EPIC TRADING 2022 REVIEW – Is Worth Your Time?

Looking to make money trading with EPIC Trading in 2022 and beond ?

In this step-by-step review, I will show everything you need to know about the EPIC Trading opportunity.

How you can leverage it to take your Trading to the next Level.


The mission of Epic Trading International is to help people earn money from home. This is the reason why we are motivated to write an article on Epic Trading Review.

The platform allows users to earn money in two different ways, which are listed below:

  • An inexpensive but powerful compensation plan
  • A future step in Forex Trading Niche will be crypto trading.

But before diving deep into it, let’s discuss what Epic Trading is.

What is Epic Trading?

EPIC TRADING launched in September 2020 as a forex MLM company.

There is also MLM referral program provided by Epic Trading along with forex education, market forecasts, live trading sessions, quantitative research, as well as live trading sessions.

The company was founded by David McCovy, who previously worked for Evolution Travel and other MLMs.

Interestingly, he also owns a restaurant, a concert company in Las Vegas, and a Hollywood movie company.

In the next few months, he will launch a new MLM company, Epic Trading, which is a Forex multi-level marketing platform.


What Epic Trading is about?

The Forex trading niche is the focus of Epic Trading’s MLM program.

The company is almost the same as Cash FX Group and FBS. A global training company, Epic Trading offers a variety of educational resources for people of all backgrounds, as well as assisting them in achieving financial success.

As opposed to forex trading, it is more of an educational platform for forex trading.

The company is called EPIC, which stands for Exceptional People Incredible Compensation.

Members across the globe rely on them to meet their needs and provide them with benefits.


The educational space includes a number of items. Beginners are able to do well in this area easily.

If you have a membership, you can use the following services.

  • 2 Week Syllabus
  • Member support
  • Epic Trade Alerts
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Epic University
  • Dip Trade Strategy and 20 pipes
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Market Forecast

IS EPIC TRADING Right for You?

There are three groups of people who are best fit for the Epic Trading:

  • Epic Trading offers Forex Signals to Forex traders who want to learn to trade Forex and also make profit on their Forex trading accounts.
  • Referral compensation plan members who would like to earn money from Epic Trading.
  • Team builders who are also forex traders. They wish to profit from Epic Trading’s Forex signals and their referral program, but this is very difficult.
2022 EPICTRADING REVIEW - IS Epic Trading for You?
Is EPICTRADING Education Right For You in 2022 ?

Is Epic Trading Legit?

Aside from offering its MLM system, Epic Trading offers a real, tangible product. It is not required that clients participate in the company’s referral compensation program. The affiliate program is heavily emphasized, and new clients need a sponsorship to join.

How to Get Started with Epic Trading?

Registering as a member of Epic Trading will enable you to join the community.

You can choose your subscription package on the website.

You can track your membership online and sign up is fairly easy.


Contact the customer service team if you have questions regarding billing, checking your account, or canceling your Epic Trading account plan.

In order to become a member of any of the three groups mentioned above, you must first purchase the Epic Scholar program for $134.99 per month.

By signing up for a $14.99 IBO account after recruiting three other Epic Scholars, the $134.99 monthly fee for the Epic Scholar will be waived.

Most people find it difficult to pay the monthly fee with Bitcoin because you must use it.

Pros of Epic Trading

  1. Multiple Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted as payment methods. A credit card or debit card can be used to pay membership fees, and PayQuicker is also supported for platform login.

  • Multilingual Support

The website can be viewed in a number of languages, including Arabic, Russian, and Spanish, ensuring that it caters to an international audience.

  • Active Social Media Presence

Twitter, Instagram and Telegram are popular accounts on social media for the company. These accounts provide regular updates, information on upcoming events and interactive content.

  • Customer Support

The customer service team is reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable.

  • Large Pool of Resources Available

Epic Trading offers a variety of engaging, current and engaging resources. Information can be accessed in a variety of formats, so members can work in a way that suits them.

