Is FUNDED TRADER Program Right for You – 2022 Easy Guide

Trading with your own money in a live account can present many challenges for new traders. Some of these include lack of capital and high risk.

However, Trading with a prop firm like FUNDED Trader will give you the chance to make money without having to risk your own capital.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how you can benefit from Funded Trader to take your Trading to the next Level in 2022 and beyond.

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An individual who is qualified to trade on behalf of a company may open a funded trading account.

Investing in a funded account offers individuals flexibility and makes it easier for them to enter the trading world.

They offer many advantages.

Advantages of Funder Trader Account

First, they grant access to a real trading account on behalf of the company and permit individual traders to trade according to regulatory requirements using the corporate license.

In this way, they are avoiding the hassle of dealing with paperwork, getting the required funds and licenses, and so on.

Furthermore, you can start small by using trading accounts.

The capital available to individuals who qualify for a funded trading program is significantly greater than what they would normally have at their disposal to invest.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if a trader lacks the necessary capital if they have the right skills.

Is Funded Trader For You in 2022 ?  Keys to Success in Trading with Funded Trader
Keys To Success with Funder Trader Program

Who is Funded Trader For?

In contrast, trading companies look for the best traders through a specific program and take a subscription fee and/or a share of their profits in return.

Funded trading accounts provide benefits to all parties: the company that funds the account, as well as the individual who uses it.

The size and instruments traded to determine the type of funded trading account.

Stocks, futures, foreign exchange, options, and many more are possible, depending on the firm.


Founded in the UK in 2007, Funded Trader offers funds to traders worldwide (outside the US) and claims to be known to the FCA.

They provide a service that is beneficial to everybody as a prop firm set up by traders and for traders.

Type of accounts Offered at Funded Trader

Offering FX and Stocks account with a wide array of funding options, they offer a wide range of accounts.

You can choose from 10 forex accounts ranging from $10k to $300k, and 3 stock accounts between $50k and $100k. FX accounts are offered in five levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Professional 1
  • Professional 2
  • Professional 3

Accounts are classified into two types based on their level.

Trading Levels

No matter how large or small your capital may be, everyone is catered to and able to choose an account size that is right for them!

As soon as your account passes the initial evaluation phase, you will be required to deposit the minimum capital required and will be allowed to start trading.

In addition to the MT4 and MT5 platforms, they also offer charting tools that are trusted by many because of their user-friendliness.


Generally, an applicant to become a funded trader must enroll in an evaluation program and pass an exam indicating their skills and abilities.

Traders who meet the company’s requirements are offered a proprietary-funded trading account.

How To Get Funder with Funded Trader?

After that, they receive a particular account size.

With the funds in the account, the trader is free to trade as they see fit.

A trader, however, needs to comply with the rules set by the company in order to continue doing business.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?
 result of simulation of Momentum Long and Short from 2017 to 2018
Simulated PnL of a Funded Trader Account

Abiding Rules For Funder Trader

These rules may, for example, stipulate a profit target at some companies.

There are also possible rules such as maximum drawdown rates, maximum losses per day, and maximum position sizes.


Several trading programs grant funded trading accounts upon completion. All of these programs, however, are not created equally.

Therefore, you should think about several things before making a decision.

To begin with, you should make sure to check their profit split.

How To Select a Good Proprietary Firm ?

Also, find out if you have to pay additional fees and if you get a special tax status.

If you have funded trading accounts with some companies, you may receive competitive rates.

Furthermore, you may be charged for licenses to access trading platforms, education courses, data fees, and so on. In the end, you will have a lot of fees to pay.

Further, try to find a company with a solid educational program.

If you have the choice, you should go through extensive screening. In this way, you can navigate the markets prepared and well-equipped.


Consistent Source of Income

You are paid every month based on your performance when you trade forex with a fully funded account.

You don’t need to worry so much about wins or losses since you’re not investing your own capital. Instead, you need to focus on doing well in the market.

Traders are free to just focus on their trades without the anxiety of trading with their own money.

When you trade on your own, withdrawals will reduce the buying power you have on the market.

You Can Trade anytime

This benefit is a nice change from most jobs that require you to work set hours regardless of whether you can work them or not.

