2021 Most Successful Options Strategy

Looking for a successful option strategy to help take your trading to the next level ?

This step-by-step-tutorial will showcase our most successful options strategy.

By the end of this, you will learn how you can leverage it by applying the techniques to an infinite number of opportunities.

What Is a Successful Options Strategy ?

You may have been trading option for a while or you are just a beginner in your trading journey.

The one elusive thing about trading in general and especially option trading is consistency

Or the lack there of.

You most likely have your own story of beginner luck or a stretch of time where you have made money trading options.

This can happen to anybody.

However, the challenge is to be able to sustain such results over a long period of time.

By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to come up with a successful option strategy that you can emulate to make money consistently.

What determine the success of a strategy ?

So, let’s take the time to answer this question.

The single most recurring questions I get on my social media interactions with traders curious about my services is:

What is your winning % ?

As important as the answer of this question may be, I would like to suggest that a winning percentage does not tell the whole story about a successful strategy.

Let’s me break it down in easy terms.

A winning percentage can be very high like 80% and above.

However if each time the amount you win is not high enough the effectiveness of the option strategyis not really captured in the winning percentage.

On the other hand, imagine an option strategy that win maybe only 55% of the time but each win brings in three times, 4 times or even higher you initial investment.

Most Successful Option Strategy - Successful Trading Trade Alerts Average move per stock
Successful Trading Trade Alerts Average Weekly Move per Stock

Of the above two strategies, which one you would prefer to trade with ?

Therefore, next time you evaluate the effectiveness of an option strategy, do not simply stop at the so-called winning percentage.

It is very important to find out the type of profits an option strategy generates over a long period to determine how successful such option strategy is.

Why Do you need a successful option strategy ?

If you have not found out by now in your option trading career then good for you .

Because you will be able to learn from this point on going forward the importance of having a successful option strategy.

To become a successful option trader, youwil lneed at least one successful option strategy.

If you do not have any, chances are you will spend a lot of time following the Gurus of social media until you run out of money or discouraged about this endeavor.

Therefore, it is imperative to get achieve this goal as soon as possible.

How will you know that you have a successful option strategy ?

Well, how about the fact that you would have tested that option strategy in different market conditions and managed to make money consistently.

Anybody can make money trading options in in a very bullish market like the one we have had in 2017, and 2020.

The challenge is what happens when the market conditions are not as obvious ?

Who need a successful options strategy ?

Hence beginners traders re the first group of traders who need proven successful option strategies.

This will preclude them from jumping around from our Discord room to another not knowing exactly what they have waisted so much money buying expensive options for very little to no profits.

Another group of traders who can really use a successful option strategy are those who would like to take their trading to the next level.

2021 Most Successful Options Strategy - Our Motto- you Don't Need TO Be In the Money to Make big Money
You Don’t Need TO Be In The Money To Make Big Money

I often use this phrase without explaining what it fully means.

NExt Level means you want to thrive by increasing your gains.

You may be doing okay right now and looking to excel.

Why ?

To gain financial freedom. To be able to support your family without having to trade your time for a paycheck at the end of the week.

Being successful in option trading will bring you the such of lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Spending your time with the people you love the most without the constant worry on how to pay for life expenses.

Should you recognize yourself in the above description, keep reading because this discussion is a life changing one.

Successful Tradings Most Successful Option Strategy Overview

As an option trader, you will get the opportunity to see trends in the markets.

Such trends will enable you to take advantage if you are smart enough to study them an apply the results accordingly.

How Did it come about?

That is exactly what I did back in 2016.

I noticed that on expiration days Fridays, certain stocks had the propensity to go up.

But I did not really know at first how to take advantage of these trends.

I conducted a multi year study to get confirmation of my observations.

This is done through some back testing in order to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy.

How Much Does it Cost To Trade our Successful Options Strategy ?

The beauty about this strategy is that because of the proximity of the Expiration, the cost of the options is very small.

I do not know about you but the ability to control my Risk in any option trade is the most essential feature I aim for when trading options.

Typically, a contract cost in this successful option strategy wil lalways be less than 30- 35 cents.

This means that you can invest in this strategy with less than $35 !

This is a far cry away from some of the option cost I see on social media that require you to risk hundreds of dollars for just one single contract !

Start Trading our most Successful Options Strategy

I am still amazed by the many stories I hear from traders in our Discord Channel on how expensive the options they have been trading from their previous subscriptions.

Clearly, you will have to go through a paradigm shift since my motto in trading the most successful options strategy is a follows:

You Don’t Need TO Be In The Money To Make Big Money.

Our numerous10-baggers win are a great Testament to that.

You can catch them on our YouTube Channel to see for yourself.

