FUTU MOOMOO Trading App Review

Futu Moomoo Trading App - Great Trading Platform for Beginners

Moomoo trading Platform may be a newcomer to the trading platform arena in the US.

But this one comes in with the backing of non other than investing.com.

In this review of MOOMOO Trading App, I will reveal one thing that makes this a clear standout you must include in your trading arsenal.

What Is MOOMOO Trading App ?

I came to know MOOMOO trading App from Investing.com App.

As you may or not know, I regularly use the investing.com App for my day trading in pre-market and after hours.

Inside of it, I recently spotted MooMoo and my curiosity led to me to this.

FUTU MOOMOO Trading App Review - MooMoo App is featured inside Investing.com App as a Top broker
Offers from MooMoo Trading App

The Moomoo App is a trading platform from MOOMOO, In which offers financial services through Hong Kong based Futu Inc.

This venture is backed by investing.com.

It is through this partnership that Moomoo App is featured on inveting.com App as a Top broker.

Which countries does MooMoo Serve ?

As a broker-dealer, FUTU has an already international presence.

The expansion into the US is following the footstep of another recent newcomer in this space namely Webull.

The focus for Moomoo App is on the Following 4 countries financial markets.

  1. United Stock Market
  2. Hong Kong stock market
  3. China Stock market
  4. Singapore Stock market

Investors in these countries will find the application very much in tune with their respective financial securities

How To Create Your MOOMOO Trading Account

Creating a Trading account on Moomoo App is relatively straightforward.

You will need an email and a password.

After this step, you can already access with the demo accounts.

Yes, I will come back to this later below.

However, for a full account, you will need the following items as displayed below.

FUTU Moomoo Trading App Review - How TO Create your Moomoo Trading Account
Required Information To Create a Moomoo Trading Account

A Social security number, a valid US address and you employment status is what is required for US residents to open a Moomoo trading account.

The process is quite easy overall and you will be ready to start trading whatever.

What Financial Instruments Can You Trade on MOOMOO App ?

On top of the choice on which of the 4 equity markets you would want to trade, you also have the choice of financial instruments.

Stocks and options on the US stock markets are the obvious choice for many traders.

Moomoo also offers Crypto trading.

The line up in tradeable cryptocurrencies is very large from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP, Tether, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polkadot to the most obscure TenX, Odyssey , Gemini Dollar or Bytom just to name a few.


Though I have never traded futures, I find it interesting that that more and more traders who come to options trading have some backgroun in futures.

Should they be your cup of tea, you will be able to dance with the E-mini Dow, E-mini NASDAQ 100 and the E-mini S&P 500 as well as the VIX index, the E-mini Russel 2000 and the E-mini MidCap 400.

FUTU MOOMOO Trading App Review - Futures Listing in the App
Line Up of Futures Securities inside Moomoo Trading App

Metals traders will delight in gold, Micro silver and silver itself.

While the energy connoisseurs have the choice between Crude oil, RBOB Gasoline and the Henry Hub NAtural Gas.


Based on the online searches, I believe Forex is one instrument that is traded around the globe.

The choices inside Moomoo trading platform may see a bit limited for the more advanced traders.

In fact, I could only 10 pairs offered while courting the RMB Forex and International Forex sections

Index Trading on Moomoo App

Index trading is the new way of investing going forward.

It reduces exposure to single stocks while providing some diversification.

As a result, more and more investors are leaning towards these relatively new instruments.

S&P 500 Index (SPY)Hang Seng IndexUK FTSE100 Index
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA)Hand Seng China Enterprises IndexGerman DAX30 Index
Nasdaq Composite IndexHang Seng China Affiliates IndexFranceCAC40 Index
SSE Composite IndexNetherlands AEX Index
Shenzhen Component IndexItaly FTSEMIB Index
List of Index offered on Moomoo Trading Platform

Is MOOMOO Trading App Safe

If you have nay concerns about the security with FUTU as a broker, you can rest assured.

We learned earlier that investing.com itself is a Partner helping them with this introduction to the US markets.

Secondly, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Thirdly, it has to pass all the check marks with FINRA.

Lastly, your account is protected the Securities Insurance Protection Corporation SPIC’) which provides some protection over your cash.

How Intrusive is the Moomoo App

For those you may concerned about running a progressive trading App on their phone, I ran this test to compare how much memory

space Moomoo App uses on my Galaxy Note9.

TradingView53 MB
Investing.com App83 MB
Instagram 175 MB
Webull APP202 MB
Twitter 289 MB
MooMoo Trading App 303 MB
Memory Space per App on My Galaxy Note9

As shown on the table above, Moomoo App uses a bit more storage space than Webull App.

However, this should not make you shy away from it especially since I will be revealing soon the one thing that will totally make it worth it.

