The Stock Whisperer App Review

With so many publications in the stock markets, it is becoming more and more challenging to find a reliable and efficient newsletter service.

To help provide some clarity, we will be answering the question ” Is the Stock Whisper App Worth $19.99?”

What Is The Stock Whisperer App Service ?

The Stock Whisperer App Review - Stock Whisperer App Feeds
Stock Whisperer App Feeds

The Stock Whisperer App is a mobile based alert system created by Stephanie Kammerman in 2018.

She draws experience from her early days in the stock market as a Dark pool Operator.

The App first came in the Android version and soon after the iOs version followed.

The App provides a free Public Feed (also available on Twitter as captured in the picture on the right) while the Private Feed is by Subscription for $19.99/month.

Our focus in this review will solely be on the Private feed.

The alerts come in during Pre-market hours typically before 9am EST.

This allows the traders to analyze them and make a decision on which stocks to trade.

How Does The Stock Whisperer App Work ?

Stephanie Kammerman published a daily video and a screen capture of the Daily Whispers around 9am EST each day.

In the video, she goes over the stocks and ETFs she has handpicked based Pre-market activation and Darkpool prints.

Here is an example of a recent daily video.

The Screen Capture delivers a list of stocks with binary trading levels.

Bullish above a given price and bearish below a certain threshold.

In both cases, target prices are given when the trader can take profit.

As we described in Stock options for dummies , bullish means the security is to go higher and the opposite for bearish.

How To Use Stock Whisperer App Day to Day ?

The Daily report on the App are called Dark Pool Whisper because the source for the level is the Dark Pool prints we described in the FlowAlgo review.

The stock Whisperer App Review - Daily Dark Pool Whisper Report
Daily Dark Pool Whisper Report from Stock Whisperer App

Above are two recent examples of the Daily Report.

Both showcases Apple stock (ticker: AAPL) which the bullish and bearish levels.

  • To the left, On Nov 11 2019, her recommendation was to be bullish above $259.5 and bearish below $257.5
  • On the right, on Nov 18, 2019, her recommendation was to be bullish above $268 and bearish below $264.75

These are all for Day trades. Obviously, it is up to each trader to decide how long to stay in the trade.

My question for you in the second example : what to do if AAPL trades at $265.5 for that day and does not move ?

This question leads us into another one that is more obvious on the weekly Summary report below.

Stock Whisperer App Review - Weekly Stock Whisperer Summary Report with Winning%
Weekly Stock Whisperer App Summary Report

Stephanie Kammerman summarizes on the Top the percentage of success of these alerts.

She also advertises in the same weekly email the total gains (summed for all securities) from all the stocks she handpicked.

However, for any giver subscriber, the gains (on the stock here) may not come close to what is advertised.

This is because each trader still has to make a choice among the large list.

As an example, on both Nov 11 and Nov 18, each report contained over 17 securities to choose from.

Unless the traders has deep pockets to select all the suggestions, that still leave a great deal of guessing to be done.

It is important to note that for Options traders, the gains will be different (mostly higher) from those shown in the weekly summary reports and also depend on the particular entries into those options trades.

My Rating Of The Stock Whisperer App

The Stock Whisperer App certainly provides insights into the Darkpool Levels and thus helps traders stay on he right side.

It takes the emotions out of the trades since specific levels define clear entrance criteria.

However, there is still guessing for the trader as to which stock to select amid a large list of almost 20 possibilities.

Consequently, $19.99/month seems reasonable for the service if one can leverage this app to trade options.

But it does not provide a guarantee of consistent returns since the trade choice of stocks still come into play.

Our recommendation is to combine this service with your methodology to increase the level of confidence in your trading strategies.

The Stock Whisperer App


Dark Pool Levels


Ease of Use




Historical Search



  • Dark Pool Levels
  • No Emotion Trades
  • Live Prints Alerts
  • Price Is Cheap


  • Too Many Choices
  • Tends To Go Off Air
  • Too much Information sometimes

14 thoughts on “The Stock Whisperer App Review”

  1. I am not really into the stock exchange but I have a couple of friends who are into it and I feel like this application is a very good one with the features that it has. I find it very cool that one can actually get alerts on the stock. I will share this post with my friend because I am very sure that he will find this very helpful to him. Nice post on the stock whisperer.

  2. So, The Stock Whisperer reminds me of a bot in the way that it presents information and advice, but unlike a bot, you make all decisions yourself. I still don’t quite understand bullish and bearish. I know what a bull run is in cryptocurrency, but this sounds quite different. I apparently need to look more into what the Darkpool is, as well. Obviously, I’m a newbie to the world of investments. While I’m just beginning to invest in crypto, I haven’t dipped into the official stock market yet. I’m guessing that with The Stock Whisperer, there is no broker involved? Sorry for being so ignorant.

    • Hello Cathy,

      Being Bullish simply means you believe in an uptrend meaning prices going higher and being bearish is the total opposite.

      As for the Dark Pool, please take the time to review our discussion on it on a previous article.

      And let us know if you have further questions.

      Thank you for your time.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us! I just recently started looking into stocks and this is very helpful information. I will have to look into this app and see if it would help me in my new endeavors. Thank you so much, I had no idea about this app!

  4. I’ve been wondering about apps like this.  It’s good to see an impartial review of it.  How long of go did you give it to test it out?  

    I’m sure it would be a great tool, but, like you I think it would still need to be added to the rest of the tool box, certainly not an all-in-one solution.  I’m sure it could help you make more than $20 a month though and that is really the bottom line.

    • Hi there Rob,

      It did not take me long at all to try it out because i already knew

      the value of the Dark Pool.

      Yes, the App can easily pay for its monthly cost with just ONE trade.

      Thank you.

  5. Thanks for your review of The Stock Whisperer app. I’m very intrigued with options. My sister has delved into this pretty heavily and has gone through some training programs and webinars on it. This makes me pretty intrigued. I like the idea of adding this app to an existing methodology, especially since some people, like my sister, spend tons of time (and money) learning other methodologies. I know for me, I’d feel better to get confirmation from a source like this that I’m making a good decision. 

  6. Okay, this one is very good. I did not understand if you were saying that it is Stephanie Kammerman that owns the stock whisperer app but one thing that I have noticed is the fact that many apps like this do not come on phones but as software. It is a good thing but it makes me question its efficiency. Maybe I should check out the free version before I make my decision.

    • Hello John,

      Yes, Stephanie Kammerman is the publisher of the Stock whisperer App. 

      Have you had a chance to check it out yet ?

      Thank you for your time.

  7. Nowadays it’s hard to get through everything that internet offers and really find trust-worthy, quality items to purchase. I appreciate you writing detailed review about The Stock Whisperer App. My dad is a ‘’master of stock exchange’’ in our family, so I will let him know about your recommendation. Since he’s not that good using apps, your explanation will help me help him 😊 Thank you!

    • Hello Katja,

      We truly appreciate you stopping by and providing positive feedback on this review.

      We hope your Dad will find it just as satisfactory as you did.

      should he have any further question, please do let us know and we will gladly help him out.

      Thank you for your time and Talk to you soon.


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