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All winning trades do not come equal.

A 10 bagger stock Options brings an Exhilarating feel that can transform both your account and your life.

We invite you today to scrutinize the anatomy of a 10 bagger stock Options win and why we think Successful Tradings alerts is the best place for you to experience such wins.

What Is a 10 Bagger Options Win ?

A 10 bagger is when a position (stock or Options) increases 10 times its initial purchase price.

From a percentage gain point of view, a 10 bagger is when you reach 900% Profit.

Origin of the term 10 baggers:

Famous investor Peter Lynch was the first one to use this phrase in his book “One Up On Wall Street”.

Join Our Next 10 Bagger Stock Options Club - 10 Bagger Stock Options win on Twlo from Successful Tradings Discord Room
TWLO Option Order Ticket from a Trader in Discord Room. Trader made over 1200% on TWO bi-weekly Options by buying 2 contracts for $3.74 average cost and selling at $48.88 per contract

By the same token, you can extend this definition to answer the following questions:

  1. What is a 3 bagger in stocks : A position that yields 200% in Profits
  2. What is a 4 bagger in stocks or Options : A Position that generates 300% in Profits
  3. what is a 5 bagger in stocks: A 400% Return from your initial investment
  4. what is a 100 bagger stock ? Answer: A stock that gains 9900%

Why 10 Bagger Stock Options Profit Are Important ?

By now, you may be wondering if our trading methodology strictly focuses on 10 baggers.

Let me be very clear.

We Do not chase 10 baggers wins at all.

Why ?

Well, there is the risk in missing out on perfectly good win because you are holding on to a position for too long while waiting for it to reach your 10 bagger status.

It just so happens that a percentage of trades we execute as part of Successful Tradings Subscription Trade Alerts often lead to 10 bagger wins.

Advantages of a 10 bagger stock Option Win

Simply put, a single 10 bagger win can be a Life Changer.

You can fund an account with your gains, improve your life situation especially in the current environment of COVID-19.

For most of our traders, the reward of 10-Bagger Win is seeing the Grow of their Trading Account.

This usually leads to more consistent winning trades since they are able to set up quick hits strategies.

How To Recognize Potential 10 Bagger Options

10 bagger stock Options wins come in all shapes and forms.

However, the all have this common characteristic that they are cheap at the time of purchase.

How cheap you may ask ?

Often, those Options contracts cost less than 10 cents.

Later, when they appreciate to $1 or more, you have yourself a 10 bagger.

In Scrutinizing the anatomy of a 10 bagger options, we found that the expiration does not play a big role.

We have scored on weekly Expiration and on multiple weeks left in Expiration.

We have a little secret that we teach as part of our Services that consistently points us to good stocks with 10 bagger potential.

For our traders in Successful Tradings Discord Channel, anything above 900% return in profits is called a 10-bagger.

Join Our 10 Bagger stock Options Club - 10 baggers sub channel in successful tradings Discord Channel
Posted 10 bagger winning trade in Successful Tradings Discord Room. One win on TWLO Stock and the other on WDC stock.

This means the picture above where the gain was over 1200% is still called a 10-bagger win even though the exact name should be a 12 bagger 🙂

To show you how serious the culture of the 10 bagger stock option win in immersed in us, we have a sub-channel in our Discord room dedicated strictly for the wins meeting the qualification of the 10 bagger.

On a coaching session today with a new trader from Florida, I got the following question.

How often do you guys gets 10 bagger wins on stock Options ?

If you check the two dates from the screen capture of that Discord room, it may look like it took 10 days between two consecutive such occurrences.

The truth is that we really do not measure these so I pointed to the person asking and to you to check out our YouTube Channel and get a sense for yourself.

We ware going to provide a few highlights in the section below.

Our Trade Alerts Specialize in 10 Bagger Options Trades

Before we created a Discord room, Successful Tradings had many videos on YouTube featuring 10 baggers stock Options scores.

Several of those are well above 1000% Profits.

On may wonder : Are 10 baggers occur more on Stocks or ETFs ?

We thought we capture in the table below the Anatomy of a Ten bagger as we have experimented with so many.

Anatomy of a 10 BaggerFactors of InfluenceImportance
Expiration DateHigh|| Weeklies Are Better
Entry PriceHigh || Less than 15 cents
Stock PriceLow || Less than 450
Stocks vs ETFsHigh || Stocks Are Better
Anatomy of a 10 Bagger Options

The following examples prove what is summarized in the above table.

More recently, this trend of 10 baggers Wins in stock options have continued as illustrated our Subscription Trade Alerts weekly Performance review.

The Buzz in Our Discord Room 

In the last week of May, not one but two 10 bagger options scores were recorded by our traders on WFC and NVDA.

All of this within 24-hour interval.

I leave you with the full video to appreciate.


We shared how 10 baggers Options wins can propel your Trading to the Next Level.

If you are a beginner trader or a seasoned one who would like to change the trajectory of your trading career, we invite you to Join other Successful Traders.

Along the way, we promise to teach and Coach you on your Way of recurring 10 bagger Stock Options trades.

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