How To Choose A Stock Trading Platform in 2019 ?

The brokerage industry was taken by a storm in the US in early October 2019. Within a span of 2 weeks, all major brokerage firms announced the cancellation of the well coveted fees. Now begs the question for new and veteran traders, how to pick a Stock Trading Platform. We intend in the next few minutes to provide some guidance to help traders in the search of a new broker. Stock Trading Platform: How To Choose ? Let’s examine the …

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FlowAlgo IS The Future of Trading

How to Use FlowAgo

Allow me to introduce you to FlowAlgo  and How it will revolutionize (your) Trading. In the world of investing and Online Options trading, newsletters are abundant. Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to determine what to follow. I will show you how the Big Money Traders (we call them the Sharks) find their ways to get to the Top. FlowAlgo is a new online service that gives retail traders access to which stocks and options the Sharks are trading. …

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