Option Trading Discord: 1000 Reasons To Pick Successful Tradings

Online Trading can quickly become a Lonely activity.

Most option traders need to be part of a group like an Option Trading Discord Channel to learn through ideas’ collaboration and grow their skills.

Finding a perfect such community of like-minded traders can be a challenge.

In this article, we will provide you our main reasons why our Option Trading Discord channel at Successful Tradings is the ideal choice for you in such a time as this.

Option Trading Discord: Avoid the “AMD To the Moon” Crowd

Internet Trading chat rooms in general and some Trading Discord Channels are full of fanatics of certain stocks.

We may want to avoid the lovers of stocks such as AMD, MU, Netflix Roku or Tesla.

Why you May Ask ?

Option Trading Discord - AMD Stocktwits Chat Room with over 260k Followers offering Bullish comments based on no Analysis
AMD Stocktwits Chat Room with over 260k Followers offering Bullish comments

The reason is that you will not be learning much in these environments because all you will hear and see each day are news articles or bullish content about the future of these companies.

The image above is an example I just picked up.

I did not have to look for it for too long believe me.

Sometimes, you will be entertained for a while but is it really what you are looking for to grow your trading skills and consequently your trading account ?

Option Trading Discord Channels: What to Look For ?

Is Option Trading a good idea ?

Maybe you are trying get a feel about this concept of Day trading Options.

You may not be convinced yet that this is a challenge you can take on.

Hence you are looking for a group of experienced traders to increase your knowledge and skills.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to have a clear plan about the benefits you are seeking from the exposure in a Trading Discord channel.

The aim of this information gathering process will be to help to answer the above question: Is Trading a good idea ?

But even more importantly, is it a good idea for you specifically in your current circumstances

How Much Does an Option Trader Make ?

Should you be looking for a career change and thus wondering about the type of revenue trading options can bring you, then this question is of the utmost importance to you.

The answer is fluid.

It depends on factors such as your skills, your trading capital, degree of expertise in the market, how you manage Risk, your discipline and more importantly your Methodology or set of strategies you use to make money trading options.

Video Example of a 10-Bagger Options Trade

To give you an idea, here is video where one of our strategies for Day Trading SPY Options led to 1000% Profit in Less than an hour.

The combination of the above will determine your specific results which cannot be compared with someone’s else.

We both could be trading the same strategy  with the same stocks yet because of how we manage our trades, you could well be getting more out of that strategy than me.

How ?

Because maybe you are able to stay longer in trades ?

Or vice versa you could elect to take quick gains  or you may adopt a scaled exit technique that is suitable to your personality.

Options traders can make a lot of money.

There is no limit to potential gains.

We have had traders in our Discord room closed a week of trading with over $100000 gains while others generated a few thousands.

Which Lead us to another common inquiry.

Can you get Rich from Options Trading ?

The simple Answer is yes just like in any profession.

If you dedicate yourself and master the skills needed, you can definitely start generating consistent revenue that can lead you to achieving your financials goals.

The one thing that lure many into trading and option trading in particular is the false notion of get rich quick mindset.

Making it big in Option trading (apart from strike gold on your first trade – Oh yeah I have stories on this) require some work and the foundation of that work is finding a Trading Discord channel to begin honing your skills.

 Free vs. Paid

With most services that are free online, we cannot expect the level of expertise and insights as most paid counterparts.

You will always be limited with free services.

Or you may enjoy a free service for a while until such service decide to stop their offer.

This is not t say that all paid services will always provide great value.

Your budget allocation for a paid version of a Trading Discord Channel will most likely determine your choice.

I suggest you spend time doing your due diligence before deciding.

Where to find the right Information ?

The best source is from other users you have had prior experiences with these services before.

A good place for that is Reddit.

You can go on and ask a question that twill trigger a conversation.

You aim is to gather as much information as possible so that you are able to determine whether the rendered services match your current needs.

Introducing Successful Tradings Discord Channel

We created our Discord Channel in early May after strong inquiries from our YouTube Subscribers.

Though we do provide Subscription Trade Alerts, our focus is the education of traders.

The way we do this is by offering one free 1 vs 1 Coaching Session each month to the monthly Subscribers.

Option Trading Discord - Inside Successful Tradings Discord Channel
Inside Successful Tradings Discord Channel

The yearly Subscribers have access to as much training as they need.

Our areas of development are as follows:

  • Technical Analysis Using TradingView
  • Top Down Analysis with Finviz Tools
  • How To Use Flow Algo
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Risk Management

New trading strategies are developed and shared with our traders on a consistent basis to help them take their trading to the next level.

So we will teach you how you will be able to benefit from our unique innovative approach to Options trading like the recently introduced Gang$ta Option Day Trading Strategy.

What Are Current Members Saying about our Option Trading Discord Channel ?

If you are looking to grown as a stock and Options trader, we believe that Successful Tradings Discord Channel is the place for you to be in 2020 and beyond.

We are slowly growing and our members are enjoying great Performance results week in and week out as depicted in our weekly Subscription Trade Alerts Performance Reviews.

Here is a short video highlighting just of few of our early trading success stories.

Option Trading Discord - Traders of Successful Tradings recent big wins on MSFT, AAPL, QCOM, FB, WYNN
Traders of Successful Tradings recent big wins on MSFT, AAPL, QCOM, FB, WYNN

On top of the camaraderie and fellowship within the community of traders, you will be growing your Trading account with some incredible results we have enjoyed in just a couple of months.

10-Baggers Options Wins in Our Discord Room

Below are some of our big trades our traders have posted recently.

All in all, we have recorded 29 10-bagger options wins since launching our Trading Discord Channel in early May 2020.

Option Trading Discord - 10-Bagger Subchannel inside Successful Tradings Discord Channel
10-Baggers Sub Channel inside Successful Tradings Discord Channel

I know I promised 1000 reasons in my title but due to lack of space, May I offer 1000% as the main reason for you to join the Successful Tradings Discord channel.

All of this is reported weekly on our YouTube channel.

Below is one of the recent videos depicting our Performance.

Should that not be enough, how about 5130% more precisely as depicted in this recent trade I pinned on the wall of our Discord hangout Sub-channel.

Is this something that can help you or a fellow trader you might know turn around their account or kick start their trading career ?

Option Trading Discord - Over 5100% gains on FB Option trade depicted inside Successful tradings Discord Channel
Over 5100% gains on FB Option trade depicted inside Successful Tradings Discord Channel

If it does, please do yourself and your friend a big favor by getting them to learn more how to Take their Trading to The Next Level in 2020 and beyond.


Successful Tradings newly created free Options Trading Discord channel is growing rapidly thanks to the fantastic trading Alerts results.

You are being invited to join the community so that you can grow your Trading Skills and Take Your Trading To the Next Level.

Are you Ready for the Challenge ?

Take Your Trading To The Next Level in Introducing Our Trading Alerts
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