How To Trade Options on eTrade: Little Secret to 10-baggers

Is your trading platform holding your options trading back ?

We will give you our secret on trading options on etrade.

Our innovative and unique approach on how to trade Options on etrade is sure to increase your account balance in 2020 and beyond.


I have been talking with Traders in my Discord room since late May 2020.

At the time of this article, there have been two major outages recorded for the main competitor to ETrade.

Traders who use that platform (it starts with TD) have been unable to trade properly for most of this week.

Traders craking jokes at ThinkOrSwin technicas issues
Frustrated Traders mocking ThinkOrSwim Platform after Outages

When People who really on your trading platform are left to crack jokes on your tool, that tells me how bad this have been going lately at TD Ameritrade, the owner of ThinkOr Swim.

In the meantime, a great statistics was published on twitter recently.

Depicted was the sharp rise in the number of retail accounts opened at etrade since the beginning of COVID-19.

In March alone, the number of new retail accounts opened at etrade jumped over 450% from below 50000 to over 260000.

If this is not a sign of great confidence in the service that eTrade provides to Stocks and Options traders then you will need to find one yourself.

And Since I do trade Options with on etrade Trading platform, I can attest that the spike in number of users has not caused any negative impact on the tools I use for trading options on etrade.

Customer service is harder to get a hold of just like in many companies as most employees are staying safe at home in the trying times of Corona Virus.

This tells you that Etrade Option trading platform known as Power Etrade has enough Capacity to withstand such a huge increase in the number of users.

Should the great reliability not be sufficient, allow me to remind you of some of the best features you will have at your dispositions to help you achieve success in Trading Options on etrade.


We recently created a very popular video on our YouTube channel depicting the many scanners available to Option traders using Power eTrade: the free Option tool inside of etrade.

The other tool we love when trading options on etrade is the ability to chart the price of the very options we are trading.

I have highlighted the many benefits of the options chart in this recent Power eTrade Review.


Our growing community of traders inside our Discord room is no stranger to how we trade options on etrade.

It has become a process that everyone follows in preparing for the coming week.

We trade mostly weekly options from the Subscription trade Alerts generated at Successful Tradings.

Step 1. The setup

We create a Watch list of the Options we are going to trade during the week.

Traders are given the strikes to use whether the setup is bullish or bearish.

Watch List of Options as depicted in How to trade Options on etrade
Watch list of Option traded on etrade: Left (before Market Opens on a weekend) – Right (During Live Market Session)

How do traders know if the trend is bullish or bearish ?

We have easy training videos that focus on one key technical indicator: the VWAP.

Step 2 The execution

Once the market opens, traders will trade the options contracts that are moving the most based on the Market Change.

It is the indicator int he first column int he above view and it is always green for puts and calls a sign of their gaining in value relative to the previous day.

The left Watch list was captured over a weekend and the right graph is the same watchlist the very next day during market hours.

As an example, we traded the JD Aug 21 70 Calls because these were moving the most that Monday.

By the way, these contracts could have given you an amazing return of…5000% !!!!! That is a story for another day.


When trading Options on etrade or on other platforms, most traders are strictly monitoring the charts of the underlying stocks

At Successful tradings, we couldn’t care less about the charts of the stocks once we have a confirmation of the direction and we are in the trade.

Why ?

Though the price of the Options primarily derives its value from the movement of the underlying stock, we have discovered that tracking the price of the option itself is a more accurate way.

The reason for this is that other factors such as the very Implied Volatility and Time Decay (Theta)tend to influence this price just as much as the stock itself.

These indicators are not part of the stock itself thus our a[approach is making quite a difference.



The chart of the Options we trade on etrade come with the same Bollinger bands, Relative Strength Index (RSI), MACD and Moving average as the stocks themselves.

Chart of BABA Option we traded for 10-bagger on etrade
Option Chart for BABA  AUG21 265 CALLS with Bollinger Bands, RSI and MACD

So we can clearly see whether we are buying and expensive option that is facing heavy resistance at a moving average for instance.

Conversely, we can pick very oversold options (RSI below 30) as shown on the image below for BABA AUG 21’20 265 Calls.


The Upper Bollinger bands serve as threshold to start scaling out of the trade.

Prices sometimes can sustain a rise outside of the Upper Bollinger Bands but more often than none, price will retreat after reaching that natural resistance before settling down and resuming a further uptrend.

We have featured this technique in this recent video titled “How to use BB to Exit”

Our results are nothing shy of FANTASTIC.

Really, over the last 13 weeks, we have consistently recorded 10-baggers as depicted in our Trade alerts Performance reviews.

Here are a few samples big Options wins recorded by our traders.

Many of them are now trading Options on etrade because of how easy this approach can be implemented.

Options Trading Success Stories by traders using eTrade
Option Winning Positions from Traders inside Successful Tradings Discord Room


I shared my original and very effective approach in trading options on etrade.

The results achieved by the traders in our Discord channel are giving us the confidence to continue teaching by leveraging the features and tools etrade offers to trade Options.

If you find yourself looking for consistency in your trading, may I strongly suggest you to join our team so that you can take Your Trading To the Next Level in 2021 and beyond.

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