How Much Time Do you need to Master our Most Successful Option strategy

If there was a metric for efficiency related to how much time it takes to make money, then this option strategy would rank very very high.

You see, all it will take you to trade this option strategy is about 15 minute every Thursday in the last 30 minutes before the market closes.

That is it.

How To Execute this simple trade ?

Every Thursday inside the Subscription channel called Friday No Wahala, I will provide you a very simple, clear and easy instruction that looks like this one below.

Most Successful Options Strategy - Simple and clear instruction for Successful Tradings Subscribers every Thursday 30 minutes before the close
Simple Easy Instruction on How To Trade Successfultradings Most Successful Strategy

From there, you can take all of these 3 swing trades overnight.

The results are often as spectacular as the ones depicted recently on FCX 36 Calls with over 400% profit in less than 24 hours.

No too bad, huh ?

What Is the Performance of Our most Successful options strategy ?

I have taken the time to backtest this successful options strategy over multiple years.

Hence we can trade it with great confidence in any type of market conditions.

This means that it does not matter if the market is bearish or bullish.

As long as there is some type of volatility, this strategy has proven to be very lucrative over the years.

The study spans over multiple years starting all the way back in 2016.

On Fridays expiration, I counted the number of times each stocks moved in the bullish direction by more than 1.5% just on that day alone.

Here is the summary of the results in the table below to be able to track the year over year efficacy of this option strategy.

2021 Most Successful Options Strategy - Year to year Performance per stock dating back from 2016 to present
Year over year Performance of Successful Options Strategy from 2016 to Present

How To Read the Performance of this Option Strategy

Each row represent how at specific has performed under this strategy from 2016 topresent.

The number over the corresponding year is the number of times in that year the stock gained more than 1.5% on Fridays. Let’s call this our bullish condition.

There is a maximum of 52 Fridays each year.

In 2020 for instance, there were only 49 Fridays. SO the last two columns represent the percentage of time our bullish condition was met.

For the first stock in the list, 22 Fridays in 2020 out of 49, US Steel (Ticker:X) managed to gain more than 1.5% between the open and the High of the day.

Why 1.5% ?

Based on my study, 1.5% gain on the underlying stock on expiration Friday generates about 100% gain on the option.

Now I will leave it to you to imagine how much profit in option trading when the stock gains more than 2.5% , 3% or even more.

So far in 2021, X has met the bullish conditions more than 80% of the time with 6 months still to go.

What Are Traders Saying about our Most Successful Option Strategy

Since I introduced this successful option strategy, a great deal of traders have been taking advantage of it to make money consistently.

Here are a few reactions to give you an idea about the effectiveness of this strategy.

Most Successful Option Strategy - Trader in our Discord Room made 500% profit on this successful option strategy
500% Profit Reported by Trader in Successful Tradings Discord Room

Another amazing feedback I received was from a trader who watched my YouTube pre-market show .

He followed along my recommendation on this option strategy and here were his results.

I was able to pay for your subscription with earning from the pre-market session info.

I got into DKNG and TGT and they paid off.

I may end up upgrading to the yearly if I get the hang of it properly.

I got into about 7 over the last 3 days and all but two have turned 100%.

One is PAYA and the other is my fault I did not get in on both sides of the trade (JD).

It moved to fast in the opposite direction of my first order and I stalled to get in on

the other side (I spend too much time looking for one out of the money and they just

continued to rise in price to the point it stalled a little and so I just didn’t get in)

In the above testimony, this trader made so much money on this trade, he immediately subscribed so that he can get further insights into our other strategy.

How To Find More Successful Options Strategies

If you are still reading so far, you may be thinking that the stocks I trade must have some type of special characteristic to generate such consistent results and profits.

However, the truth is that they do not.

What if I told you I can teach you how to find numerous stocks with similar properties you can leverage to make consistent successful options strategy.

Come Learn with Successful Tradings Community

I am inviting you today to open your mind to the possibilities of deriving your very own option trading strategy for the years to come.

The approach I take is very much hands on where there is no guessing and I will be by your side every step of the way.

No Skills Needed | I will Coach You From A to Z

Coaching is the very essence of my belief here at Successful Tradings.

The secret is setting up your very own successful trading strategy is through quantitative analysis.

I have been teaching many traders about it so far.

Here is an example of what that looks like for a stock such as JD.

It does not take that much time to come up with the above study as start using it like the trader who inspires this.

Miss JLU from New York made 200% on JD options on Tuesday by just applying the content of tat study. And you can Do It Too.


This Tutorial on our Most successful Options Strategies showed how you can leverage easy and simple Quantitative analysis to create your own consistent option strategy.

In the meanwhile, you will be trading the very one I presented here that only require less than 15 minutes each week on Thursday for very consistent jay dropping explosive profits.

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