Option Trading Success Stories

Option Trading Success Stories are meant to inspire aspiring traders as well as motivate “struggling” ones.

In this article, we aim to bring you the option trading success stories from Successful Tradings traders.

Our goal is to show that ordinary people can achieve success in this profession by following the simple concepts and discipline required.

Option Trading Success Stories | What is Success ?

Over the last year, I launched an option Trading Education platform under the brand Sucessful Tradings.

The genesis of this initiative is none other that the very blog you are currently reading.

I host a daily Live Day Trading Pre-Market Analysis on YouTube from 850am to 920am.

Also, I coach traders across the world ( Singapore, Great Britain, Africa, USA of course, etc..) in Live Zoom Trading sessions.

If you have an internet connection, you can take part in our knowledge sharing experience.

Option Trading Success

The reason I started by setting the stage is to show you the source of the testimonies that you are eager to read about.

Hopefully for you and me, the purpose is that by the rend of this discussion, you have a cleaner view on how to become a Successful trader yourself.

Just for clarity, the option trading success stories I share here are for Stocks options in the US equities markets.

Option Trading Success Stories - Last 10 year Performance of the US stock market through SPY and QQQ
SPY vs QQQ Lat 20 years Performance from 2001 through 2021

We will not be addressing other forms of options out there on the internet that mostly equates to gambling.

In the Option trading field just like in most activities, success is defined as being able to benefit from a system consistently.

I am aware of the many Get quick schemes ads in social media where you are promised a rag-to-riches ascension in no time.

You know they old saying “If it is too good to be true…”

Option Trading Success Rate

In case you may not know, the percentage of option traders who are successfully can be generously estimated to be below 10%.

Which bring some of the following questions to mind.

  • Why are so many traders still trying ?
  • What do the 10% ones know or do that the rest are not doing ?
  • Can you lose/make a lot of money with options ?

The answers to the above questions may be fluid depending on your circumstances.

I want you to keep them in mind in the various option trading success stories we witnessed here at Successful Tradings.

Option Trading Success Stories | Meet Our Super Stars

These are the stories of ordinary people like you and me.

All joined our Education Service system in the quest to change their narrative on option trading sucess.

We bring you their recent endeavors with Successful Tradings.

Meet Jack The Med Student

Remember how mentioned above that I host a Daily Morning Pre-Market analysis show weekdays on YouTube ?

That is how this trader learned about our service.

He started following our teachings and insights and started making money before even signing up.

Did I say that the knowledge I share on the YouTube channel Morning show is completely free ?

Here is a full video interview of the med student i his own words.

Option Trading Success Stories | MEd Student Turns Account from Red to Green after Joining Successful Tradings

Meet Carol The Student Of The Game

I could write a book about my encounter with this trader.

Successful Tradings ahs an online calendar where book online appointments.

In this trader case, that first ever meeting was on an early Sunday morning California time.

You will find out why in this truly inspiring option Trading Success story.

In her first Trade, this relatively new Option trader got 1071% profit on AAPL Calls.

Option Trading Success Stories by Trader of The Month

The above video interview may not fully capture what transpired for this trader in short a brief time after joining Successful Trading system.

Here is a gallery of her most famous winning trades.

Meet “Juice” The One at the Right Place at the Right Time

Timing can be of essence in option trading and this trader always seems to find himself in the right trades at the right time.

With a nickname of “Juice”, i was very intrigued going into my interview with this trader.

Find out what is behind the name below.

Option Trading Success Stories | Trader of the Month of July at Successful Tradings

If my memory serves me right, this trader is the one with the highest number of 10-Baggers within our Discord Room.

In case you are wondering about 10-Baggers, what if I told you our system has generated even higher profit than that on some trades.

Below is a view of a trade on FB where the profit reached 5231%.

This means that you could have turned $100 into $5000 or 50 times your initial investment 🙂

What To Learn From Our Option Trading Success Stories

Through the above testimonies, we hope you able to gather some of the qualities needed to start your own option trading success story.

Here are a couple of highlights I find in the above traders.

The Psychology of Option Trading

One main item that tend to differentiate the Top 10% from the rest is their mindset.

I always remember the first time Carol told me that she had never had a 100% winning trade.

Therefore I immediately told here it was not her fault because she was taught otherwise.

Indeed, her mind was used to old teaching with consisted of getting out of trades as quickly as traders see a 15-20% profits.

Here I was telling her about 1000% profit.

As a result, changing her mindset was the first victory on her way to success.

How To Trade Options Successfully

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Getting To Know Yourself as a Trader

We all have habits that enables each one of us to excel in different disciplines.

You may be wondering if math skills are required to be a successful option trader.

How about paying attention to details ?

My point is that whatever your strongest and weakest abilities are, you can learn to maximize the former and minimize the alter.

