How To Trade Options on E*TRADE – Trade Options E*TRADE 2022

If you want to learn How to Trade Options on E*TRADE in 2022 and beyond, then this tutorial is right for you.

I have been trading Options on E*TRADE since 2016 and know every single feature to help you take your Trading to the NExt LEvel.

How To Trade Options on E*TRADE

The user interface for trading Options on E*TRADE is PowerE*TRADE.

It is very intuitive and easy to use thus making it a perfect platform for options trading beginners.

I created this detailed video to introduce the main features of E*TRADE for Options trading.

Learn How To Trade Options On E*TRADE

The first time you are trading options on E*TRADE, I hope it is through paper account trading.

I explain the reasons why in this recent discussion on tiled: Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull.

Valuable resources you will need as an options trading beginner are provided in the summary table below.

Paper Options Trading SkillsResources
Can You Paper Trade Options On Webull - How To pick a Strike PriceHow To Pick an Option Strike Price
Paper Trading Options On Webull -How To Buy OptionsHow To Place an Option Order on Paper Account
Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull - Day Trading on Power EtradeAdvanced Features of Power E*TRADE
Paper Trading Options On Webull - ETrade is a good laternativeHow To Setup Your Option Chart
Paper Trading Options on Webull - How to USe Etrade ScannersHow To Use E*Trade Scanners

How To Buy Options on E*TRADE

In order to make money trading Options on E*Trade, you will need to learn how to buy options

The options chain is divided into two sides: the calls and the Puts.

I prefer to switch the middle toggle in order to only see what side at a time.

How To Trade Options On ETRADE - QQQ options Chain
QQQ Option Chain inside E*TRADE

This short video below will take you through the steps to buy options on Power E*TRADE.

Day Trading Options on E*TRADE on Expiration Day

My favorite options trading strategy to make money trading options on E*TRADE is day trading on Expiration Day.

Since My 2021, I get to do so three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on this very volatile ETF QQQ.

In case you may be wondering why QQQ and not SPY, here is the full study I published recently on SPY vs QQQ to support my decision.

Some of the outstanding results of this strategies are captured in the following slideshow.

Impressive Gains Trading Options On E*TRADE

My YouTube channel has a long list of great options trades on Expiration Day using E*TRADE.

Check out some of the selected highlights below.

Successful Options Trade on E*TRADEResources
How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day TradeHow to Increase Profit on QQQ Options
How ToDay Trde Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE1000% Profit Day Trading on E*TRADE
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Day Trading Options on E*TRADE for 5000% Profit on FB5000% Trading FB Options on E*TRADE

As you can see from the dates on these above videos, these are not some old trades from 10 years ago.

I have been able to consistently take advantage of my 10-Baggers trading system to make money trading Options on E*TRADE.

And you can do it as well. Jsut like the many traders who are joining my Discord community this year.

Trading Options on E*TRADE After Hours

E*TRADE enables you to trade Options after hours on the ETFS that are setup for that.

Those are as follows:

ETFs Stocks You Can Trade After HoursAfter Hours Time
SPY4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
QQQ4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
IWM4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday

You do not have to do anything for you to trade after hours.

You can take options positions on SPY, QQQ an IWM with the intend to close them as late as 4:15PM EST.

However, your broker may close those options trades if they happen to be in the money and you do not have enough funds to exercise.

Here is an example of such trade depicted in this short video.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Trading Options on E*TRADE

I shared my methodology on how to trade Options on E*TRADE with consistent great results.

Should you be serious about learning how trade in 2022 and beyond, I strongly recommend you create an E*TRDE account today.

Then join my Discord channel and I will help you leverage my best stock prediction system to take your Trading account to new highs.