If you are disciplined and have a rigid schedule you can work from, this benefit is a great option for you.

You set your own hours when you trade with a fully funded forex account.

Is Funded Trader Right for you in 2022 ? Stock market growth over last 10 years

The fund is always open for trades since the forex market is.

Trading after midnight is fine if you’re a night owl.

Your forex fund will work around your schedule so that it can work around your schedule.

Zero Investment Needed

The benefit of becoming a funded trader is that you won’t have to risk your own capital. As you are trading for the company, you do not have to worry about your own capital because you are operating with it.

To become a professional trader, you may need substantial starting capital.

As a funded trader, on the other hand, gets access to this capital and can trade it as they see fit.

No More Effort to Find Clients

Becoming a funded trader eliminates the stress of continually searching for clients.

When you manage a forex portfolio, you are always seeking capital to invest, as opposed to a trader.

Because you manage your account by yourself, you don’t need to worry about anyone but yourself when you work in the fund.

With no external distractions or headaches, you are completely free to fine-tune your trading style and strategy.


Funded traders generate profits from their dedicated accounts by making profitable trades. Suppose you make a profit of $1,000 from a series of winning trades.

A portion of that profit is kept for yourself.

How Much Money can you Make Trading with Funded Trader

In this case, what really matters is how much profit you end up with.

Your company may or may not give you any.

Many will take half the profits from you, which means that they are cut in half.

Trader SplitBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings ReqBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings Req
Example of a Profit Structure at a Prop Firm

The important thing is to find a proprietary trading firm that leaves you, the trader, the majority of the profits.

Profit Split Structure

For example, Earn2Trade and Helios Trading Partners allow you to keep 80% of your profits.

In the example above, that means only 20% of what you have earned (or $200) will go to the company that provides you with the account and capital that you trade with.


A wide range of people have their own experiences with a prop firm and are able to provide their own insight into the service and provide insight into how it works.

It’s always worth checking out what a lot of people have to say about a company.

Word on the Street about Funded Trader

According to Trustpilot, Funded Trader has an ‘Excellent’ rating with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?-How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day Trade with Successful Tradings Alerts
Example of Explosive Trades from

Many traders are praising the prop firm for its simple and smooth process with an opportunity for people to advance their trading careers and make good capital.

Until recently, we have been monitoring this company continuously to see if there are any trends in the reviews they receive.

The Trustpilot has not published any new reviews in the last month or so, which is somewhat concerning.


Our experience with Funded Trader has convinced us that you can achieve a funded account with 100% accuracy.

You have every reason to expect to get funding from them based on their simple process and fee-free evaluation of traders.

Free Trader Evaluation

Additionally, traders are allowed to participate in the evaluation without being constrained by any rules, which increases their chances of getting funded accounts.

FTMO, for example, often has strict rules that can restrict your ability to trade and force you to trade in a way that doesn’t suit your style.

When there are no rules to trade by, you can show your full potential.

Below is a video review that provides further insights.


A funded trader can trade a variety of assets, depending on the account type and the prop trading firm.

Many funded trading accounts can be used for trading stocks, FX, futures, and options.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ? -How To Day Trade Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE
Day Trading Options For Big Profits

It is important to realize that you may be restricted as to the types of instruments you can trade.

You may not be able to trade US-listed stocks on leading exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.

Alternatives To Funded Trader

In this EPIC Trading Review, we shared how this platform can be a great alternative to Funded Trader.

We will be bringing you others in the near future.

Alternative to Funded TraderMARKET
Maverick FXStocks, Crypto, Options
Alternate# 3Options, Crypto, FX
TBDForex, Crypto, Stocks, Futures
Alternatives to Funded Trader Proprietary Firm


According to our and several other reviews of Funded Trader, they are a great option for traders looking for a funded account.

You can sign up with Funded Traders no matter how much capital you’re comfortable trading with, as they offer an amazing range of trading accounts for those looking to trade either FX or Stocks.

Furthermore, they offer some great benefits that you don’t see very often in other brokerage firms.

Such is the case for their free evaluation program that is an amazing feature for anyone looking to trade for a living.

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