Fibonacci Queen Reviews – Should You Revere The Queen?

The Fibonacci Retracement are a widely popular tool among technical traders.

One technical trader took the advantage of her knowledge in Fibonacci Retracement.

And produced a subscription service that teaches traders how to use triggers.

Which is based on support and resistance derived from the Fibonacci sequence to define market entries and exits.

Read this Fibonacci Queen Reviews before you revere the queen and subscribe.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews: Rundown

Fibonacci Queen is an educational resource, and trading service led by technical analyst Carolyn Boroden.

The service is licensed under Simpler Trading, an interactive financial trading education established in 2010.

Simpler Trading offers a variety of education services but Fibonacci Queen focuses on Fibonacci patterns.

It fuses stock picking, trader education, and trading tutorials that employ the sequence for analysis and trading of top stock picks.

Aside from the features mentioned, it also has a dedicated Fibonacci Trading Room.

The room allows Fibonacci Queen Gold Members to interact with Carolyn and her staff from Monday-Friday starting at 6:30AM PST.

Fibonacci Queen: Carolyn Boroden

The Fibonacci Queen Carolyn Boroden is a commodity trader advisor and technical analyst with over 30 years of expertise.

Boroden started her trading career in 1978 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The basic in technical analysis course was the only thing that intrigued Carolyn.

It was a book called Technical Analysis of Stock and Trends by Magee and Edwards, which she had read and enjoyed.

She then started to center her trading on that principle.

But later on she got acquainted with Robert Miner, the author of Dynamic Trading, through a seminar in 1986.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Carolyn Boroden
Fibonacci Queen Carolyn Boroden

And that was when she became enamored in using Fibonacci Retracement in her trading analysis and technique.

She pinpoints in on the ratios that are derived from the Fibonacci number series.

And then utilize these ratios on both the price and time axis of the market in order to spot trade setups.

Carolyn Boroden has her favorite Fibonacci sequence which makes sense.

Since each trader has a range of sequences they prefer to use.

Her sequence include 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 78.6%, and for extensions, 161.8% and 261.8%.

And then there is the three-pointed tool to compare swings in the same direction.

It is a technique that inculcates symmetry projections and occasionally 161.8%.

Rarely, as she can usually find trades via standard retracements.

Fibonacci Queen Through Simpler Trading

As mentioned earlier, Simpler Trading is an interactive financial trading education founded by John F. Carter.

It offers educational materials in topics not only in Fibonacci but also options, futures, and B.I.A.S. to name a few.

I have seen no complaints for Simpler Trading in Better Business Bureau as it is not an accredited company.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Simpler Trading Better Business Bureau
Simpler Trading in Better Business Bureau

But after delving deeper, I unearthed a review from which criticizes Simpler Trading.

I am a trader myself and embrace high-quality learning that I come across in day-to-day experiences. While browsing through the internet, I came across the profile of John F Carter. I had known about the guy through some people in my company but had never looked for myself as if what he offers. I also checked his website that offered different types of membership plans. At first, I thought of doing some research about the guy and found out that he has written books on trading as well. With such a huge experience and profound background, it was difficult for me to doubt his intentions. Hence, I subscribed for his newsletters to start with.

The newsletters were informative, however; I was not finding anything that was new. The strategies were all theoretical and whatever new ideas that he came up with, were a conclusion of mixed old ideas. Or to be precise, the same thing talked in a different way. The more I started reading his newsletter, I felt as if the main mantra was in the membership plans that he offered. The newsletter did push you to become a member, directly or indirectly. So, I thought, why not give that a chance as well.

I was trading fine. I was looking for some more strategies up my sleeves and a little help would not have mattered, if that would have helped at all. I opted for the options membership. The plan reads that it would help traders master options trading. I was anyway into options, so I decided to check that up for increasing my profits. I was making a decent profit and was looking for more room for developing my skills.

Moreover, the system offered one month’s trial. The plan for $197 and the discounted rate for $7 for the first month. However, by mistake, the website charged me $197, even when the coupon was successfully applied. I tried to reach the phone number provided on the website and I was able to find someone on the other side after three-four tries. Anyway, the girl who talked to me asked me to wait for a month to help them process the refund.

He was polite and understood my concern. She also pointed out another option. She said that she could help credit that amounts to the membership plan. And, in the next month’s membership charge, that amount would be adjusted. However, I was skeptical about that membership and did not know if I would be carrying it to the next month or not. Hence, I asked for a refund. She also said that the other option was quicker. However, I was adamant. She tried to convince me a few times. But I did not agree. I did receive a mail that the refund was in process.

After that, I started checking the platform for and looking for their trading patterns. They did provide me with push notifications as well. I was getting a few decent profits, but not as I had expected. I was already into trading. And was already doing what these guys were telling me to do. I did not find any value addition in my profit. It may be nice for beginners, but for me, it was completely useless. I was relieved that I did not opt for the next month’s subscription. However, I had not even received my refund that I was charged for the next month’s membership plan.

I called these people, and I was told that I had to cancel the plan, or else the money will get deducted every next month. I was not sure because I had already done that. I even told that guy that I got a confirmation mail for the same. The lady that talked to me, in the beginning, helped me to that. I asked about a refund and they denied the request. They said that the plan was still active and they won’t be able to help. I asked about the refund request I made for the first payment. And they said that the request was processed and it would reach me in some time.

They, however, said that the refund for this deduction won’t be done. I requested that guy to cancel the subscription from their end. And he said that it would be done. However, he did not send me any confirmation mail for the same. The third month, $7 was taken from my account. I checked the website, and it showed that the rest of the amount was adjusted from the refund request I made.