How Much Does It Cost To Trade On MOOMOO App ?

The philosophy of Moomoo trading App is to bring trading to the masses.

As such, gone are the heavy fees just like its US counterparts.

Moomoo Platform Fees

Futu Inc lists fee schedule for US residents that are more attractive that for non US residents.

Commissions for stocks and ADRs are $0.

There are some small regulatory fees that are correlated to the number of transaction amounts.

How much does it cost to Trade Options on Moomoo App ?

With zero commission on options trading, many traders will welcome this newcomer intothe arena.

The cost per contract fee is in line with the other US brokers at $0.65.

I personally pay $0.35 with my current broker while enjoying a high quality trading platform as described in this review.

Best Features of MOOMOO Trading App

The Moomoo App has a “#What’s New” section where you can all the latest and greatest features.

How do you get there ?

At the bottom of your Trading App, click on the “Moo” icon and then click on Moo features.

One such recent added feature is the US and Hong Kong Stock Short Sale Analysis now available on Macv11.9.

This feature drew over 51000 traders views in less than a month and here is their approval of this addition.

Futu Moomoo Trading App Review - #What's New Feature addition Approval for the US Stock Short Sale Analysis Feature
Feature Upgrade on MooMoo App| 87% for US Stock short Sale Analysis


Users can now change their community window size and upload their own video .

There is an on-going #MooMoo US Stock Paper Trading Competition Forum.

The prize is not a small token prize.

Indeed, you can win share of the high flying NVDA stock.

After their recent 4:1 split, NVDA stock is trading at almost $225.


Another recent set of upgrades brought the following features.

  • US National Exchange Order Book
  • US Stock BBO Switch
  • Level System for US Stock Quotes
  • Stock Heat Map of Portfolio Rankings
  • Multi period Capital Flow trend

From the crowd view of 67000 traders, the majority of the votes went to the US National Exchange Order Book.

There you can see the importance of a trading community with the ability to get instant feedback on the tools that will help you in your trading with the Moomoo app.

Futu Moomoo Trading App Review - New Features Voting
US National Exchange Order Book Won the Voting on The New Moomoo Features

Does Moomoo Offers fractional Shares

As of this writing, Futu Moomoo does not yet give traders the ability to buy fractional shares.

This is well awaited feature that I have seen many traders request.

So, you ay have to wait a little bit longer before you can buy fractional shares on Moomoo.

However, Webull has fractional shares since early 2021 and you can easily trade your favorite stocks fractional shares on Webull.

MOOMOO Trading Platform Education Course

Trading Education is for me the best investment any investor can make nowadays.

Hence when you are able to take advantage of free trading education, you cannot pass on it.

Moomoo offers a huge library full on free trading courses ranging from Stocks, options, funds and general market insights.

Futu Moomoo Trading App Review - Free Trading Courses inside Moomoo App
Free trading Courses in MooMoo Trading App

Is MOOMOO The Best Demo Trading App ?

If there is one thing I cannot recommend enough to options traders beginners, it is the need to practice on a demo or paper account.

Finally, there is a trading platform that offers a superior demo trading App.

Yes, Moomoo provides you with not $100000 like ETRADE, but al lthe way to $1Million to gain enough confidence in your strategies.

FUTU MOOMOO Trading App Review - Demo Account with $1 Million for stocks and Options trading
$1 Million Demo Account for Options and Stocks Each

The purpose of the demo account is to aback test your methodologies before going live with real money.

Now you have that at your fingertips and you should take advantage of that.

Notice that they $1 Million allocation on Moomoo App paper trading account is available for stocks as well as options.

Therefore, you will have plenty of time before you run out of Cash despite making rookie mistakes as we all are bound too.

I do not know about you but this is the big game changer for options trading beginners.

Webull is nce but the lack of a paper trading account for options left me a little bit on the defense side.

Moomoo is clearly addressing this need in a big way.

Futu MOOMOO Customer Service Review

Live online customer Service is available from inside the Moomoo app.

It may seems tricky at first but here is the simple process on how to contact Futu Moomoo Trading App Customer service inside the trading App.

Futu Moomoo Trading App Review - How To Contact Customer Service inside the Moomoo Trading App
How To Contact Futu Moomoo Customer Service Inside the Trading App

Step 1. Locate the Moo” Me Icon on the button right hand side (as shown on the picture above)

Step 2 . Click on the Customer Service green icon

Step 3. Enter your question in the pop up window et Voila.

You may be luckier that I have been so far but do not expect a response outside of market hours.

Instead expect an automated message in the form of encouragement to open an account or invite your friend to enjoy free AAPL stocks.


Moomoo Trading App is making its way state side and you ought to take notice if you are serious about taking your trading to the next level.

Why don’t you start the step in your new trading journey the right way today by opening an account with the link below.