The 1450 Club Review | A Scam Club

Today we are going to dissect this The 1450 Club Review.

This is an overly hyped trading subscription service advertised on multiple social media platforms.

The video is usually about a guy stepping out of his fancy sports car, all suited up with his fancy watch.

But before you bite the bullet and fork over your cash.

Read our The 1450 Club Review so you will know what you will get yourself into.

The 1450 Club Review: Breakdown

The 1450 Club is an investment and trade recommendation subscription service.

It is the brainchild of Andrew Keene, the CEO of AlphaShark, an educational site focused on trading.

The 1450 Club’s backbone is S.C.A.N.

The service focuses on options which to some beginners may be hard to grasp.

We have an article that will arm you with everything you need to know about options trading!

A video too, to help you digest the article more!

The 1450 Club Review: Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene is the man behind The 1450 Club.

It is licensed under Money Map Press which is an investment advisory firm.

Money Map Press offers trading subscription services like Money Map Report, Nova X Report, and various programs.

Keene is a self-professed millionaire trader who made it big before reaching 30 years old.

CNBC & Fox Business had featured him previously for his expertise.

Andrew is also the President & CEO of AlphaShark that offers subscribers educational products mainly on trading.

The 1450 Club Review - Andrew Keene's Bio
Andrew Keene’s Bio

As stated in his bio, Andrew Keene got the idea when he was in Thailand hanging out with the monks.

Suddenly enlightened, and soon after The 1450 Club was born.

Suddenly enlightened, and soon after The 1450 Club was born.

The 1450 Club Review: The Mechanics of S.C.A.N.

There are 3 trades placed from Monday to Thursday between 9:30-10:30 AM from the S.C.A.N. system

S.C.A.N stands for:

  • Spot the Tell
  • Confirm the Signal
  • Automate and Execute
  • Net worth Boosted

S.C.A.N. sifts through the millions of trades that appear to be unconnected.

And then detects when small groups of possible insiders make mysterious trades.

Which happens shortly after the market opens.

The 1450 Club Review: S.C.A.N.? More Like S.C.A.M.

Andrew Keene claims that he was enlightened by having fun with the monks in Thailand.

The 1450 Club Review - Andrew Keene Enlightenment
Andrew Keene Enlightenment

But when he realized how much nonsense it is.

He later switched it to The Ichimoku Cloud.

The Ichimoku Cloud is a collection of technical indicators that show support and resistance levels, as well as momentum and trend direction. It does this by taking multiple averages and plotting them on the chart.

The 1450 Club Review - Andew Keene later says it comes from The Ichimoku Cloud
Andrew Keene later says it comes from The Ichimoku Cloud

Well, it is crazy.

And a theory that is very hard to swallow.

Why you say?

Well, maybe the monks in Thailand are interested in a Japanese book about investment.

But seriously, who are we kidding here.

The 1450 Club Review: Money Map Press

As I mentioned earlier, Money Map Press offers its subscribers various trading subscription.

With a subscription basis service, there’s bound to be people who are not happy with the services offered.

These are a few examples from the Better Business Bureau.

Words on The Street About 1450 Club


My complaint is that I reached out to customer service at Money Map Press and they denied my refund request. After watching a promotional video where Tom Gentile of Money Map Press guarantees making big money trading options using his explicit direction strategies that are sent via text/email on Mondays. I spoke with a representative Sean Broderick on 6/15/2020 about signing up for the service and he sent me the information to wire transfer $2500 to Publishing Services LLC for a lifetime membership. I was given an account # XXXXXXXXXXXX and access to subscriber services care with a username and password on 6/17/2020. Come to find out, the instructions given by Tom Gentile in Money Map Press to trade options require a Level 2 options trading ability with the brokerage firm. I was not aware of this and was never told this or I would never have subscribed to a service I can not use. I had to apply for the ability to trade options at the brokerage firm and subsequently was given Level 1 options trading ability due to inexperience. Level 2 options trading ability is given over time after demonstrated experience trading options. I called customer service of Money Map Press around 8/24/2020 to receive a refund, and they said that they would not issue a refund. I believe that it was deceiving to claim the ability to make big money guaranteed when it requires that you already have Level 2 options trading ability of someone with experience. I would like a refund of the $2500 I paid for the subscription.

Desired Outcome

The resolution I am seeking is a refund of the $2500 I paid for the subscription fee that I cannot utilize.


