Sure Dividend Reviews | The All Encompassing Guide

What we know changes who we are, especially with information pertaining to trading.

With this Sure Dividend Reviews, we will probe a newsletter service that covers stocks with growth potential and high dividend.

With this kind of investment strategy, we, as an investor, are in it for the long run.

But is it a good thing to buy and hold forever? Will you be making that sweet bread & honey while you wait?

Find out in this Sure Dividend Reviews and see if it is a great idea to add dividend growth stock in your portfolio.

Sure Dividend Reviews: What is Sure Dividend

It is a known fact that companies who pay dividends to their investors cannot find growth opportunities within their industries.

That is why they give out dividends to attract investors into their company because they know their stock is certain to be stagnant for a long period of time.

But giving out dividends also sends out a clear signal of the company’s strength and fosters goodwill.

Therefore it drives the demand of the stock and increases its price.

So you’re asking, should I choose a company that issues dividends or a company that does not? Well, what if I tell you that you can choose both?

And that is where Sure Dividend comes in because it provides you information about companies that offer both growth potential within its industry and high dividends.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend
Sure Dividend

It researches over 600 US stocks, assigning them dividend risk scores and conducting the detailed fundamental analysis.

So you can find the top companies that give the best of both.

Sure Dividend Newsletters are delivered to you monthly with ten recommendations of the best dividend growth stocks.

Their purpose is to:

Identify and recommend securities that we believe are likely to provide our readers with a safe and secure retirement (or early retirement) through income investing.

The company’s’ goal is:

Financial freedom through an investment portfolio that pays rising dividend income over time.

And if you are a long-term investor then Sure Dividends will fit your personal trading style and strategy.

Sure Dividend Reviews: Who Owns Sure Dividend

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividends Ben Reynolds
Sure Dividends Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds is the founder of Sure Dividends which he established in 2014.

Sure Dividend has been featured on Forbes, MSN Money, The Street, and The Motley Fool to name a few.

He uses The 8 Rules Of Dividend Investing methodology to determine what dividend stocks to buy and sell for rising portfolio income over time.

The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing are as follows:

  • Rule 1: The Quality Rule
  • Rule 2: The Bargain Rule
  • Rule 3: The Safety Rule
  • Rule 4: The Growth Rule
  • Rule 5: The Peace of Mind Rule
  • Rule 6: The Overpriced Rule
  • Rule 7: The Survival of the Fittest Rule
  • Rule 8: The Hedge Your Bets Rule

How Do You Use The Information In Sure Dividends And Make Money

There are two primary ways to use the information Sure Dividend provides according to their website:

  1. Invest in our top-ranked securities
  2. Position your portfolio away from securities with high Dividend Risk scores and low expected total returns

The company has two premium newsletters for investors looking for our top-ranked dividend growth and high yield securities.

The Sure Dividend Newsletter – top ten dividend growth securities which come out first Sunday of the month

The Sure Retirement Newsletter – top ten high yields (4%+ yields only) securities which come out second Sunday of the month

Their newsletters also give sell recommendations when (if) a past recommendation has low expected total returns and/or high risk ahead, as needed.

It also has a premium database of research on individual stocks

The Sure Analysis Research Database is for investors looking for greater flexibility and provides the following:

  • Full access to all 600+ quarterly updated reports
  • A daily updated Excel spreadsheet for quick sorting of the database
  • Access to both of the newsletters.

It also provides a ‘second opinion’ on securities you may already hold in your portfolio.

So that you can avoid low expected total return and high-risk investments while not focusing on what to buy.

You can use Sure Analysis to find individual securities that match your specific investing needs and industry/sector requirements.

Sure Dividend Features

Monthly Newsletter

Sure Dividends newsletters are 60 pages long that is sent to you every month with a goal to showcase ten stocks that the company researched to have high dividend payout and high growth potential.

Each curated stock is scrutinized and has a summary containing earnings growth, fair value analysis, and the latest financial performance.

It also comes with financial data that spans 10 years if you are confident doing your own analysis base on the data presented.

The newsletters come with sell recommendations for stocks from the previous newsletters.

It is a sell recommendation whenever a stock cuts or suspends dividends as well as stocks with expected valuation falling below S&P 500 expected growth.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend Top 10
Sure Dividend Top 10

The criteria for sell recommendations are expounded at the start of the newsletters

And there is a special section for stocks that has stood the test of time in the Sure Dividend portfolio.

Since its establishment, the sold recommendations of Sure Dividends have performed better than the S&P 500, outranking it by over 61% while the latter has only returned 44%.

The newsletters are quite long, but that is to be expected since it is a monthly service.

Plus, considering the vast amount of data that is inside the newsletters, then the length of the newsletters is a no-brainer.

Stock Lists

The service also includes Excel files that have information about high-ranking dividend stocks sorted into categories.

Each file comprises the underlying company’s pertinent information merged with its performance information and the most recent dividend yield.

It is easy to categorize how you want it to be and just as easy to customize according to your needs.

The only difference with the stock list from the curated stocks is that it does not have fair value estimates or dividend risk ratings,

This means it is not as exhaustive as the ones in the ten curated stocks.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend Stock List
Sure Dividend Stock List

Sure Analysis Research Database

The Sure Analysis Research Database contains reports on over 600 securities, including:

  • The Dividend Kings
  • REITs, MLPs, and BDCs
  • The Dividend Aristocrats
  • Blue-Chip dividend growth stocks
  • Many monthly dividend-paying securities
  • Fast-growing non-income-producing securities

The company added 160 net new securities to the Database in 2019 and is updated quarterly by the researchers to keep it relevant and up to date.

