TradingView Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium – Which Is Best For You

Are you looking to get a Subscription on TradingView charting platforms.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+ is the usual debate for many traders.

This quick guide will help you select between TradingView 3 mains subscriptions: TradingView pro vs pro+ vs premium so that you can start enjoying superior charting tools.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+

I have been using Tradingview charting tool for almost a decade.

My experience is that this world class charting tool is second to none in its ability to help you with your trading.

Nowadays, It supports all types of markets not jsut the usual stocks and commodities.

You can use TradingView pro or Pro+ or premium for the following assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, international markets.

Whatever you want to doin charting based on your trading style, one of the TradingView pro, pro+ or premium can help you achieve that.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium - Pro give 2 charts per window
2 Charts Window from TradingView Pro

How Do You Choose between TradingView Pro, Pro+, Premium

The most important thing for me is that once you have a subscription plan, you no longer will be dealing with the annoying pop-up ads.

Just that time wasting is enough to invest in at least the TradingView pro.

From there, the beauty is that you can upgrade from Pro to TradingView Pro+ or TradingView Premium without paying any extra money !

Isn’t that a great feature?

Yes, at anytime, TradingView will take the time left on your current subscription plan and translate it into the higher Subscription Plan.

That way, you get to enjoy the benefit of more features without the worry of spending extra money.

Should you then decide to keep you upgraded plan, you will just renew the original subscription when the due date comes.

Difference between TradingView Pro Pro+ and Premium

The initial choice of a TradingView pro vs pro+ vs Premium Subscription plan depends on what you want to do.

If you are a beginner trader, the TradingView pro version will suit your needs just fine.

As you expand your trading skills, you will have the luxury to access more features in the TradingView pro+ and premium like scripting with dynamic and intraday exotic charts.

To help highlights some of the main difference between TradingView Pro, Pro+ and premium here is my suggested Summary table.

TradingView ProTradingView Pro+TradingView Premium
# Charts per Window248
Indicators per Charts51025
# Server side Alerts20100400
Bar ReplayYesYesYes
Formula Based Dynamic ChartsNoYesYes
Volume ProfileYesYesYes
TradingView Pro vs Pro +vs Premium Features Differences

Can you Get TradingView Pro for Free?

I am sure if you may have seen content out there on YouTube suggesting how you can install a piece of code to get TradingView pro for free.

I do not recommend following any of those recommendations.

Do not get me wrong, I understand that money can be tight sometimes.

However, if you are serious about trading, chances are you will make enough money so that a TradingView pro or pro+ membership is not too much of a challenge.

Especially given the sales that TradingView offers all year on the pro, pro+ and premium plans.

Number of Charts per Window on TradingView Pro vs Pro+

When you are trading on one monitor, it can be difficult to follow multiple stocks simultaneously.

This is solved via the multi window feature on the TradingView pro, pro+ and premium.

Each TradingView subscription plans offers a number of charts per window.

The TradingView pro+ offers up to 4 charts per window vs 8 for the premium version.

Indicators per chart on TradingView Pro vs Pro+

The free version on TradingView only offers 3 indicators on each chart.

With TradingView Pro and Pro+, you will be able to add 5 and 10 indicators respectively.

This number grows all the way to 25 in the Premium plan.

Now, I am not sure what type of trader needs 25 indicators on a chart but should you be that person, then the TradingView premium will satisfy that requirement.

My Favorite Feature of TradingView Pro/ Pro+

I coach Options traders in our Discord Room.

So technical analysis on TradingView Pro or Pro+ is something I use regularly.

The feature that comes in handy for this work is the Replay Bar.

It enables traders to easily get familiar with the various indicators.

Here is the video explaining this feature and the others we have been using to get great results you have seen on my YouTube channel.

How Much Does TradingView Pro Cost?

With the current sale on TradingView Pro, Pro+ and premium, it will cost you least than 50cents per day to get all the above feature of TradingView Pro.

I am not sure if you are a coffee drinker at some of the fancy place.

But may I suggest you find a way to fund your yearly TradingView Subscription of less than $155 by altering just that one small habit.

The price of the TradingView Pro+ still comes down to less than $1 per day at $199 USD per year.

This year, you will Get an Extra Month Free on your yearly Plan.

This is a no brainer even if you are a current subscriber.

TradingView will add more time to your Membership.

In my scenario, I have 65 days left on my current Subscription.

I will extend my current subscription for one year = 365 days + 1 month + 65 days = 465 days after my purchase.

Here is the offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How To Use TradingView ?

Now that you have decided on which TradingView subscription plan best fits your needs, you are eager to setup your TradingView Pro or Pro+ charts.

I have created this easy video to help you do just that in very simple steps.

Should you have any questions on how to best use TradingView as part of your trading, you can contact me directly on this website or write me an email or leave your comment on our multiple educational videos.

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