This company provides incredibly deceptive (LIES) advertising. My experience has been horrible. I am demanding a refund. I am subscribed to Tom Gentile’s Daily Flash Cash. The results have been terrible. Today, (08/27/2020) ALL 4 recommended trades were BIG losers. But Mr. Gentile sent out an update saying “the losses are OK”. In what world does this guy live in? The VAST majority of the recommendations have been losers. I am a retiree and I cannot tolerate these losses. ALL of the MMP offerings are terribly over-hyped (LIES). In the promotional for Daily Flash Cash, Mr. Gentile says, “you can make $4,300 in two hours EVERY DAY.” He says just place your trades and wait for the money to magically be deposited in your account at 4PM EVERY DAY. He basically says how can you be so stupid to pass over this opportunity to become filthy rich. It is a TERRIBLE SCAM. There has only been one slightly positive day in the last two weeks. I have talked to customer service 3 times, and they effectively told me to pound sand. I have spent over $3,000 in subscription cost alone, in addition to many thousands of dollars in investment losses following Mr. Gentile’s recommendations to the letter. All I get are many emails EVERY DAY hyping additional “get rich” schemes. I know they say a sucker is born every day BUT subscribers deserve an honest proposal. NOTHING is honest about MMP. STAY AWAY.

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund. I would like to see these people be held accountable for their false advertising (LIES). They will not (and CANNOT) provide any past results (audited or otherwise) because THEY DO NOT EXIST.


I have been trying to cancel this “subscription” for over a year. This company has made it nearly impossible to cancel a lifetime membership. I subscribed to this “publication” long ago, after being misled about the nature of this subscription. They have signed me up for lifetime memberships for several publications, for which I pay an annual fee, and can only cancel a few days before the membership renews. To give an idea of how onerous this is, one publication has an auto renew date of October 2023. There are about 20 publications, and each time I unsubscribe from one, I seem to be newly subscribed to another. I have sent emails, filled in their forms online and sent letters, and have gotten no confirmation about receipt nor have gotten any relief from this subscription. Their listed phone number is never answered. As bad as it is that I can not cancel the payments, as a result of the payments, they send never ending print an email publications. Monthly I receive 2 publications via USPS filled with information about how I can make millions and “investment opportunities”. I can’t get them to stop sending them. In addition, I get an outstanding amount of email from this company. For example, one publication, project 303 sends 3-6 emails per day, every day with content like this: — August 11, 2020 Action to Take:********************************** September 18, 2020 $50 calls (*******************) for no less than $1.01 Let’s Make an Early Exit on **** Dear ***************, As time decay grows stronger, we’re looking to clean up our portfolio. So, we’re going to make an early exit on our **** setup and preserve capital for future opportunities. Here’s what you need to do… Action to Take: ************************** (****) September 18, 2020 $50 calls (*******************) for no less than $1.01 We’ll talk soon, Andrew K**** — I want this all to end. I have sent a copy of the account page, a sample email, past requests to unsubscribe, an example of how many emails I receive from them, a sample of these emails, copies of several of the attempts I’ve made to unsubscribe, etc.

Desired Outcome

I would like this company to 1. never charge me again for any product or service provided by them or any of their subsidiaries 2. Removal of my contact and personal information from all of their databases, records, mailing lists, and lists for sale. 3. Complete removal from all mailing lists, postal and email for all purposes. 4. Confirmation in writing that the above actions have been taken.

These are only a few examples taken from BBB.

And there are numerous complaints on Money Map Press there but let’s move forward.

The 1450 Club Review: Agora Financial and Andrew Keene

Keene is also an analyst for Agora Financial.

Which for those of you who do not know was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for selling fake diabetes medicine.

“These defendants stole money from older adults with lies about having a cure for diabetes and a way to get thousands of dollars in government checks,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. “If you’re trying to get the FTC’s attention, making up stories about disease cures and government checks is a good way to do it.”

Agora and the affiliates market The Doctor’s Guide online through e-mail distribution lists, online newsletters, affiliate networks, and their own websites. They advertise The Doctor’s Guide as a simple and scientifically proven protocol that can permanently cure type 2 diabetes in 28 days, without any changes in diet or exercise. The Doctor’s Guide sells for $249, which the defendant’s claim is “a $750 discount,” compared to what consumers would have to pay for in-person treatment using the same protocol.

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The 1450 Club Review: Botta Capital and Andrew Keene

Andrew got his start in the “prestigious” Botta Capital ‘clerk-to-trade’ program.

The prestigious is in quotations because, on October 9, 2003, the company was exposed and closed due to scamming their customers.

You can head over to FINRA and United States Securities and Exchange Commission to verify for yourself.

The 1450 Club Review - Botta Capital in FINRA
Botta Capital in FINRA

According to, Botta Capital couldn’t even muster the minimum capital requirements of $100,000.

And therefore, the company was fined twice for it.

Additionally, Botta Capital was also sanctioned for not disclosing that three of their employees were recently convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud, and securities fraud regarding front running customer accounts.