We introduced the famous personality test in our Option for Beginners Psychology article.

Option trading success stories - Briggs Meyers Personality Test
What is your Option Trader Personality ?

By taking to time to evaluate who you are as an option trader, you will save yourself a great deal of setbacks.

There is nothing liek repeating the same mistakes again and again and not being able to correct them before it is too late.

Most traders who do not become successful just churn out after a while mainly because they run out of money at best.

At worst, they are unable to sustain the emotion drain of losing and simply stop trying.

This critical aspect of option trading tends to be overlooked the most by option trading beginners.

Most Successful Options Strategies

After you have worked on yourself, the next step in your journey to successfully trading options is to have a good methodology or system that is proven in all types of markets.

Don’t you love success stories where a trader was able to amass a great fortune just to turn around and loose it as quickly as it came.

What happens in those stories is that beginners luck gave the gains early and the lack of true strategies provided the losses.

- Our proven day trading strategies
Successful Tradings Consistent Proven Strategies

Sometimes markets conditions make it such that traders may think they have arrived not knowing that anybody could make money in a very bullsih market for instance.

We have here at Successful Tradings Five (5) proven strategies that provides consistent profit no matter the market bias (bullish or bearish).

I often take a great deal of fun asking traders during our 1 vs 1 Coaching sessions: “What is your favorite Stock to trade ?”.

Do you know the Best answer to this question ? Hint: There is One indeed !

Let’s hope you get to give it to me in the comments or better yet during your upcoming session with me.

Here is a quick overview of each of our most successful option trading strategies.

Gang$Ta Day Trading Option Strategy

There is a great deal to unveil about the Gangsta day trading strategy.

My best anectode is a trader who recently shared that after seeing a video on YouTube, he went on to Goggle the word “Gangsta trades”.

We both laughed about that 🙂

Check for yourself maybe Google might direct you to one of Successful Tradings article on this strategy.

If you enjoy option trading strategies that can provide you with very big returns like the recent one on TGT displayed below, then look no further.

Option trading success stories - TGT Trade returned over 1600% on GangsTa Trade Strategy
Gang$ta Trade returned 1650% Profit on TGT Options

I will teach you how to duplicate thist type of trade day in and day out especially during Earnings season.

And no, we do not gamble before Earnings. Ever !

If you are curious enough , this is how we trade Options on Earnings the safe way.

Below is a recent highlight video of a Fantastic week of outstanding profit we got from this Gang$ta Strategy.

Our Successful Option Strategy # 2 : Our very Own AI Trade Alerts

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Therefore, I will leave you with the performance of the underlying stocks for our AI Trade Alert system.

Option Trading Success Stories - Performance of Our 10-Baggers Trading Strategy so far in 2021
Jan to March 2021 Average Move Per Stock of Successful Tradings 10-Baggers AI Trading Strategy

If you know that our 10-Baggers Trade Alert System has an average weekly move of 8% per stock, then you can easily understand how it has been able to consistently return 10-Baggers profit.

Our Successful Option Strategy # 3 : Friday’s No Wahala Trades

This strategy used to be known as Friday’s Lottos in our Discord Room.

Then I had to change its name because traders kept asking me if they should be taking it seriously !

Given that this strategy has been tested from 2016 to present with some outstanding results, i guess i have done a great (or bad) jb of keeping it secret for so long.

Below is a gallery I will be populating as we keep collecting these overnight winners.

The first three trades here all took place on the same day with gains of 660%, 420 and 305% on 3 different stocks !

Our Successful Option Strategy # 4 : Overnight Swing Trades

If you were wondering if swing trading is profitable, this strategy will answer your question with an Emphatic YES !

Better yet, do not jsut take my word for it.

Here is how one of our Trader Mr Dimi turned a couple of hundred dollars into $11000 recently

Option Trading Success Stories - Trader made 0ver $11000 from $200 investment on BYND
Massive Returns over $11000 from $200 investment on BYND Overnight Swing Trade Strategy

Our Most Successful Options Strategy | Trading SPY For Profit On Expiration Day

Maybe it is by design that I saved the SPY Day Trading On Expiration for last because it is the best one ?

I wil lteach you how to take advantage of SPY expirations on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

This does not mean that we cannot or do not know how to make money on SPY on other days !

But because options are super cheap on expiration days, this make trading SPY and QQQ our favorite technique to generate 10-Baggers profit consistently.

The video below teaches you step-by-step how you can start implementing this successful option strategy in your own methodology.

How To Trade SPY for Profit on Expiration Days


We shared the many option trading success stories from ordinary traders like you and me.

Now it is up to you to decide if you are ready to create your own successful stories starting today.

We are ready to start teaching everything we taught these traders so that you too can Take your Trading to The Next Level in 2021 and beyond.

What are you waiting for ?

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