I am not sure what these guys are up to. But to me, it sounds like a scam. They said that there was no request made for cancellation of the membership subscription. I was very furious. I asked to talk to someone in charge of escalations and they hung up. I cancelled my card right away. I called my bank and cancelled that card. I have also disputed the charge through my bank, and most probably would be getting some bucks back. However, this was a completely insane experience. But everyone experiences things for the first time to take lessons from it.

I had my lesson and I am sure the website and this man, John F Carter, would get the lesson sooner. I am also going to escalate the issue to the concerned authorities. I want everyone to know about my experience. So, that other traders do not get into the same mistake. This website is a bait for those who are impatient to make profits. However, in trading, things start falling in place with time and patience. There is no shortcut to success.

If you wish to learn, try better tutorials and books. Invest with a little amount and grow your skills with time. Understand the ins and outs of the market and the way trading is done. You would fail and must start over if you want to become a successful trader. But to [that], do [not] trust people like John F Carter.

Fibonacci Queen Features

Learning Center

We know that Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers.

For which the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it.

An example is: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on.

But in trading, the numbers applied in Fibonacci retracements are not just numbers in Fibonacci’s sequence.

Instead, they are derived from mathematical relationships between numbers in the sequence.

And in order to properly incorporate it into your trading, this is the best place to start learning Boroden’s method.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Features
Fibonacci Queen Features

This is a comprehensive suite of webinars wherein she explains her trading methodology and the tools she uses.

The videos typically instruct you in the basics and applications of Fibonacci patterns.

While a few focuses in the trading platform ThinkorSwim alerts and custom indicator creation.

ThinkorSwim is the partnered trading platform of Simpler Trading.

There are also videos that cover the time frame for trades and how to set price targets.

As these are a key component in her trading strategy.

Daily Videos

This feature is the focal point of Fibonacci Queen.

These are daily videos in which Boroden discusses important support and resistance levels in the broad market based on Fibonacci patterns.

The videos are around 20 minutes and then she follows up on the stocks she monitors in the previous video.

The remaining part of the video focuses on a single stock’s price patterns to identify patterns, stop loss areas, and price targets.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Daily Videos
Fibonacci Queen Daily Videos

It is important to note that she does not give out a definitive yes or no buy recommendations.

She rather proposes various decision points for each stock she analyzes in the videos.

And ultimately let the traders decide on what to do with the pattern information.

Daily Box Charts

These are annotated charts for all the stocks that Fibonacci Queen monitors during the trading sessions.

The daily charts amount nearly to 50 stock charts, lightly annotated with Fibonacci patterns to show potential support and resistance levels.

It supplements the daily videos but is quite difficult to understand how the retracement are derived just on their own.

These charts are posted on, and can be downloaded for future reference.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Charts
Fibonacci Queen Charts

Trading Room

A dominant feature Fibonacci Queen is the live trading chatroom wherein members can interact with her and her staff.

It is from Monday-Friday starting at 6:30 AM PST.

This is video conferencing room members convene to discuss trading on any market day.

There is also a Q&A session held twice a day in the breakout room.

This is where Boroden and trader Tammy Marshall answer questions and comments.

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Fibonacci Queen and CNBC’s Jim Cramer

Carolyn Boroden is a regular feature in CNBC’s Mad Money, the latest which is in July 1.

Jim Crammer concluded that the S&P 500 could near a “make-or-break moment” in the short term.

The Mad Money Host came to that conclusion after reviewing chart analysis from Fibonacci Queen.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen in Jim Cramer's Mad Money
Fibonacci Queen in Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

Fibonacci Queen Pricing

Fibonacci Queen subscription is at $197 but there is also a trial period that costs $7 if you want to check things first.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Pricing
Fibonacci Queen Pricing

Fibonacci Queen Refund Policy

Fibonacci Queen refund policy depends on what type of subscription you availed.

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Fibonacci Queen Refund Policy
Fibonacci Queen Refund Policy

Fibonacci Queen Differentiator

The service which Broden provides in Fibonacci Queen is a compelling blend of stock picking and trader education.

The main goal of the service is to educate you on using the Fibonacci method.

Therefore show you how to implement it in your own trading.

That is why the service only has 50 stocks monitored at a time.

Nonetheless, it is much more in-depth since it shows you how those picks were arrived.

Rather than just being handed out an alert for current stock picks.



  • It teaches you how to apply Fibonacci pattern in your trading
  • A good starting point to learn about Fibonacci retracement
  • Constant daily videos explaining how to spot and apply Fibonacci patterns
  • A trading chat room to ask about unusual Fibonacci retracement patterns


  • Pricey
  • No mechanism to ease you into trading

Final Thoughts: Should You Revere The Queen?

After thoroughly discussing this Fibonacci Queen Reviews, it is for the trader who wants to learn a new trading technique.

Apply it in their own strategy rather than just being handed current stock picks.

It requires dedication and persistence since you will be learning a method that is somewhat complex.

We all know that learning something new can be difficult at the start.

Carolyn Boroden does not give out a clear-cut recommendation.

It means that you must learn the techniques and take a proactive role in applying it to your trading.

An alternative to Fibonacci Queen

If you want to learn more about options and options trading in a manner that is more accessible and open.

  • Free Coaching to Our Members
  • Free Chat Live on our Blog
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  • Free Interactive Discord Room to Share Ideas with Other Traders
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And so much more!

Then don’t waste a single moment and join Successful Tradings today!

Fibonacci Queen Reviews - Join Successful Tradings To Take your Trading To The NExt Level

Fibonacci Queen


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use


Education Training





  • It teaches you how to apply Fibonacci pattern in your trading
  • A good starting point to learn about Fibonacci retracement
  • Constant daily videos explaining how to spot and apply Fibonacci patterns
  • A trading chat room to ask about unusual Fibonacci retracement patterns


  • Pricey
  • No mechanism to ease you into trading

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