You can use this to compare potential investments to one another on an apples-to-apples basis.


This is an archive of brief articles that Sure Dividends provides each month for free.

Most of the articles cover the stocks featured in the top ten recommendations of the newsletter.

These articles discuss the company’s specific industry, why the ten stocks were chosen, dividend growth, and projected returns.

The other articles that are published will be more beneficial for the technical traders as it teaches you how to filter data downloads for each type of stocks.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend Articles
Sure Dividend Articles

What I Like About Sure Dividend Newsletter And What Makes It Stand Out

The wealth of information that the newsletters may be daunting to the newbies, but if you go at it slowly and methodically, you can use it as a primer to build your own portfolio.

Using their ten recommendation you can start from those stocks then work your way through the stock lists.

The service simplifies the confusing process of creating your own portfolio because honestly, as a beginner you may end up choosing stocks that will cost you in the long run.

Another reason that makes it different is that it provides subscribers access to their research database.

That encompasses critical information to help you analyze the stocks presented by Sure Dividend.

What People Say About Sure Dividend Newsletter

These are a few examples of reviews online:


Excellent. I’ve been able to find stocks that fit my strategy, buy them low, get a big dividend, and sometimes even sell high. Again, excellent.



I Like it very much and look for it each morning. I use the database before I buy any stocks.



I consult it for the occasional trade I might be considering ‘on my own’. If I a making a purchase as indicated by the real money portfolio or a recommended sale of a previous purchase by the newsletter, I trust that the research database has played an important part in the newsletter’s rankings and recommendations and thus I feel no need to consult it. I enjoy the historic and current statistics as well as the written details of each report. It is very thorough and almost always answers the questions I have.




I’m a layman at investing. I only know what I’ve learned from books and podcasts. I like the Sure Dividend philosophy over just choosing from my 401k fund choices. Therefore, knowing I don’t have the expertise and research time I subscribed to Sure Dividend to tap into your education, experience, research and opinions to maximize my retirement income with a comfortable risk level. I will say you’ve changed my entire outlook from a 4% annual withdrawal to realizing I could generate the same income without tapping the principal. In good times the growth portion of your philosophy could even create greater capital to draw dividends from.



“I’ve found the SA database very useful in identifying and comparing possible stocks to buy or sell that meet particular criteria (e.g., dividend yield, stock sector, projected total return, etc.). I also find the 3-page quarterly summary reports very helpful.


David Epstein

The most important research tool I use.

Sure Dividend Cost And Free Trial Period

The Sure Dividend Newsletter and The Sure Retirement Newsletter both costs $149 for an annual plan and $111 for a three-year plan respectively.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend Pricing
Sure Dividend Pricing

While The Sure Analysis Research Database which gives you access to both newsletters plus the database costs $429 for one year and $319.67 for three years.

Sure Dividend Reviews - The Sure Analysis Research Database
The Sure Analysis Research Database

Sure Dividend offers a seven-day free trial period which you can use to see if it provides relevance and importance to your trading style.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend 7 Day Free Trial
Sure Dividend 7 Day Free Trial

Sure Dividend Refund Policy

Sure Dividend provides a 60-day full refund grace period, no questions asked.

Sure Dividend Reviews - Sure Dividend Refund Policy
Sure Dividend Refund Policy

What Are The Alternatives To Sure Dividend Newsletter

Sure Dividend’s main competitors that offer the same line of service are Stock Advisor by The Motley Fool and Value Line.

Stock Advisor by The Motley Fool provides two stock picks while with Sure Dividends there are ten curated stock picks.

Value Line is a daily newsletter service while Sure Dividends is a newsletter delivered once a month.

If you are interested in reading about other services that provide relevant information in trading.

I suggest reading our Real Money Subscription Cost by Jim Cramer review, MarketBeat Daily Premium Reviews, and Benzinga Pro Price review.



  • Ten stock picks that you can use to start creating your own portfolio
  • A mixture of both high dividend and growth potential companies
  • Relatively economical price
  • A massive research database which you can access if you want to do your own analysis


  • Dividends may be taxed as an ordinary income if it is an unqualified dividend
  • Since the newsletter is extensive with 60 pages, it can be boring to some
  • A long-term portfolio may not be suited for everyone

Final Thoughts: Is Sure Dividend Worth The Price

After going through this Sure Dividend Reviews, I really like the idea that you can use the ten stocks that they recommend as your primer in creating your own portfolio.

Often, as a beginner or even if you are an advanced trader, your portfolio might look like a hot mess since you don’t know which stock to invest into.

Additionally, Sure Dividends enables you to expand your portfolio invest in stocks for long-term growth but also gives a delightful bonus of high dividends.

And with all types of investing, information plays a critical factor in whether or not you succeed in trading, and with the broad information that the newsletters present, you cannot go wrong with it.

Ultimately, it is up to you on how you use that information to your advantage.

What do you think? Do you also invest in long-term stocks? Want to diversify your portfolio? Comment down below!

Sure Dividend Reviews | The All Encompassing Guide


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use


Education Training





  • Ten stock picks that you can use to start creating your own portfolio
  • A mixture of both high dividend and growth potential companies
  • Relatively economical price
  • A massive research database which you can access if you want to do your own analysis


  • Dividends may be taxed as an ordinary income if it is an unqualified dividend
  • Since the newsletter is extensive with 60 pages, it can be boring to some
  • A long-term portfolio may not be suited for everyone

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