FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading

Allow me to introduce you to FlowAlgo  and How it will revolutionize (your) Trading.

In the world of investing and Online Options trading, newsletters are abundant.

Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to determine what to follow.

I will show you how the Big Money Traders (we call them the Sharks) find their ways to get to the Top.

FlowAlgo is a new online service that gives retail traders access to which stocks and options the Sharks are trading.


For my many years scrutinizing the markets, I was always puzzled by some of the unexpected movements in some securities.

What Is FlowAlgo ?

We know the markets is random, but we are talking about some severe price variation without any news to justify such drastic moves.

Just like many retail traders, I was in the dark, oblivious of the big flows of money on securities that I was trading.

Well, that was then.

Now, there is FlowAlgo.

As it is not uncommon to encounter FlowAlgo review or its plural FlowAlgo reviews when researching this term on the internet.

FlowAlgo.com is a relatively new service (It was launched in September 2017) that offers Live feed for big money Options and Equities.

The equities have fifteen minutes delay.

Main Features of FlowAlgo

Some features of the platform are:

  • Real Time Options Flow: the Buys at the Ask Price is what the site is tracking
  • Dark Pool Prints
  • Historical Flow: Ability to view the last 500 buys on any stock for equity and Options
  • Equity Level: Helps determine support and resistance big level based on money flow
  • Sweep Calls and Unusual Volume
  • Top Open Interest
  • AI based Alpha: Provide Live Recommendations on Options
  • Voice Alerts – I Love this feature!!

Does FlowAlgo has an App ?

FlowAlgo does not come up with a dedicated App in the true sense.

On your mobile devices, you can launch the web version of FlowAlgo with the same capabilities as on your computer.

The navigation across the many features is not quite as easy given the dimensions phones.

However, you will be able to conduct quick and easy research on your favorite ticker without too much struggle.

To give you an idea about the full abilities of this tool whose main goal is to provide real time option flow and dark pool, here is a video tutorial with a description of all of the features.

Of course, one can also directly trade Options on these ETFs.

I know very successful traders who have built their main strategies around trading SPY or SPX.

Learn How To Profit From Winning Strategies on SPY and QQQ in My 10-Baggers Trading System

SPY, QQQ, IWM Prints From FlowAlgo

Also, the equity flows on these ETFs give options traders critical level of support an resistance they can use to determine the bullishness or the bearishness of the market.

A straightforward rule of thumb is the price action of a security is above a major print price, that is bullish meaning price is too go higher and therefore calls can be bought.

Conversely, if the price of a security breaks below a major print price, one can expect that trend to continue down.

In practical sense, these equity prints provide a very accurate barometer of for each security in general and for the market in particular if such equity happen to be a market ETF such as SPY, QQQ or IWM.


Here is the perfect illustration of the above remark.

Back on October 10 2018, signature prints (these have special codes you will learn about in the documentation) came in for SPY at 287.4.

How many ? 37 of them. Here is the kicker.

Case Study of the Dark Pool Print on SPY ETF

Go back and check the OHLC (Opening Price, High Price, Low Price and Closing Price) for that day.

You will discover that SPY never trader anywhere near 287.4 on that day.

So, what’s going on here ?

Well, SPY traded up to 288.86 the previous day on October 9.

Conclusion ?

These were late prints from the previous day. 37 prints at 287.4 makes it a Super Major level.

These prints from previous day trades are Darkpool prints.

“Dark” comes from the fact that they are hidden from the market’s participants.

This is done by big money funds by routing their trades through their overseas offices in Europe.

Since they must report these trades within 24 hours, we get to see them the next day!

So, on October 10, the opening price on SPY was 286.83 below the above Super Major Level.

The candle for October 10 was all red and SPY lost over 8 points on that day alone.

This action gave a clear direction for the market: for the next 13 days or so, SPY went on to lose 26 points.

This knowledge benefited all of the traders who had this knowledge through this powerful tool FlowAlgo.


Flow Algo recently made its offering much more appealing for newcomers compared to when I first subscribed.

FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading - Chart of FlowAlgo Pricing with 3 Choices to Fit You Need and Budget
FlowAlgo Pricing with 3 Choices: Yearly Plan is the Cheapest

  • One can Drive Test is for two full weeks for $37 then upgrade to a monthly payment of $149/month
  • Then Upgrade anytime for a Quarterly Plan that brings down the monthly Price to $129/month
  • Or Upgrade anytime for the Annual Plan that yield a monthly Price of $99/month

The other way you may think of the value provided by Flow Algo is to think in terms of competition.

What Are The Alternatives To FlowAlgo ?

In recent months, I have researched two Flow Algo Similar fir the purpose of this review.

The first one is Black Box Stocks which I am yet to use but know but they often advertise on Stocktwits.


Traders in my Discord Channel (Ask me in the comments how to get your Access) seem to think that a comparison FlowAlgo vs. Blackboxstocks can provide them with the edge in their trading.

Blackboxstocks may spit out more options flow because of their filtering criteria ( buy at bid or Ask price) but that does not mean that you will necessarily make more money on those trades.

Also, there is the danger of information overdose which can lead to analysis paralysis.

Flow Algo Is The future of Trading - USer Interface of Blackboxstocks
User Interface of Black Box Stocks

The second one is a more recent newcomer and is called Cheddar flow.

So, How is FlowAlgo vs Cheddar Flow ?

I am glad you asked 🙂

Cheddar Flow

FlowAlgo was founded in 2017 while Cheddar Flow was introduced in 2019 per their website.

Where am I going with this ?

Well, The Dashboard of Cheddar Flow is a Copy cat of FlowAlgo minus the brand colors.

Yes, the layout is exactly identical.

Cheddar Flow recently introduced a multi-items filter (about 20 or so) on the right-hand side.

FlowAlgo has their same filter at the bottom of the Dashboard where you can select:

  • Contracts less than 30 cents
  • Order above 1 Million
  • Weekly Orders
  • Unusual Orders
  • Specific Sector or industry

Other Features of Cheddar Flow

Also, there is no fancy AI voice to alert you on the Flows even when you are away from your screen.

Most traders love to have a sense of community where they learn and socialize with fellow traders.

Cheddar Flow does not provide this capability either.

The main deal breaker for me is that there is no Equities or Dark Pool in Cheddar Flow.

Therefore, that is really a big limitation for me because the Flow you see can be a hedge against a core position.

However, I understand that some trader wants to strictly focus on Options.

Flow Ago is the future of Trading - Cheddar Flow Dashboard looks a lot like Flow Algo Dashboard
Cheddar Flow Dashboard looks a lot like Flow Algo Dashboard

The price for Cheddar Flow is $85/Month after the Initial 7-day Trial.

Here is the Cheddar Flow link to Try Out this platform and see if it fits your current trading and investment needs.

At the end of the day, FlowAlgo provides a much superior service with  more complete information from the Equities and Dark Pool sides.

Depending on each trader’s situation, FlowAlgo new pricing options looks fairly attractive to me.

The information provided by FlowAlgo will easily pay for the monthly price within days with a good methodology.

Here is one of many such evidence in the recording called : How To Pay For 1 Month Membership of FlowAlgo in Just One Trade.