Online Stock Trading Basics

Learning the lingo of stocks and options trading often represents an obstacle for beginners and those looking to jump into trading. In today’s discussion, we will take you through Online Stock Trading Basics to help overcome that barrier to entry. Online Stocks Trading Basics: Bears and Bulls..and Other People from Connecticut The basic principle of the stock market is that stock prices move strictly based on demand and offer. Consequently, we can describe the movement of any stock as a …

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Options Trading Explained: The Truth is out There

Free Tutorial

In this second option trading tutorial, we will explain Options Trading. An Option is a financial instrument derived from a given stock that trades on the Stock Exchange. Options Trading Explained: What Is a Stock Option ? The origin of Options Trading can be explained by the need for investors to minimize risk or hedge. Throughout the years, options have become fully pledged financial instruments. A stock Option gives its buyer the right (but not the Obligation) to buy or …

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