  1. Referral Plan

Epic Trading has a multi-level marketing referral system that rewards clients with additional monetary rewards for bringing new customers to the company.

Cons of Epic Trading

  1. Limited Packages Available

Affiliate benefits are available only to subscribers of the IBO package, which is in addition to the Scholar package.

There is a possibility that affiliate clients are paying a higher premium to access ranking benefits elsewhere at a cheaper price than the scholar package.

Considering the high level of requirements to receive any referral benefit, it would seem that the program is not as competitive as it seems at first glance.

  • Relatively High Cost

This is quite an expensive platform for learning forex. The basic membership is over $100 per month.

  • Security Can Be Compromised

When it comes to protecting client data, the company shares the bare minimum. It is difficult to determine whether any measures have been taken, which is concerning.

  • Newly Developed Firm

It is difficult to presume the accurate picture of the quality and security of services provided by Epic Trading since it was founded just in 2020, making it a relatively new company.


There are several other sites that offer live trading and features alike epic trading.

Below are some of the best alternatives of the Epic Trading:

Top 10 EPIC Trading Alternatives COST OUR RATING
Epicforextrade.com $99/month B
Epictraingintl.com $99.99/month B
Katsubet.com TBD TBD
Badmlm.com TBD TBD
Capital IQ Pro $7500/year C
Privyr.com $15/month D
Fshort.com TBD TBD
Theprincejason.com TBD TBD
ltc24.com TBD TBD
Maverick Fx Trading $200/month B
  1. Epicforextrade.com
  2. Epictradingintl.com
  3. Katsubet.com
  4. Badmlm.com
  5. Epicforextrade.com
  6. Freedollars.online
  7. Earnlito.com
  8. Fshort.link
  9. Theprincejason.com
  10. Itc24.com

How Much Does It Cost to Join EPIC TRADING?

Scholar members pay a monthly fee to Epic Trading. Besides the basic enrollment package, there are two optional add-ons available. The following is a complete breakdown:

EPIC TRADING University Scholar

This includes access to all of Epic Trading LLC’s services, including Epic University, forex analysis, and forex signals and trading tool reviews, live webinar sessions, trade alerts, forecasts, and member support.

EPIC TRADING 2022 REVIEW - Complex Compensation Plan
EPIC TRADING Compensation Plan

Epic Independent Business Owner (IBO)

Participants have access to FreeFOREX.com, Epic Life services, Epic SuccessLab/PHD training, real-time office data, Epic SuccessLab/PHD training, Epic Referral Compensation Plan, Epic SuccessLab/PHD training, Epic Life services, and Epic Life IBO support.

Epic PTOs

The subscription is $19.99 a month and includes premium services.


There is a great of traders trying out EPIC Trading to make money online lately.

Here is a summary of the videos below:

For a monthly subscription, Epic Trading offers a variety of forex trading resources.

All educational content available on the platform is provided with the free membership, but add-ons can be purchased to participate in the MLM system or for premium services.


The company offers a good range of content, even though it is still in its infancy.

On top of that, you will be required to pay additional monthly fees to access the Referral Compensation Plan on top of the $137,000 monthly subscription fee.

According to all the reviewers, educational resources are available from Epic Trading, and the content is easy to follow, accessible, and up-to-date.

Customer service is good, even though it is quite expensive at $137 a month for a basic membership.

With this in mind, and the relative youth of the company, it may be better for many new traders to find another, cheaper, more established option.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in profiting from Epic Trading’s multilevel affiliate marketing program, you can sign up through the company’s website.


In general, Epic Trading International is a legitimate organization.

However, we would like to see a couple of retail-based incentives added.

The incentive package Epic Trading offers is attractive, but it appears to be extremely focused on hiring affiliates, which can be uncomfortable for some.

Adding retail benefits could be advantageous! A high percentage of retail consumer revenue is what the FTC looks for in MLM firms, not affiliate revenue.

The platform and its services should first be experienced before jumping into its compensation plan, so sign up for a membership first. Epic Trading can be an excellent option for you if you’re interested in learning Forex trading and generating passive income.