And Im not sure how Andrew Keene could ever apply the word “prestigious” to Botta Capital in any respect. In fact, the company was so pathetic and weak that they were fined twice because they couldn’t meet the minimum capital requirements of $100k.

Andrew claims millions in profits, yet the firm cannot find $100k to stay solvent? Something smells fishy.

1450 CLUB vs Project 303

According to numerous traders who joined my Discord room, Project 303 is an upsell from 1450 CLub.

This means that after joining 1450 Club, they were offered to upgrade to better trades through project 303.

Here is a full video analysis of Project 303 vs 1450 Club.

The 1450 Club Review: What People Say

phil  2 / 6 / 2020

I am a charter member. Problem with the program is you have very little chance of entered his trade recommendations unless you attend his live-stream broadcasts because the prices take off too fast. If you don’t enter his trade within 30 seconds to a minute, then hos price limit is exceeded. His later email recommendations arrive way to late on am average of over an hour or more. Also, he has so far only averaged about 1 to 2 trades a day, sometimes none. I monitored his 1450 portfolio at money map press and his open trades are mostly negative or show no value. He only brags about his positive closed trades, never about is total profit after loses.

Carlos Santana 3/ 29 / 2020

I joined the 1450 club for a couple of months and lost $3000 in just a week with a trading average of $200-400/trade. There are some good calls, but many bad “ideas” that will not make you any money, that’s why I lost most of the time. I did receive a refund after emailing them a couple of times.

Wale 6 / 17 / 2020

I subscribed to 1450 club in November 2019. It is over-hyped and Andrew only paper traded….never use his own money. Please, please, do not join 1450 club. It doesn’t what it. By the time Andrew called a trade, the price already went up and when asked him to trade real money– he kept given excuses,

Cindy 3 / 11 / 2020

Don’t understand why a millionaire would charge so much for the average person to pay. There is a reasonable price to help others get started not to jab them in the butt. You heard the saying you can’t take it with you. I would rather stay broke than give you more money.

Gary 11 / 25 / 2019

Guaranteed by what parameters. Do I have to invest in all 3 recommendations every day and how much plus how can he give me 3 trades per day every day? These are supposed to be special insider trades that seems like a lot of trades being done illegally. Is there shorter membership I can get in on this to try it it seems to many red flags. The only reason I’m considering it is that Neil Patel is recommending it.

Fredrick Wicks 6 months ago

Unfortunately, the 1450 club is a bad deal. Many times you can’t get in a trade because within seconds the recommended price to get in has passed. Andrew Keene claims he had 11,000 members. Well if they all scramble to buy a call at the same time is it a surprise that the price goes up in seconds. I have gotten in to calls he calls winners and lost money on them????? Some people claim they are winning with Keene. Not me…big loser. What is especially irritating to me is that he censors his FB group. I tried to post a comment about the time factor and it was rejected. After that, I must have been banned from posting because when I go on the group site I can’t find a place to post a comment. His web site mostly allows only positive comments. But if you watch the comments from members during the live session you get the truth about how many people are losing money or can’t get in trades. This is because Keene can’t seem to censor the live comments. I am writing this in hopes other people do not fall prey to this system. It doesn’t work.

Michael Gagg 11 / 27 / 2019

I bought this service. Turns out he trades a paper account. He does not put any of his money at risk. This is a scam, stay far away!

Erica 12 / 1 / 2019

The SCAN is a Scam.

1450 Club Review: Pricing

The price of joining the 1450 Club is a mere $5,000 per year.

It is a bargain from the company’s perspective since they guarantee a 25X or 2,500% on your first year.

But when you try to join the subscription, it will tell you that the offer is no longer available.

The 1450 Club Review - The 1450 Club Pricing that is currently not available
The 1450 Club Pricing that is currently unavailable

I wonder what happened.

They do however tell you to just enter your info so they can tell you when it will be available again.


Pros and Cons


  • Nothing that is worth mentioning
  • Professional advertisements that can surely entice you


  • Deceitful
  • A company track record that has a history of scamming customers
  • Not transparent about financial statements
  • Tons of complaints in BBB
  • Professional advertisements that can make you subscribe without researching if it’s legit
  • Pricey

Final Thoughts

The pieces of evidence speak for themselves.

With that, I do not want to mince words about this The 1450 Club Review.

Control yourselves and step on the breaks as hard as you can.

Do not cough up the money that you probably saved for your retirement.

Look for a trading service that is reliable and credible!

Alternative to 1450 Club

Instead of pandering to this kind of lowlife why not go for trading service that truly delivers what it promises.

A service that not only builds you from the ground up but also expands your horizon in ways you haven’t even imagined.

