14. You are absolutely right. It is complicated for me as a beginner to determine what to follow when considering online trading options. So I’m glad there is FlowAlgo. If Flowalgo can give me additional insight into the market direction, that’s a great thing. Although the monthly price is not low, I suppose with a couple of good trades it can pay off and make some money.

    • Hello BlueMoon,

      Thank you for stopping by today and leaving us your comments on this article on FlowAlgo.

      Yes, you are absolutely correct.

      A couple of trade in a week are good enough to pay for the monthly membership.

      Therefore, that should not be a deterrent in including this great tool into your trading methodology.

      As an example, did you catch this video review of a trade from FlowAlgo we shared last Friday ?

      Check it out and let us know what you think.

      If you find that it is of value to you, maybe you can share it with you friend in social media.

      Thank you again and talk to you later.

  15. Hi, I wonder is it difficult for a new investor to learn how to use Flowalgos. It seems to be an interesting service, but I am worried if I can master it and know how to scan the ” unusual ” option activity . Thank you !

    • Bonjour Anne,

      We offer coaching on Flow Algo to the Subscribers to our weekly options alerts.

      70% of traders who visit this blog come from a search on FlowAlgo and many are taking advantage of our 1 vs 1 Coaching on How To Use FlowAlgo.

      Is this something you will be interested in ?


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