The 1450 Club Review - Trader made huge profits after learning Gang$ta Strategy at Successful Tradings
Trader Mr. B winning with this put options using the Gang$ta Strategy

In the picture above, GANG$TA trader MrB wins at 2835% with Put Options with our Innovative Day Trading Option Strategy – GANG$TA Trades,

The 1450 Club Review - Trader made huge after learning Gang$ta Strategy at Successful Tradings
Trader craigd1024 winning with call options using Gang$ta Strategy

In the picture above, GANG$TA Trader craigd1024 wins at 1200% with Call Options! Talk about Trading Goals!

These are only a few examples of our traders who are winning with the Gang$ta Trades!

Still not convinced? How about I let you in on a strategy that will give you more than 900% profit on your initial price?

Which can go up to 1200% or even beyond!

Yes, you read that correctly! And I’m not gonna preach without solid proofs of our 10 bagger winners!

The 1450 Club Review - 10 Bagger Win by trader craigd1024 using Gang$ta Strategy
10 Bagger Win by trader craigd1024 using Gang$ta Strategy

In the picture, 10 Bagger Winner craigd1024 wins at 1378% Call Option with GANG$TA Trades.

The 1450 Club Review - 10 Bagger Win by trader juice using Gang$ta Strategy
10 Bagger Win by trader juice using Gang$ta Strategy
The 1450 Club Review - 10 Bagger Win by trader juice using Gang$ta Strategy
10 Bagger Win by trader juice using Gang$ta Strategy

GANG$TA 10 Bagger Winner juice win streaks at 1700% Call Options.

Seeing is believing!

By joining Successful Tradings you will also get:

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The 1450 Club Review - Be The Next 10 Bagger Winner!

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The 1450 Club Review | A Scam Club


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • Nothing that is worth mentioning
  • Professional advertisements that can surely entice you


  • Deceitful
  • A company track record that has a history of scamming customers
  • Not transparent about financial statements
  • Tons of complaints in BBB

10 thoughts on “The 1450 Club Review | A Scam Club”

  1. I’m glad that there is someone out there that is willing to whistleblow on these scammers promising huge gains but cannot deliver. I have looked into multiple websites that promise you freedom from the 9-5 but charge you tons of money and promise amazing returns, but then they just give you bs calls and hope you don’t ask for your money back. Thanks for exposing another scammer. Great article!

    • Hello Drakuzad,

      Thanks you or stopping by and providing feedback on this content.

      Sorry to hear about your experience.

      Have a great evening.

  2. Data Accuracy


    Ease of Use






    This is a SCAM!
    Do not join the 1450 club.
    You will not succeed. AK tries to sell his scans and he charges thousands for this.
    That’s how he makes his money. Selling junk to his followers.

    • Hello Anton,

      Thank you for confirming our Conclusion about the 1450 Club program.

      Our goal is to help traders and investors avoid some pitfalls in this market.

      We appreciate your Input. Talk to you Later.

  3. I became a 1450 Club member on 11/21/19. I am formally requesting a FULL REFUND of my 2 yr membership $2,850.00. I am extremely disappointed with the product. Not only were the options difficult to get into, the ones AK recommended were often losers. Also, what I (thought) I paid for soon changed. AK always said “I pay 250K a year for scanners, so you don’t have to…”. Not true, as it soon became apparent that if you did not “upgrade” to Project 303, Super Options, etc… and/or purchase Option Hacker, you were not going to have the opportunity to get into many trades. AK soon became so focused on selling additional or upgrades ti memberships and scanners that it seemed that those of us with only basic memberships were no longer “important” to him. That is NOT what I signed up for. The “basic” membership should have covered ALL recommendations and given me the opportunity to make 25X my money. It did not…only if you purchased additional subscriptions or tools.

    Don’t waste your time…it’s a scam…they don’t stand by their gaurantee

    • Thank you Lori for your feedback.

      Sorry to hear your story as for so many we shared on this article.

      Our goal is to educate traders on services that do not meet satisfactory standards.

      Let us know how Successful Tradings can be of assistance.

  4. Data Accuracy


    Ease of Use






    Thanks, I was considering joining SUPER OPTIONS by Andrew do you have any feed back on the program

    • Hello Albert,

      Every single trader who has provided feedback about his system tells us that it is far from what it promises..

      I would think this latest one is not much different from the other programs.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Data Accuracy


    Ease of Use






    I’ve joined Andrew Keane 1450 Club. He is a big mouth scammer on the morning streaming. Check out his existing current trades, if you do not believe me. All losing badly. Most others have expired worthless. Every now and again there might be a successful trade. Even a squirrel gets a nut once in a while! He is terrible. In fact, you would have an incredible win rate if you traded against what Andy Boy says. I bought a lifetime subscription to his tricks. He is awful. People beware!!!! A complete liar.


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